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Dave's Dog Days of Summer Mid-Week Edition
Published: July 29, 2009

It's the middle of summer for one half of the world, and it's pretty darn hot in some places! :P So, we're taking this opportunity to stay inside, crank up the air conditioning, and answer some extra editorial questions. Hope you enjoy this editorial, as it's my last for a long, long time! (I always says that, haha.)

I was just wondering, though I doubt anyone really thinks about it before doing it, how many times can you submit the full World Challenge pictures? I believe it would only be once, just thought I'd check, though! ~ Ziporen
First, a little background information, in case some people are unfamiliar with this feature.

In the World Challenge, there are currently maps for 12 worlds, and each world has 3 different map versions. You can get WC map pieces by playing flash games, as described here. Each map is composed of 20 pieces. Once you have them all in your inventory, you can convert them to receive prizes (2000NP and a random item).

Now for the details... For any world, you must complete and convert the first map before you can convert and collect the prize for the second map, and you must convert the second map before you can convert and collect the prize for the third. If you win a map piece, you can keep it or sell it in your shop. Once you convert a map, though, the map pieces you used will remain in your gallery (you will not be able to take them out and sell them) and you will not be able to convert that map again. However, after you have successfully converted the third map, the system will reset and you will be able to do the first map again if you want.

So, is it worth it? Well, prize items include paint brushes (such as Fire, Halloween, Lost Desert) and petpet paint brushes. You can also get a cheap item, though, such as a Florta or a Zed Codestone. Usually, when you convert the third map, you have a good chance of getting something expensive.

I wouldn't recommend buying all the map pieces, as the first map can cost over 300,000NP, but if you're patient and really good at games, participating in the World Challenge can be very lucrative.

We're quite a hot commodity!

Is there any way to see how many Altador Cup II prize points you originally had? ~ macoronikevin
Nope, unfortunately when the prize shop went down, so did the points record. You could always try really hard to remember what prizes you bought and then add up how many points they cost. Here is a page with all the old point listings. :)

My article for the Neopian Times is almost finished. I used the Item Database profusely and I would like to thank you in my article without saying your name so that it's not an off site link. Is there a word or phrase I could put in my article that would be a subtle way of giving you credit? ~ Carly
We can't really think of something. :P And chances are, your article will be rejected from the NT for referencing another website. (We don't agree with this rule, especially when they know and have said certain fansites are safe, but there's nothing we can do.) So, you don't have to give us any credit, but if you're hanging out or at school/work and your friends ask you where to find über awesome item help, feel free to slip our name in. ;)

Can you still buy Series 1 plushies and Series 2 plushies? Or do I have to go to online auction sites? ~ noodledude102
You can check the stores around you to see if they have any really old stock, but most likely not. (I haven't seen them in months.) Most of the stores close to my house only have series 3 and 4 sticking around. It also seems as if series 7 got stuck in limbo between the factory and the store, so we're not sure what's happening. (It had a Green Grundo Plushie! It needs to be released!!)

They just have to release me!

Suppose you're on your side account, but you forget that it's your side account. So you play an avatar game, and get a score high enough to earn the avatar. But just as you're about to send the score, you realize that you're not allowed to send the score. But you're so psyched that you got a high enough score, so you keep the window open, and login to your main. Could you then send the score on your main and still be able to get the avatar? Will the score even send after you switch accounts? Is this frowned down upon by TNT? Thanks! ~ cul8er_bye
Nope, you can't send the score like that. Just exit out of the game and try again after logging into your main account and reopening the game. Under no circumstances should you ever play games on your side account. It's like a one way ticket to Iceland (not the good Iceland, the bad one).

Hello everyone at Jellyneo! I've visited the "Coming Soon" page (http://www.neopets.com/comingsoon.phtml) for awhile now and I was wondering, when was the last time that page was updated? ~ coolguy8566
It was updated in the middle of 2007. They must not want to let us know what's coming anytime soon. :P

A two-part question:
1. Does Jellyneo have a page where all the species-specific attributes of the various Neopets are listed? Things such as how Pteris are healed by wormy items and how some pets will eat items out of your inventory. I ask because I recently obtained a Skeith via the Lab Ray and I am worried because I can't remember if it's Skeiths, Grarrls or both that can eat out of your inventory.
2. Could you please enlighten me as to which it is? ~ mats77

No, we don't have a page like that. However, some of the other species-specific attributes can be found on our random facts page.

