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The Purple-Haired Ninja's Editorial
Published: July 11, 2009

Hello! ^^ I'm ailae, a moderator at the Jellyneo Forums, and a ninja with pink shurikens! Anyways, on to the questions...

What kind of things can you do at Lutari Island? Is it worth it to pay the bill? ~ icecreamanli
On Lutari Island, there's the Island Market, Wheel of Happiness, Survival Academy, Fluorescent Pools (similar to the Healing Springs), Bog of Charity (like the Money Tree), Lutari Island Bank, and quests offered by Briana the Air Faerie. The price is around $3 per month, so it's up to you. Here's a helpful pet page from a person who has Neopets mobile. Keep in mind that some phone companies may have changed their web sites by now, and the best way to see if you can get the Mobile service on your phone is to call your service provider for assistance.

Is it possible for Illusen and/or Jhudora to ask for a retired item? ~ takua34528
At around level 30, Illusen will start asking for r99 items, which still restock in the shops. Jhudora's quests are more difficult, so she will ask for r99 items at around level 21. Because of the time limit, some quest enthusiasts enlist the help of friends or r99 collectors ahead of time, so they don't have to wait for the usual sellers on the Trading Post.

Retired items are r180, so they would not be included. For more information on item rarities, go here.

Are we allowed to hide guild links on the side but then have a full page layout with Neopets links, guild links, etc on it instead? I see a lot of guilds do that but I'm not sure if it's against the rules or if it's alright to do... By the way, you guys rock! ~ kellyroxmysox_
According to Editorial #383, "Full page layouts in guilds are fine as long as ALL of the links are present plus easy to see and access, especially those that allow you to leave the guild. If people are unsure of how to leave a guild or navigate away then it's breaking the rules." By the way, I found this using our handy editorial database search. ;)

When your pet is painted Royal (or other PBs that give PB items) and then painted with Striped (or other PBs that don't give PB items) will the PB items be removed from the closet? ~ Tamariley
Nope, all your Paint Brush items will still be there. This process is called double painting. It's when you paint your pet a "deluxe" color (one that comes with items) and then paint a regular color over it. This is why you sometimes see a Pirate-looking Ghost pet or a Royal-looking Gold pet.

Here's a list of deluxe paint brush items.

Double painting is not just a way to improve your status, it helps customize your pets as well. There might be tons of Christmas and Biscuit pets, but how many Christmas Biscuit pets have you seen?

Is it possible to get half a jelly from the Giant Jelly? ~ belgiantervuren8
What are you talking about? Well, if there was a Giant Jelly then I imagine it would not give out incomplete jellies. Same case with the Giant Omelette, though it is actually real.

How rude and unsanitary! :O

Hey JN! *Gives cookie* I just wanted to know, is it true that your painted Neopet can turn another colour if it's hungry? Also, does it only work for painted pets? Please answer soon. ~ girly_chalmers
There is a random event that will turn your Neopet blue if it is depressed/unhappy, or red if it is angry (right now, there is no way to measure your pet's level of anger, but this random event appears to be a rare one). Both events work for all pets, painted or not, and they can apply to any one of your pets, not just your active one. There isn't one for Neopets who are hungry, but when your pets are neglected, they tend to become sad. So keep your pets happy and full! :D If toys don't work, the Roo Island Merry Go Round might lift your pet's spirits.

Hiya, JN. My account was recently hacked, (*cry*) so I went ahead and sent in a report and yadayadayada. However, it's been several days since I sent in my report, and I'm guessing it's going to be several more days, maybe a couple months before I get my account back. My question is: are we allowed to do the things we would normally do on a main account on a side account if we cannot access our main? Thanks! ~ cheezis4ever
Quote from Editorial #321: "If your main account is frozen, you may play on side accounts fully, as you cannot know if the account will be returned."

Quote from Editorial #348: "If your account is frozen and our email support team declines to return it, you are welcome to create another account (though we suggest re-reading the Terms and Conditions first). If you are creating a new account simply to repeat poor behaviour, then we'd prefer that you seek your entertainment elsewhere, so those who do play by the rules can enjoy the site more fully."

So yes, in your case, that is fine. If your account was suspended, on the other hand, then that is not okay, because suspensions are given so you can think about your actions.

