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Ninth Issue
Published: September 22, 2007

Will this be yet another late editorial? Who knows!?

Why does Adam like asparagus so much? Its creepy O.O You guys rock! *throws a rock* ~ vapjolflar
We did some research, and found that asparagus is low in calories, has no fat, and has very little sodium! Who wouldn't like such a great vegetable!? (Plus, we're sure it has some nice fiber. Who doesn't like a clean digestive tract?)

How would you pronounce xweetok? Its not on the neopets pronunciation page. Mabey you should make your own page for pronunciation. ~ Batistick13
Looks like TNT has some updating to do. They did mention, however, that Xweetok is pronounced zwee-tock.

Have any of you found any baby-like clothing items while looking for new items? I have a baby lupe who is curently in the nude.... ~ beanie_monkey1122
Unfortunately, all Mutant, Maraquan, Baby, and Veggie/Fruit chias are out of luck for clothing options right now. If you think about it, the whole clothing thing is a humongous undertaking for TNT. We're pretty sure it'll be awhile before there's a good amount of clothing options available for every pet and color. ;)

Please TNT, we're naked!

So what happened to the Bonju avatar? It just sorta...died. ~ roadjcat
It did indeed. Not a single person in Neopia has obtained it... I guess TNT can finally say they've stumped us all.

If a pet is put in the pound (say the pound WAS working) Do they still have a lookup or a pet page whilst they're in there? Also, is a pet's page reset once they are disowned? ~ i_am_not_a_user_name
Yes, the pet still has its lookup and petpage. The only thing is that under "Owner", it says "In the pound :(". I'm not really sure on the petpage thing, though. One would assume that the petpage gets reset, but since the pound isn't up to test it out, we can't be sure.

What was the first avatar ever made on Neo that one could actually collect? *scratches chin thoughtfully* ~ queenkittyrulz03
The defaults, of course! If you want to know which secret avatar was first, then... it was none other than the Dr. Sloth avatar! (It was released August 11, 2003.)

Dr. Sloth has deemed you worthy of using his image on the NeoBoards!

Had the forums not voted the Editorial for 1st or 2nd place in what we want to see, would the editorial have started anyways? ~ thestratusfied391
Perhaps we would have done it eventually, but it wouldn't have been coded so fast, that's for sure.

You guys ever had direct contact with TNT?? ~ Galaxa310
Yes, we have talked with a couple TNTers over the years. But as to who, for what, and why... we're not telling. :P Especially not what their contact info is... so don't ask!

OMG I'm on the editorial!!! Anyway, my question is that is playing neoquest2 in multiple account against the rule or not, because if it's not, we could get like 5 wands of reality through playing in insane mode for 5 IDs.. ~ final_voyage
You answered your own question. :P The gaining of Neopoints or items on side accounts is NOT ALLOWED. This, of course, includes playing Neoquest I & II, as both give some sort of compensation for playing.

A word of advice, unless you absolutely need a side account for extra pets or for joining another guild, do NOT make one! Making an extra account opens yourself up to so many more reasons of getting frozen. I can't tell you how many times we've heard of people accidentally doing dailies or NP-making activities on their side accounts and then getting frozen. So, don't raise your chances of getting your account terminated.

Which do you think tastes better? Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? :D ~ nytimes
C) None of the above!

Mint Chocolate Chip reigns supreme.

How do people make their signatures so creative? (This must seem like a dumb question.) ~ katsu_dei
Easy answer! They're creative people! :P A better answer though, is that they probably have been doing quite some time, so they've seen a lot and just have more experience. If you're less inclined with graphic making, you can always join our forums and request a set in our Graphics section. ;)

Do you have any idea what species the tombola man is? I always thought he was a full grown humane (that pet from the april fool's joke). ~ the_moonlit_dragon
He is one of the very few human characters left in Neopia. (I think, actually, the only one left.) TNT hasn't given him a makeover yet to become a Neopet. Edna and the Island Mystic used to be humans as well, but they transformed into a zafara and kyrii, respectively.

When will HAnnah and the pirate and ice caves be fixed??? ~ nicksnow20
We weren't aware that they were broken. Make sure you have the Shockwave plugin before playing either of them. ;) You can download it from adobe.com.

If the answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42, then does life equal 6, the universe equal times, and everything equal seven? Just wondering. xD ~ fortunecookiegirl
No, because each of those individual entities equals 42. The conjunction word "and" refers to ALL of those things in the list being equal to 42. Plus, 6 x 7 is a bit ambiguous. What about 1 x 42, or 3 x 14?

Are the answers to Lenny Conundrum real math or just lucky guess'? ~ asiangirl2006100
Depends on if the question is math related. And even then, you might get an imaginary number as an answer. You can never tell with these things.

can you have a list to show what clothes will be wearable in neopets? ~ dustbin123
You can find what each species can wear by visiting our Wearables page in the Items Database. If you just want to see a list of all the wearable items, choose "Wearable" from the Special Categories drop down in the sidebar search.

