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Riddle Me This
Published: May 31, 2009

So, you managed to follow the right trail, big deal! Your actual challenge starts now!

Riddle me this, riddle me that,
I've got three puzzles to pull from my hat!

Puzzle the first is easy as pie,
Just search this page for hidden letters, low and high;
Unscramble them to form a word so profound,
Your mouth won't be able to make a sound!

Puzzle the second is much, much better:
Answer the five riddles and pay attention to the letter!
The word the letters form will give you what you seek,
Which is the name of the editor next week!

Puzzle the third is quite plain:
Oh won't you tell me, what is my full name?

Got to run now! Here, hold this for me, will you?

The boys and I prefer to carry something more valuable, don't we, fellas?

Hi JN E! I have a question about the 'Neomail Addict' avatar. Am I allowed to "spam" my side account in order to get it? Or is this an offense? Thank you for your help. :) ~ tikmi
An offense? Hardly! An offense would be something like breaking into a museum and stealing the world's biggest non-nuclear powered death ray (I was going to give it back!). No, in your case, it sounds like you aren't making a profit or gaining a significant advantage over other players, which makes you a law-abiding citizen. Hmmm, I may have some use for you later on... You wouldn't mind being used as a decoy, would you?

But do you know what else is allowed on side accounts? All the things mentioned in the side account guide. Just reading it makes me feel virtuous and upright. Blech!

Hi JN E! You rock! Anyway, I was wondering, before the stone and glass paint brushes were retired, could your pet be stone or glass? And after they retired, what happened to the stone and glass pets? ~ butterflyvj5
Yes, I do remember that stone and glass pets existed once. After the colours were retired, TNT pulled the ol' switcheroo and changed them to Island and Tyrannian respectively. The paint brushes themselves do nothing now and are simply collectors' items. They also appear to be quite valuable. Hmmm...

Get ready, boys, we've got a heist to pull!

Hi, I was wondering, what prizes can you get from the Wishing Well and how do you get these prizes? What's the best prize it ever gave out? ~ vegeto2012
Past winners are listed on the Wishing Well page, so you can see what sort of prizes people can receive. The Well only grants wishes at certain random times during the day, so if you're feeling lucky (and generous), you can try it. The best prize I've seen it give out is a Faerie Paint Brush, but that was ages ago, ancient history.

I've got a much better game, though:

A Riddle
What kind of people are always in a hurry?
(Fifth letter)

One time, I changed my preferences so that I wouldn't receive any e-mails from Neopets. It then said that I didn't have an e-mail for that account, so is it possible to change it so I can receive e-mails from Neopets again? ~ redeyesbmew
Drat! If only there was a link that allowed you to do that!

Hey Jellyneo E! I was wondering if you have a mascot pet or petpet. Thanks! ~ Johnstags
That Jelly Kacheek up at the top of the page seems to be the mascot. He has no name. Rather bland, though, isn't it? Personally, I think JN could do better. Somebody wearing a question mark suit would be a much better mascot, and they would certainly be able to turn this place around!

Has Jellyneo ever thought of doing a tutorial for the free program Gimp? it would be very helpful. I also hope this gets in, it's like my 5th try. ~ marefilly5649
A tutorial? What fun are those? They spoil the intellectual challenge of navigating program functions and capabilities!

Hmm, what's this? Plans for a tutorial on Illy's computer? We'll just see about that.

Hi. My question is about the trading post. Do you know why some people put "free" on the wishlists of their trades? No trade can be free, because you have to put up at least one item to make the trade! ~ rosannejoy
That is a bit of a puzzle, isn't it?

I suspect when they say "free," they mean as close to it as one can get. If you offer a "junk" item (an item worth 1NP), then they'll accept (assuming you offer quickly enough).

