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Jen's Jam Packed Edition - Fireworks Included!
Published: July 4, 2009

Golly gosh, it sure has been a little while since I was last here! I'm sure you missed me ;P Enough chit-chat, onwards to the 92nd edition of the Jellyneo Editorial! Before that though, Happy Independence Day to all those in America!

I'm thinking of transferring my pets and items from my old account (which I haven't used for ~1 year) to my new account. Is this allowed? ~ Rainie
If I understand you correctly, you're changing your main account? If that's the case, it's alright to transfer your pets and items to a new account which will be used as your main one ... so long as you aren't changing regularly (and you must only be making Neopoints on the one main account)!

For more clarification, please consult this NT editorial answer.

Hi! I don't know if this question has been answered before, but where can I find a page full of Neopets acronyms? I find myself getting confused on the boards when abbreviations like FQD, NSV, and SV are thrown around. Thank you :) ~ qtnikkibaby
Right here! There are also some in the Newbie Etiquette guide. Together, they should cover most of the acronyms/abbreviations you could come across!

Ok, this is getting a leettle bit ridiculous!

So, what is the REAL plural of 'Hissi'? In two different editorials you said it was "Hissies" then "Hissi". And searching for the answer in the Neopian Editorial, we get the answer as "Hissi". But in the news post linked from your Editorial, TNT said in the news that the plural is "Hissies". So, what is the real plural? (And by the way, my friend asked the question about Hissi/Hissies on both of the JN Editorials, and you gave different answers xD) ~ meercatristonhopets3
Isn't that fun! Like you said in the question, TNT have stated that the plural is both 'Hissies' and 'Hissi'. (They even said 'Hissis' on the Hissi page of the Fun Images!) I've conferred with my dear friend Lawyerbot and we have reached a conclusion: until TNT clears up this issue by formally declaring what the plural of Hissi is, it shall be 'Hissi'.

... What? Oh, you want reasoning? (Since when did Lawyerbot need reasoning? :P) In law, there is a rule which states that where there is inconsistency, the most current version prevails. We think this is appropriate to use here purely because we (Lawyerbot) say so. 'Hissies' was used in the News on May 4th, 2005, while 'Hissi' was used in the Neopian Times Editorial on January 23rd, 2009. 'Hissi' is the most recent and therefore the most correct.

We live to be difficult...

Hello TJNT! *Throws Glowing Soup* What's Goldrun? I saw 3 articles in Issue 385 of the Times about it. ~ pinkkea
Aaah hot soup, it burnsss! Goldrun was a little something put together by a group of Neopian Times writers as an April Fools' joke. Authors made articles, comics and stories involving a town named Goldrun and several were published in the Neopian Times. It spread further than that, though! Goldrun made its way into the Storytelling Contest, the Poetry Contest and even the Caption Contest!

Editor's Note: These groups of writers do a different joke every year. Past ones include Faerie Wars and the opening of Neoschool (hi NTWFers! ;))

Hey TJNT! I've been a fan for years and absolutely love all the help you've been giving. Thanks for being so amazing!
My question is about customization. When using the Lab Ray, my pet got zapped to many different species and I have several deluxe paint brush clothes. However, some of them do not show up in my closet when I go to customize my new pet. Is this because the previous clothes can only be worn by the certain species and will not show up or be removed after my pet is changed? Thanks for your time! ~ fyoraslegacy

Ah, that is because you can only use the items for that species of Neopet, regardless of colour. So, to clarify - some colours of Neopets have clothing items associated with them (e.g., Island, Desert, Royal). If your Neopet gets zapped (or painted) into a colour that has clothing items associated with them, you get to keep those items in your closet. If that Neopet is zapped into a different species, those items will be removed from your Neopet and remain in your closet for future use (should you ever have another Neopet of that specific species).

For example, let's say you have a Blue Eyrie. Then one day, you zap it and it turns into a Robot Eyrie. It would now wear the Robot Eyrie wearables. When you go to your closet, though, those items wouldn't be displayed because your Eyrie is already wearing them. If you remove them from your Eyrie, then they would show up in the closet. If you zap your pet again the next day and it turns into a Disco Mynci, then it will not be able to wear the Robot Eyrie items because they're species-specific (you won't even see them as options when you're customizing).

I can wear the Coat but I can't wear the Body Housing!

