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Item DB Special
Published: June 21, 2009

Welcome to our Item Database themed editorial! Below you'll find a plethora of questions about our Item Database. We tried to answer all sorts of item-related questions pertaining to item uses, features in our Item DB, and new features we plan on adding. :) Enjoy!

Hello! I was just wondering if everyone receives the same item daily from the Weltrude's Toy Chest? Is there any way that you guys could post something with all the items that can be received from it? I missed a few days while on vacation and don't want to miss out on some cool new items. :) Thanks! ~ zeancimis
All of Weltrude's Toy Chest items are random each day. There's basically a set list of items that she gives out. We don't have a list of those items anywhere... but we should! I'll get a We Need You topic started so we can compile. :)

What is the Magic Key used for? ~ Cofusm
Nothing, it's just an old collectors' item.

What does the item "Flask of Clear Odourless Liquid" do? ~ kappa_otaku_122
Absolutely nothing! You can just put it on your SDB, shop, or wherever items can go. :P It has no options for using it.

I am useless. :(

Hey JN. I was on a board earlier and someone said once a Super Attack Pea was discarded, another would show up in the Smuggler's Cove. Is this true? Thanks, you guys are amazing. ~ Dalek_dude
Nope, TNT does not keep track of the Cove items that are discarded or lost to frozen accounts. So if you somehow managed to get a Super Attack Pea and then you either discard it or get frozen, another Pea will not appear in the Cove. TNT may release more of a particular item if they want to, but when it's gone, it's gone.

Hello TJNT! I have a question about the Obedience Medallion. Is it just me, or was this item wearable (at least by Grundos) at some point? I can't find anything about it in the Item Database, but I'm pretty sure I was able to place it in my closet and have my Grundo wear it the last time it was Tarla'd. Maybe I'm crazy, let me know! ~ fuzzbump88
You're crazy! :D

In all seriousness, no, the Obedience Medallion was never wearable. :P It's rather old and was released before customization was even a twinkle in TNT's eyes. So sorry, you're going a bit crazy. :P

Hey JN! Do you have a list of all possible quest items? If not, can you make one? I am planning on buying all quest items and stocking them in my SDB so when I have a quest, I am set. :) Thanks! ~ peachesrocks2
We actually do not right now, but I believe the quest item requests are rarity based. This is something on our to-do list, however... so cross your fingers and hope we get to it this summer during our Item DB upgrades. :P

What does a Magic Omelette do? ~ scruffy46069
There is no item called "Magic Omelette." If you mean the Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette, then it does not affect your pet in any way, other than making it a bit more full (it's a food item, after all).

Why do I keep seeing some really cool items coming to Neo, but they are never in stock? For example, the brown or even holiday-related plushies, new foods, toys, etc. I have never been able to find these items in the shops, then I check and they're unbuyable. Is this on purpose or just plain aggravating? ~ ihjbgran
We know exactly what you mean!

TNT announces a bunch of new items every week in the news, but they often don't release them or make them stock in shops. These items are classified as MIA in our database.

After a few days, weeks, months, or years, TNT will go back and release batches of old items they previously announced. This causes many headaches for our poor Item Adders!

So it is done on purpose. It's just Neopets' system of adding items.

I love the Item Database, but could you add a section for useless items like the Smooth Black Sphere? All you can do with it is donate/discard, put in shop/gallery, give it to a friend, or deposit it! ~ horizongreen
This will be a little difficult since we'd have to go through every item and see if it does have any options or not... but we are planning on creating a new classification system called "Item Type" and after we categorize, all of the leftovers will probably be "useless" items!

Look! I already have an Item Type... but only because Dave started doing them a long time ago and never finished. :(

I've gotten a Fountain Faerie Quest and I'm trying to find the item (Starry Buzz Plushie), but there's only like 10 of them in existence! How do I obtain this item? ~ monsterquest87
For unbuyable items (i.e., items that are worth more than 99,999NP), your best bet is to go on the Trading Post. There are some Starry Buzz Plushies listed on there right now, the lowest costing 200,000NP, which isn't too bad, considering a Fountain Faerie Quest allows you to paint your pet rare colours, such as Pirate, Maraquan, Chocolate, etc.