What are the pros and cons of being a graphic designer? ~ Cat0_88
- You're easily distracted by things like sleep and shiny objects
- You're an easy target for me to find (see previous)

- You can't steal, control, or blow up anything, and you can't set up elaborate contraptions to severely maim other staff members (honestly, I don't understand this rule. If they're smart enough, they'll be able to escape!)

Let's play a game...

On September 14th, when I tried to collect my Altador Council daily, it brought me to the original plot prize screen. Is the plot over? ~ heikedi
No, you can still complete the Altador plot. Sometimes, a glitch will occur and it won't display the daily properly. Usually, this is fixed in a couple of days, a week at most. If you continue to have problems, you can send in a bug report to TNT for some counsel.

I was spinning the Wheel of Knowledge and my prize was: "Going to Coltzan's Shrine exactly 55 seconds past the minute gets you a Dubloon!" But when I asked if this was true, a fellow Neopian said this only used to be true. So my question is, is it random what you get at Coltzan's Shrine or can you have better odds at getting what you want? ~ shroommi
It is random. Going at exactly :55 does not guarantee you a Dubloon, although some people might get one.

There is also a rumour that going to the Shrine at exactly midnight NST will result in you receiving one million NP. While TNT has confirmed that the Shrine gives out that much, the odds are incredibly small and it does not happen every day at a fixed time.

Lastly, people speculate that low-level pets are more likely to receive stat increases/items than higher-level pets. While extensive testing has not been done, it doesn't hurt to take a low-level pet to the Shrine. If this part is truly random as well, then it won't matter who you take.

Can you play Petpet Park on Neopets Premium? ~ cybunnyfan_7_7
Petpet Park is on a completely different domain and is an almost independent section of Neopets. You simply sign in using your Neopets username and password (if you have one; if you don't, you can sign up), so anyone can play. Your existing Neopets, items, NP, etc. do not carry over to the site, and any Park Points, items, etc. you earn in Petpet Park does not carry over to Neopets.com at the moment.

Why do you not have the poses of the Pile of Sand pet, popularized by the Lost Desert Plot? ~ jordans_sa

Where do rarity 103 Neohome speakers (e.g. Battle Speaker) come from? ~ Max
Fluffy Sounding Speaker, Country Music Speaker, Coconut Bongo Speaker and Battle Speaker were all given away as prizes for signing up with old sponsor offers (remember: olden day Neopets = lots of sponsors and spam!).

At the Cooking Pot, you need Hot Chocolate and Asparagus to make Borovan. However, I hear it is actually made of Coffee. I am planning to make a Borovan/Asparagus recipe page to enter in the site spotlight, so may I please have confirmation on whether Borovan is made of Coffee or Hot Chocolate? ~ shoyrutrainer135
Hot Chocolate, like the guide says.

Hey, I was wondering, is it proper etiquette to send back the items that came with a trade if only pure NP was asked for? ~ 42nd_road
While my trades are mostly one-sided (in my favour, of course), I would have to say no, it is not required in this case. People who offer items in pure NP trades are aware that they will not get the item back. It's usually a junk item, anyway.

If I zap a Petpet with the Petpet Lab Ray, and then transfer the Pet to another account, will the Petpet stay what it was zapped to or convert back? Thanks! ~ stacieo2
It will remain in its zapped form. If you remove a zapped Petpet, it will revert back to its original form (unless you zapped it once and the Ray caused it to disappear).

Currently, if your Petpet gets zapped into a Pile of Soot, you can still remove it and it will revert back to its original form. It didn't used to be like this (in the past, if you got a Pile of Soot, it stayed a Pile of Soot). Not sure if TNT will change this, but in the meantime, that's good news for Petpets, eh?

I come to thee with a question of utmost importance. I feel like dressing my pets with Neocash items but don't want to spend more than $5. I know there is one in the states, but do you know if there is a $5 Neocash card in Canada? ~ 101monica101
Canadians must put up with $10 and $25 denomination NC cards, and only the ones that depict Fyora, King Altador, the Mynci, and the Usul. Too bad!

