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Suzuka's Post-Birthday Celebratory Editorial!
Published: July 25, 2009

Voila! In celebration of her 19th birthday, Suzuka presents you with the latest issue of the Jellyneo Editorial, featuring... 17 questions? Hm, I wonder where she learned to do her math... although I think those last two might've had cookies in them, and gotten eaten by accident...

Hi JN! I want to get Neopets premium, but as I am under 13, my mom has given me permission to get it! But, when I checked my account on the premium site so my mom could buy the premium, it said "Oops!" and wouldn't let me access the area because I am "under 13 years old." I really want premium, and I have checked all the premium help sites. How do I get past that problem? Thanks! ~ greeneye268
I think this is one instance where you'll need to ask premium support themselves. They can be contacted either via email (TechSupport@Neomail.com) or by phone:

International: (1) 310.321.6712

Tell them that your mom has given you permission to use Premium, or better yet, ask if your mom would like to speak with them herself.

Hi Suzuka! I searched through the Editorial Database to discover the maximum an item in the auction house can go for is 20 million NP. However, the question asking if it could be raised was asked 2 years ago. Is the max price higher now, or did TNT decide to not raise it? ~ robamaya
From checking around with some more auction-savvy Neopians, it looks like the max price hasn't been raised. :( Hopefully TNT will raise it soon, as inflation has certainly soared to make several items more expensive than 20 million NP.

You only wish I was that cheap...

Hi Suzuka! On the Neopets FAQ it says in the lookup section: "If you want to enable others to view some of your random Neofriends, there is an option to toggle this feature on or off at your Site Preferences. It is set to off as default." Am I really blind or is there no option there? Did TNT forget about it? It would be pretty cool if it worked. ~ madtamahatta
I'd never heard of this before! I took a look as well, and I couldn't find what they were talking about, so it appears to be a feature that was planned, but never implemented, not even for Premium Beta Testing.

Hi Suzuka! I have two questions:
1. Do the people who throw stuff at you have a higher chance of getting chosen? And,
2. Why is it called a 'Profile Blurb' on the JN staff listing page? I'm just asking because the word blurb gives me nightmares. ~ peabigmane

Two excellent questions!

No, people who throw stuff at me don't have a higher chance of getting chosen, although I do tend to get a lot of cookies, due, I think, to my well-known adoration of them. ;)

It's called a Profile Blurb because that's what Dave chose to name it. It's not a complete profile, but a little look into what each staff member has to say about him or herself!

Hiya, I keep hearing different things about this, so please answer! Can you paint the new Yooyus, or the Fire Yooyu? Or do you have to buy them separately? 'Cause in the description of the Fire Yooyu, it doesn't say you can't paint it... ~ swisscat
You cannot paint any type of Yooyu. Just because it doesn't say you can't doesn't mean you can. ;) Since they are released only as Altador Cup Prizes, Neopets decided to make the site see them as separate species, rather than different colours of the same species. This way, if you see a regular Yooyu, you can also know that it came from the original AC!

I'm the most expensive one, though...

Hi Suzuka! Sorry about the splinter in your leg, I was rooting for you. Anyway, how could Altador have disappeared for 1000 years? I thought Neopets was created in 1998! Even so, there would have been a big hole smack dab in the middle of Neopia. ~ Chimmy Charific
Aw, thanks. *hugs*

Actually, Neopets was first released to the people of Earth in November 1999, but the world of Neopia existed long before that. (It's not like humans made it up!) And Altador was likely hidden by a mirage or magic, which kept Neopians away, rather than being a giant hole in Neopia. :)

Hey there, Suzuka! I was just wondering why I haven't received a Splat-A-Sloth Trophy even though I scored 500 over two weeks ago. ~ shayn_xd
Because Splat-A-Sloth has a maximum score, you have to be fast to get on the high-score table. If the trophy places all have scores equal to or above yours by the time you get a high enough score, you won't receive a trophy, as you won't technically have achieved that ranking.

The high score tables are cleared on the last day of each month, and then you'll have 24 hours to get a high score, so if you can get another score of 500 before 11:50pm NST on the first of each month, you'll have a better shot at getting a trophy.

Hey JN! *Throws a massive cookie* I just got my account back from TNT after it had been stolen away from me. While looking through my infamous SDB, I noticed just how many items I have in there. I wish there was some way of documenting the items I have. Can one use the Wishlist feature of JN to document what items one has in their safety deposit box, or should an alternative be found? ~ ehlorofmeldon
You are more than welcome to use the wishlists feature to keep track of items you have in your SDB, or on side accounts. :) I can't think of anywhere else that would offer a better opportunity to do so! While they are called Wishlists, it isn't required that you use them specifically for that purpose. :)

My Acara and I were exploring the Happy Valley when we decided to stop for ice cream. However, we had no coupon and the shopkeeper told us to stop at the Snow Faerie's house to see if we could do a quest. One of the items she wanted costs 30,000 NP! I don't have that money to splurge! Is there any other way to get a coupon? I want some ice cream from Mr. Chipper the Lutari! ~ x_xluvstochatx_x
There are three different Ice Cream Machine Coupons (seen here), all of which are considered "buyable" (under 100,000NP). They can be found by searching the Shop Wizard. Although they will cost more than 30k, you're also guaranteed to get one. ;) The Snow Faerie rarely gives them out.

