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Rosie's Colorful Doodle Edition
Published: June 6, 2009

This is the 87th Editorial!

.....that's one issue less than my birth year. :O

This editorial was published on June 6th!

.....that's one day less than my birthday. :O

This editorial contains 20 questions (with answers)!

.....that's one question less than my age before the day after tomorrow!!!

The main topic concerning this editorial is.....could it be?!
Side account abuse.

Hey,TJNT! I have a question,just like anyone else submitting to the editorial. I was looking through the ID and noticed something. These tiny houses in the bottom right corners. My question is this: Does it mean that the item can only be put in new neohomes? And can items without the little house be put into new neohomes? I'm thinking if upgrading. Thanks for the help! ~ desert_thief
Items that are marked in the corner with a house icon show that the item has been converted to work in Neohomes 2.0.

TNT has stated that while most of the Neohome 2.0 items have backwards compatibility with Neohomes 1.0; Neohomes 2.0 can only accept Neohomes 2.0 items.

Hi JN in the Altador Cup can you still get the avatar for last year and how do you get to Rank 1? ~ sweetturtle05
Yes! This was recently announced in our AC4 Coverage that avatar has been re-released and will be awarded to you when you achieve Rank 1 in the tournament (if you don't have the avatar already).

To figure out how many more AC scores you need to achieve your next (or first) Rank you can use our newly re-furbished handy-dandy Rank Calculator!

Don't you think the JN Staff theme ought to be updated? I think Suzuka should be in Stephen's spot down at the bottom. ~ Yaksrcewl
Ho-ho, what's this? It seems this has already happened (Click on the Dave Plushie) ;)

First of all I would like to say that I love JellyNeo! You guys are really the best. I just recently signed up for your forums...but I am getting off topic. Well first things are first *Offers cookies to whoever is answers the questions this week* Okay so now that is out of the way the real question: I know the rules of having a side account on Neopets. I know your not allowed to make np's (like on games and such) but what about that 1000np's that they give you at the start? Are you allowed to put it in the bank and collect interest...I mean they do give it to you. Oh and are you allowed to collect that free 2000np's that they give you once a month? If your not going to spend it on anything except maybe make sure your pets dont starve. I mean it might be a side account but I still dont want them to get hungry. Thank you in advanced for answering these questions. ~ Amythest_ryu
Welcome to the forums!

The Neopoints you're given when you create a new Side Account is essentially part of your Newbie Pack, a gift to you to spend it how you wish. You cannot however collect interest off of it. That is a way of 'making' Neopoints, which as you stated is not allowed on Side Accounts. :) TNT has stated that the Bank Interest is considered a daily, and should only be collected on your Main Account.

A quick and helpful guide to the Do's and Don'ts of side accounts was summarized in a previous editorial. Print it out and tape it to your desk lamp! It'll come in handy if ever in doubt. :D

I'm going to skip the whole "Hi JN!" and all the "Hi, insert staffer here!" and get right to the point. You know how you can click the window in the bottom left corner of Crisis Courier? Well, I just noticed that the rocks spell out "Weepit was here". Coincidence? Ok, so to make this interesting, if 20 donuts didn't, didn't, did NOT, did not eat themselves, did they eat themselves or not? ~ Chimmy Charific
Like me, JN's Weepit has a Neopets Weepit Doppleganger. But unlike me, JN's Weepit's Doppleganger doesn't dance a freaky dance when you click them! Instead, they use their awesome coding/programming skills for the better entertainment of Neopia!

Now for the donuts. o_O What's got me stumped is the vision of the donut eating the other donut. Does it pass through the hole? But then it's not eaten; it's still whole! Cause it just passed through the hole, whole! So if they truly ate each other, but they were still whole, the statement of them being eaten would be true but they would still exist to eat the other that just ate them. And what about Jelly Donuts?---BAH! It's just a pastry. o_o Inferior. My answer: I ate them.

Hi Rosie! Will you be supporting Roo Island once again this year? ~ y
For the JN Staff Tourney, yes! :D I am just in love with my costume!