If you are short on money, you can always check out our 30k A Day Guide!

I have been looking everywhere for a Magic Chia Pop. Is there some special way of getting them? ~ chubby_preston
Magical Chia Pops restock at the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop. They are rarity 99 items, though, which means they are ultra rare, and since restock times are random, it depends on your luck and how much time you can dedicate to restocking.

There's a Petpetpet shop here, but I thought Petpetpet shops don't exist! Is this Petpetpet shop really a Petpetpet shop? http://www.neopets.com/objects.phtml?type=shop&obj_type=109 ~ naaoki
It's a real shop, but nothing currently stocks in it. It's for Petpetpet Habitats, which is only available to Premium users right now for testing. (But most likely, Petpetpet Habitats have been scrapped since they were pretty useless and no one liked them. :P)

Where can you find some Pirate Jelly? ~ Nature0707
Like the item page says, you can find it at Smuggler's Cove (the odds of that happening are very slim), or if you were lucky, you could've gotten it at the Giant Jelly back when there was a glitch and it gave out super rare jellies.

Hey JN, I was just wondering what r99 items are because I saw them in one of your editorials. Thanks! ~ fwuzywuzzy
"r99" means "rarity 99." It basically means that the item is "super rare." These items are very popular with collectors, restockers, Gourmet Club enthusiasts, and Illusen/Jhudora questers. Usually, they cost hundreds of thousands of Neopoints, if not millions.

For more information about rarities, visit our guide!

Will the Raw Wartroot give my Neopet Neowarts? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Just tested it today and no, it won't.

I was looking through your Item DB (which is awesome by the way), and saw an item called a Decorative Spyder Web. I clicked on it, and it said it was an "Unreleased Movie Mountain prize." What is that all about? ~ Darigan Demon
Movie Mountain was an old sponsor area that has been removed from Neopets. It opened on May 17th, 2006. The activities you could do there included feeding your pet, watching movie trailers, buying "souvenirs" (i.e., random items), and collecting 11 special tickets that gave you 200NP each. You also received the Golden Symol Statue if you went there on opening day.

The Decorative Spyder Web was simply an item that was supposed to be released for that area, but wasn't.

What is the Glittering Negg? Where did it come from? Why does TNT not like glittery things? Almost all of them are MIA. Thanks! ~ shamanshanker
Glittering Negg is a food--no special effect.

Editor's Edit: We're actually not sure where it comes from. r101 can mean anything from rare item code prize to old sponsor prizes...probably the former, but again, not sure.

I don't think TNT has anything against glitter; there are a lot of MIA items right now. Just have to wait until they decide to release them!

Why are we all unreleased? :(

Hey JN. I'm an avid fan of your item wishlists--it really helps me see what I need for my gallery! Unfortunately though, my gallery and list are rather large... I was wondering why we don't have the option to view our lists in order of price, release, etc. like we can in the Database? It would be very helpful! ~ saiphami
Ordering lists is something we're going to be programming in later this summer. Our plans include a total makeover of the Item Database layout (well, we want to, we might stick with the old layout, though) and recode things to make sure they're super efficient with pretty code and are more thoughtfully modularized. We're also going to give you options to include info such as price, rarity, and descriptions on list print outs and pet page coding, along with your public lists!

So let me get this straight. In order to find out the number of plushies to aim for in the Database, you should add the numbers from active, MIA, and searchable, which also includes fuzzles (which I have never thought of as plushies), then the broken toy category (broken, ripped, and headless)? I am trying to get an accurate number for what should be in my plushie gallery (now 1190 plushies). Thanks! ~ bibibirdie
Yep, that sounds about right. We categorize fuzzles as plushies due to the fact that they restock in the Plushie Shop on Neopets. There are currently 41 fuzzles... so just subtract 41 from your final number to get just plushies. :)

What does Light Faerie Dust do? And is it a one-use item? ~ mistyqee
It is a one-use item. Most of the time, it does nothing (literally, it'll say "Nothing happened!"), but supposedly it has a very, very small chance of changing your pet (although in what way, nobody knows for sure). It's really rare and not a lot of people want to waste all that NP to thoroughly test it.

