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Dave's Mid-Week Summer Break Edition
Published: June 17, 2009

Now with 20% more Dave jokes! Summer good, summer not.

I wrote a message on the neoboards about Webkinz and I got a message from TNT saying it was wrong and not to do it again. Why can people talk about other things (like books, games) but not other Internet games like Neopets? ~ Ipootalot_9
Unfortunately, TNT does not allow you to talk about other pet sites on the Neoboards... so don't do that. :P Places like Webkinz, Marapets, Subeta, and Powerpets are simply not allowed to be mentioned. (And with good reason, because a couple of those sites are geared towards older kids... not the underage kids who make it onto the Neoboards despite their age.)

So JN, when do you think the portal revamp shall be completed? It has been awhile since you've mentioned it, so just wondering. ~ magicalhat1
We're actually going to be closing the current jnPortal, and instead replace it with a general page with a list of dailies (that you can customise), and some other info like the Daily Puzzle solution and such. So, it's going to be like a recode, but I feel better saying it's a complete shut down since the current portal is such a clunker. :P

I've been putting together something for the probabilities of getting things on Qasalan Expellibox. Is it possible for me to be able to submit an article/game guide on it? (It would need to be updated on a daily basis). And would that be considered an article or a game guide? ~ seciea
We already have a guide for Qasalan Expellibox right here! All the prizes and such are listed, however, we do lack the probabilities of landing on a certain square. To be honest, I don't know how useful they'd be since we all know you're really likely to get nothing... and really unlikely to actually get Neocash. :P

Hey there JN ;D *waves like mad* what is the font that you use for your top banner? You know, the 'news', 'articles', 'game guides' and all... have a milkshake if you answer :D ~ sUmb0dyn008
That would be the Myriad Pro family of fonts. Check out Google for more info. (I think you need to pay to download it.)

*hands cookies* I know this is probably pretty random and might annoy you but I own a graphics/neohelp website and know alot about HTML and CSS but PHP and Java are like walking in the Haunted Woods *shivers* Anyways I was wondering what systems you need to create a login system lie your that includes a portal and entrance into certain areas? I know it will be a very complicated answer but I would appricate it alot if you did answer it ^^ (I will pay for what ever program/system needed if there is one ^^) ~ Fyoras_Wings
You don't need Java to make a website... so you can take that off of your list of scary stuff! :D PHP, or any web based scripting language, is an absolute must. You'll also need a place to store the account info. So a database structure such as MySQL is the last element you'll need. Apart from that, you'll just have to read up on how to code your own login system. To learn, I highly recommend this book. It's really a great resource... and that's what I read before programming JN's system! :)

I'm a great book!

Hiya TJNT!, Is there a special place to tell you when a darigan pteri is of age?, I often post in the comments, But not many people read the comments :o . ~ kittymccourt
You can send in a report through the Ideas/Comments form, as those reports land in my inbox. The bug report forms go into a database, and our content staff goes through them later to see what needs fixing. It may take awhile for them to read a specific report, so it's best if you use the Ideas form. :)

Hi! Do you know can I get my neopets to show up larger, like this? http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=_Sea_King ~ highpieinsky
Easy! Just add this code to your pet's lookup description and change the 300 to the size you want:

<style type="text/css"> #CustomNeopetView { width: 300px; height: 300px; } </style>

Hey, JN! I was wondering... when will you add more services to the Services Portal? I'm getting a little bored of going there and only seeing three. It's a little depressing... ~ wondermag2
Well, we re-released the Altador Cup Records and Daily Dare Stats this year! :D So now there's 5!

As of right now, though, we have no new services planned. This summer, we're going to be focusing on buffing up older parts of JN and improving them, instead of forgetting about them and throwing out new things all willy nilly. (The Item Database and Book of Ages are just itching for a layout and coding overhaul.)

Hey there! D'you think it'd be possible to have the Site Theme for JN integrated with the JN accounts stuff? So that when you log in on another computer you're not shocked to find you have a different site theme..? That sort of thing would save me one whole lot of asprin ~ Yes_to_all
I've considered doing this in the past, but unfortunately, I'm not going to for two reasons. If we did, we'd have to have a call to our jnAccount databases on every page view. This means a lot more work for our server to be doing, and we want to minimize the work it needs to do as much as possible. :P This leads to the second reason, and that's money. If our server did more work, we'd have to pay more money... and we're running short on funds right now. :P So, if anyone has a few bucks to knock our way... we'd really appreciate it. ;)

Click me to donate! You should be 18+ and have a Paypal account, though!

