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Coach's Corner (With Coach Riki)
Published: June 13, 2009

Well, folks, another year, another Altador Cup. What an exciting two weeks so far! It's too bad Brightvale is missing out on all the action (with the exception of Erli Quinnock, of course). That King Hagan! Hmpfh! Kiko Lake is going strong, though. It's like they never took a break from the game last year!

But enough about the teams. I'm very surprised and proud to see the amount of enthusiasm at this year's games. Keep up the good work, everyone! Score those goals, sling those slushies, and raise the roof! Seeing all you fans, I'm blown away!

Hi, I have a question about the NC Mall. Well, the Neoboard Pens, to be exact. In the description, it says that the pen gives you 25% more room for your neoHTML, post, etc. Is that per pen, or in total? So, if you had, for example, two pens, would that give you more room than if you had only one? By the way, you guys are awesome. ~ hottieangel
You can only use one pen at a time, so if you have more than one pen, you are still limited to only 25% more room. The boosts do not compound.

Hey guys! I averaged around 4-5 hours of AC last year in hopes of scoring some great prizes. I was disappointed big time. I know from reading some of the boards that a few staffers were also not happy with the prizes awarded. Has there been any indication that the prizes will be similar to the first 2 years or will they remain lame? Thanks! ~ bloovors
Apart from the daily NC Challenge prizes, there has been no indication of the quality or type of reward. There will undoubtedly be trophies, toys, and books, and there will most likely be a type of Yooyu petpet, but whether or not a valuable paint brush will be included in the mix remains to be seen. Let's hope so!

As you know, Brightvale was kicked out of this year's tournament. If it was up to you, who would you have kicked out? And if you could put in one more team, what would that team be? ~ Maria/Marisa :D
Hey hey hey, are you trying to get me in trouble? I can't badmouth the teams! Well, at least not publicly... Most of the players come from lands with powerful authority figures who would certainly not hesitate to put me in my place! And I have a strong desire to, you know, not become homeless.

If I could add a team, though, I would have to go with Lutari Island. That was a purely objective decision, of course. Yup, not biased at all.

Who's your favourite Altador Cup team? ~ jubby_jub_jub_86
Well, if this is going to be off-the-record, I'd say M--

Be careful what you say, Coach...

Uh, so like I was saying, I really like K--

Oh, siding with him now, are we? You know, his team is so awful, they--

Fellas, fellas! Can't we all just get along? All the teams are my favourite! There's no need to result to...*gulp*... violence. Goltron, c'mon, put down that Bzzapper. Let's talk about this over a friendly game of--

Are you guys going to be supporting a certain team in the Altador Cup this year? I remember from past years that you guys have always supported Krawk Island, but I've heard rumors about you supporting Faerieland. So, who are you guys behind this year? Thanks! ~ memorysoul
I'm afraid there is no official team that JN is supporting this year. In the past, some users claimed that it was unfair to state who JN was supporting in news posts, because that would sway people's opinions and decisions. So now, staff members all belong to their individual chosen teams (please do not send in questions asking who joined which team--they will not be answered).

Who, besides Dave, has been with Jellyneo the longest? And is the Altador Cup theme ever going to be available for site-wide use? ~ reader8
That would be Matt (graphic designer), followed by Aila (moderator).

The AC site theme has always been available to use! Simply go to your site prefs (the link is at the bottom of every page) to change themes.

Hey JN! I have a question about the Altador Cup. People are always saying that a certain team will not do good because of "freeloaders." But, even if freeloaders don't play much, their scores still help the team. So how do freeloaders hurt your team? ~ memorysoul
It depends on your definition of the word "freeloader." I, for one, consider it to mean a person who does not play any AC-related game at all. If someone intentionally does that, then they obviously won't receive any good prizes.

Others believe that freeloaders are people who play, say, less than 10 games of Yooyuball in all, and who don't submit very good scores.

The scores for the Altador Cup are calculated using weighted averages (as stated in the first and third ACs). This means that they calculate the points for Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, etc., then add all of those up, and then divide that sum by the number of users on the team. If someone is an inactive player, it could theoretically lower their team's score. However, this is not to say that if, one day, you only submit 1 score, your team will lose. Teams will inevitably have super-dedicated players as well as casual players, so the higher scores serve to even out some of the lower ones. It really depends on the size of your team (which is impossible to know unless TNT publishes it) and the variety of players.

I would also like to take this opportunity to stress that it is not okay to bully, pressure, harass, or insult other users because they play less than you do. Not everyone can stay at the computer 24/7 playing Neopets, and each person has the right to decide how much time and effort they want to put in. You can encourage others, certainly, but not to the point where you say, "If you don't send in 8 wins, don't bother sending your score at all." Every goal counts, and the Altador Cup will always be for gamers of all skill levels! So have fun out there!