Okay, so I was wondering something. Not that I would ever do this, but if you took all the Neopoints in your Main Account and put them into one of your Side Accounts, then used the Soup Faerie for your Neopets' food, then sent it all back to your Main, would you get in trouble? ~ trash_is_telekinetic
My rule of thumb is if you need to question whether it's ok to do something or not, it's probably not ok and it's better to just not do it. Here I would say it's not ok to transfer your Neopoints to your side account to use the Soup Faerie to feed your pets. The Soup Faerie is there to feed pets whose owners are too poor to afford food themselves. By transferring your Neopoints you would be abusing the system, so it would be a big no-no!

If, on the other hand, you were simply wanting the Soup Faerie Avatar, then just the once, it may be ok.

Editor's Note: If you are trying to get the Soup Faerie avatar, then I think it would be okay. That is how many users got the avatar on their mains. Check out Avatarlog's guide for a detailed guide.
If you already have the avatar, then I agree with Jen that you shouldn't do it. There are plenty of cheap food items and free sponsor feeding areas, and you can always put your pets in the Neolodge, so if your pets are hungry and your main account is too rich for the Soup Faerie, you have other options. Your pets cannot actually die from starvation.

Is there any way to change your birthday on Neopets? I decided to pick a random date instead of my real birthday, and I happened to pick November 15th, which means I only get the Birthday sidebar once a year. :P ~ yaksrcewl
Eeeek, always input your correct details! It's just so much easier that way! Unfortunately, there is no way to change your birth date, your username, or your pet's name. :(

I was wondering, how long does it take TNT to respond to your requests? My friend was wrongly frozen, and she sent in a form. It's been 2 weeks, and we were just wondering. Thanks! :) ~ selenagomez4life
How long is a piece of string!? Unfortunately, TNT are busy people. It may take a couple of weeks or, worst case scenario, several months. Fingers crossed they get back to you soon! (You never know! :D)

You could talk with members in our Forums on the new You've Been Frozen. Now What? boards to hear about their experiences!

Thawing time: Varies

Why do some items have the word 'Maractite' in their name (Reinforced Maractite Shield), and others have the word 'Maracite' (Glowing Maracite Wand)? Is it a typo? ~ water_park1993
After researching far and wide, I've come to the decision that 'maracite' is probably a typo for 'maractite'. Some have said it's possible that 'maracite' is what the mineral is called when mixed with other minerals. That seems a little far-fetched to me (surely they'd alter the name more than dropping a single letter?!). The Maractite Marvels Shopkeeper alludes to the fact that warriors use 100% pure Maractite weapons... I find it strange he would then sell mixed-mineral weapons as well... but who knows!

Hi JN! Why do you have to pay for Petpets in Geraptiku? There's just a can there. Does TNT teach moral decency or should you be able to steal from that shop? Thanks in advance! ~ jakegoldstein
Yes, TNT does teach moral decency. (They also know paying someone to run Geraptiku Petpets wouldn't turn a profit. :P) Besides that, the Petpets at Geraptiku have been trained not to walk unless they've been paid for. You could try stealing one, but it wouldn't go down too well! ;)

While we're here, please, pleeease do not steal from the honesty jar! Lawyerbot says stealing is bad, mmmkay. He can and will track you down should you be light-fingered. Be afraid... be very afraid.

Just like your mother, I'm always watching...

What was the first ghost petpet and when was it released? I need it for a story I'm writing. Thanks! ~ silly51366507
That's a little bit tricky. There is actually a four way tie for first! Way back when, July, 29th 2003 to be more specific, there were four petpets released alongside the Ghost Petpet Paint Brush. They were the Doglefox, Noil, Ona and Candychan. Maybe you can incorporate all four into your story!

Editor's Note: In terms of item ID, the Ghost Candychan came first, so TNT added that item before the other three. That doesn't necessarily mean that it was the first Ghost petpet to be created at the Petpet Puddle, though.

What does the Nerkmid Charm do? ~ Jasonartlover97
The Nerkmid Charm doesn't really do anything. It's not a charm that can go in the charm page of your Stamp Album (they have to have "Collectable Charm" in their name), nor is it a Nerkmid you can vend at the Alien Aisha Vending Machine. But it is just a toy, which does mean you can use it to play with your pets!

Someone has stolen site coding from me, and I have asked them to give me credit. They said they would, but they only gave me credit on link back buttons (which I also made for them). I have actually asked them several times, and I don't want to ask them again. Where can I go to report them for stealing the coding? ~ metrostation16
Blatant theft is not allowed. If I were you I'd contact them one last time stating the exact way you want to be credited and that you want to be credited for the coding, not just the buttons you made. If they fail to respond/change the credit then report them using this form.

