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The Adventures of Weepit and Ry!
Published: May 23, 2009

Rylon: *Rushes into the spotlight* Greetings reader, to a very special edition of the Jellyneo Editorial. Weepit and I have joined forces for one night only to bring you an editorial spectacular!
Weepit: *Rolls eyes and sighs deeply* Yes, unfortunately everybody else was busy so I got lumbered with sad sack here. Oh well, I'm a professional, I suppose I can carry you.
Rylon: So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you:

The Adventures of Weepit and Ry: Editorial Edition!

Weepit: Ah.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4!

"It seems today, that the NT,
Is swamped with angry comments, aimed at TNT.
So we miss out on editorial insight, on which so many rely . . .
Lucky then there's Weepit and Ry,
Here to answer questions,
And take on board sugestions.
And maybe even make you laugh 'til you cry!
It's Wee-pit and Ryyyyyyyyyyy!"

Hey there teenage jelly ninja turtles! Sorry...every time I see "TJNT" I think that. Moving on. I've read your guide, TNT's guide, and I would like to know: what is the limit of NP's one could get when playing Key Quest? Is it cheating if I play w/ a neofriend and accumulate lots of NP's and split the 10 games up: 5 wins/5 losses each and still get a goodly amount of prizes? I want to play by the rules and don't want to be frozen for something I'm not aware of. Thanks a bunch!!! ~ thelonewhitewolf26
Weepit: Yup, you pretty much just defined how to cheat at Key Quest. :P TNT have said that they don't mind you playing against your friends, so long as you play fairly. That means not planning out who is going to win and just letting the game flow with both of you trying to get to the end first. As for how many Neopoints you can earn within a game, after a certain point if it's been going on for ages TNT might start to get a tad suspicious. So I would only play for as long as you need to, no doing laps of the board to rack up more NP.

Hey JN! I was just wondering if you could make the little corner-banner-thinkie into a graphic for userlookups? They're so nice looking! If you would I would ADORE YOU FOREVER! 8D Thanks! ~ Ecw321
Rylon: The Altador Cup corner banners, you mean? Hmm, I'll have a chat with Dave and see if we can release them in our support graphics once the Altador Cup is actually out. *Makes note*

hey jellyneo*throws a meepit* I have 2 questions.1.how can we get talisman beads and what is their use? 2.Is there any page for gaming cheat codes? ~ fabulously_invisible
Weepit: Lutari Talisman beads can be found across the site in random events, or you can buy them from other users through the Trading Post. Putting them into your Lutari Talisman is meant to increase the likelihood of getting random events, though you might be better off just selling them if you happen upon one. And you can find a list of legal game codes here.

Hi! :D Firsly, in a past Editorial, Luke said that you didn't know what type of Faerie Bree was. I'm pretty sure, however, that TNT stated she was a Fire Faerie in an editorial. :o. Also, do you like mutant Meepits? Because there's one on your head and I think it's about to bite you. ~ antboll6
Rylon: It was stated by TNT in an editorial that Bree is a fire faerie.

Dear TNT, I've noticed that, every time I play Key Quest (I love it, by the way), I always think that the Key Quest faerie looks like a fire faerie. Is she, in fact, a fire faerie? Thanks if you answer TNT, and PLEASE, do not include my username. ~[username removed]

Yes, she is indeed a fire faerie. :)

And of course I like Meepits! And I'm not just saying that because the one on my head is acting like a Brain Slug, oh no!

I have a question I /really/ need an answer to soon. I have sent it in to TNT numerous times in numerous ways and ask frequently on the boards, but no one can give me a response. On my old account I played ACIII and the last Sloth plot, but I never used my points. Then I lost the account and made a new one. But TNT gave back the account, so I made it my side. But it still has all my hard-earned points. Am I allowed to redeem them even though that account is now a side? Any insight on this is appreciated since points expired last year... ~ rae_zen
Weepit: First I feel the need to tag on a disclaimer of sorts. I don't work for TNT so I have no idea what they would have you do, this is just my personal opinion of what I would do in your situation. Provided you only earned points for the plot and the AC on that account then I would say to go ahead and redeem them. However if you lost the account mid-way through either site event and earned points on your new main account as well then I would leave the points on the old account alone. As I said though that is just my opinion; so although it's highly unlikely you would get into trouble by doing it you still follow the above advice at your own risk. Hope that kinda helped a bit.

