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Willie's Willful Issue
Published: May 17, 2009

Welcome to my wonderful issue! This week's issue is sponsored by the letter W...um not really. I hope you enjoy this week's edition! And remember to keep on smiling!

According to the double-painted pets web page, it said there that the Maraquan Acara can wear clothes. Does this mean that Maraquan pets can wear clothes? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
I would like to point out Maraquan Acaras can not wear clothes. The information you received is incorrect. None of the Maraquan pets can wear clothes. However, Maraquan pets can wear backgrounds and trinkets, but no clothing. TNT may create clothes for them in the future, but it doesn't seem likely because all Maraquan pet colors are very unique and different, it would take too much time and drawings to make it possible :(.

I want to dress pretty too :(

I gave my Xweetok an angelpuss but I didn't get the avartar when I visited "My Neopets" page. How can I fix it? Thanks! ~ qiyifan8916
Sadly, this is one of those avatars where you have refresh a million times before you receive the avatar. Just keep on refreshing at the Quick Refs page, I'm sure you will get it eventually, good luck!

Do petpets have genders? Or will they forever be "its"? ~ woogiebear
Petpets do not have genders, truly a cruelty from TNT. However, it does make sense. If they had different genders you could buy, then the restock of each gender for each petpet would be random and the values of each gender might be different on the market. This could cause chaos among users and as I would imagine highly frustrate both buyers and sellers. Now if there was an option to pick the gender when giving the petpet to a pet, that would change things, but TNT would have to make it so the gender resets every time it is removed. It is just easier to make petpets genderless.

Hello :D *gives a nice cookie* I already asked this in the Neopian Times Editorial but I got no answer, so... I was wondering I'm thinking on creating a dailies and such petpage, and I'm thinking I am allowed to put all the "Hidden Neopoints" videos there? Links to the video so that people can go there and search for the little Red NP and stuff... Am I allowed? :) Thanks for your help and great site (seriously)! ~ xgothiprincessx
Ooo cookie *nibbles*. It is okay to post and use those links so long as the link does not end in .SWF. That is called a "backdoor link" because it accesses data TNT still has on their server but is not supposed to be active. TNT can freeze you for using said links so please be careful! I have been asked this question several times, so I am glad you asked it where everyone can see!

I have a friend that had someone join there guild, just to advertise for there own guild. That was the only reason they joined. Can you report someone for that? This person is being very rude to my friend. Please help!! Thank you, Frogeyes96 ~ frogeyes96
Yes, you can report that user for what they are doing for two reasons. For starters, it is considered spamming because it is annoying to the other users. The second reason, as you mentioned, is just plain annoying and rude to do.

Hi jellyneo,you rock! I'm 11 1/2 years old and I have an acount on neopets so basically, I'm not allowed to use the neoboards. So when I turn 13,then can I use the neoboards? And will TNT know how old am I? ~ girlsrul28
Yes, that is correct, when you turn 13 you will be able to use the neoboards and avatars :D. TNT will know when your 13th birthday is because of the birthday you entered when you registered with Neopets. I would also like to add that your parents can fax to the Neopets office a parent consent form, which will allow you to use the neoboards before your 13th birthday, but it might take a few weeks to process.

Is the Green Jelly always eaten? O_o ~ Liocky
Of course it is always eaten! It will never regenerate because it was eaten long ago....wait, what am I talking about Jelly World does not exist, so this Green Jelly cannot exist either, impossible ;)

My glorious commander and ruler of everything deems worthy of his attention, Dr. Sloth, commands me to ask the following question: When will the Meepit Army be ready for Transmogrification? His plans for Neopian conquest cannot proceed without knowing the answer. Thank you. ~ DextersLab13
The trasmogrification will begin in twenty quarter years three forth through the thirtieth day of the fifteenth week in the fourth month, on a blazingly hot day at the third hour and the thirty first second with a slab of bacon, next to a pile of dung on top of the highest mountain in the lowest valley covered in chocolate cheese, when the giant clock in Faerieland strikes twelve and the second hand falls from the sky. Hail Sloth.

Dave approves this message.

HEY TJNT! (: *throws a million and one cookies* I know that you can train your neopet for free on their special day, but do you know how many times you can train them? THANKS! :) ~ greenpiggayyy
That is just a matter of math and it all depends on what level your pet is and where you train it. On a pets special day you can only train it for free at the Swashbuckling Academy. Now comes the math. If your pet's level between 1 and 10 and you train at the Swashbuckling academy, you can only train it every 4 hours. 24 hours in a day divided by 4 gives us 6, so in that range, you can train it 6 times in a day. All you need to do is check your pets level, check how long it will take to complete one training session, and divide 24 by the number of hours needed for completion.

