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Tom's Super-dee-Duper Editorial (v2)
Published: April 26, 2009

Get ready to be blown away, for it's the 81st issue of the Jellyneo Editorial, presented to you by me, Tom. In this issue of the editorial I will answer questions about avatars, music, food and... well, you'll have to keep reading to find out.

*Throws a rabid meepit at you* (Aww it wants a hug) Is it possible to get two avatars at once? Like for example you were playing faerie bubbles and it was the better then you game also and you managed to get ahigh enough score to both win the faerie bubble avvie and win bty would you get both avatars? (wow that sentence was really long) P.S. 42 ~ Aniqa
Yes, it is possible to get more than one avatar at once. Playing a game that awards an avatar and is also a BTY game should award you two avatars, assuming you get the correct scores. Also, you can get up to four avatars at once. If you have a new account, try visiting a Pirate Yurble or Tyrannian Jubjub with a Wreathy, Anubis, Scarabug or other avatar petpet attached that has a Moach. :O

This is totally relevant.

Is it just me, or is the soundtrack from Meepit Juice Break the song 'Jessica' by the 'The Allman Brothers Band'? Sure seems like it =D!!! ~ kylskool
While it may sound somewhat similar, all Neopets soundtracks are original pieces made specifically for the games; Neopets wouldn't want a lawsuit, after all. There is a chance that some of them are influenced by popular songs, though. :)

Hey Katje Tom! I was wondering if you guys had a staff page on JN. Ive looked around, but I can't find anything of the sort! (oh no!) I think it would be pretty cool, you guys could each have a little blurb about yourselves. Thanks for listening xD ~ rohrik2
Yep, we do have a staff page!. You can find the staff page here (or by clicking the 'Jellyneo Links' button in the sidebar and choosing 'Staff Listing'). Also, the page was recently updated, so now you can read a little more about us and admire our big noggins! :D

I think I'm a banana tree...

Bonjour! *Throws a croissant* A MILLION DOLLARS. Sorry, that was to get the editor's attention. Who in TJNT is a fan of 'Heroes?' No one I know seems to like it, my favourite show. :( ~ venom_7878
Bonjour! J'aime «Heroes» mais je suis triste parce qu'il va être terminé. :(

Sorry to any French speakers if I butchered that. :P

how do lutari paint brushes look on your pet... ? I think that if you spend millions on it you should at least know what it will make your pet look like! ~ allie_luck_money
Unfortunately, Lutari Paint Brushes cannot be used. :( They are merely collector's items.

First, I really like this site, I use it everyday! :D My question: My friend told me that I can download music from the games on neopets, but I can't find where. How do I do that, and is the Shenkuu Tangram song avaliable? (I really like that song!) ~ lollypopx2
You can find Neopets music here. Only a few games have their music available for download, though, and unfortunately Shenkuu Tangram's isn't available yet. :(

♪♫ And the piano's this melancholy soundtrack to her smile. ♪♫

I have a question about the 'sort by price' option in your item database. I think the items with a 'blank' price are unbuyable? Well could you put them at the end please? instead of the beginning? Thanks TJTN! ~ ssissy
Actually, items without a price haven't been priced by the staff yet. I'll ask one of the admins if they can possibly put them at the end.

what was the april fools joke for 2009?.. i didn't go on my computer for fear of the virus.. silly of me ~ akire_akire
Since you didn't specify whether you wanted to know about our joke or Neopets', I'll tell you about both. Lucky you! :D

This year Jellyneo decided to create a pet site of its own, aptly named 'Jellypets'. We managed to fool quite a few people, and apparently still are. (You should see all the Jellypet questions we get for the editorial!) If you want to see what Jellypets was like, click here.