So pretty... *_*

Do Neopian shops have to be completely empty in order to restock with items? I'm asking this question because some shops (e.g., Pharmacy and Spooky Foods) are littered with junk items that take age to disappear when all the good ones are taken, and I don't want to sit there for hours refreshing if those shops won't restock until it is empty. ~ freez_2_death
Nope, the shops do not have to be empty to restock (although the number of items in them can limit the number that do restock). However, rare items don't restock often, and you're also competing against all the other users in the world looking at that shop. A good way to figure out where you restock best is by trying all sorts of shops, and by figuring out which ones hold items you can remember the value of on-the-fly. If you see an item priced in the multi-thousands, it could mean a huge profit, but it could also be a huge loss. You won't usually have time to look it up on the shop wizard, so you'll need to remember what's really valuable, and what isn't.

Hey! I'm kind of new to this site, so forgive me for acting like an idiot, but do you guys have a plot history page? And if you don't, then that's a suggestion to put in the Book of Ages or something! I love reading the comics over and over again, but I've never been able to read the Return of Sloth one along with others. :( Anyways, you guys rock! Keep up the great work! :D ~ bad_toffee
You can find a listing of all our past plot coverage in the Article Links section. While we don't have a history of every plot, the ones we do have are quite in-depth. In most cases, we'll have links to the comics, too. If you're looking for plot characters, they can be found in their respective Book of Ages Character Hubs, which provide links to the entries of characters involved in certain games, groups, or plots.

I approve of your approval...

Hi Suzuka! I reported a pet at the pound for having a bad name. Later on, the pet showed up again without being taken out. What happened? Thanks! ~ Panini_Puff
Reporting a pet doesn't automatically delete it from the pound; it merely sends an alert to a member of TNT's monitoring staff. If the pet reappeared, it either means that they haven't been able to look at the report yet, or that someone looked at it and decided the name was within the rules. :)

Hello, my favorite JN staffer! (No offense to you others.) What inspired your new caricature? ~ jessie_phan76
Hey, I'm a favourite! *luffs* ;D And I'm not sure what, exactly! Rosie has been redoing some of the older caricatures, to reflect both her advanced style/abilities, as well as the changes some of the staff members have gone through. I, for one, have a slightly different haircut, with a bit of long bang framing my face. :)

Hi Suzuka! I have the Lab Ray on my main account, so I want to send one of my pets on my main to my side account, and then send a pet on my side account to my main to zap him. The problem is that my side account is two weeks old so I'm not sure if I can send my Cybunny. Is it possible? Oh, and another question, how come some pets have the old poses? Can you choose that? I'd love having a Faerie Xweetok with the old pose. Thanks!! ~ 248kiki248
Nope, you cannot send your Cybunny to a two-week-old account; the four-month rule still applies for all the same types of pets it would in the pound.

The pets in the old poses belong to a few select species/colour combinations. When customization first occurred, Neopets decided to let owners of the currently-existing pets of those colour/species combos to choose whether or not to convert them. Those who were not converted are referred to as UC, or "Unconverted" pets. If your pet has already been converted to the new pose, there is no way to turn them back into their UC version. Some of the rarer UC pets (especially ones with good names) have been traded for pets such as custom Robot Draiks, but the majority of those left are in permanent homes, or are only seeking to trade for other UC pets.

Suzuka's dream pet... ;_;

Hi TJNT. I was about to create a new side account. I had found an unused three letter username by searching it in the search bar. But I couldn't create it. Neopets said that my username must be at least 6 letters long. So why are there users with just 3 letters as their usernames? Why can't I create one? ~ Mekvek
The users with names less than six characters long created them before this rule was in place. These accounts were "grandfathered" in (as in, they were allowed to exist), but no new ones can be created now.

Hey there! Why don't some of the wearable items show up when you search something like "Eyrie" in special category "Wearables" in the Item Database? ~ glorb__x
Because not all of those wearables have "Eyrie" in their names. :) If you're looking for all the items that an Eyrie can wear, and you want to choose whether backgrounds, NC items, Trinkets, or PB clothes should show up, you'll want to go here. ;)

I can't seem to find the majority of the Mystery Island Stamps. I've looked in trades, auctions, and the regular shop wizard. Any idea why they're so hard to find? ~ Zodia195
The stamps for the Mystery Island page (all of which can be seen here) are so hard to find because a high number of them are rarity 101 or 99. Because rarity 99 items restock so irregularly, they command high prices, and the few available often end up in the albums of collectors rather quickly.

Good luck finding me...

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