A long time ago, I think I remember that Petpets could be used as sort of helpers in the Battledome. Am I imagining things or not? If not, why did they stop letting Petpets in the Battledome? ~ moon_wolf363
You're not imagining things. As "cool" as that might have seemed, Petpets did not help much at all (my hat could've dealt more damage than them), and they only appeared during some battles. The system needs some serious tweaking if TNT ever want to release it again. Nowadays, Petpets are busy enough with their own arena.

I was browsing the "backgrounds" section of Neopets, and I happened upon this... thing.
My question is: What? ~ iamblahp

Behold! The "masterpiece" is from The Day The Artists Went On Vacation. The rest of the staff were forced to fill in, creating any graphics that were necessary. They could have at least started another Lenny Conundrum to make up for it...

No problem, here's another riddle just for you!

A Riddle
How do you divide 17 apples among 16 people?
(Last letter)

Have you any idea why the weight of our pets is measured in pounds (sterling?) and height in centimeters? ~ dolamant
Neopets began in England, so the spelling and measurements that you see around the site conforms to the British system (pound is a unit of weight/mass; the pound sterling is a unit of currency). It has remained like this even after the Viacom takeover.

Hello (insert name of amazing JN staff member criminal mastermind here). I remember a few years ago Terror Mountain and Tyrannia were attached by a giant chasm. What was the story behind this awe inspiring hole and what ever happened to it? ~ Aniqaz
On the 20th of March, 2001, an earthquake hit the Ice Caves and caused a huge crack in the ground. When people started exploring it, they encountered a wall of plants that was soon eaten away by a Chomby. And voila, Chombies and Tyrannia were revealed! About a month later, the Tyrannian Invasion started.

I have a question about the what not to ask section. I'm not supposed to ask about the constantly-writing Kiko, but I was wondering why you guys put that there. Did you get a lot of questions about him, or is it a joke? ~ reader8
Funny you should ask! When I was having a nice "conversation" with Illy earlier, this was all she cared about. On and on she went about hundreds of duplicate questions and how you should not send in the same question week after week because they're all kept in one database with oldest questions at the top, and it's also tiring reading through the same type of questions. That's why the "do not ask..." list was formed, and when they say that, they really mean it!

A Riddle
What are the chilliest 12" in the world?
(Second letter)

I've noticed on the default Lupe pet page there is a link to a Grundo's Gym. Of course, it says it is under construction, but I don't think it will ever come back. I was just wondering, what did Grundo's Gym used to be? Thanks! ~ z_star_kox
It used to be a good way of making NP. You helped some overweight pets get into shape by doing simple tasks. For instance, you would move your mouse back and forth over an image of a Lupe on a treadmill and it would sort of start jogging. If you kept a certain rhythm in your movements after about a minute, you were awarded with some NP.

Today, the only remnants of the Gym are the "under construction" page, some articles in the NT, and the Lifetime Membership Card, which used to boost the amount of NP you got from the game.

I know that free Neocash retires in a year. But, I lost track when my Neocash will retire. Besides the Expellibox, do you know when some of the free Neocash expires? For example, the ones Rosie gave out? ~ nepatriots40
Go to the NC Mall and on the bottom left side, click on "NC Account." Then click on "Neocash Log." You will be able to see all the free NC you have received from various events. From there, it's just a matter of keeping track of the dates.

I've been trying to get an answer for ages, please tell me: Can I advertise my shop at the same time that I'm advertising my friend's shop? Is this breaking the rules? Do we need to make a mall? How do I make a mall of two people? I'll settle for yes/no answer for the first one if I need to. ~ emmi1986
It is okay to make a text or image link to your friend's shop and also have one for your shop. As long as there's no false advertising (i.e., you're not trying to scam people), and as long as the links lead to your shop, not to the URL to buy an item or to somewhere offsite, then it is allowed.