Both Grarrls and Skeiths can eat items from your inventory. They only do it sometimes, if they're really hungry, or if you visit the Quick Ref page. :) Just keep them fed! (They can eat any kind of item anyway, so it shouldn't be that difficult.)

I was reading your Negg Effects page and saw that the Basic Power Negg increases the pet's defense by one point, so I bought 2 and neither one of them increased my pet's defense when I fed the Negg to her. But when I fed her a Silver Knight Negg, she did get her point of defense. What's wrong? ~ eophag0r
We did some more research into this item over at the In-Depth Battlepedia and it seems as if the defense increase only happens randomly. Not all the time. Sorry about the confusion over that! We've updated our guide and the item in our DB to reflect this. (The In-Depth Battlepedia recommends sticking with Silver Knight Neggs anyway.)

Knight: I'm better than you! :P
Basic Power: *cries*

I really think you ought to update the JN History page. It says nothing about the huge Negg Hunt, or the Editorial Database! ~ yaksrcewl
Yes, that page is years out of date... We'll get to updating it eventually. Perhaps even by the time this editorial is published! (But probably not. :P)

Greeting, esteemed Jellyneopians! I have a question regarding JavaScript. I was alerted to the existence of a certain code that, when placed in the address bar, acted as a super-mega-quick refresher when beating Punchbag Bob. End result, you're done in five minutes. I was assured by the user who told me about this code that it was legitimate, and that many other people had used it, but I'm not convinced. Is it okay to use a code like this? If it weren't for my 97-month-old account, I would probably take the chance. But I'm just so darned paranoid these days. :P ~ little_dipper10
No, it is definitely NOT OKAY to use that code. Any type of code, or program, or cheat that helps you do something on Neopets in a "quick" way to reduce the amount of work on your part is illegal, because it goes against what TNT intended you to do when they set up the system in the first place. Beating Punchbag Bob is intended to be a long process, and at the end, when you defeat him, your hard work is rewarded with a trophy.

On the JN "Coming Soon" page, where did the "Big Secret Project 2" go? ~ memorysoul
Big Secret Project #2 was a Neoquest department of sorts that would have included maps, NPC conversations, monster stats, and some other cool goodies to track your progress in the game, but we got a bit sidetracked on other things, so we put that on hold. :) It may come back later on.


Hello JN! I love your site, but there's one thing I can't find. Do you have a HTML/CSS guide? If so, I can't find it. Thanks! ~ Diabolicaltulip
We have a beginner's guide to CSS here, but it's a rather old guide. It'll be getting an update soon, though! We unfortunately don't have any HTML guides. Neopets has one, and it's a good place to start before searching Google for a more advanced guide.

If you're looking for easy copy + paste codes for your lookup, shop, or gallery, there are plenty of petpages with that sort of thing. Start at CSSHelp and work your way outward. :)

What is going on with the jnPortal? I thought it was being closed down on June 20th. (Not that I want it closed, mind you. I love it!) ~ arcticxkiss
We're still working on the re-code. Until we finish that (we hope to have it done in time for our birthday in late August), the old portal will remain. :)

When I get bored sometimes, I surf the Item Database and fix prices (yes, I have no life :D). Well, when I checked the price by hovering over the estimated price of the "Razul Plushie with Real Fire Action!" it said it was last updated on December 31, 1969. What's up with that? Thanks for answering my question; you guys are all super awesome. :) ~ kitty521994
Some of the prices that were updated a long time ago have that date because we didn't track price changes at the time. Therefore, the timestamp is 0, and a zero timestamp evaluates to December 31, 1969, the Unix Epoch!

(Random aside: Did you know that come year 2038, we're going to have another problem like the Y2K bug? This time, it's because the Unix timestamp, which many computers use to track time, will turn into a 64-bit integer in that year. Most systems are only 32-bit, so there'd be nowhere to store the date and we're all going to die!!!11!!!11 That's if the Large Hadron Collider and global warming don't get us first!!! Oh em gee!!)