Hi JN! *Gives you an everlasting supply of cookies* I was just wondering, can you still wear the paint brush clothes even if you turn into a different color? Because recently, my lupe changed into glowing, he was once a robot. Can I still wear the pb clothes or not? Thanks!! ~ kenaji06
Rylon: You certainly can still wear them! It's one of the nice features of customisation that has unfortunately resulted in paint brushes such as Pirate, Mystery Island, and Lost Desert having a real hike in price. So in answer to your question, yes, your lupe will be able to wear the robot housing items, even though he is glowing. And you'll still get the spiffy glowing outline, making him all the more special!

Hi Rylon and Weepit! *throws a cookie pizza* My question is about another question that Willie answered in last weeks issue. He stated in his answer that no Maraquan pet can wear clothes, but I am pretty sure that Maraquan Mynci's can wear clothes as I recently had one and I dressed him up often. :P I don't think any other Maraquan pet can wear clothes besides the Mynci as the rest have different poses. Could you please tell Willie this? I wouldn't want him to go around thinking something is true when it is actually false. ;) ~ xoxoiloveme360
Weepit: We had quite a few people informing us of Willie's little slip up last week, and yes you are quite right. While Willie was correct that most Maraquan pets can only wear trinkets and backgrounds, Myncis are an exception to the rule. Since their body type and pose is so similar to other colours they can be dressed up in clothes like regular, less fishy types. Hope that clears things up. :)

Dressed Up Mynci
To bream, or not to bream; that is the question

Hi Rylon! I know you work at Jelly neo as a graphic designer, but i'm wondering did you have to go to school for graphic design or no? ~ Luigifan66
Rylon: Design school would be rather spiffy, but alas it's not a route I chose. To tell you the truth I am the least artistic person you will ever come across, so I'm still shocked about being a Graphic Designer. I started out by reading tutorials and just messing around in my programs, figuring out what did what. There are design schools around though, but from what I'm aware of you need to be extra-talented to get into them. However I am lead to believe that Graphic Design classes are becoming more and more available in high schools and such, should you be interested.

Hi, Weepit *hands a huge Taelia statue*! You know the fortune teller in the gypsy camp? Well, how do you get it to tell fortunes?! ~ michaelli910_8
Weepit: *Sits cross-legged at the foot of the statue and sits gawping up at her face* She peeeerty ^_^ But yes, the Kau Fortune Teller played a role in the Lost Desert Plot. Players could take their tablets to her and she would help unravel its mysteries and give you clues to find more pieces of it. Once the plot was over though, there wasn't much call for fortune telling. These days you might catch a glimpse of her hanging out in the Gypsy Camp, but otherwise she's retired.

She put herself out to pasture, if you will. You know, cos she's a Kau? :P ... Don't look at me like that, Milky. Hey, where are you going? Don't you walk away from me! Hey! Don't you start running! Wait, Milky! Get off that bus. Don't you dare get on that plane! Okay, now I'm mad.

If you finish your Illusen's Glade quests, can you do it again? or its just end like that and you can't do all over again ~ _noamika_1_67
Rylon: You can complete Illusen's or Jhudora's quests as many times as you like. It's very rare that you'll actually finish their quests though, as getting all the way to level 50 is a tad on the tricky side. But it can be done, and you're free to try all over again if you wish!

You can win me again and again and again ...

Howdy there! *throws 2 super special awesomely soft peophin plushies at you* Can you tell me what items you can win from sakhmet solitaire? I've looked on your article and there's nothing about it. Please help! ~ sophiafirata
Weepit: *Blushes* I have no idea what you're talking about, the information about prizes you can win from Sakhmet Solitaire has always been in our guide... Oh okay, so it might have just magically materialised there. ;)

Heya Weepit & Rylon (two of my five favourite jn staffers - sorry but Rose, Suzuka & Nynex are aliving and existing) - - - Questions... okay... How do you change your jn layout? I cant find the button! and i luv Rosie. Also is the Altador Cup IV having any new features that you know of yet? (psst I love Rosie) ~ Minako
Rylon: Changing your JN site layout is easy! On any page click on the image at the top of the sidebar that says "Jellyneo Links", which will bring up a list of extra pages around the site. The one you want it Site Prefs, the preferences page for the site. Once there you can select a new site theme simply by clicking on an image. Not that I'm bias or anything, but the Fyora theme is simply fabulous!

Was that? -- I think it was! -- Baby's first fabulous!!