Hi everyone! I've got a new account, so forgive me if this is a repeat question (but I DID search the database first and found no match). What is TNT's tortured issue with the apostrophy? In some places, TNT uses them, while in some places they simply pretend they don't exist. In guild boards, sometimes you can use them - but other times you get a weird warning message. Are apostrophies some uncommon cultural faux-pax or something? ~ velvet_paw
Ah, apostrophes. See, the thing with apostrophes is that they break sometimes in PHP and MySQL if they are not handled properly. TNT simply avoids all of this trouble by stripping out apostrophes in certain places (most notably item descriptions) and not having to worry about showing them correctly.

Hey everyone at JN! I was wondering where the "Random Facts" generator went. You used to have it with the old layout, but with the new layout, it's gone! ~ angegirlmon
Behold! Random facts! When we implemented the new layout, we didn't really have a place to put them, so they just went poof. :X They're still there, though... just hidden.

Just out of curiosity, once a pet is in the Jellyneo Pet Directory, is that image static? I know you can submit a report when your pet changes species/color, but what about if you change the customization (like add a new background or a wig, for example)? Will the image automatically be updated? ~ kallykat_03
Nope, we use the versions of pet image URLs that use the pet's name. So each time you update your pet, the new clothing is shown automatically in our directory. :) The species and color, however, is not automatically updated within our records. So if you paint your pet, the new image will show up, but it will be incorrectly labeled. If you ever notice a mislabeled pet, please send in a bug report! :)

Squeal! I'm in the editorial!*does stupid dance*. Any way why don't you like the way jellyneo looks when you spell it JellyNeo. It looks cool that way. ~ derahoters
It's just ugly. :P We much prefer "Jellyneo".

Hi! This is pretty random, but I was wondering who Mazzi is/was. I was looking at old news and I found a post by Mazzi. Who was she?? ~ meow_kitty100
An old newsposter so it seems. :P My mind is getting old, so I kind of forget some of the staffers we had back in the beginning of JN. Very few of them (Ailae and Illusioniste are two oldies) are still here today.

Hi Jellyneo! *wavewavewave* Hey, nothing thrown at you for a few seconds! If I put a pet in the directory, then abandon it, will you take it out? (I'm adopting pound pets temporarily.) ;) ~ Pinkkea
Pets are only deleted from the directory for four reasons: 1) They belong to a frozen account, 2) They are a Lutari and they've been abandoned, 3) They are an active lab rat pet (they can be re-added when zapping is done), or 4) Their owner requests we delete them.

So, unless your pet turns into one of those, they are not deleted. :)

Hey TJNT I just wanted to let you all know that I really enjoyed your negg hunt. Are you guys planning on doing more flash based site events like this one? ~ tsunamichick89
As of right now, there's no flash based events in the tube... however, we have something flashy planned for this summer. :D

How flashy!

Oh please oh please Jellyneo staff gods and goddesses answer my question! I want to put my wishlist on one of my pets petpages but it says on your wishlist about "I got my wishlist at jellyneo.net." Neopets doesn't even like people talking about different websites let alone links, so wouldn't this get me a warning? Thank you very much for answering this I love your site! ~ amysmother_8
We just changed this. :) Although people have never had a problem before, we know that people are a little paranoid sometimes. :P So, we changed the credit to say "I created this wishlist automatically at Jellyneo's Item Database! Check it out to make your own!" No URL mentioning at all! Most people are smart enough to use Google nowadays, so it works well I think.

Say that Turmy is awake, and you haven't updated the sidebar telling us. In this case, it was the same time the Snowager was awake. So a few questions come from this: How would I contact you guys to inform you of this? Which form would be the correct one? And can only one alert be displayed at once, like Just Snowy or Turmy? Sorry if this confuses you! ~ Flowers_butterflies
Well, if you see a staff member on the forums, PM them and that's the best way to speak to someone quickly. Also, the way it's set up, Turmy alerts trump the Snowager and Von Roo alerts. We don't show more than one at once, so Turmy always comes out on top. :)

Hey! I know you guys are hiring, and I am curious: would it be possible for me to include more than 1 article in my apllication, or run some topics by somebody to see if I should even write them! ~ Shermanpeople
Sure, you can include multiple articles. However, I recommend pouring your heart and soul into one single article so that your abilities really shine through. :) As for topics you should write about... if it's not on JN, then it's definitely a good thing to write about.