So, I was playing Neoquest 2 the other day, and was wondering, what gender are the characters in the game? I've seen some people who say that some are girls, and some boys. So what is the truth? ~ doglover_92_510
Well, you can find all the Neoquest II characters in our Book of Ages, under our Character Hubs section. Here's the link.

Have you completed the scouting mission to the Remote Lolrus Island yet? ~ zadorvp
Well, I secretly infiltrated their hideout after taking out the guards with my purple poison kunais, but I'm still collecting data on the Lolruses in command of the place.

How could you kidnap something so innocent? ;_;

If your Krawk was turned into a Baby Krawk, when you go to the fungus caves, will it be turned into a regular Krawk? Because the Neopedia said the fungus makes Krawks turn into grown up Krawks. ~ Shadow_lord_86
The Fungus Caves only turn petpet Krawks into regular Krawk pets. There is currently no Baby Petpet Paint Brush and therefore no Baby Krawk petpet. If there were, though, a Baby Krawk petpet would turn into a Baby Krawk pet after visiting the Fungus Caves. Also, zapped Krawk petpets (regardless of whether they were originally a Krawk or not) cannot be turned into a pet Krawk.

Remember, by visiting the Fungus Caves, you can't determine your pet's gender. If you're aiming for a specific gender, a transmogrification potion would be best. Finally, if you have a painted Krawk petpet, then the Krawk pet will turn into that colored Krawk. Here's our complete guide on getting a Krawk.

Hello Jellyneo! How do you get Mr. Chuckles as a battledome challenger? I refreshed at Coconut Shy billions of times and I never got him. Does my account have an anti-battledome challenger thingy or something? Thanks! ~ alisaryu
The only way to get him is to refresh at the Coconut Shy. Of course, like all refresh-related avatars and battledome challengers, how quickly it happens is different for everyone. Keep trying, and good luck!

Oh, hey Aila! Glad to see you're doing an editorial! ^^ So, I know that there are some shop scams. Do those also include galleries? Thanks! ~ selenagomez4life
Hello! :) There haven't been any gallery scams (that I've heard of). Gallery items aren't supposed to be clickable or buyable, so if you do see something like that, just be careful and report it if it links to a bad site.

Hiyaz! *Waves hands in a weird motion* I was wondering, why are there 2 types of Robot Gelerts? I mean, there's the old version, and the new high-tech version. ~ maddixian12
Well, one is the old, unconverted version and the other one is the new, converted version. The new version allows for Neopet's customization feature where you can dress up your pets with clothes. Unconverted pets can only wear backgrounds and trinkets (those items that appear beside and to the left of your pet). :)

To view unconverted pet images, please see our old pet poser.

Hello Ailae! Where can I find a full list of TNT staff nicknames? Or only one staff member's nickname? ~ _magdi_
Some of the staff members are listed in our TNT Staff Smasher guide, but a couple of of them have left (such as Adam and Donna). There's also a recent Neopets Editorial question here about who some of the staff members were playing for in the AC IV.

Hello Ailae! *Tosses cookies* I was wondering if you think we should risk playing Yooyuball in the off season like I did last year. There is nothing in the rules or the editorials saying you cannot but a lot of people are saying that they know someone who got a warning or asked TNT in an email and the reply said no. I am asking the Neopets editorial but I do not know if it will get in. ~ Dodgerfan28
Thank you! *nom nom* I think you're safe unless TNT clarifies and says it's against the rules. I mean, if they didn't want people playing the games, they would take them down.

Hey there Ailae! *Throws cookies* Okay, why do we all have to pretend that Jellyworld doesn't exist? I mean, I've been there, I've seen it, and I know a lot of others have too, but why do we have to say Jellyworld doesn't exist? Thanks for answering! :D ~ clubmudkip
I'm getting sick of this whole "Jellyworld" issue. I don't know how the rumors started, and I don't know how they're going to end. I'm tired of this nonsense, so I'm going to spell it out for you. TNT says there isn't a Jellyworld, so there isn't one. Plus, why would it be jelly? Ninjas are way cooler. Why not Ninjaland? Or Ninjaworld? It's obviously a better option in my opinion.

My account was frozen for "falling for a scam." I wasn't even online at all during that whole month! I filled out the form, but no one has replied to me yet! It has been six whole months... when will they get back to me? ~ ssissy
Well, all the advice I can give you is to be patient. Did you fill out the right form? If you were hacked or scammed, then you should fill out the Account Access Form. You can also visit our You've Been Frozen. Now What? forum to share your experience with others and get advice on what to do.