Hey JN! Will the Item Database ever be searchable by colour? At least for the wearable items? Thanks so much! ~ mbrr_11
Probably not anytime soon. Going through and categorizing every item with a color would be a little time consuming, and we really have other projects we'd like to get rolling with first. :P

Hi TJNT! Is there a way to search the Item Database to bring up the limited edition bonus items from mystery capsules (and nothing else)? ~ archen85
This is something that we can easily solve with Item Note searching... which we do plan on implementing this summer! :) We'll throw up a special search when we get it complete so you have an easy click to get to the items.

Why is the Brown Eyeshadow peachy/pink/white, not brown? I was doing this grooming gallery, colour coded, and it so didn't fit my "Brown" section. Thanks you guys. You rock my socks! ~ golly123gosh
*Squints* It's kind of brown, just a very light orange-brown. ;) I've never understood makeup myself. :P I think they mean brown as in bronze, like those bronzers you can buy in real life.

Has there ever been a retired item that is gone forever? Like, it can't be found on the Trading Post or shops. If so, which ones? ~ 1_doglefox
Cheap Imitation Rod of Ultranova comes to mind. Only one person had it a long, long, long time ago (it wasn't a member of TNT), and back then it was an actual Rod of Ultranova. That person's account is long gone by now, though.

I'm only a cheap knockoff of the real thing. :(

How come I can't repair my Broken Red Mynci Puppet? ~ jubby_jub_jub_86
It appears to be a glitch. :( You're supposed to be able to, but you can't right now.

Hi, Dave! My question is: How do the staffers who work in the Item DB find out when an item is finally released in Neopian shops? Do they continually search the Trading Post and/or Auctions to see if a user has restocked that item? ~ jenlin_25
Sometimes we do random searches to see if new items pop up, but mostly we rely on users who send in Missing Item Reports. When one comes in, we usually look up all of the items released around the same time and find a whole lot to update as searchable from the MIA category.

If a snow petpet, such as a Snow Slorg, can melt, does that mean a fire petpet like Fire Yooyu can turn to ashes or coal? ~ animalbrad
Well, I don't believe Snow petpets can really melt... you never see them doing so! :P Though theoretically if Snow petpets could, I suppose Fire petpets could also eventually run out of gas and stop burning, therefore turning into nothing but ash and coal.

Will you be doing an Item Database for the things in the Joodle Mart? ~ JN Fan
You can already view all the items that are in (or were in) the Joodle Mart, so no. :P There are too few items to warrant a whole database, and it wouldn't really be that useful anyway.

Hey, Dave! How did you guys choose what items to put on the main page of the Item DB? Also, why is the Item DB's logo a Fish Negg Plushie? Thanks! ~ memorysoul
The items on the main page were just randomly chosen--there's nothing more to it than that. :P

Terry used to be in charge of the Item DB, and his favourite item is a Fish Negg Plushie, so that's why it's in the logo.

Yay! Fish Neggs!

Hey, Dave! Is it possible to get an NC Mall item from the Snowager? Thanks, you rock! ~ michaelli910_8
Nope, the Snowager only hoards NP items. It's too poor to buy NC.

Hi there, Dave! I was just wondering, on the homepage of the Item Database, what is the name of the item with the Fish Negg in it? Thanks for reading/answering! ~ meow_kitty100
It's Negg Noodles.

Mmmm... Negg Noodles!