+10 points for being a good guy!

So what's the difference between "donate item" and "discard item"? I know donating an item will make it go to the Money Tree. How about discarding? ~ Suicider
When you discard an item, it is permanently wiped from Neopets' database. *Poof*, just like that. No way of getting it back. So if you ever manage to obtain a super duper special awesomesauce item, do not discard it!

How do you make a Coconut Jubjub? I've been searching forever! I know you can't use a paint brush or a morphing potion. What do you use? Also, how much will this thing cost if it's an item? ~ Mi_Shuii_Ru
The Coconut Jubjub is obtained through the Lab Ray or through a Fountain Quest. The Lab Ray requires 9 map pieces, which are all called "Secret Laboratory Map" (they are not numbered, so you will have to look at the item images to differentiate between them). It costs 700,000 to 800,000NP for the whole set right now, if you buy them from user shops or from the Trading Post. The Fountain Quest is obtained randomly through a random event.

Once you have a Coconut Jubjub, you can unlock a special avatar!

Just out of random curiosity and a bit of frustration, what were the answers to the riddles in Editorial 86? (Please answer in rhyme.) ~ Grupes
If it's rhyme you want, it's rhyme you'll get;
If you don't want spoilers, get ready to jet.

The first answer, of course, is the word "intellect;"
Perhaps in your haste, there were places you chose to neglect.

Answer the second is the wonderful Rosie--
Look! She's wearing a...tea cozy?

Last but not least, is the name: Edward Nigma;
Do you think in college, he belonged to pi beta sigma?
Probably not, right?

D'oh! I broke the rhyme scheme!

Hey! I know it's called the Altador Cup because it originated in Altador, but I'm wondering, if Altador invented the game, why aren't they good? ~ Shermanpeople
Ouch! I'm sure their coach won't like that comment!

Hey, wait! I'm their coach!

What do you mean they're not good? You've never seen them at practice!

Honestly, I think it's the lack of support from you guys. Does nobody else see the delicious irony of having Altador win the Altador Cup? Come on! Maybe then, TNT'll release some spectacular prizes, like an Altador Paint Brush. Hmm? How would you like that?

Disclaimer: None of the aforementioned things are guaranteed to happen.

How do you organize the order of the items in your gallery? Thanks! ~ selenagomez4life
Go to your gallery and click on the "Rank Items" link. Then it's simply a matter of changing the numbers around to change the position of the items. You can use decimal values (e.g., 1.15, 1.25) in your ranking values, too.

I was just browsing the NC mall, thinking of spending my free NC, when I popped into the food section. It's full of smiley snacks! And other things. But, I was wondering, what are smiley snacks for? Do they make your pet happier? ~ bubbling_bananas
A smiley snack is a one-use food item. Its effect is the same as the other food items in the NC Mall so far. It will change your pet's mood to "delighted!" and it will make them bloated. It will not, however, cure your pet of any disease they may have.

Hello! On at least one person's lookup, they have their pets in these cool poses (such as sitting down, looking down, etc.). How did the pets get into those poses? ~ 1_doglefox
That person covered up the image of their Neopet with a custom drawing. On the pet lookup, they did a similar thing--they hid the flash version of their pet and covered it up with a bigger image. Both times, simple CSS was used.

I'm hesitant to go into the details of the coding they used, though, because TNT said in Editorial 392 that you cannot misrepresent your Neopet in any way.

The person you are talking about used artwork that's similar to the usual Neopets style, but different enough so that you can tell it was placed there. However, in the wrong hands, it could also be used to scam people.

The bottom line is that if you want your account to stay safe and un-frozen, it's best to avoid covering up any of your stats, information, etc. on your lookups, shops, and guilds.

Has Neopets ever had real life food on their website, such as Kellogs or Hostess? ~ boywhowantspie
Yes, there used to be quite a bit of real life food items. Remember this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this? Okay, the last one isn't food, but it's what you use after eating!

Those items were all part of sponsor deals. After their contract with TNT ended, the items were replaced with Neopet-ized versions.

Livin' in a material world, and I am a material girl.

Hey JN! My question is one that's been bugging me for a long time: What happens when you collect the set of keyrings? Anything? ~ Shermanpeople
You will feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. And you'll have a full set of keyrings!

In other words, nothing glamorous or spectacular.

Hi, JN! Okay, let's say I had three gold Caption Contest trophies. If I entered a caption and it won third in the Caption Contest, then would I have two Caption Contest trophies (three gold and one bronze)? If not, then what would happen to my bronze trophy? ~ jenlin_25
If you already have a gold trophy and then place second, third, or lower in the same kind of contest, you will not see the "lesser" trophy on your lookup. Gold was the best you received, and nothing can beat it! If you won first place again, you would simply see a "x2" underneath your trophy; you would still not have 2 gold ones.