Hey Ailae! Just wondering, how do you pronounce your name? I don't want to be saying your name incorrectly. :P ~ Someone
My username is pronounced "I-luh-E", the A is silent. It's my real name with an E attached to it. :)

Would you answer a foolish question like this? ~ yaksrcewl
Would you accept a foolish answer like this?

Hey Aila! Your caricature suggests that you're a ninja. What gave you the idea to have your caricature look like that? Also, does that mean that you supported Shenkuu in the Altador Cup? ~ Memorysoul
Wow, quite a few personal questions this week. I think after reading this editorial the first question will answer itself. xD For my caricature, I found some ninja drawings and sent them to Rosie so she had plenty of choices to work with. I requested purple hair though, cause I wanted to stand out. Finally, I didn't play this year, but if I did, I would've played for Shenkuu. I didn't want to be in the staff tourney either because I'm horrible at Yooyuball. =/

Hey Ailae! I was wondering, to get the Lever of Doom avatar, do you have to let the Lever take 100 Neopoints from you? Or can you just go to the Lever of Doom with 0 Neopoints and if you're lucky you'll get the avatar? ~ jenlin_25
According to AvatarLog: "From all the reports we have received, no one has ever gotten this avatar by pulling the lever with 0 Neopoints out." You need to let it take Neopoints from you, unfortunately. Good luck! (Or would that be bad luck, since you're getting stolen from?)

Hey Jellyneo! I was wondering, what is the rarest plushie out there? I love plushies! But never like collecting them. :P ~ Mexico802
If you're going by rarity, then that would have to be the Jelly Chia Plushie, the Lisha and Jeran Plushie Set, or the Lord Darigan Plushie (all rarity 200). If you're going by price, then that would have to be the Maverick Plushie. When I looked at the trades, one lot didn't name a price and the other offer was asking for 100 million Neopoints, so it's pretty hard to pinpoint the exact price.

Can't touch this~

Hi Ailae! *Is jealous of awesomesauce hairstyle* My question is about avatars. I was collecting the clickable avatars on my brand new spiffy side account and I noticed many did not have a "Something Has Happened" notice. Did I still get the avatar? Thanks! ~ PeaManeTaurus
Hello, and thank you! *Hands you some hair sticks* Sometimes, you might not notice the "Something Has Happened" message or it might not show up. The best thing to do is to make sure you have it in your Neoboard Preferences.

Hey Ailae! I just made a guild on my side and I was wondering, if I make my side account my guild account, can I have 1NP auctions or things of that type? Thanks! ~ Lightjediknight750
First, let's look at what's allowed and what's not...

Guild accounts (as long as you don't earn NP or do dailies on this account)
Guild shops
Leading or being a member in a different guild on each of your accounts

Sharing guild accounts
Guild contests
Item pools (where everyone gathers their Neopoints together to buy an item)

Now, just to clarify the guild contest rule, TNT considers contests to be promotions offering prizes (things like raffles, lotteries, chain letters, etc.). Competitions without an item/NP reward are totally fine, but they obviously can't cost items/NP to enter. Make sure not to refer to competitions as contests. Also, a question in the NT Editorial pointed out that guild shops are practically pointless, because prizes and contests are not allowed.

What's the point of a guild, then? TNT said, "The idea behind guilds is to have a private forum where like-minded people can chat and get to know each other and make friends. Contests, while many people consider them fun, are often used to scam, such as fake giveaways to the person who 'donates the most Neopoints to the guild,' etc. In order to insure a safe and happy Neopia for everyone, it is important that leaders and members of even honest guilds do not have guild contests."

So yes, your side account can be your guild account (just don't share the account with others!). 1NP auctions (where you set up Neofriend-only auctions for guild members starting at 1NP for items like codestones and bottled faeries) are fine, as long as they include everyone who wants to participate. Many guilds do this to keep their guild active and get new members to join.