Epoch fail!

Isn't an editorial supposed to be written in a newspaper by the editor? If so, why does the "editor" keep changing? ~ reader8
Don't you get the paper copy? We sell them on the front page. Only 5 cents plus shipping and handling!

Nah, just kidding. This editorial is modeled more on the Neopets version versus a real one you'd find in a newspaper. :P We keep changing editors because it gets rather boring doing an editorial week after week!

Will the New Games Challenge replace the Games Master Challenge and the Daily Dare? ~ yoshi_sonic_90
Most likely not since this is yet another way for TNT to get us to play games. :P Though we'll know for sure come this November, as that's usually when the Games Master Challenge takes place. AAA sure is busy these days...

I have a question you may get a lot (but I didn't see it in the Editorial Database). I, like many others, have a side account and a main account. How does TNT know if you have a side? Like, what if you used your e-mail to sign up twice? One for your main account, and one for the account of, lets say, your 10 year old child? ~ 1_doglefox
They mostly check to see if it's a side by the emails attached to the account and the IP address of the computer accessing the account. Personal information (name, postal code, date of birth, etc.) may be of lesser importance, because a lot of users tend to give different/fake information for their multiple accounts. In your case, just to be safe, it's best to change the email of your child's account and have it as your child's email address. (If they don't have one, you can easily create a Gmail or Hotmail account for them.)

Hey Jellyneo! I love the site, but I have a question that has been bothering me. What does Neopets mean? I get the Pets part but I don't understand the Neo part. ~ goingoutofmy
"Neo" is a prefix meaning new. Back in 1999... Neopets were in fact a brand new kind of digital pet that had not really been seen before. :P

There is no spoon.

Hello, JN! I was wondering about the New Game Challenge. They mentioned that everyday, there would be a new game, but it takes weeks to have a new game. Why is that? And, in Key Quest, how do we get a paint brush? I'm not greedy, but I want to have my third paint brush. Other than getting 3 or more gold keys in a row anytime, what else can we do? ~ ramie_frost
I don't think they said there'd be a new game everyday... It takes a lot of time and effort to code and finish off flash games, and then they have to set up the prizes, too, which means drawing and coding wearables for all species, so you can probably expect a new New Game Challenge every few weeks as we've been having them. Two a month is a good estimation of how many we'll have.

To get your paint brush, you just need to come in first place in 5-key mode and receive a gold key. Then, hope for your best and pray a paint brush comes out of the Prize Vault. :)

In the "Vote for your favorite non-wearable" page, My Sisters Frilly Skirt and the Tiny Umbrella are now wearable. Did the guy who updates the Item Database not notice that? ~ cat_100__233
Yes, we know some of the items there have since become wearable. However, we removed the link to that voting page awhile ago, and we plan on deleting it eventually. So we're not going to be updating it, either. :P

Also, for future reference, this is more of a content bug than a question for the editorial. Please make sure you submit bugs via the bug form, as they'll be quickly noticed by the staff there and given to the correct department. :)

OMG! I'm wearable!!

Hi. I once had a Jetsam which I obtained by zapping my Kacheek with the Lab Ray. The thing is, he has been changing into many other pets since then and I realized I was happier with the Jetsam. Will a morphing potion work on a zapped pet? ~ ice_queen_72
Yes, of course! Morphing potions work on all pets, regardless of their current species or colour.

Is it possible for some Neopets to be grumpier than others? Like when you first make your Neopet, it says something similar to, "What does your pet do when they approach others?" Does that change their attitude? My Kacheek seems more negative than my others. Thanks! ~ xconn1e
No, the attributes you choose when you create your pet don't have any effect on their mood or behavior. This is backed up by this editorial question.

You can imagine that your Neopet has a certain personality, though. That makes the site more enjoyable, don't you think?

I was wondering if you know of a cool guide on how to make a nice video for Neovision. It's because I have this great idea for a video but I don't know how to create it. ~ 7up_soda
This NT article explains the types of videos you can create. Once you decide on the story, you can set up your equipment and software.