Hi there, Dave! Recently, the question of the accuracy of the prices of many (if not all) of the items in the Database has been called into question (if not outright slandered) on the boards. A few players have pretty much stated that not only are all of your prices either wrong, way out of date, or downright laughable. I'm assuming you guys know there's a problem with the accuracy of the prices. Will you do anything about it? More importantly, is there anything you can do? Or is it just a matter of too many items, not enough staffers? ~ amber_hawk14
Before I start, I'd just like to mention that all the prices in the Database are estimated prices. You can find out when they were last updated by hovering over the price on the item info page (or the edit price page).

The root of the problem doesn't have to do with staffing. A similar question popped up on the forums this week, and I'll repeat what I said there.

This issue mostly seems to involve unbuyable items. If you submit a price report, the staff are required to confirm the validity of the report by checking on the Trading Post or Shop Wizard. If there are no trades/sales for the item, the report is deleted.

Why do we require confirmation? So people can't submit false reports and get away with it. The other proposed way of finding an item's price was to lurk on the Neoboards and see what people were asking. We can't force our Item Adders to lurk on the Neoboards 24/7 in order to find prices for items, because it's just not feasible, and people can say anything they want on the Neoboards. :P

Ultimately, if you (yes, you reading this!) think you're an expert in trading and know the market inside and out, etc., and you think our prices are outdated, then why not help us? You may edit the price of any item by clicking the Edit Price icon (as shown below) on the item info page for any item.

If I get clicked... you can help us keep prices up-to-date! :)

Sir Dave! A quick question please, then you can be on your merry way. What is the oldest item on Neopets? Is it still being used today? ~ superbaseball9
The oldest item on Neopets is the Green Apple!

Hey Dave! You rock! And so does Jellyneo. Great job! Anyways, why doesn't the Advanced Search option have a "Doesn't contain..." category? Every other Advanced Search I've ever seen has one. ~ reader8
Because we never programmed one in... :P We're considering totally redoing our search algorithm... because it's pretty useless right now compared to something like Google. Having the option to include - and + in front of words is also an option we'd like to implement, which is search engine speak for "does not contain" and "contains" respectively.

I have seen a lot of guides for the Petpet Lab Map, and I've had a couple for a while. Some of us are trying to zap a Meowclops for the avatar, but something I heard recently made me think that retired petpets aren't possible... but none of the guides says that specifically. I know the odds are long, but I'd like to know if they are actually impossible! So, can I get a Meowclops (or any retired petpet) from the Petpet Lab Ray? ~ Purplebin
Oops, looks like Coach Riki didn't clarify.

We did some research and found two instances of petpets that were zapped into a Meowclops. However, both zaps occurred well over a year ago, around the time of customization. I haven't heard of anybody getting a Meowclops from the Ray recently, but TNT hasn't released any statement saying that they changed the Ray, so I believe it's still possible.

What the Coach meant to say was that you can definitely get a Fire Yooyu from the Ray (you have to be extremely lucky to get one), but he hasn't seen any petpets that were zapped into a Darigan or regular Yooyu.

If you are trying to get the Meowclops avatar, we aren't 100% sure if a zapped petpet will work, because we're not sure if it's activated by having a Meowclops or by actually equipping a Meowclops to your pet.

Editor's Edit: It turns out some users have managed to get the avatar using a zapped Meowclops, so yay!

I read there was once a Unicorn Paint Brush; it's now the Uni Gem. Did the paint brush turn your pet into a White Uni? What type of pet did it resemble most? ~ MorganJoIsle
Yes, Unicorn used to be a pet colour. It basically turned your pet white and gave it a horn. As mentioned in Editorial 43, you can see a lot of old Neopets stuff by visiting Neopets Archeology.

If you have any more questions about the old days of Neopets, please search the Editorial Database first, as the staff have answered many similar questions.

Don't you think the Item Database should have themes, other than the Fish Negg theme? I would love to see a Pirate Jelly theme, or Super Attack Pea theme... ~ yaksrcewl
We did have a Sloth theme during the Dr. Sloth plot back in 2008. :) But we just never coded the Item DB to have themes, and it's a pretty rickety layout. So, going back and trying to implement themes would be a little more difficult. We made our mainsite layout with themes in mind... so we'll just have to redesign the Item DB, I guess!