Couple Neopets and JN related Questions... 1. One day, whilst playing NeoQuest, I got the sickness Random event. When I looked at my pet it said he had a "mild cough." According to the hospital, however, the Disease doesn't exist! Could you explain this? 2. Will there ever be an "The Adventures of Weepit and Ry" TV show/forum topic? 3. How DID you get this edi out without killing each other? That's it! Oh and *gives you a socko* ~ JohnPaul
Weepit: According to my sources (the Encyclopedia Herdanica), "Mild Cough" is an old disease that TNT have recently reactivated. There is currently no item you can buy to cure it, so you'll have to visit the Healing Springs or infect them with another disease to get rid of it.

Rylon: Unfortunately we're both far too busy with the actual adventuring to partake in forum topics and the like based on The Adventures. A TV show would be interesting, but everything would have to be filmed in a long shot, as to get both of us on screen. Quart-Pint here is a touch on the small side, so it'd be difficult to fit us both on screen at once.

Weepit: Yeah, what with you being so lanky and all. Not to mention that the camera guy would have to keep a safe distance so you can't actually see your face. We don't want viewers being sick.

Hey JN!! (throws bucketloads of jelly)Hopefully this question will be answered... I was wondering, will the points I got from the last Altador Cup can still be spent on this year's Altador Cup? Thanks! You guys rock!! Oh yeah, say hi to Suzuka for me :D ~ dog84elaine
Rylon: On the 19th of May, TNT made an announcement in the news:

"Don't forget to use up all of your prize points from last year's Altador Cup! The prize shop will be closing on the June 2nd."

So you're going to need to use up your points by the start of June, otherwise you'll lose out - but since you're reading this editorial waaaay before the start of June, you've been well-informed and have nothing to worry about :D

Still have points left over from your hundreds of games of YYB?
Buy me, the symbol of hard work totally not paying off!

Greetings, Weepit and Rylon! *throws tea bags and weepit repellent* How come you two are doing the editorial together? Did you have to fight for it and came up as a tie between the two of you? ;) ~ mango_1997_amy
Weepit: While Ry was writing his solo editorial a few weeks ago I threatened to send in a question he couldn't answer to show him up. He told me to take my best shot, but I said that would only turn the whole editorial into a fight between us. There was a mutual lightbulb moment, so I asked Dave if we could do a joint one and he took leave of his senses long enough to agree to it. Just as well, really. If it had come down to a fight I would only have messed up his pretty face.

Rylon: Woah, hold the phone Little Miss Tiny. You aren't getting anywhere near this face - there simply aren't enough yellow pages in the world for you to reach my height. Mess me up, she says, that's hiiii-larious!

Weepit: You know what else is hilarious? The fact you think I would even want to be near enough to put you in a hurt lock. In fact, you know what. *Squirts you with Weepit Repellant* Keep your ugly at least 25 feet away from me at all times!

Rylon: :O! Well aren't we just a little meanie-pants! - or should I say a little-pants! - So I'll try and forgive you, by doing the compliment sandwich! *yay!*Something good, something good. Ah yes, you make fun of Dave and it makes me laugh! Now something bad. Your breath honks like Rosie's uber collection of dung - been monching away again? Grab some breathmints, loser! And now something good again ... uh ... erm ... hmph . . . .

Weepit: You know, I kinda feel bad insulting you. It's like dumping a shark and Rosie O'Donnell in a pool and making them race; hilarious to watch but ultimately unfair. And it's not getting the editorial finished either is it? I'll just do the next question then while you try and think up a witty retort. Take your time, it's fine.

WOW look everyone I'm on editorial! Well, first take this big cookie *hands choc chip cookie as big as the MOON!* There are lots of hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hairspray etc. Well, my nimmo has no hair! I don't get it. Thanks, you rock JN. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xD ~ kiwi_pineapple_mango
Weepit: *Overzealous sales patter* HI THERE! Does your pet suffer from hair loss? Gnorbu shedding on the sofa? Clumps of Lupe fur clogging up your drains? Well then do I have the product for you! The all new, GAUDYLOCKS 3000!!! Forget all your hair hang-ups and step out in style! Why bother with pricey hair products when you can buy this one-size-fits-all solution!


Warning: wearing of this product may cause itching or localised irritation to the scalp, face and skin in general. May also lead to hair-loss, headaches, amnesia, black-outs, loss of reputation and/or dignity. Batteries not included, accessories sold separately. Available wherever cheap tat is sold.

Hello JN!! I have a huge *echoes huge* question! Where do all the neopian times images come from? I can't find have of them on the neopedia! ~ loverofwebsite
Rylon: The Neopian Times images are all contained within the Neopian Times itself - meaning that all the images you see are typically only used in support of the articles or stories. Some of the images can be based off of, or are similar to a number of images around the site, but TNT are quite good at creating new art that is just used in the NT. So unfortunately you'll need to go through every edition of the NT if you want to track down all the images!