As for Neopets, they decided to totally revamp the site into 'Neoplants', along with other, smaller pranks. The small pranks included the stock market crashing and all stocks being reset to 0; Fyora's Tower was overrun by many tonnes of plants; daily bank interest decreased by 1%, and the bank manager's image changed; Neopian inflation rose to 23.1%, effectively increasing the price for items in Neopian shops; and Wooden Barrels were given away in the Second-Hande Shoppe for Neopets to wear. Neoplants, the larger prank, involved TNT planning to revamp all Neopets, games, etc. into a plant theme. You can see the remnants of the joke here.

And the Evad and Cactus lived happily ever after...

Hi again TJNT :3 *throws home-made cookies* I was just on Neopets, going to visit the Snowager, and I noticed that Terror Mountain got a complete make-over. I think that the Haunted Woods did too... Anyways, is this very new? I hadn't noticed it until now... ~ _rauxlen_
Terror Mountain was revamped only a few weeks ago on March 28. A few months before that, the Haunted Woods was revamped, along with Virtupets Space Station in February, 2008. In a previous Neopian Times editorial TNT stated that they were planning on updating all world maps to the same look. :)

Hello there! I was wondering, what purpose do the snacks sold in the NC mall serve other than bouncing jovially and tasting yummy? Why pay real money for consumable products on neopets? Do they sing or play the piano? Go on picnics with you? Tap dance? ~ origamigiraffe
Food items in the mall do exactly what their descriptions tell you they will do. They fill your pet up to a bloated state and make them happy, all for $1.25+ USD! :D

Buy me. OR ELSE!

How do you get on the high score table for the Fruit Machine? I play it everyday and don't see any scores for it on My Highscores. ~ polishedsand
In order to get on the high score table for Fruit Machine you must get three Puntec Fruits.

When I fed my Poogle a Bitten Green Apple while using the Netherlands language, I suddenly got a Wriggling Grub! How did I do that? O_o ~ pikapika_2_2_2
When feeding your pet a Bitten Green Apple there is a small chance that you will receive a Wriggling Grub. How else do you think that bite got there? :)

Now with an ooey-gooey center!

Is it possible to receive both the Magical Kauvara avatar and the Mutant Jubjub avatar when I use a transmorgrification potion on one of my pets? Or do I really have to buy two separate morphing potions? ~ judy_da_dude
Nope. :( The Magical Kauvara avatar requires you to use a Morphing Potion on your pet, while the Mutant Jubjub avatar requires a Transmogrification Potion.

Hey Jellyneo! You're the best neopets help site ever! Anyway, I was browsing past editorials, and I came across the Dr. Sloth one (Editorial #10, I believe). I noticed that Dr. Sloth used the word "yoctometer". What exactly is a "yoctometer"? ~ reader8
A yoctometer (alternately spelled as yoctometre) is an SI unit of measurement equivalent to 10^-24 meters, or about .00000000000000000000001 meters. :)

Hi Tom! Quick question: In the last editorial, Dandy answered a question about random events. After it, he had an image. When I clicked on it, it took me to Faerieland. Then, when I clicked on it again, it took me to Mystery Island! :O Okay, so really, I have two questions (which may have the same answer): 'How do you do this' and 'How does it work'? ~ wingedfalcon7911
The button Dandy put in his editorial actually links to a Neopets page. On that page TNT put in a script that will randomly send you to various parts of the site. They most likely do this using javascript and a predetermined list of pages to send you. :)

A potato... how random.

Hello! I have a question regarding Key Quest. So my friend was playing a game of Key Quest. During a round, his opponent used Lint Ball on my friend (his token was just before a Key on the map). But instead of rolling, he waited for his turn to run out, therefore, Lint Balls effect ends, and during his next turn, he can get his key. After the game, his opponent Neomailed him and said that was illegal and it can be a freezable offense. Is that true? ~ ItsMiroki
Yes. Waiting for your turn to end in order to avoid negative effects is against the spirit of the game, and is a reportable offense. Please let your friend know not to do this anymore.

