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Luke's Not-So-Special Issue
Published: May 9, 2009

Well hello there. Welcome to my editorial. As usual, I will be answering questions that may refer to your everyday Neopian life. This issue doesn't have any special theme or special references as I am, myself, not so special. I hope you enjoy your lecture and I hope this will be helpful to you.

Hi TJNT! *throws a bag of a trillion cookies* Are any of the Jn staff from Australia? Tom, give all the staff hugs for me because you guys ROCK! ~ 1_twilight_rocks_1
Sadly, no. Nobody from our staff is from Australia. We have people from New Zealand though so they can be considered in the same group as Australians, which is Oceanic.

Do you have lists that show all of the retired items and a list that shows items that were changed from one thing to another i.e. Redtail ---->Candy Vampire Thank You...John ~ baby_huey64
To find a list of the retired items, you have to go on the IDB and, in the "Is Rarity" box, you will write 180 (this is the rarity of all the Retired items). Or you can just click here.

As for the items that had name changes, you will have to go on their page, scroll down and, there, you will see their old image and name.

Hey there Luke!!! What's cracki-lackin? Haha. Anyways.. I gots a question for yous. Its... Is JellyPets real? Like are you guys gonna do it and that it's not just the April Fools Prank? Because if you do release it as something, I think that it would be pretty awesome!!! ~ the_wonderous_person_thats_anonymous
I personally wish we'd do JellyPets, but I rarely get what I want :* So no, JellyPets will never exist. It was a pretty good April Fools Prank and that will always be its status.

Why are you guys so cruel?

Hey! Could you please please please answer this question! *holds up a bag of muffins enticingly*: Why is Neopets spending time on stupid things, such as the new plantopia, when they could be updating all of the things that actually matter!? ~ Shermanpeople
That would actually be a good question and one of the few we can't really answer :P I'd say they've taken a second look at their to-do list and put some things ahead and some things back. I believe they have a good reason to do it, but I don't know what it is.

Hey, Luke! This will hopefully be my second question! Anyway, I've heard you can get paintbrushes from Key Quest. Is it true?! Oh, and you guys rock!!!!!!! ~ michaelli910_8
Yes, it is indeed possible to get Paint Brushes from KQ, some of our staffers even did get some. For more information on the available KQ prizes, visit our Key Quest Guide.

Hi Jellyneo Staff!?!? So um....... how do you get a premium account on Neopets!?!?! Please answer 'cause you get like AWESOME stuff if you have a premium account. ~ bearalicious
To acquire Neopets Premium, you will have to visit this page and pay $7.99 (monthly) or $69.95 (yearly). For more information on Neopets Premium, you can visit the following guide.

I noticed that the new theme for staff icons was flowers. However, Dave surprised me by not choosing the Dr. Sloth Flower Bouquet. Is he well? ~ schroeder_john_327
oH mY gOd! Dave might have went crazy, or he might have been forced by Sloth to use something that isn't related to him.. I don't know, I'll let him know on the issue.

Dave, have you forgotten about me?!?

Hey luke! *throws nothing because doesn't see the point of it* Can you take stamps out of your stamp album, For packrat or something, because I cant find out where to get them out. ~ Shermanpeople
No, there is no way you can take your stamp out once it was put in your album. Sorry :(

est-ce que tout de vous sont qui traîne votre temps disponible, y en a-t-il ami vraiment bon en raison de Jellyneo, ou y avait-il vous les amis vraiment bons avant ? it's french, care to translate ;) ~ riddles;]
Wow, don't use a translator to translate from English to French :P It doesn't work properly. But I think I figured out your question. No, nobody of us hang together because we either live too far from each other or just don't know each other in real life. That also answers the two other questions as none of us are real life friends. :)

Hi, JN! I was wondering, why is there a limit on the amount of keys that can be redeemed per day in Key Quest? ~ jenlin_25
Because people could be getting quite a lot of items from playing KQ and it would end up screwing a little with the Neopian Economy. You are still able to play even if you don't get a key from it, though.

Paint Brush!
You will never get this, you will never get this!

Hi there! I was just curious what the most expensive paint brushes are on neopets... I know Lutari (21 mil.) is a bank breaker, and Zombie (5 mil.?) is pretty bad too, but could there be a list of all of the paint brushes and their prices? ~ TreacherousGirl
The most expensive would be Lutari (20 million) but that one doesn't actually color your pet. The second most expensive is the Maraquan Paint Brush (9.5 million). For a list of all the Paint Brushes, ordered by price, you can visit this link.

Hi -whoeverisansweringthis-! This has been bugging me for a while now, and it may be a dumb question, but, How do you know if you're a beta tester on the Petpet Park?? Hope you answer this! :) ~ druncadpet
You will be happy to know that, now, everybody can be a beta tester in Petpet Park as it is in Open Beta!

I was looking at the old pet poses when I saw a faerie hissi. (It was beautiful.) I couldn't find a converted version so I assumed it was never released. Does anyone know more about this? ~ FishingMango
The Faerie Hissi was first found a few years ago but it was never actually released by TNT so, when they converted the pets, the Faerie Hissi wasn't as it is not released ;)

Is TJNT going to do anything special for issue 84? (42x2) And are you ever going to REALLY answer the questions from issue 42? ~ jou22
Willie is the one writing issue 84 so I'm sure his issue will be pretty special :* Can't wait!

What's the quickest and easiest way to obtain a poogle? ~ Shivicon
Buying a Morphing Potion or Magical Poogle Toy would be the quickest, but probably not the easiest money-wise. Other options would be the Lab Ray, adopting or waiting for Poogle Day and the release of a bunch of them :)

I was thinking and wanted to ask: The faerie from Keyquest game, Bree, is a faerie of which element? ~ himiko_uechiha
Bree is not an element faerie as far as we know. We also don't know where she hails from and don't know a bit of her history. For more information on her, you can visit our BOA page.

Bree Doll
Destination Unknown! *dances*

Does the rarity/value of the prize increase as you redeem keys in Key quest? For example, would I get a better prize on the tenth key I turned in than on the first key i turned in that same day? ~ mzblondebaby
No, the prizes are totally random in Key Quest so a person that has played over a thousand games doesn't have more chance to getting a Paint Brush (or other good items) than a person that has only played twice.

TJNT!!! *huggles* *throws pumpkin at Terry* Does anyone on the team like Twilight? PLEASE say no! I like vampires, but all the hype about the book makes me sick! Oh, and please give Zador this bucket with his face on it. *hands whoever is doing the editorial a Zador Bucket* ~ countess_von_roo
I personally like Twilight. It is an enjoyable story and it's pretty easy to read. It's not part of my favorites but I was there on the first Friday that it went out at our local cinema and I will also be for the next three. *gives the bucket to Zador*

Hi TJNT! I was wondering if aside from the Advent Calendar prizes, when do items get retired like for example are the petpets? I got a snorklin before (which vanished after zapping him) but after I've gone hiatus, it got retired. Are there signs that an item will be retiring? ~ auron11googie
Items that get retired are mostly items from Plots or Site Events (Altador Cup, etc.) Some other items also get retired after a while and are sent to the world of Ancient Items ;)

Faerie Meowclops
You want me? Too bad I'm retired :*