Hi Jn!! I was wondering why this works: http://www.neopets.com/www.neopets.com/~insertpetusername Thanks! ~ jeff1233219
The way Neopets has their mod_rewrite (the fancy coding for URLs like that) set up seems to take into account any URL as long as the ~petname is at the end. :P

Uhm .. I was browsing Neopets when I suddenly click the 'Block images from images.neopets.com' but then I can't get it back since the option disappeared. I tried right-clicking but nothing helps. Can you help me? Thanks! ~ Enzo (enzoface)
We assume you're in Firefox, correct? Well, if so, click Tools, then select Options. Click on the Content tab, then you'll see the row that says "Load images automatically." To the right, click the "Exceptions" button and remove Neopets from that list.

Let me back onto your computer!! :( :(

Are you every going to make another fan site just for petpet park? ~ yoshi_sonic_90
We plan on making an entire subsection on JN for Petpet Park. In fact, we're hiring writers to help us build it!

What is going to happen to the 'unclothed' section of the Rainbow Pool now that all the unclothed images of pets appear as cogs? Will you start again? ~ mistyqee
Well... the main purpose behind that section wasn't really to even publicly display the unclothed pets. :P We were collecting the images for a bigger project, and since then, we've revamped how we're going to do this secret project... so there's no point in us collecting nekkid pets. :P We'll see about maybe starting the collection some time again, because some people did find it rather useful. (And maybe we'll save the images to JN this time. x__x)

I have a theory...I've been waiting to try it out at Bonju's cooking pot! If I try to find foods similar to that of the dinner at the Cyodrake's Gaze plot, what do you think will happen? Will you give me support? *throws mutant meepit at you* ~ skitty_luver
Well, we're pretty sure that the Bonju avatar has something to do with mixing items in Bonju's Cooking Pot. There have been no real recipes found so far (and no new ones released), so the only purpose for the pot would be to give an avatar. We simply need to find the correct 2- or 3-item combo that Bonju wants. :P As of right now, we have no plans for making any formal tests, but we might put something together in the future. (Hooking it up to our Item Database would be a great way to automatically check off recipes as they don't work...)

Is it against the Neorules to give your Keyquest-redeemable plushies to your Neofriend who also plays Keyquest so they can have Keyquest tokens too? ~ pikapik_2_2_2
Nope, you are free to give out Rare Item and Key Quest Codes to other users. You must, however, not ask for items, services, or any kind of thing in return for the code. No strings attached, per se.

Hey! I have seen some neopets with awards from the plots. How do you enter a plot? And what is a plot? ~ Pottingmix
A plot is a Neopets site event where you generally solve puzzles that coincide with a storyline that TNT tells in comic book form. Plots are always a one time deal, meaning you need to be online when they happen, or you won't get to participate. The only exception is the Altador Mini-Plot, of which we have a walkthrough to get you started since it is perpetually open.

Is there a link to the old JN Staff Tourney. I went to ACIII page and clicked on the link for Staff Tourney and it sent me to the 2009! ='( ~ KyaaLa
Yup, from our Past Contests page, you'll find a link to the AC3 tourney.

We almost won!

Hi Guys! *group hug* The other day, I came on jellyneo and I was signed in as someone else. I'm the only one who uses my computer so I ignored it at first. But as I click different pages on JN, I was all signed in as these different people. At times I was myself, but most of the time, I was someone else. Is this a glitch? ~ vandertrollz
You must be from New Zealand! :D Yup, we have issues with users in New Zealand. One of the Internet Service Providers there have a bug where they will swap your cookies/login credentials with another user in New Zealand, and you'll be logged in as them. It's extremely weird, and extremely problematic, but there's nothing we can do. You'll just have to call up your ISP and ask them to sort things out.

Hi tjnt!I heard that if you feed your pet a lot of glowing jellies, its color will turn into glowing. i also heard that if you feed your jubjub garlic (or at least i think it was garlic) that it would turn into garlic color. Are these true? if so, are there any other items to feed your pet to change their color? ~ yankeesrule244444456
Yup, these are true. :) You can also feed your pet a lot of chocolate and hope it changes to Chocolate. However, these methods are extremely rare and you have a better chance with the Lab Ray. :P

~ ~ ~ Did Terry's caricature get an update? Or is it just me? Do you have the old one anywhere ~ ~ ~ Btw: I'm not going to give you food thru the computer instead I shall send millions of cards with hearts to Labhaoise! Okay? ~ DependenceIsKey
Yup, Terry got a bit of a makeover... but I don't have the old him, sorry. :P

Secret Edit: Check it out!

OMG HAI DAVE!!! *Throws Sloth* On some users's lookups, it has "Status" right before the "Last Spotted" line. For example, some of them say, 'Offline - Hiding from the Meepits', or 'Online - Wasting Neopoints.' How do they get that there? Thanks Dave. ~ selenagomez4life
Check out your Site Preferences on Neopets and see the "User Status" row where you can select all manner of statuses.