WILLIE!!!! Couple questions: Did you like the JellyNeopian Times interview starring you? And most mportantly: what does Willie Flutey Punch taste like? ~ JohnPaul
Yes, I very much liked the interview. I never realized how much time and effort you guys put into the JN Times. My hats off to you guys for doing it! As for the punch, it tastes like passion berry juice. There's also a rumor that says if you drink it, you hear divine music in your head!

Hello! *throws a bag of chocolate chip cookies* So, i was reading the last editorial, and there was a question about retired items. What does a "retired item" mean? Does it mean i can't use it anymore o.O ? ~ Leelu
O.O COOKIES!!! *droolgobblemunch* Thank you! ...Excuse me, I have a monster of a sweet tooth. A retired item is an item no longer available on Neopets, meaning, they can not be found in shops. You can still use retired items, but if it can only be used once, then you may have trouble tracking another one down =P.

Hi TJNT... how do you find all these images in advance, like the new ACIV logo, or the new colours? I'd love to know, cause it seems a mystery to me how on earth you find these seemingly random things @.@ ~ swisscat
Our newposters use their mystical powers to hunt down those images. However, the newsposters do not like to give out their secrets so easily. Their powers will always remain a mystery. However, I do know one thing for a fact, Nynex has a special crystal ball that can locate almost anything, but beyond that, I know nothing.

Hi TJNT! *throws bribe of choice to get this question answered* Do you think Cap'n Threelegs could be a regular shopper at the smugglers cove? i bet he/she's very rich from all the trainings he give. :) ~ happymoments2627
I think he is o:!! He received a lot of dubloons from me with all the training I did. As a matter of fact, I think I saw him in the cove the other day, buying a Dr. Sloth Plushie....or maybe that was just Dave....with a peg-leg and eyepatch...hmmm

What was the first year that the Advent Calendar was available on the Neopets site? There are lists of the last few years, but does it go further than that? And if so, is there any links you can point me towards so I can continue my gallery. You do a great job JN team, keep it up! ~ ilanamavrick
The Advent Calendar was first available during Year 2 (2000). The farthest the AC goes back is to the year 2000, when Neopets was in the early stages. We have a list of all the AC gifts dating back as far as Year 6 (2004). Our guide is not complete because we've only been adding to it since JN's creation.

YOU ROCK WILLIE!!!!! P.S. how long have you been playing you flute? ~ Someone
Thank you! I have been playing the flute for a total of five years. I started when I was 12 and in the seventh grade, which is somewhat late for a kid to start, but I made up for lost time. Ah I remember when I first started....good memories and bad sounds!

I remember when he first played me...it was a long grueling process

Will the winner of the JN Altador Cup Staff Tourney steal the Jelly Sceptre from Dandy, or will they get their own to keep? ~ yaksrcewl
The winner will get a new scepter. Dandy won't win this time because there is some new competition entering this year! But I cannot say anymore. Dandy, you better watch out this year!

Who will win me this year?

Hiya guys! I've been playing neopets for well over 2 years now, and I still haven't managed to get the black pteri as a challenger! Do you know how rare it is? ~ cumbiya28864
Much like any random event, it can be quite rare at times. It can take a user a few days to receive it, while it can take others several years to obtain it. The only thing I can really tell you is just keep on trying! You'll get it one day :)

Hey Willie,*hands him a flute*! I just want to ask, when was the first petpet released and when was the first petpetpet released? Thanks! ~ michaelli910_8
Oh a shiny flute, thanks @_@! The first petpet was none other than the adorable Angelpuss! The Angelpuss was first released on November 15, 1999. The first petpetpets were the Mootix and the Breebly; both of which were released one June 11, 2003. Be sure to check our wonderful IDB for more answers about item releases!

HELLOS JN. (: Love your web. Well anyways how is it possible to jump over 200m for the 200m Peanut dash? There was once I accidently jump for over 220m. How is that possible? Thanks in advance~ :D ~ devilstars
The answer is simple: the little Puppyblew is just that amazing at jumping! It is so good it can defy the preset laws of computer programming. Now for a serious answer. It is most likely an oversight on TNT's part. They most likely allowed it to go beyond 200m so people can score more points. Plus, why wouldn't they let a cute Puppyblew go as far as it can?

Always go above and beyond!

I was wondering...does anyone else think that the snot holiday tree and snot ladder were misplaced? Shouldn't they go in the neohome, not the neogarden? They are drawn from a bird's eye view like other furniture. Love the site by the way! ~ andzminx
I think they belong in a garden and not in a house. Seriously, who wants something dripping snot in their home? It's really just less of a mess if you put it outdoors. Plus, you can use the snot as compost! However, I do agree with you, they should be in the home because they were drawn much like other neohome furniture.

I'm environmentally friendly!