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A Cold, Harsh Winter...
Published: July 18, 2009

You shiver, bundled up in your old and tattered wool sweater. You can't seem to remember the last time you saw the sun. Everything has frozen over--your food, your clothes, your dignity. It feels like forever and seven months ago since you felt anything...the laughter of frolicking children, the taste of your Uncle Ned's famous peach cobbler, the warm embrace of a gracious and benevolent Tyrannian god.

But wait...in the distance. You see a light. At first it's small, but it gives you something to hope for. It's a beacon, it's a ray of sunshine...

...It's a Sirius! All of a sudden, your dank cave is filled with glorious light! You feel warm and delighted, ecstatic to see your favorite person in all the land!

He walks over to you, a grin on his face. He's carrying plate upon plate of Ransaurus Steaks, Sporkle Legs, and even Reptillian Wings! Oh, Reptillian Wings! Your favorite! You wonder, for just a moment, how he's carrying it all. It seems as though there's a whole feast in front of you! But you quickly push the thought to the back of your mind.

Because Sirius is here. And he's ready to answer some questions...

Hey TJNT! There have been tons of cookie grabbers lately on Neopets. What would you guys say is the best way to protect your account from being cookie grabbed? (Besides not clicking suspicious links, more like programs and such.) Thanks! ~ kitty521994
Let's clear up some common misconceptions first...

The Neopets site is actually quite safe. I mean, you don't hear about cookie grabbers running rampant every day of the year! Hackers will spend a lot of time looking for vulnerabilities and security holes they can exploit. And with technology changing at an incredibly fast pace, they could very well find some every once in a while. TNT do fix things and try to prevent future attacks...how could they not? They're a big business, they oversee a lot of content and a lot of users.

If a hacker gets hold of your cookie, they are rarely able to see your password in plain text. Passwords are encrypted so they look like a lot of gibberish. What most of them do is swap their cookie with yours, and then they have access to your account. They can't freeze your account, though, because they don't really know your password.

Another way someone can gain control of your account is if you have a password that's really easy to guess. Or maybe you don't talk about your Neopets account, but you share your email address with other people and your email password is very simple. It's a good idea to use a different password for every Neopets account, email account, online banking account, etc. that you have. Strong passwords are at least 6 characters long and have letters, numbers, and symbols such as $, #, and *.

And let's not forget that having a PIN on Neopets is another good preventative measure, too.

In terms of programs, the Firefox browser + the NoScript add-on is a very popular combination. This is because Firefox has less vulnerabilities than, say, Internet Explorer. NoScript is used to block the execution of JavaScript from certain sites. The most common type of cookie grabber uses JavaScript code to retrieve your cookie. With NoScript, you can allow scripts from neopets.com and any other site you trust, but if you go to a site you've never been to before, JavaScript would be blocked by default.

So you can go that way if you want. However, there are plenty of IE users who have never been hacked on Neopets, because they're careful about visiting suspicious links, and they know about common scams.

For more information about account safety, please check out our guide.

Is the General Shop just going to stay like that for the rest of eternity? Never restocking and doing nothing? ~ Kaide8888
The General Store is always stocked! :D It's a way to give new users a way to buy items and get used to the site while not having to deal with the hassle of restocking. :) TNT may change the items from time to time, but the store will always stay stocked and ready to go.

Hi JN! *Gives an ice cream* I just want to know more about the ACIV trophies. What is the starting player and non-starting player below each of the top 3 teams? ~ fairydiva999
A starting player is someone who joined their team before the Altador Cup started; a non-starting player is someone who joined after the Cup was already in progress.

Hi Sirius! *Throws an exploding snowball* Love your LE Action Figure, by the way. So, why is the Broken Red Mynci Puppet more expensive than the Red Mynci Puppet? Thanks! :) ~ selenagomez4life
I know, I'm pretty awesome! Thanks! :D

This would be because there are a lot less Broken Puppets than there are regular Puppets. :) Because there are less of them in existence, they're going to be worth a little more.

Whether you think they're worth more is up to whether or not you like pre-broken puppets or like to break them yourself! :) I like breaking them myself.