Will the TNT ever finish writing NeoSchool? I really want to see what it would look like. Thanks! ^_^ ~ Enchantress55
Neoschools were cancelled a long time ago. :P Our school supplies are doomed to live a life of un-usability. At least for the near future.

Darn. Guess I should stock up on something else instead.

Is there any way that can change my Faerie Pteri back to the old look (i mean the slimmer and prettier one)? ~ Lotus
Unfortunately, not. If you convert your old pet to the new look, then it will never be able to revert to the old look. Also, if you ever paint a pet from here on out, it will always use the new, customizable look.

Hi! This question is for Dave and all the other staff members! You mentioned college (I think this is Dave that mentioned that?) Anyway, does this help on your application? Also, what colleges are you looking at? And finally, are you majoring in something like web design or something to do with coding/other computer stuff? Sorry if this is too personal. I'm just curious. Oh and p.s. if you aren't worried about college yet I'm sure you still have plenty of time. Keep up the great website staff members :). ~ r_3_n_t
Dave is planning on applying to Stanford University located in scenic Silicon Valley, CA. He is indeed putting on his application that he owns on a website that gets about 2 million hits a month and has been very successful. He plans to major in Computer Science.

Do you have any girls on your team? ~ lill689252
You mean any female staffers on Jellyneo? Why, yes we do. In fact, 38% of the JN Staffers are female. That seems a lot lower than I remember. o.o

*obligatory 'JN you rock!' statement* Once you put a wearable item in your closet are you able to take it back out and put it in your inventory? ~ katie92989
Yep. All wearables *except* for the items that come with painted pets or from the NC Mall are able to be put back into your inventory and resold.

I was just wondering how Neopets orders the items in your safetey deposit box. At first I thought it was by when the item came out... am I right? ~ wisdompower2
Yes, the items in your SDB and your Shop are ordered by when they were released. So, your Green Apple will always come before your Gormball Necklace!

Now listing all items from Green Apple to Gormball Necklace.

When will we be able to register on jellyneo to make an account, it says sometime in September. So when? ~ tr8
We actually plan on having this up *extremely* soon. It might even have gone live by the time we publish this issue of the editorial.

Can those of us that didnt complete the LDP still find the Nuria statue? ~ jordans_sa
Nope. Unfortunately, that plot is completely over. Which is ashame. I liked that plot a lot. :P

One of your random facts state that "As a joke, Kanrik and Hannah appear to marry each other in the Curse of Maraqua plot!" Could you explain this please. I can't seem to find the happy couple anywhere. ~ stufanyang
The "couple" can be seen in Chapter 2, page 2, frame 1 of the Curse of Maraqua plot. ;) TNT has neither confirmed or denied that it is Kanrik and Hannah.

I'm a big fan of Darigan; so, obviously, I built my NeoHome in Darigan Citadel. But my house is on a street named after Kass - I'm a fan of Lord Darigan and loather of Kass. I was thinking that I'd simply delete my old NeoHome and build another one in DC to try my luck, but I'm afraid... If I delete a NeoHome in Darigan Citadel, can I build a different one there? Thanks, TJNT - you guys rock King Coltzan's socks! ~ TheInfinityZero
Yes, if you demolish all of your rooms, you'll be able to sell your plot of land back to the Neopian Housing Commission (or whatever they're called nowadays). You can then choose a new land to create your home, or in your case, the Darigan Citadel again.

What will happen when you run out of fun images? ~ Clubdirthill002
I doubt we ever will. Considering the fact that we use one a week for the editorial, and for the past couple of weeks, 8-12 fun images were released... supply outweighs demand considerably. :P

This grarrl is dancing away to the fact that he made it into the editor-- oh foo. Guess we used two this week.

Why did you guys choose Jellyneo as the name for your site? ~ liberty_dog
Jellyneo was the name of an old site Dave used to work for before it was shut down. Dave revived the name about a year later, but was unable to attain the jellyneo.com domain, hence the .net :(

how many times can we withdraw nps from the bank before they ban you from doing so? ~ sjy282
ERROR : Sorry, you have already attempted to withdraw Neopoints 15 times today. Please wait till tomorrow.

I'd venture a guess and say 15. :)

Can You Save Your Point Until Next Altador Cup? ~ michiah11_2
According to TNT, the prize shop *will* be closing soon, so you had better spend your points soon. Also, points from the first Altador Cup are not transferable to the second one. So even if you save your points till next year, you'll still have to spend them on the same prizes.

What's the difference between the Snowager Ornament and the Snowager Centerpiece? ~ tararntula
Nothing other than their description, rarity, and name. TNT goofed awhile back and used the same image for that item, along with 3 other images having 2 items each.