Editor's Note: Some people do not realize that code theft is a legitimate reportable offense. You could get a warning if you do it. If you take and use someone else's work--no matter what it is--proper credit should be given to the original owner or creator, unless they say otherwise. Please respect the poor graphic designers and coders out there!

Hi, JN! I was just wondering, isn't the Baby Security Blanket wearable? I thought that when TNT announced it in the New Features, they had a picture of a pet wearing it. Or maybe it's just my imagination playing tricks on me... ~ jenlin_25
Nope, it's not wearable. You know, I vaguely remember seeing something similar in the New Features as well... After looking high and low to no avail, well, both our imaginations must be playing tricks on us!

You rock Jen! Ok, so when my Neopets are sick, I go to the Healing Springs. But online, some people say to go to The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity first, while some people do not. So which is right? ~ jubby_jub_jub_86
Yes, whenever your pets get sick, always go to the Healing Springs and let the Healing Springs Faerie work her magic! Theories relating to The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity haven't been proven. Do visit TDMBGPOP though and give him a big hug! Poor wee mite.

I've been stuck here for 5 years, you'd be depressed too. *sigh*

I was playing Yooyuball and somehow I got 15 goals. When I checked my stats, it didn't count there. This thing happened to me twice with the same score... What's the problem? ~ _noamika_1_67
It's a glitch! If you send in a score of 15 goals (or more), it doesn't register as being sent. That game is void, as if it never happened in the first place. Spooky, huh?

Hey TJNT! *Throws soft cookies at everyone* In the game Shootout Showdown, the goalie is a Jelly Chia. I checked the Rainbow Pool and there is no such thing as a Jelly Chia. So my question to you is *drum roll* will TNT ever release a Jelly Chia? ~ Someone
Perhaps they will... one day! They had said they try not to make paint brush colours that look like site characters. The difficulty is that, in the Chia's case, there is a site character called 'Jelly Chia'. It may get a little bit sticky. If they do release a Jelly Chia, it may very well be a colour other than blue or that yellowy-orange colour the Goalie sports. So, maybe! Besides, there are Snot Meercas and Meuka, after all!

Every day, I search for Qasalan Expellibox and click on the game in the search results. For the past few days, the 'Click to Play' button on the game screen links to a broken page that doesn't even contain 'neopets.com' in the URL! Is the game still available, and if so, could I have a link to the actual game (since I'm too lazy to find it)? ~ yaksrcewl
This was a glitch that happened a couple of days ago. It affected other games room links, too, such as the Food Club, but it is fixed now!

You can find the Qasalan Expellibox right here. If you're really lazy why not sign up for Jellyneo's Dailies Do-er? This way, you'll always be one click away from all your daily Neopet needs! Sure beats using the search feature of the Games Room!

Blatant advertising? Never! =D

Hey, Jen! I have a question regarding paint brush clothes. I just adopted an Island Flotsam from the pound, but he obviously has no clothes. I was wondering, is it possible to buy paint brush only clothes? Thanks! ~ memorysoul
Alas, Paint Brush exclusive clothes are 'No Trade', meaning they cannot be moved from your account. This means they cannot be sold or traded (hence the No Trade) so there's no way to purchase them. :( I know how you feel; I adopted an Island Lupe from a friend. He really wants his Lei back.

Hey Jellyneo! For the banner you guys have up for the Altador Cup, the ones that show the different teams, I was wondering what the quoted phrase was for the Lost Desert. You know, the one with Hieroglyphics. Thanks! ~ bylime99990
I believe the hieroglyphics say, "We say the Lost Desert will win." *Crosses fingers behind back* Who knows, perhaps they will!

*Resists the urge to mention a certain plundering team*

And before you ask about the Tyrannian one, it was already answered in this editorial.

Hey, Dandy? Is that you? Correct me if your name is not Dandy. Anyway, here are some simple questions:
1. How can Neopets be unborn? I find it a little weird sometimes.
2. Not really a question, but JN rocks! I love the new layout! ~ swishysquashi

It's not Dandy, it's me, Jen!

A Neopet could be unborn under the old system of Creating a Neopet. That system had two steps. First, you picked the species, name, colour, where the Neopet lived and how they'd react when meeting other Neopets. For the second part, you rolled for your pet's stats. If you didn't complete this second part, your Neopet wasn't completely created, in effect, leaving it 'unborn'. You still could play with it, give it a Petpet and feed it, though, among other things!

As for your second "question" - why thank you, we love it too! n_n

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