A "mall" is just a network of shops. It is a series of image/text links to other shops. All you have to do is create banners or buttons that say a variety of categories (faeries, maps, neggs, etc.) and then link them to the appropriate shops. All the shops in the mall should display the same graphics and links--that's what connects them. Most mall shops focus on selling one type of item, and the prices are usually not the lowest on the shop wizard, which gives people more time to buy and peruse.

You can create a mall of two, but the links would be split between you and your friend, so you might as well make one banner ad for your friend and one for yourself.

So, I know I've read it somewhere, but I totally forget. What is the name of the potion that changes the gender of your pet? I want to change my Lupe to male, but he's the color I want so going to Lab Ray to do so makes me nervous. Can you help me out? ~ protecttherain
Strange Potion. It is, strangely enough, very rare and expensive. If you don't want to risk the Ray, you can try battling the Lab Ray Scientist. He has a Strange Potion equipped (you cannot steal it, though) and there is a chance he could change your pet's gender.

How do you check your avatar collection? ~ deoxys21
Here (Boards -> Preferences)

Hi there. I was trying some of the goodies of the page lately and when i came into the "Custom REs" I got a doubt: Can you put links into the text? I mean, so you click in a part of the text and it directs you to a gallery/shop/whatever. Thanks. ~ p_a_a94
Yes you can, as long as the link is to another part of the neopets.com site.

Something Has Happened!
You found a riddle! That was a convenient plot device. The paper says: What room can no one enter? (Fifth letter)

So, how long does it take for a staffer to do an editorial once they sign up? I recently noticed a new staffer and would love to see their editorial soon. ~ sparrow44124
My my my, a lot of questions about what goes on behind-the-scenes.

There are two openings for later this month. There are sporadic openings sprinkled throughout the summer months afterward. Since the editorial is volunteer-based, it depends on when that staff member wants to do an editorial. And of course, this is assuming nothing goes wrong in the meantime...

When neoHTML coding on a pet page, how would you make a link that can go directly to your guild's homepage? Anyone who clicks on it would be taken to their separate guilds. Is there any possible way to do that? ~ Shermanpeople
Not with neoHTML or regular HTML. That kind of thing would require other programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, etc.), which Neopets does not allow on pet pages, guilds, shops, user lookups, etc.

Is it really worth it to turn in your neggs for negg points at the Neggery? ~ xmysticshad0wsx
The cheapest neggs right now (Icy Negg, Cookie Negg, Negg) average at around 1500NP per negg point. Suppose you bought a Cool Negg, which would take 347*1500NP = 520500NP. The Cool Negg currently sells at around 370000NP on the Trading Post. If you calculated the numbers for the Snegg, you would see that the market value is lower than the cost to buy one. Most of the time, it's not worth it to exchange neggs for points. You would need to spend an average of 1000NP per negg point to make it reasonably profitable.

Hey TJNT! *Tosses cookies* I have a question. When I go to the Neopets Mobile page, it takes me to the main Neopets page. Can I still buy Neopets mobile? ~ 1738_hooman_8371
The phone companies that offer Neopets Mobile are based in the US. If you are unable to view the page properly (i.e., if it redirects you), then the service is not available in your country. Don't get hung up about it, though. You can still get the Lutari via the Lab Ray and perhaps even on Lutari Day, when they might release more for you to create.

Editor Edit: We have received some reports that Neopets Mobile is available in countries outside the United States. The best way to see if you can get the service is to visit your cell phone provider's web site or to give them a call (because sometimes, the sites aren't completely accurate). Neopets claims that Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer the service, although many users appear to be having trouble with Verizon Wireless at the moment (best to give them a call in that case).