However (there are a lot of buts and conditions to Neopets rules :P), if you require the members to donate or pay a fee to participate in the 1NP auctions, then it's considered scamming and is against the rules. The "no contests allowed" rule was created because in the past, guild leaders would scam members out of their Neopoints or items by holding fake contests, and then they'd delete the guild and run off with everything. :(

Hi, great job you guys are doing! *Throws ice cream cookie* I was recently looking for my pet's faerie abilities. I remembered it used to be reachable from the pet's lookup, but now I can't find it anywhere! Is there a problem, or do I just need new glasses? ~ lovelove520131406
*Eats ice cream cookie* On the left side of every page, your active pet is displayed. Click on their name and that'll take you to the Quick Reference page. Next to each of your pet's pictures, there's a gray stripe with a white arrow on it. Click on that and then click on 'View abilities.'

Similarly, you can click on 'My Account,' then 'Quick Reference' and repeat the last part mentioned above.

Or you could just click here.

If you want to learn more about faerie abilities, go to our guide.

Hey TJNT! I had an Altachuck in my inventory right next to a Scarab Cookie. The next day, right under the image of what used to be the Cookie, there was a little note that said, 'Altachuck eats Scarab Cookie.' Does this always happen when you have a petpet next to a food item or does it just apply to the Altachuck? ~ Smuddles
Yes, if you have a food item and a petpet in your inventory, there's a possibility the petpet will eat it. This happens with all petpets, not just with Altachucks. This odd event is what gets you the "Drackonack - Hungry" avatar. Make sure to put any food that you want to keep in your SDB. As a side note, this question was answered in JN Editorial #69, question #62. I can't stress enough how useful our Editorial Database is.

Hi Aila! How's ninja training so far? So, what's the difference between the old version of the Blue Paint Brush Cookie and the new one? Thanks. :) ~ selenagomez4life
The training's been great, thanks for asking! *Demonstrates shuriken throwing abilities*

Anyways, as far as I can tell, the only difference is the name. The current version is named "Blue Paint Brush Cookie" and the old version was named "Blue Cookie Paint Brush." It's good they made the change, because the old name was confusing (it's not an actual paint brush)!

Hello! *Defenestrates jelly* If jelly doesn't exist, and your site name is Jellyneo, do you, technically, not exist? Just kidding! My real question is, do you have a list of unclothed pets that, when painted a certain colour, come with clothes? Thanks. ~ Kaltera
Hi! *Lets jelly fall out of the window* Jelly exists, but not Jellyworld. If jelly didn't exist, then how would you eat Jell-O? Sure, it's comprised of gelatin, but it's basically jelly.

Anyways, yes, there is. Go here, put in a pet species, and check the box that says "Only Paint Brush items?" If you want to show it by Paint Brush instead of species, then you have to make your own search. Here's the search I made, just put in the Paint Brush name in the title. (Baby, Electric, Lost Desert, Faerie, etc.).

I have a question about the r100 Booktastic Books. Most r100 items (like gourmets) are available through things like the Golden Dubloon, Illusen's Quests, giveaways, etc. Is there any proof that the r100 Booktastic Books really stock in the Booktastic Book shop, or is there another way to get them? ~ cinnamon_girl
As said in our Item Rarities article from the IDB, some r100 items stock very, very rarely such as Interplanetary Communications (which happens to be a Booktastic Book). Of course, there's always the Trading Post and Auctions, but if you go that route, you might have better luck trying the Trading/Auctions Neoboards first.

Hello JN! I wanted to ask about the location of computers when you login to Neopets. In a couple of months, I'm going on a holiday and will be taking my laptop with me. For most of this holiday, I will have Internet access and I was wondering, is it okay for me to be on Neopets during this time? I don't tend to logout much because I'm the only one who uses the laptop but I have heard of people being frozen because they use Neopets in different places after certain amounts of time. Sorry for the long question. :D Thanks. ~ whitewitchmagix
If you're going to some place far away, your IP address would change, since you'd have a different network/Internet provider. That is similar to using another computer to play Neopets, because different computers have different IPs, too.

So here's a quote from Editorial #246: "No, people are not frozen for logging on to different computers. We can't go into detail about how we track accounts (since that would only aid scammers in trying to find ways to sneak past our most watched areas), but we can assure you we only freeze your account for being logged in elsewhere if we have solid evidence the account is being shared, has been scammed, or there is some wrong-doing involved. Simply logging on to the site in more than one location will not get you frozen."

Again, I found this using our Editorial Database (which I have linked to way too many times :P).

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