If you want to film something in real life, such as a puppet or plushie, you're going to need some kind of camera. A digital camera, camcorder, or a high quality web cam should be sufficient.

If you want to do animation, you can either create some images and then edit them together, or if you already know how to use Adobe Flash, you can make a .swf file and then convert it to a video format using special software.

Either way, once you have the bulk of your video, you can then begin editing using movie software. Most PC computers already come with Windows Movie Maker (to find it, try going to Start -> Programs). Mac users have iMovie and loads of other software.

If you ever find yourself wanting a detailed tutorial on how to do something, the solution is just a search engine away!

Is the exchange transfer for pets really safe to use? I heard people saying that if your pet was wearing clothes, they would be removed during the transfer. Is that true? Could you clear this up for me? Thanks a lot! ~ Suicider
The exchange transfer is really safe to use. It's much better than the old way of transferring pets, where you would put your pet in the pound and hope the recipient was fast enough to get it.

Some wearables are removed when transferring. NC items and 'secondary' paint brush clothes will be taken off and put back in your closet. Regular Neopoint wearables will get transferred. What do I mean by secondary paint brush clothes? Say your pet is an Island Kougra, but it's wearing Island, Pirate, and Royal paint brush clothes. Only the Island clothes would get transferred.

On the transfer page, the picture of your Neopet shows exactly which wearables will go through and which won't.

And yes, if your pet is zapped by the Lab Ray and it receives paint brush clothes, you will be able to transfer those. But if it's zapped or painted another colour, then the rules above still apply.

For more information about the pound, pet transfers, or abandoning your pet (*gulp*), please check out our guide.

I have a very important question for you. What happened to all my pets? I just saw my Meerca and it was sick. When I went to the quick ref page, all of them had the same disease: Neopox! How did this happen? Thanks in advance! ~ Dragunov12
You were most likely hit with a bad random event, specifically the one where Hubrid Nox flies down and gives all your pets a disease. :(

Hey TJNT, so I was searching the old news all the way back in Year 3 I think, and I came across this:
"Shoyrus take 20% less fire damage in the Battledome, as they are naturally hot and fiery creatures."
I was wondering if these resistances are still in place today? And if so, are there any other species with similar attributes? I think I remember seeing one about the Korbat having a 30% resistance to darkness attacks. Thanks! ~ jon16523

Resistances/vulnerabilities do not work in 1-player battles, but they do work in 2-player fights. Data for the other species is as follows:

SpeciesResistance / Vulnerability
Blumaroo10% less damage from air attacks
Bruce20% less damage from water attacks
Buzz20% less damage from air attacks
Chomby20% less damage from physical attacks
10% less damage from fire attacks
Cybunny20% less damage from earth attacks
Draik10% less damage from earth attacks
10% less damage from fire attacks
Elephante20% less damage from physical attacks
Eyrie20% less damage from air attacks
Grarrl20% less damage from physical attacks
Grundo30% less damage from darkness attacks
Ixi30% less damage from earth attacks
20% more damage from darkness attacks
Jubjub20% less damage from physical attacks
30% less damage from air attacks
20% more damage from fire attacks
Kau10% less damage from air attacks
10% less damage from earth attacks
10% less damage from water attacks
10% less damage from fire attacks
10% less damage from light attacks
10% less damage from physical attacks
Korbat30% less damage from darkness attacks
30% more damage from light attacks
Nimmo20% less damage from water attacks
Peophin20% less damage from water attacks
10% less damage from earth attacks
15% more damage from fire attacks
Poogle10% less damage from earth attacks
10% less damage from fire attacks
Pteri40% less damage from air attacks
Scorchio30% less damage from fire attacks
10% less damage from earth attacks
10% less damage from air attacks
Shoyru20% less damage from fire attacks
Skeith10% less damage from earth attacks
10% less damage from fire attacks
10% less damage from physical attacks
Tonu15% less damage from physical attacks
Tuskaninny20% less damage from water attacks
Usul20% less damage from darkness attacks
10% less damage from water attacks
10% more damage from fire attacks

For more information about the Battledome, including weapon reviews, faerie abilities, and one-player profiles, please see the In-Depth Battlepedia.

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