Hey Sirius! What is the use of the Giant Ghostkerchief Coin? ~ xserverusxsnapex
The Giant Ghostkerchief Coin is a coin that can go into your Stamp Album!. As always, once you put a coin/stamp/coconut/sea shell/charm/etc. in your album, you cannot take it out again. Collecting is fun! :D And expensive. But mostly fun.

Hey TJNT! Why are Ghost Rukis angry in their "happy" pose? ~ Yeahferni
What do you mean? D: Just because he doesn't have a grin doesn't mean he's not happy!

:D Will this smiley face make up for my inner sadness?

Hey JN! I was wondering about Key Quest and the codes that come with the plushies. Say I have a plushie, but before I am able to redeem the code, it goes missing. Is there any way I can retrieve the code again or would I have to go search through every square inch of my house to find it? ~ sea__dates
Sorry, you're gonna have to look around your house! :( Neopets has no idea what you purchased until you redeem the codes.

Look under the bed! Anything I can't find is usually there. :)

Hey Jellyneo, remember the old "create an account" process on Neopets? You had to choose your age by clicking on one of four buttons: 1-8 years old, 9-13 years old, etc. If you chose the youngest one and didn't get all the site benefits you get from being older, will you ever get to get those missing features? ~ banana_monkey19
If you chose one of them, and you were being truthful, you'd have to wait until you're 13 years old in order to access the Neoboards, Neomail, or other restricted parts of the site. Or you can get your parents to fill out and send in a Parental Consent Form (allow a couple of weeks for them to process it). If you're still under 13, good things come to those who wait or send in forms!

Yesterday, I searched up Droolik on the shop wizard for fun. When I found the cheapest one, I clicked the link. But in the shop was an Orange Koi potion and nothing else. I bought the potion with no problem, but was the missing item thing a glitch? ~ Kougra_keeper_7575
Tons of people use the shop wizard every minute, so someone probably snatched that Droolik away from you before you got to it! :(

There are always more of me!
There are always more of me! :D

Despite not being a newbie, I still have no idea how to purchase a four million NP item. Can you explain the process to me (and other users) so that no scamming occurs? (The item is the Golden Shell, just in case you think the scam is already happening, haha.) ~ redwitch12
Well, there are two ways to purchase an item that's really expensive: you can use the Auction House or the Trading Post.

Auctions are the easiest route to go if the seller is looking to get all Neopoints for their item. If it's a regular auction that anyone can bid on, you, as the buyer, would have to keep your eye on the auction to make sure nobody outbids you at the last second. If you want to be guaranteed that you'll get the item you want, you can talk to the seller ahead of time and see if they are willing to set up a Neofriend-only auction. They would then make you their Neofriend and you'd place your bid and win the auction.

The Trading Post is a little trickier. The most you can offer on a trade in Neopoints is 800,000. From there, you have to use a combination of items in order to reach the amount that is being asked. This requires a bit of research (and you might have to buy additional items) in order to make sure both you and the seller are getting a good deal.

For more information, check out our guides about Auctions and the Trading Post. The Trading Versus Auction guide may be of some help, too.

Hey there! I recently submitted an article to the Neopian Times, but after more than two weeks, I still haven't heard back from them. Should I resubmit the article, or is it somewhere on a long list of articles that may be published in the future? Are you always alerted via Neomail, or should you just check the NT? Thanks! ~ peabodyandsherman
Replies to articles, as well as comics, series, and short stories, can take a few weeks, especially during the summer when the amount of submissions rise.

If you feel like it's been an unusually long time for your submission to get answer, try submitting it again with the same exact title as the first time. If you get an error saying that there is already a submission by that name, it's just taking a while. If it allows you to submit, then your first submission may have been deleted by accident.

Other than in that situation, you'll always get a Neomail telling you whether you've been accepted or rejected.

Hi Sirius! I joined Krawk Island for the AC IV. I did not play but since Krawk Island won, I should get a trophy. So when I tried to obtain it, they would not give me any points or a trophy. Why is this? ~ Panini_Puff
You have to play at least one game (and therefore send at least one score) to get a trophy! If you don't play any games, how can you expect to be rewarded?