Hey Weepit! 'Sup Ry! How have your adventures been? P.S.: Ry, did you find those phasers yet? ~ Weepit&RyFan
Weepit: They're not so much adventures as "Oh my God, Russell, what have you done now?! I told you not to annoy that policeman / old lady with a shotgun / Rottweiler!" Shortly after which I have to fix everything and smooth stuff over...

Rylon: Oh, because everything's going swimmingly for you without me around to crack wise? You'd be knee-deep in screen-cleaning fluid if I wasn't around to bail you out - and this is the thanks I get for it? Do you hear yourself talk? I think I might kill you!

Weepit: Pfft, I'd like to see you try. You know that if you don't have somebody to choreograph all your moves you end up sat in the corner weeping like a little girl.

hello TJNT! *throws feepit at weepit* I was wondering, do the Jellyneo counters round decimals up or down? like, 11,000/33,000 is 33.3 repeating. is that counted as 33 or 34? and one last thing;*throws a meepit at weepit* ~ Ducky555999
Rylon: The goal counters round up and down where mathematically correct. In your example the percentage would be rounded down to 33%. Similarly if you had 22,000/33,000 the percent will round up to 67% completed overall, as that's how numbers work :P

*plugs* Go test it out for yourself!

Weepit: *Is about to sign up when a Meepit dives out of the screen and attacks her* Arrrrrgh! Get it off! *Rolls on the floor flailing*

Hello amazing Weepit and Rylon or should I say Weelon or Rypeit. Anyways I have a question on the daily puzzle. I remember when it first started they gave out prizes other than nps. When was the last time tnt gave out prizes for guessing the solution to the daily puzzle? Here is a bucket wearing dung meepit with a mustache and a socko as a token of my thanks! ~ Aniqaz
Weepit: As far as I know, the last item they gave out was a Spooky Shake last Halloween. Since then it has all been NP prizes. *Turns attention to the Meepit* *Looks at Ry* *Looks back at Meepit* Can I do the ed with this little guy instead? He's cuter and has a better sense of personal hygiene. ^^

Rylon: Hey, hey, hey, Mister? What's the big idea, trying to replace me? Am I not good enough for you or something? Now I'm actually offended - how could you?! *thwacks you on the bonce*

Who are the almighty and wonderful Rylon and Weepit joing in the fourth annual Altador Cup? (Kreludor ftc!) ~ islandkid1
Rylon: I will be joining the marvelous Maraqua, who I was with last year. My initial reason for selecting them was because I found the logo to be the prettiest - yes, I'm totally that shallow. :D I loved the atmosphere from the team and supporters, though, so I'm more than happy to return to them.

Weepit: It's all about the Darigan Citadel for me :D

Rylon: Pffft, Darigan. Stop being a glory hunter. FACE.

Weepit: Oh yeah? I was with them from the first cup actually. Besides, what would you know about glory? *starts humming about blowing bubbles*

Hello Weepit! *throws custard pie* Does Quick Ref stand for Quick Refresh? Because if you want two avatars, you're going to have to refresh quite quickly at the Quick Ref. :P ~ Pinkkea
Weepit: Quick Ref. stands for Quick Reference; as in this page. It's the easy way to access your pets' stats, customise them or edit their lookup and petpage. :)

Dear Rylon~ How is it a mutant bearog looks better than the normal bearog? Thanks! *throws lime trifle* ~ Pinkkea
Rylon: Because you're looking at it logically, that's why! The three-headed version is cute by itself, but since 3 heads is slightly abnormal, you get a normal 1-headed version as the Mutant colour. And since we're used to seeing one head on creatures it is just more appealing.

*drool* Aren't I just adorable!

Hihi! :D *sends bribe via wi-fi* I have been wanting an answer to this question for a LOOOONNNGGG time, NeoPets wouldn't answer...my most favorite-est pet is the Lutari, and I have always, always, always wanted one, I have searched the pound over and over again and nothing came of it...can you help me? Where can I get a lutari? ~ x_xluvstochatx_x
Weepit: Well unfortunately you won't have any luck in the pound, since Lutaris vanish completely if you try to put them up for adoption or transfer. :( Currently the only way to get a Lutari is to either have a lucky zap from the Lab Ray or to sign up for Neopets Mobile. This will give you access to Lutari Island where you can create as many as you want; however it costs real money and you will need a mobile/cell phone to access it.

