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Zador's Random Issue
Published: May 2, 2009

Hey there ;) This is another lame editorial by Zador, a Content Writer and IDB Overseer. Oh, wow! This editorial is the 82nd issue! That's only FOURTY issues after 42. That must mean it's special... or not.

Hi there jn staffers! first off, I enjoyed a lot the NeggHunt this year, great job!. I was wondering if you will keep it somewhere to be played again, at least, the flash part. See, I would love to make my brother play it (it wouldnt make sense if I play it again, am I right?) Thanks in case of answer. PS: I send you some left overs from my dinner at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. ~ sindos
You (or your brother) can still play around with it at the Negg Hunt 2009 - Rooms page :)


Oh, great and mighty Lord Zador, I have a very important question for you... Have you defeated the Anti-Bucket Faerie and the Lolruses yet? I must know, for if you haven't then I will join and sentence my evil Feepit bucket army on them... ~ countess_von_roo
While I was kidnapped by the evil Applitron 4000-X, the Anti-Bucket Faerie took over my spot on the Jellyneo Forums. You might or might not have witnessed that during late March. However, I was freed on April 8th and the Anti-Bucket Faerie seems to have fled. I will do my best to locate him/her/it again and make sure they do not bother the buckets anymore.

As for the lolruses, the Bucket Army is currently planning on how to defeat that threat. I hear one of the leaders, Aila, has been making some scoutings to the Remote Lolrus Island a while back.

On a side note, I tamed a lolrus. ;) It wears a fun Bucket Hat.

HI!!!*Throws unsuspecting petpet at anyone and everyone* I read the articale about the colors that cannot be put on pes with the Lab Ray but can you get Chombies?I've been wanting one forever and just wanted to know^ Allecat1996 ~ CowwyCowCowCow
Yes, you can get a Chomby from the Lab Ray :) However, it is still very random so it may take ages before you get the Chomby you want.

*dodges thrown petpet*

May I know where is Neopets headquarter? Are they hiring any people? I want to work there! It looks like a fun place to work in :P ~ DJ
The headquarters are situated in Glendale, California :) For job offerings, visit the Neopets Job Opportunities page on Neopets.

Hi, was just wondering, if there is anyway to find items release on certain day. I'm feeling quite sure I have clue what is solution for Chéf Bonju -avatar. (And if you don't mind I'll be using your ID to solve it.) (PS: Älä unohda pestä ämpärisauvaasi välillä) PPS: You cookie-rock. *throws a cookie tied to a rock* ~ EiKukaan
Unfortunately the newsdates we have added to items are not yet searchable. However, if you know the item's name, image or such detail, you can look it up in a search and see if we have put a newsdate on the item.

PS. Juu, täytyy sitä aina pestä ;)
PPS: *hit with cookie-rock* Ouch D:

Do u think i should use my army of snowmen to elimanate Dr. Sloth? ~ dom9001
You may as well try :) I'm sure you'll succeed.

Aww, looks like I was wrong. Oh well, that's one puddle of snowmen that will teach me to not encourage such attempts.

Hello, Zador! wanted to ask you, how do you make your own topic in the JNF? ~ mango_1997_amy
Locate the right forum for your to-be topic. Let's say you picked Newbie Meet & Greet. As soon as you enter the forum, there is a New Topic button on the right side of the page right under the Welcome text. Locate that on the forums you wish to post at and you will have your own topic :)

Hey TJNT! *Throws jelly doughnuts at you* (not doughnuts filled with jelly, but doughnuts made of jelly, which, like jelly world, does not exist) I just got the Lab Map, and went to the second page and refreshed over 30 times, but I did not get the Lab Ray Scientist as a BD challenger. Did I do something wrong? ~ fanfly
The Lab Ray Scientist is completely random. You may get it with a few refreshes or you might have to refresh for ages. I personally stopped refreshing after a while and eventually got him by simply visiting the second page during one of my zapping trips.

We'll make it exist! MWAH HAH HAA!

Hey Jellyneo!!! I ah-bviously have a question. So, my neopet is suffering from a disease, but the medicine is at least 99,999! Are there any other methods of restoring it to it's healthy form? Thanks. I should probably throw something but I don't have anything to throw. Sorry. :( ~ EyrieBlueRazz123
Try the Healing Springs over at Faerieland or feed your pet some Poisonous Jelly to change the disease to a cheaper to cure disease :)

Don't worry about not being able to throw something. I'll go through the Throw-at-Staff sack over here and throw something at myself... And it's a Flaming Rock Of Fire. Ouch, that will burn D:

*throws rock at self*

*skips kissing up but throws Meepit Repellent*On the JN STaff site theme, at the very top, who is the person between Illy and Terry, I can't find them in the STaff Listing! By the way... say hi to Rylon & Rosie 4 me! ~ ERROR! NAME LOST!
That would be Henri, a former moderator on the Jellyneo Forums :)

I'll be sure to let Rylon know you said hey, but not sure if Rosie will be online when I am ;)

*uses repellent on Weepit* Oh, wait... MEEPIT repellent.

Erm... How Do you paint a chia into a fruit or vegetable? Thanks, you rock! ~ michaelli910_8
You need to get hold of some Chia Pops :) Only some of them will work on your pet, such as the Apple Chia Pop, Onion Chia Pop and Pepper Chia Pop. Most of the non-working ones are named Non-Magical [flavour] Pop, but some do not have the Non-Magical part, such as the Banana Split Chia Pop.
Most of them will also say "A funny thing will happen to a Chia if it eats one of these..." in the description.

I'll turn your Chia into a Super Sour Shocker Chia! Oh... I won't?

All Hail Darth Zador!*Bows* One Question My Lord: What Happens When You Try To Transfer A Pet But Got The Username Wrong?*Hands Over A Darth Vader Shaped Cookie Head* Enjoy! :D ~ Dragunov12
Thanks for the cookie :) I shall enjoy it later today.

As for your question, go check out this page on Neopets. Hopefully it will help answer your question.

In your database of items (specifically plushies) you don't seem to have the broken versions of the plushies as a separate item i.e., broken chia angel plushie. I would contact the database guru - except I don't know how ~ bibibirdie
We do have these items you listed. However, some are listed under Broken Toy and some under Plushies. Try looking in both categories (perhaps narrow the searches down by using the words "ripped", "headless" and "broken") to find the broken plushies.

Hi TJNT you are awesome! I was wondering if I could have a Socko *puts on angelic face*. They look so cute and innocent! ~ Tormund302
The Socko Faerie shall aid you! Here, have this one :D

Do NOT take this poor Socko near a can of Diet Terry!