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Willie Random Edition
Published: June 28, 2009

Didn't think you would see another from so soon huh? Well guess what I'm back! Enjoy the editorial and please excuse my randomness :D

Are the methods used in the drop-down menu in the Tumaculus and the Symol Hole really NECESSARY? ~ flymaster_11
Nope, there is absolutely no need for a method. They are all just for fun ;). You can even predict what you will get from the Symol Hole! Be sure to check out our guide to learn how!

Why do you have links to other neopet based sites, like the neopets hive, if you compete with them? ~ Tampabayrays
Well we have affiliates, they "advertise" us, for lack of a better word, so we advertise them. We do not necessarily compete with each other either, although we all try to have the info first, we still coexist. We here at JN believe in peace and harmony on the Internet~ We are also still accepting applications for other affiliates if any other help sites are interested.

hi,i was wondering if you can still get a lutari, if you can do you know how to get one? Thanks. ~ misterkaotix
Currently, the only way to create a Lutari is to create it on Lutari Island via Neopets Mobile or be very very lucky and get it zapped via the Lab Ray.

Editor's Edit: Some Lutaris will also be available for you to create on Lutari Day (April 19th), but they are released in batches at random times. The Neoboards are a good place to go if you want to be alerted to these times.

Hi Jellyneo tema members *throws a pillow at you* (not as hard as a rock, and you guys could use some sleep) I was recently suspended on Neopets for Neomailing somebody my friend code for a Nintendo DS game. TNT says that posting/sending/requesting friend codes is against the rules, but other than at school, the Neopets boards/Nemail is the only place whree I can meet people to recieve/send friend codes. Is there any way to still have WiFi related fun, but without breaking any rules? ~ philw5679
Sadly, there is not a way around it on Neopets. However, you are more than welcome to create an account on our forums, if you have not already, and chat with the members. Many of our members play games via WiFi and I am sure they would love to meet someone new :).

Hello! Ok, the Number Six Avvie! I have it on my Main Account and I was hoping I can also get it on my side account! I have the 5 Million NPs needed to get it (I earned it on my main account from selling shop wiz priced Wearables) and I was planning on transfering it to my side. But today, Adam went back up to 10 Million! Grrr! Is there a pattern or anything? Thanks ~ Peachesrocks2
Nope, there is no pattern to it. It is just completely random. I guess whenever TNT decides to mess with its users, they change the amount. But don't feel too bad, when I go the avatar, Adam had 11 million neopoints, now that was a lot! *feels old*

Hello Steve of the Jellyneo Staff! "Slips 1,000 Neopoints under table" Today (for me) is "Three Question Day" 1. Why did Neopets make the Grarrl able to eat (almost) everything? 2. How does a Grarrl eat a background? 3. How many pages has Blue Kiko on the questions page wrote so far? ~ Coolguy8566
1. To highlight the immense and gross palate of Grarrls (Skeiths can do this too). How else can they show off?
2. Very carefully is how: Grarrls simply roll the background up into a tube and nom it.
3. The Kiko has written 58,441,314,151,864,846,515,186,151,648,167 pages. You guys keep him quite busy ;)
1k isn't enough, you can't afford me ;)

Hey, TJNT! *throws chocolate chip cookies* I was wondering if it is possible when transfering a pet in exchange for a custom, if it is illegal to receive a paint brush in return for a pet. That way you wouldn't have to wait for it to age, etc. Or if you have an account less than 4 months old. Thanks! =) ~ choco_mistress
Yes that is against the rules. Receiving any type of payment, whether it be paint brushes, neopoints, etc, in exchange for a neopet is against the rules.

Hi JN! I just want to know how does the feature game is choosen. Thanks! ~ foodcoll
Well you see it is a long and complex process. First the staff pin up note cards with the names of each game onto a bulletin board. Next a random staffer is chosen, blindfolded, and spun in a circle. He or she is then given a dart to throw at the board. Whichever game the dart lands on will be the featured game. But seriously, it is just completely random ;)

In Coltzan's shrine, when you are successful and get a statistic of "slightly richer," what does that mean? ~ Unicorn7374
That simply means you have been awarded neopoints. Usually, you receive a few hundred neopoints, but once a day Coltzan will award one million neopoints to a lucky user! So be sure to visit the shrine every day! Who knows, maybe you will be that lucky user ;)

Hey Jn! I was searching info on what first pet I wanted. I heard that Grundos can wear "dung." Is that the same kind of dung you can get from the "Pick Your Own" game, or did i miss something? Also, I like how the bot question "6*7" draws me to conclude that JN has read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy ^_^ ~ GroaingGrundo
That is correct, but all Neopets can wear it! The dung you get from PYO is the same wearable dung. Don't pets just look fashionable with dung at their side? Seriously, who wouldn't want to wear one?

Darling, I'm the fiercest thing on the runway

Are the scratchcards, (like the space faerie and lost desert, rather than the ice caves), set so that no matter what you will get the same outcome on that card, or does it depend on which space you click? I go to Lost Desert Scratchcards as a daily, and I've been wondering this for some reason... ~ Glaukopis
Not all scratch cards will always award the same thing. The Lost Desert Scratch cards can award no prize at all for not matching 3 images. The only scratch card that will always award a prize is the Space Faerie Scratch Card (only available to premium users). Each prize has a certain probability of being awarded. The probability of receiving neopoints versus an item is very high for the Space Faerie and LD Scratch Cards.