Rylon: It should be noted that on Lutari Day 2009, the Lutari was available to be created through the create a neopet process. They were on and off during random intervals throughout the day.

Weepit: ... yes, thank you Captain Helpful, I was about to say that. Sheesh, I pause to take a breath and you leap in with your two cents! *angry face*

Will Weepit be participating in the JN Altador Cup Staff Tourney? I know the Meepits are probably trying to keep you quiet about it for now, but I thought maybe you could make an exception...*slips you oh-so-subtle bag of 20,000 NP* ~ yaksrcewl
Rylon: Don't be slipping her a cheeky little bribe! She's rich enough already, and don't we know it - always harping on about her bank account or her latest splurge around Neopia. It's sickening to hear for us regular folk. At any rate, do you really think we'd allow that to play in the Staff Tourney? Weepit can barely see over the yooyu, let alone run it through the pitch and score a goal. That's just madness!

Weepit: Heh, madness? THIS. IS. SPARTA! *kicks you down a well*

... yes we have wells randomly dotted around here at JN....

... don't question me or you join him! NEXT!!!

Can you do stuff on the beach in M I ~ emilybat12
Rylon: Right now there isn't anything you can actually do on the beach, per say - however there is an avatar available:

Avatar - Kacheek Swim
Kacheek SwimVisiting the beach with a Kacheek will get you this nifty avatar! Just make sure it's your active pet.

In the past, the beach played a role in the Mystery Island Volcano plot, and was secretly used in the Coltzan's Crown plot. Apart from that it doesn't have a use, with the exception of reminding us here in England about all the sunny days we seem to be missing D:

Weepit: *Sulks* Ryyyyy, I got sand in my Meepit wounds. D:

Hi there! I was wondering what the Lair of the Beast in Tyrannia was for? ~ najarin6
Rylon: Basically when you land on the Pterodactyl via the Wheel of Monotomy you'll be taken to the Lair of the Beast, and your pet will lose half their hit points. The beast itself, however, is actually on a screaming rampage from seeing Weepit's face. I doubt prehistoric creatures can throw up, so screaming and terrorising is the next best thing for relief!

You know what I've always wondered...? If a train leaves Moscow at 11.59 am local time travelling at 34 km/h, and another train leaves Berlin at 3.14 pm local time travelling at 78 mph, exactly how many beans will fit inside the Frenchman's briefcase should he eat toast from the onboard shop? ~ Herdy
Weepit: I think a better question is what is a Frenchman is doing on a train between Moscow and Berlin.

Rylon: So what, these are baked beans, right? I don't like baked beans. They're icky (not at all like Weepit's face) and shouldn't be consumed. Now if you mean runner beans, then boy have we got ourselves a question! =D

Weepit: Runner beans? What the... Did you sprinkle some extra 'stupid' on your cornflakes this morning?

Rylon: Cornflakes? Frosties are where it's at, my man. I cannot believe you're not down with the cereals!

Weepit: I swear, you are on thinner ice than a fat man at a skating rink. One more bloke joke and it is on girlfriend!

Rylon: Bring it on!

Weepit: *Lunges across desk*

Rylon: *Fakes and pulls your hair* How'd you like me now, Sister!

Weepit: I never liked you! And frankly your rendition of 'Pop' was both lacklustre and off-key; you were out of step in the dance sequences and your impression of Mr. Timberlake left a lot to be desired! I refuse to work with such amateurs!!

Rylon: How dare you! The insults I could take, and even the repellant spray in my face ... but to discredit my 'Pop' is a step too far!! It's bye, bye, bye! to you - this editorial is over! Scratch that, this friendship is over. Everything. You've hurt my feelings for the last time, and I cannot forgive you. Later, tater!

Weepit: *Stands looking stunned* Wait. You mean, you... you had feelings? And we, we were friends?! Ryan! I have unanswered questions! RYAN!! Awwwwww here goes! *runs out after him*

ATTENTION: Due to technical difficulties this editorial has been terminated. All Admins to Editorial Room; I repeat, all Admins to Editorial room!

Check out Weepit's Artistic Fail
This issue brought to you by:
Weepit's Artistic Fail

Weepit: *Hangs head in shame* Dear readers; there was meant to be a Marvel-esque rendition of me and Ry as our alter egos, Teaboy and Bad Pun Girl, to the left of this text. However as you can see, there isn't. Why? Quite simply put - because I fail. I did all the hard bits but fell at the final hurdle. I am the weakest link, goodbye. *Shuffles out again*