I looked this up in the Editorial Database and I was still a little unsure. Can we have guild plots as long as they do not give out neopoint/item prizes? And are guild points allowed if they are only used for ranks? Sorry if my questions have been answered before. ~ MorganJoIsle
As long as no Neopoints or items are given out, everything should be a-okay! :D

Any idea why Neopets got rid of their official magazine? I used their game guides and such, so they made me lots of Neopoints... ~ twingrant
I would assume not enough people were subscribing, so it wasn't profitable enough to keep the magazine running. :( So sad...

Read me!
Read me! :(

Hi! For account security, TNT says to never type your password into a website that's not neopets.com. So if we log in using the Jellyneo Daily Doer, then aren't we doing what TNT says not to do? I love the Daily Doer, but I worry about the safety of my account. Thanks! ~ plopper_cloud
The Dailies Do-er is completely safe. The Do-er uses frames so that what you see on the right side of the screen is 100% pure neopets.com. :) If you've already logged onto Neopets from the "www.neopets.com" link, you shouldn't even have to re-login at the Dailies Do-er. It's just the actual website with a handy sidebar to keep all your dailies in one place.

Hey JN! *Throws marshmallows* Do you know about this "tree" in the game Kass Basher? People on the Neooards say it helps you bash your Kass plushie further...insanely far away! Please confirm this. Do you need to be really lucky to see or use this, or is this a glitch? If it's a glitch, does it still exist? ~ zephyrblue
The tree does exist, though its appearance is completely random. It's not a glitch and can be used to score insanely high. :) Check out our Kass Basher guide for more info about the game.

If I wanted to play Yooyuball on Jellyneo, where would you find the link to it? ~ jubby_jub_jub_86
I get the urge to play some YYB in the off-season myself. You can go here to play any of the AC games! If you really miss them that much, that is.

Hey there, Sirius! My computer recently got a virus, and my family is worried that it might be a Neopets-related problem. I have decided to take extra precautions before doing many things on the site, so I was wondering...is keyquest completely safe from all forms of viruses? ~ cheyennet2
Key Quest should be completely safe because you can't type anything unique to say to another player, which means nobody can post malicious code or a bad link. If anything changes in the future, we'll be sure to notify you on the JN front page! :)

Hey Sirius! I recently went on my side account and started doing something else. I forgot I was on that account and accidentally joined the Altador Cup again. Will I get frozen for this? As soon as I realized I was on that account, I didn't do anything on it and I still haven't played any games on it. Am I over exaggerating and nothing will happen? Please help, thank you! ~ twilight_luvur
You should be fine. :) As long as you didn't play any games, I'm sure TNT will realize you made a mistake.

I really want a Lutari. Would I be able to create one on Lutari Day (April 19th)? ~ _chicken_cat_59
Yes! Lutaris are released on April 19th in batches of about 1,000 throughout the day. Be sure to grab one. If you lurk on the Neoboards on that day, you might see boards alerting you to when Lutaris are available. For information on other limited edition pets, click here!

Hello! I've been playing Neopets for a long time, and I used to always play this one game where you'd dress up pets (long before the days of Fashion Fever). You'd pick from a few different species, and had to put a complete outfit together. If you got the combo right, a little scene would play of the pet wearing the clothes. Do you by any chance have a link for this? I know it's still out there somewhere...thanks! ~ 101monica101
The game you're thinking of is NeoWardrobe. It's an old game and was taken off the site quite a while ago. An old copy of the game still exists, but you can't get any NP from it. Hopefully, this is what you were looking for. It's the only thing I could think of that's similar to what you were describing.

Check out The Altador Cup!
This issue brought to you by:
The Altador Cup!

You hear the cheers of wild fans, you feel the heat of a Fire Yooyuball in your sling, you taste the, uh, taste of berry and lime slushies. The Altador Cup is here! Who's going to win this year!?

You walk into the Colosseum. But...what rubbish is this!? It's completely empty!

Someone stayed in that cave just a little too long! Oh well, there's always next year!