On Neopets however, I've pledged my allegiance to Krawk Island for the 4th Cup as I like to switch my teams up every year :) And it has nothing to do with the 'pattern' everyone keeps mentioning.... *cough*which I noticed and played to my advantage last year*hackcough*.... *shifty eyes*

To be honest, I was very stuck between returning to RI or joining KI. I feel I'll always be a Rooligan at heart. :D

How can I retrieve my Pin number in my neopets account because I forgot it and now I can't get my stuffs in my safety deposit box ? ~ Hunggoy
Under the 'my account' Menu, go to your 'Preferences' and then click on 'PIN Preferences'. OR by clicking on 'PIN' on any page that asks for your PIN.

At the very bottom of this page is an option to send your PIN to your email (limited once per day) :)

Hey in here is a question why would you charge so much for a plushie I mean it's just like any other so why pay so much? ~ Boywhowantspie
If you're referring to the recently released AC Dandy Plushie in the JN Forums Joodle-Mart, there are a number of factors that affect it's price:

  • it's soft
  • it's squishy
  • it's a plushie of Dandy!
  • it's rare in comparision to the other AC3 action figures
  • it's ability to give out AC3 action figures!
  • the fact that I simply cringe at the idea and toil of having to make 30+ Plushie counterparts to the already sufficient Staff Caricatures, no matter how cute and awesome plushies are; making it's rarity even higher
.....but all the more so, it's just in high demand. :)

Crave Me.

Hello JN, was it your idea of a joke to make Rosie pop up when we typed "Rosie" in the vending machine in the staff lounge?! ~ Pinkkea
It was one of several 'Easter Eggs' that we included in the event. But this is something in particular I just have to get off of my chest.

Rosie is my doppleganger. Can it not be coincidence that I, Rosie, had spent 3 1/2 months working on JN's Easter Negg Hunt and just a few weeks before we released it, a haunting green Grarrl named Rosie, dressed in frills and itchin' to bust out dancing her freaky dance, arrives on Neopets with a bountiful Negg Hunt?!

Ponder that o_o (I apologize, I'm not yelling at you Pinkkea <3)

*breathes in deep......and out* K I'm good o_o

Hi, whoever is writing this editorial! I'd throw you a bribe of your liking, but I don't know who you are, so I'll just go on to the question. In the last editorial, one of the questions involved a pile of sand being a pet. Does this mean the pile of sand was a pet?! Oh yeah, and, you rule! ~ michaelli910_8
The pile of sand was not a pet, but instead a pet buried in a pile of sand. This was a silly little event that was part of the 2005 Lost Desert Plot. While searching through the Temple of 1000 Tombs, your pet was susceptible to falling into one of its many traps. One of which buried your pet underneath a pile of sand for a few hours.

Can I participate in the Altador Cup on a side account? ~ Mew
No. The Altador Cup is a site-wide event that earns the players prizes/neopoints. There were also mis-happenings where users were using their side accounts to playing on the opposing teams in order to bring the score down (which just added fuel to the fire).

Besides, why split all of your winning scores between two accounts? :D Rank is all the rave from what I hear.

Hello O Great TJNT! *bows down humbly* By the power of 42, I have come to ask a question. I was just wondering if there's any possible way of transferring neopoints from a main account to a side, because I've seen it mentioned and didn't know if it was just metaphorical or something. Thanks if you answer! And may the 42 be with you. ~ ettevy_tnecniv
The easiest way to transfer great heaps of neopoints to your side account is to use the Trading Post! Put a junk trade up on your Side Account, and then you can offer up to 800k per lot from your Main Account.

I have found my purpose!

So I was searching names and I came upon an awesome RW name. It is the name of a common spice. When searching, it said it to be unused, but when I went to create the neopet, it said that it was being used. I checked again at both places and it said the same thing. Any idea as to what may be happening? ~ _lockandkey_
Ah yes, you have come across the name of a pet that either is owned on a frozen account, or is still on the few who were left unborn (meaning that during the old process of creating a new pet, the owner chose it, named it and suddenly was distracted before they could finish the silly of them). If a pet is under either of these conditions, they won't show up in your search.