What program do you use to make the Altador Cup banners or graphics? ~ ilikelaptops
Easy. Adobe Photoshop CS3. It's plastered all over her desktop. >:D I N

Hey Illy E! *Offers plate of fresh chocolate chip cookies* I was just wondering whether it's just me going mad, or has anyone else noticed that the little game buttons for some of the Neopets games have changed? The Meerca Chase II button did, it went all cheesy and colourful, and Kass Basher and Fashion Fever have done so too, but the games themselves have remained unchanged. Is there a rational explanation for this? Thanks in advance! *Puts plate of cookies down carefully at your feet and scoots off* ~ ettevy_tnecniv
The game room has indeed changed (yet again). But who knows, maybe you're still going mad!

A rational reason? It just takes a bit of thinking. The games are all popular games. The images are more dynamic and more engaging. Could they simply be updating the artwork to encourage more people to play and give the games room an overall better look? No! The answer is simple:

Step 1: Redo page, artwork
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Mind control!

Is Terry's Secret Project done? I remember seeing it on the Coming Soon page a while back, but now it's not there. Did Terry give up or something? ~ Reader8
It's time for the big reveal! Terry's Secret Project was the Editorial Database!

I would LOVE to answer an editorial. If I promised to be super good and eat my sofas like a good little boy, could I PLEASE do one? ~ Megatheriine
The staff appear adamant on this one. Only staff members and select Neopian characters are allowed as editors. However, in my case, I'm sure they'll make an exception, considering I have something (or someone) they want...

If I open a Faerie Mystery Capsule, would it disappear? I'm collecting Faerie items. ~ jessica_babygurl23
What do mystery capsules and redshirts have in common? They are all one-use items!

Beam me up, Welshy!

Hey Illy *waves and smiles* How do you keep yourself looking so young at your age? P.S. When will you turn 100? ~ Someone
It takes some snooping, but the answer lies in her locker in the staff lounge. Perhaps you saw it during the Easter Negg Hunt. *Steals the appointment book*

Hey TJNT! I was looking through your Pet Directory and I noticed that there are some Royalgirl Draiks with the Royalboy colouring, and when you go to their lookup, it says that they're female. How is this possible? Thanks for reading my question! ~ Purrlstar
Starts with a U and ends with an H. Give up? Unresolved glitch!

Were you looking for letters for my other puzzle? U and H are not a part them. E and C are, though!

Editor Edit: Maybe some more clarification is required. Yes, this phenomenon occurs when you zap a Royal Draik and it turns the opposite gender, or when you use a Strange Potion, or when you battle the Lab Ray Scientist and it changes your Royal Draik's gender. However, it is still an unresolved glitch because TNT acknowledges that it can happen but has no plans to fix it yet.

Hello! Can the JN Altador Cup caricatures (drawn for the JN AC Staff Tournament) be viewed any time, or are they only viewable during the Staff Tournament? I tried to look for the caricatures in the AC III coverage section, but I couldn't find them. Is there any way to see the caricatures from the AC III? ~ jenlin_25
The AC Staff Tournament was a contest, so you can view the caricatures (or at least, the decapitated heads of the staff members) on this page.

...What's that? You want the full images? Oh now, don't be ridiculous! You're in no position to be making demands! Better luck next crime! Ha!

Hi! For the Altador Cup, will there be a test for which team is best for you, like last year?? ~ sweetturtle05
Seems like they got rid of that this year! Ha! Now users will have to decide for themselves. How devious!

Why does the Blue Wocky Gnome cost so much? ~ neocoladude
Another old sponsor item!

Check out ...A Caped Crusader?
This issue brought to you by:
...A Caped Crusader?

"Hey, I'm kind of new to this superhero thing, and I can't figure this out! I know that Mr. E is hiding in a place on Jellyneo. It's a place that has money, items, and lots of people. If I know him, he'll be drawn to witty conversation as well. If you can solve his puzzles, track him down, and tell him the three answers, he might let Illy go! I don't want to call for backup just yet, so I'll give you until 6:00pm NST on June 5th, 2009. Okay? I'll even put in a good word for you down at headquarters!"