If you have a silver, bronze, or lesser trophy and you managed to still place silver, bronze, or less, you would not see a "x2" either--it only works for existing gold trophies.

Hey, I was wondering if there is a limited time you can send scores for Altador Cup IV. And is there a way of finding out how many other users are supporting your team? ~ vinnyrox
Everyday, you play against a different team. If you want your score to count for a particular match, you must send it in before midnight NST (I'd actually send it in before 11:50pm NST, just in case). You can follow the schedule here. After the round robin ends, the teams will be ranked from highest to lowest, split into 4 groups, and then there will be 4 days of finals playoffs. If your team falls out of contention, you will not have to play.

And no, there is no way of finding out exactly how many fellow teammates you have.

I was kind of wondering if TNT will ever release any new Neopets or Petpets soon. I haven't seen them do that for a while and I think it would be nice to see a new Neopet or Petpet on the site. ~ Someone
Hmm, the latest Petpet was released just a few months ago, wasn't it? The Spyrabor? The one previous would've been the Xampher, I think (don't blame me if I'm wrong, though). That's not too bad! Considering TNT is still busy doing painted petpets, I think a new one every couple of months is fine.

I have no expectations for a new species of Neopet anytime soon (are you already fed up with Lutaris?). There are already 54 species and each one of those species can wear around 700 items. I'm getting a headache just thinking about the amount of work required to add another Neopet!

Pfft! Everyone knows I'm the next Neopet

Hey there Jellyneo! I was searching for stamps on Neopets, and they all came up as 1 lb. That's wrong, if I'm correct. Do you know why Neopets doesn't use any other weight system with items? Thanks! ~ virtuosoe
If memory serves, they were at one point considering a system with items of different weights. A Codestone would be 2 lbs., a big shield would be 5 lbs., etc. As time passed, though, the idea never came to fruition and now it's just another addition to the haunted graveyard of things that never were...

Hey, Coach Riki! *Slips you a Yooyu* I have a question about the Altador Cup. What colour are the Chias in the practice team? Gold, jelly, or yellow? Oh, and you rock! ~ michaelli910_8
I'm going to go against everything I've been taught and say Jelly. Yes, Jelly exists! Jelly World ex--

Hi Coach Riki! Do the strengths and weaknesses of the different players really affect how they play the game? ~ #2 Faerieland Fan
I make it a priority to work with every player on resolving their weaknesses. By the time the tournament begins, there shouldn't be any drastic differences between players. Your preferred formation, direction, and scorer is all that matters.

Hello Coach Riki! I have a question concerning the Petpet Lab Ray. Is it possible for the Ray to zap your petpet into a Yooyu? ~ three_strangers
Yes, it is possible, although it will probably be a Fire Yooyu (I've seen a lot of those, but no regular or Darigan ones yet).

Is it really worth opening Crackers anymore because they look to be worth more than the items now. ~ barronester
Looking at the Cracker prize list, I'd say no, it's not worth it. Bizarre Orange Keyring (around 95k current market value) and Bright Green Whistle (around 49k current market value) seem to be the most enticing, but they're rare prizes. You'd have to first find out which crackers give which prizes, which crackers have the greatest chance of giving you good prizes, etc. And before you know it, you'll have spent more than you'll gain back.

Does Neopets give trophies to people who played the Altador Cup NC challenge? ~ darkesmoon
The NC Challenge is a new added element this year. While I cannot say for certain, it is highly unlikely that you will receive a trophy just for the Challenge. They didn't do that for this year's Daily Dare and I don't see a reason for them to start now. It would simply be unfair to people who are unable to buy NC.

I noticed on the JN Forums that you guys get a lot of sales taxes from the Joodle Mart. I have a few questions about that: Who do the taxes go to? What does he/she/it/they need them for? I don't think they are going toward Sloth's next invasion, because the Joodle is depreciating with respect the the Neopoint, right? ~ jordans_sa
1) The Tax Beast, of course!
2) He has a really big swimming pool and no water! He has to fill it up with something!
3) Well then maybe it's time for Dave to zap most of your Joodles away...

Hey Coach, I know I should be asking a question about the AC, but this one's really important: How do you earn Joodles on the JN Forums? I really want to buy a Blobikins but I can't afford it because I don't know how to make Joodles. ~ Someone
*Directs you to the Joodle FAQ*

The easiest way to earn Joodles is to post on the forums. Be careful, though, because some forums do not give out Joodles (read each forum's description to make sure). The next best way would be to participate in Joodle Contests or to help out in the We Need You section.