A good way to find out if a name has truely been taken is to visit the pet lookup of any pet and replace the name at the end of that url with the name that you want to use for your new pet:

If it shows Error: Sorry, there is no Neopet by that name in Neopia. Then the name is free! =D

hey TJNT! I have a kinda random question, but i'll make you answer it anyway. Let us say, hypothetically, someone writes a story about something RELATED to neopets. they give credit to neopets in the story, then the story gets published as book. would that be against the copyright laws even tho they did give credit? ~ pokemonlover__13
TNT has explicitly stating in their Terms and Conditions that any reproduction or distribution of any materials relating to Neopets and its intellectual property is an immediate freezable offense for all of your accounts on the site and is subject to prosecution under federal law.

Official sounding, ain't it? Giving credit won't cut it. As one who gets many requests to 'publish' my Restock Machine Comics (which reference Neopets in many ways) for real world purchase, I need to make the comic fans and everyone else aware that Copyright laws are a serious matter. When creating works using copyrighted materials, any use of it past fan art/fiction/etc. is simply a BIG no-no.

More info on this lovely subject can be found here. :)

Hey JN! I have 2 questions to ask you: 1. Who's '???', the Jetsam in Tug-o-War? 2. Do you know the names of the Chia, Kacheek, and Mynci? They're part of the ppl and they appear in Snowbeast Snackrifice. ~ pikapika_2_2_2
2 for 1 Deal eh?

If '???' doesn't give it away already, this mysterious Jetsam is an un-named challenger in Tug-o-War. He's obviously more focused on giving your fingers a cramp before introducing himself. :P

The PPL members in the Snowbeast Snackrifice are another set of un-named characters. Just a colorful bunch to represent the whole of PPL while they carry out their duty to protect those poor petpets! (and blissfully ignoring the abusive game of Yooyuball)

Hi Rosie! *tosses dung jelly* This isn't a jelly question, but maybe it'll make it in. Say a player has completed a Lab Map. This player has a side account, and a pet on this side that she wants to zap. Is it against the rules to transfer the pet to the Lab account, zap it until satisfied with the result, and then transfer it back? Thanks in advance! ~ Tigerstripe172
This is perfectly within the rules to do. Although, your pet might not feel as ecstatic about it as you are....

Hi, Rosie! I was wondering, does every user that makes it into a special issue of the Neopian Times (for example, the Christmas edition) get the same prize from the editor of the Neopian Times? ~ jenlin_25
Every landmark issue of the Neopian Times (100, 150, 200, 250, etc) will award it's participants with the 'NT Writer' Avatar and a special item to commemorate the event! Each item is different with every landmark issue, but all of the participants are given the same award.

But with merely 100 or so entries every issue, the items become extremely rare with their release. :O

I dunno if this was answered already, but... I know you can't collect free items/neopoints on side accounts, but is it okay to get the free feeding from the sponser places like the Six Flags park? It's not like you're getting any items... ~ neogirl4749
This is another situation that flirts with the boundaries of the Side Account Do's and Don'ts. A general rule of thumb while using your side accounts is to avoid anything that earns or gives away items or neopets.

While the act of feeding your pet doesn't give you an item, it awards you a 'flag' for feeding all of your pets. If you get all six of flags in the promotion, you receive a prize. While you may know you are going to stop playing in the promotion once you've fed your pet, TNT might not see it this way.

It's best you use your judgment when you play; better safe than sorry. ;)

Hi Rosie! Hi TNT! I am planning on buying a petpetpet for my Grundo/Tenna and I already have a Mootix on my Grarrl/Huggy but I'm wondering what will happen to the petpetpets when/if you use the Petpet Lab Ray. Will they run away if zapped? I want a different petpet for my Grarrl in particular, and who knows what I'll feel like in the future, but don't want to lose my Mootix. If you could add this to the Petpet Lab Ray page too it would be great! Thanks! ~ stephi_n_geoff
The PetPet Lab Ray has the capability of completely destroying your petpet, which means any petpetpets attached will follow with it. *poof*

Once you've attached a petpetpet to a petpet, it's stuck there until it goes *poof* like up there ^, or it runs off when you detach the petpet from your pet. So choose what you do with it wisely. :)

Hi Rosie! (I figured it out :P) Do the staff members of Jellyneo have any hilarious inside jokes? ~ yaksrcewl
If we do, they may be a little too 'inside' for me to even know them. xD

But we do have a tenancy play a lot of pranks on each other.....