How does Neopets know if an account I made is a side account? Like, what if I made it for a sibling, but used my e-mail address? ~ 1_doglefox
They would know based upon your activity on the account. If the only thing you do on your side is simply store items, managing a gallery, etc. while you play games and earn neopoints on the other, it would be quiet obvious it is a side. However, you should NOT create an account for a sibling using your email address because TNT might think you are trying to earn neopoints on another account, and it could potentially get both accounts frozen. For more info on side accounts, view our guide.

Would be allowed to be logged into one account on, say, Firefox, to chat with my guild, and be logged into my side account at the same time? ~ yaksrcewl
Yes, it is allowed and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you earn neopoints or collect giveaway items on your side account, you will be breaking the rules and could potentially get frozen. You can be logged in so long as you follow the rules ;).

Is there a way to view the Neoforums in all languages? I speak several, and I'm pretty sure I remember seeing this on an old account a long time ago. Thanks! ~ dieblechtrommel
Sadly, there is not a way. There was a way you could do it, but now there is not. However, you can still access the other forums by changing your language in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Go Willie (you better get 2nd in the JN AC Staff Tourney!!!) Anyways, I was wondering, who do YOU think will win the Jelly Sceptre this year in the Staff Tourney? ~ memorysoul
I am not going to disclose that information ;). However, I will say that the person I thought would most likely win isn't. Labhoise just came out of no where and seems to be dominating, but Rylon is not giving up without a fight, so it's hard to tell right now. I wonder what other surprises we'll see before this tourney is over ;)....

Helloo! =3 *throws some chocolate* I know how you said Site Themes don't alter the chances of Random Event, however, me and my friend tested this theory, and compared a lot of site themes and the random events. After months of research, on different computers, we found out that we received at least 2 random events per day or more on the Purple Site Theme. Either the both of us are incredibly lucky, or we have just figured something out! Would you mind clearing this up? :P We need to know if it's just luck, or an actual fact, since we did research. ;) ~ Lunalutria_
Site themes do not affect the number of Random Events you receive, EXCEPT the birthday theme, which doubles your chances of receiving REs. The whole point of REs is to be completely random, you never know what you are going to get or when, regardless of your current site theme. You and your friend were just lucky.

Random question game time! What is or was the most commented on newspost? Is it the Jn portal shutting down news post. *yells at you for firing Gog!* ~ Fairygirl__101
:( Hey don't yell me for firing Gog *looks suspiciously at Dave*. Our most commented newspots ever was....drum roll please....I said drum roll please...PLEASE COME ON, who do I have spork to get a drum roll!?...sorry you had to see that. Anyway, it was the newspost for our Negg Hunt . What does the scouter say? The comments were...they were...over...it was OVER 4000 COMMENTS!!! *explodes*

hey there. when talking about a neopet, what does "unconverted"/"converted" mean? ~ shayn_XD
Unconverted refers to pets who were created before the NC Mall and other items became wearable and the pet was never dressed. Once a pet was given clothes, it was converted to a new version of itself so it could wear it, hence the term "converted pet". Many people prefer unconverted pets because they look more like their originals selves and look better, but it's subjective. I would also like to note that unconverted pets are hard to come by and there is no way to create a new unconverted pet.

Unconverted | Converted

Hiya! I was just wondering, what do you think they would call a plushie of a plushie paintbrush? A plushie plushie paint brush? I'm so confused. 0_o By the way, great job on the site, It is really AWESOME! *throws nutty bar* ~ Megan6405w
NUTTY BAR 8D!! *nom nom nom* Thankies :D....ahem. A plushie of a plushie paint brush would be called a "Plushie Paint Brush Plushie" (as redundant as that sounds). Previous PB plushies have had the word "plushie" attached at the end, for example, the Baby Paint Brush Plushie

I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma...or not...

Hi! *waves* I've been using your Goal Counters for quite some time now. I was scrolling through the page of counters to get a new counter for a goal I've recently decided upon when I saw the Poogle goal counter. There's a picture of a Jelly Poogle and the words "non-existent" next to it, if I'm not mistaken. Why does it say non-existent? Jelly Poogles do exist... and I'm pretty sure Poogles exist as well. :3 I can't seem to figure out what Non-Existent means in that situation! What /does/ it mean, TJNT? ~ aexine
Ah you have stumbled upon the joke/myth relating to Jelly World. Everyone knows Jelly World does not exist, so Jelly pets must also not exist, despite the incontrovertible evidence. Also, the Jelly Poogle Plushie is an MIA item so it does not exist on Neopets, much like Jelly World....A world made of jelly...that is just ridiculous, who would come up with such a thing? And pets made of Jelly? Impossible! ...I will now make it my life goal to find this place!

I want to be a real Jelly Poogle Plushie!

Ok Willie, if you were stranded in Jellyworld with just a spoon and a can of whipped cream, what would you do? Oh and I think it is great you play the flute and piccolo! You're probably extremely awesome! You must be amazing! Do you play any other instruments. I bet you do, you're so talented! ~ Iamaweirdo
o: Good question! Well first I would start spraying the whipped cream on the buildings, then with a spoon, I would start nomming them!...Hey wait, that's impossible Jellyworld does not exist! I hate impossibilities.

Wow thanks, I don't think I'm that great, but I appreciate the compliment! To answer your question, yes I can play another instrument. I can play bassoon (decently). I just recently started playing just for fun and I've been taking lessons with a bassoonist in a local symphony. I like the instrument, it is very challenging and some times I wonder why I'm doing this to myself!

Who wouldn't want to play me!? Double the reed, double the pain!...no one is going to get that.