Hi Tom! *throws everything and nothing* Do the JN staff contact each other a lot, or just sometimes? And how do they work on a project together when some of them live on the other side of the world? ~ mango_1997_amy
Most of us contact each other nearly every day. We mostly use instant messengers like MSN, but also talk on our super secret staff forum. As for projects, each of us usually gets a small task to complete, and then we put those things together to complete the project. It's almost like we don't live thousands of kilometers away from each other! :D

Wait - you're saying that the Negg Hunt WASN'T the Big Secret Project? You actually have something bigger and/or better in mind?! ~ yaksrcewl
Nope. While the Negg Hunt did require a lot of time and effort from the amazing Rosie (who is currently sleeping for the next year or so), we have something even bigger in store for you guys, and it has been in the works for quite a few months now.

hi! what petpet [presumably] is pictured in this graphic? i can't seem to find it anywhere :[ http://images.neopets.com/template_images/marbluck_mushroom.gif thanks! ~ horsmuffin22445
That would be a Marbluk.

How old do you have to be in order to be considered for a position working for Jellyneo? ~ i_lov_to_read_books
Since Jellyneo is based in the United States, you must be 13 years of age to be considered for a position on the site. This is because of COPPA, an act put into law by the US Government. If you would like to read more about COPPA, click here.

Erm, have you ever seen a Chia with its eyes OPEN?... ~ yaksrcewl
After searching far and wide, I have found an image of a Chia with its eyes open. Enjoy! :)

Hey JN! You are my favorite Neopets help site! *throws an infinite bag of cookies at anyone within reach* And now, my question... How do you put lab map pieces in their spots (petpet and original)? Thanks. ~ neoshadowkev
You can put your lab map pieces in their 'spots' by visiting the Neopets Treasure Hunt page for the Laboratory Map. The map pieces will appear in their appropriate places as long as they are in your inventory. However, the pieces will stay in your inventory until you visit the page with all 9 pieces, at which point you complete the map, lose the pieces, and win a prize. This applies to all maps.

Hey Tom! Just wondering, do you have a lot of people asking you if you have a brother called Jerry? *evil laughter* ~ jy
No, but wouldn't it be awesome if I had a friend named Jerry? :O

I shall call him Jerry and he shall be mine and he shall be my Jerry.

I'm wondering about Rosie's Spring Celebration final prize. I haven't gotten anything yet, and I got everything everyday except the last prize that glitched. Is this because I don't qualify? Or is it because they haven't been released yet? Just wondering. Thanks for the help in advance! ~ wosk73
Both the prize for the last day of the giveaway and the bonus prize have been released. The two items that were given out are Hand Picked Spring Flowers and Negg Hat (a wearable).

Since the last day of the giveaway was glitched, TNT handed the items out to those who attempted to get the prize on April 12. However, some people still haven't received their prizes; if you were one of the users who did not receive the two items above, and did attempt to get them on April 12, then send in a bug report to TNT.

Colonel Sanders loves his Negg Hat!

Hello you!!! In the "Lab Ray" article, it is said what colours I cannot from the Lab. That's fine, I already knew that... :P The one thing I don't know is this: Can we get ALL species from the Lab? I mean, can we have Krawks, Draiks or Lutaris? Thank you! ~ felipeaugusto
You can obtain Lutaris from the Lab Ray for sure; a few of my friends have, and I believe a few staffers have, too. Theroretically, it is possible to obtain a Krawk or Draik from the Lab Ray, it's just extremely rare. So rare that no one has heard of it happening yet. :P

I shall take over Neopia with my army of trusty meepits. But which should I make General; Petal the faerie meepit or Sunshine the mutant meepit? *Throws ray gun shield* You may need to use that. ~ theshadowbrae
Psh, meepits couldn't take over the world even if they had all the QX-Neutrino Blasters in Neopia at their disposal. They're small, weak and pink, and they'll never ama... to an... ack!

Sunshine: This editorial is now over. Please proceed to check out our sponsor, who is listed below.

Not again... HELP ME!!!

Check out Bree
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