Hi, Coach Riki! *waves* My question is: How come a few of the Altador Cup team members have only one name? Most of the players have a first and last name, but on some of them only one name is listed. (For example: Foltaggio on Team Shenkuu) ~ jenlin_25
Why do some of your musicians and entertainers only have one name? (For example: Prince and Cher.)

Some players choose to have one name on the advice of their manager. It's easier to remember and it makes them sound cooler. When you're a superstar athlete, image is important!

Hmm, if I had a last name, what would it be? "Martin"?

Hiya TJNT! *Orders a truckload of jelly radishes for you* I was browsing the Altador Cup coverages from previous years, and it was quite easy to find the ones discussing AC II and III, but what about the first one? Does it exist at all? Keep up the good work! :) ~ hobbitadventurer
JN doesn't have a guide for the first AC. Back then, it seemed like it was going to be a one-time event and not an annual tradition.

Hey, Coach Riki! I was wondering, if you supported a team that was in, say, 8th place, but you got a very high rank, would you still only get the Altador Cup Participant medal, and vice versa, if you were in the 1st place team but you did nothing, would you still get an awesome trophy? ~ kalf_
Yes, the trend in the past has been that if you joined a team that ended up in the top 3, you got a trophy (the colour of that trophy depended on how your team did in the finals). Everyone else on the other teams got a medal. This system will most likely be in effect this year as well.

Hi Riki! I have a question. I'm on the KI team and my opponent is Faerieland. If I score 8 points and my opponent scores 2 points, will the 2 points contribute to Faerieland's overall score? Thanks for answering! ~ Suicider
Yes it will. You should still send the score in anyway. :)

Hi TJNT! How do you pronounce "Krawk"? Is it "KRAHK" or "KROWK"? ~ wayne1997tsai
Split the word up. It's k-raw-k.

Hey Jellyneo staff! I know this has nothing to do with AC but here it goes. Say I pounded my pet and I searched its name in the pound. Then, against my wishes, my sister adopts it. What can I do to get revenge? Oh, I know, I'm crazy. ~ puppylove199924

Once a pet has been abandoned and put into the pound, anyone can adopt it, including your friends, your siblings, or random strangers. That's the risk you take when you give up the pet in the first place. Don't seek revenge on your sister for that!

Who draws the caricatures and other art, like the Altador Cup art for the site? It's really fantastic! ~ xx_neomania
All of the staff caricatures (on the staff listings page, on the staff tournament page) are drawn by the ever-talented Rosie! She also creates some other artwork for JN, like for the 2009 Negg Hunt.

Hello JN! Not being much of a game player (not that I don't try, it's simply a lack of skill....meh), I like to regularly buy Featured Game Tickets from the NC Mall. Now that Black Pawkeet Slots is back, I noticed that it appears in the list of games you can use the Featured Game Ticket on. Since using the ticket allows you to get double the Neopoints on the game you choose, does this mean you will get double the Neopoints won on your slots spin? ~ lilvlyred
No, on regular slot spins, you still receive the regular amount. I think the Ticket might double your jackpot winnings, but I am not lucky enough to test it out. :(

Hey there Coach Riki! I was wondering, what happened to the Altador Souvenir shop that that Lutari ran? Thanks! ~ JohnPaul
It used to be here, but it closed down.

But never fear! My NC shop is full of Altador Cup goodies! *shameless plug*

*Dodges the barrage of rotten vegetables, old records, and assorted other projectiles*

Hey Coach, think fast! *Throws Yooyu at you* No clue where I found that. Okay, question time. Do you know where I can view the videos TNT made for the AC? I really want to watch them again. Thank you. ~ superbaseball9
I'm not sure which videos you're referring to.

If you're talking about a TV commercial (personally, I've never seen any AC-themed ones), then you might be out of luck, because I can't find an uploaded video of one online.

If you're talking about flash videos, then there is one in Neovision. It's called "What have 'Yoo' done to the Altador Cup?" and it's under the "Neopets Originals" category and subcategory.

If you're talking about the flash preview that they did for AC III, then that's here.

And if you're talking about the general Altador Cup trailer, that's here.

Hey. I support Terror Mountain, and we were up against Altador. In one game of Yooyuball, I was surprised to see that all the players were standing backwards, and dribbled behind their backs. Does this "backward player" game have any affect on my scores, or was it just a glitch? ~ vinnyrox
Well, that's weird!

Yes, that would most likely be a glitch, similar to how sometimes, your opponents are super fast and sometimes, the ball is super slow (with any Yooyu, not just the snow one).

If you're happy with your score, you can send it. Otherwise, you can always start over with a new game. Most of the time, these glitches only hinder your gameplay, anyway.

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