Today, when I went to my inventory, I saw I had a Kiko Lake Fencing, Krawk Island Ship Lamp, and Darigan Citadel Fencing. I don't know how I got them. Do you know how? ~ sweetturtle05
Looks like some of your NC expired! 150 NC, to be exact, since the value of the items you get equal the amount that expired.

So yes, NC questions have been answered repeatedly, but I'll do this one more time.

If you buy Neocash, it expires one year after you purchase it using Paypal, or one year after you redeem a Neocash card. If you receive free Neocash (for example, from the Daily Dare, from Expellibox, from free NC at the Mall, etc.), then it also expires in one year.

How do you keep track of all the dates? Go to the Mall, click on "NC Account" on the left, then click on "Neocash Log."

It is up to you to monitor your NC. If it expires, then you will receive random NC items.

If you have an Usukiboy Usul, and it changes gender, do you get the Usukigirl clothes? Just wondering. ~ lo0ovelyfr3ak
Yes, as with Royal pets, if your gender-color-based pet changes via the Lab Ray (Usuki, Quiguki, or Royal), you will get new clothes. However, if you change gender via any other method (such as battling the Lab Ray scientist in the Battledome, or a Strange Potion) you will not get new clothes.

I know that certain neggs give abilities. Do you still have to be that certain level to use it? ~ darkesmoon
Certain neggs will give your pet a certain ability no matter what their level is, and your pet will be able to use those abilities regardless of their level, too.

What was the first item entered into the database after Neo gave the site a new layout? ~ Luigifan66
Neopets changed the layout from the old one to the one you see today on April 27, 2007 (technically April 26th, because the news is released a day ahead of time in NST).

The first item added to the database after that would've been the Robot Kacheek Cranium Housing. (Ahhh... those were the days... when we were running around panicking now that we had about 1,500 new items to add all from one day's worth of updating. :P)

Okay, I really need this answered. Let's say I go and zap my petpet into a Faerie Krawk. If I were then to go to the Fungus Cave, would it turn into a Faerie Krawk, or would it not because it was zapped? ~ 1_doglefox
This question is addressed in our Petpet Lab Ray guide.

No, if your petpet is zapped into a Krawk petpet (doesn't matter which colour), you cannot make it grow into a Krawk Neopet by visiting the Fungus Cave. Krawk pets are meant to be extremely difficult to obtain. :P

Furthermore, if you tried to remove your zapped Faerie Krawk, it would revert back to its original form (whichever petpet you started off with), so you can't make millions off the Petpet Lab Ray.

You can, however, get petpet-specific avatars using zapped petpets. For example, if your petpet was zapped into a Slorg and it was 100+ days old, you could get the avatar by visiting your pet's lookup.

Additional note: TNT has said that if your petpet gets zapped into a Slorgclops, it will not qualify for the Slorg avatar. However, some users claim that it does work, so if you get one, it's still worth it to try!

Hi there TJNT! This would be short and simple. Do you have a list of the items you can get from all or some of the goodie bags? Most preferably the goodie bags that aren't retired. ~ auron
Nope. (We will soon, though. It's still in the tubes... keep checking the Item Articles page for when we add it!)

Have you guys considered adding a search filter for the Item DB that would allow one to search for items that were released as Lenny Conundrum or Better Than You prizes? Or, if not, could you direct me to a list of them? Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work! ~ jerry_the_squirrel
*pokes question 22* This is again solvable if we implemented an Item Notes search, which we plan on doing this summer. :D

We're all LC exclusive prizes!

Check out The Jellyneo Item Database
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Visit the Item Database for a complete, searchable listing of every item on Neopets! Anything you ever wanted to know about any item can be found in our very own database! You can also install a special search bar for the Item Database in Firefox and Internet Explorer! It makes finding items a breeze no matter where you are on the Net!