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Editorial Eighty - Another Heartfelt Dandy Issue
Published: April 18, 2009

The eightieth Jellyneo editorial.
Quite a milestone, wouldn't you agree? And without all that bang and the fuss that issue one hundred will surely bring.
With this editorial, I not only quest to capture your attention, but capture your heart. Let this issue be something special. Like a fond eighty year-old grand mother, issue eighty will strive to provide you with an in-depth look into the fine tunings which keep Neopets, and our very own Jellyneo, ticking over.

slurrpHow cute

So make yourself comfy. Grab yourself a hot cup of Borovan, settle into a cozy sofa, and I'll begin my epic tale of questionable quality.

Heya Dandy! In Rylon's last editorial somebody asked a question about rarity items. What do they mean by "seeing" rare 99 items. ~ shermanpeople
They are referring to the ability to see items of that rarity stock in the Neopian shops. Since these items are rare, to prevent cheating from multiple accounts, a time restriction is placed on when these items can be viewed. Younger accounts simply won't see them!

Why don't they make a plushie paint brush plushie? You could have plushie stitches!! ~ Pinkkea
And plushie stuffing, and plushie patches!
Unfortunately they don't yet have a plushie version of this particular item. Fortunately, however, there is a whole range of plushified versions of your favourite regular plushie, for those strapped of cash. Such items include the Plushie Grarrl Plushie, or Plushie Peo Plushie.

Who said odd socks were boring?
It's the plushie version of the pushie version of a pet for your pet!
How confusing.

OK...Let's say I'm considering entering the Site Spotlight soon, but the pet the site is on is on a side account. In order for me to actually enter the site spotlight (and have a chance of winning) will I have to transfer the pet to my main account or enter the site spotlight on my side account? (but I do want the trophy on my main ;)) Thanks! ~ princisee
You'll have to transfer the pet to the account you want the trophy. Because no neopoint prize is awarded for this competition, you can also participate from your side accounts, if you wish to.

Hellooo JN! *throws 42 buckets of asparagus* I've been saving up for a Cloud PB and I finally got it. I painted my Kacheek. Suddenly it said my Kacheek had Watery Eyes!! Does this have to do anything with the paintbrush? (My eyes are stinging right now O_O) ~ Pinkkea
Your Kacheek most likely contracted the disease as part of a random event. It was purely coincidental, and unrelated to the painting of your pet.
As for your eyes? I guess that adds to the coincidence. Maybe you just need to take a break from the computer. ;D

Hey guys. This week TNT said they had added an explanation of the Daily Dare prizes. I was looking forward to reading this because, as someone who beat AAA in all 30 games but not on release day, I felt we got a little left out. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it. Have you guys seen it? ~ nate1986
The prize explanations can be analysed under the Daily Dare FAQ section. They never made any updates to explain why everyone got an Abigail Sweatband, however.

Hi =) My question is regarding the Altador plot. I had a former account that used to be my main before I made it my side, that was the account I did the altador plot on. My sister got onto this account recently and spammed up the boards subsequently the account got frozen. Does this mean I can do the altador plot on the account I now use as my main or does that count as having done the plot twice? Thanks for any help. =) ~ meowsaystheemo
If your previous account was frozen, then you're most welcome to create a new account, provided you follow the rules, and continue earning neopoints and participating in plots. Just make sure you keep all your activities on the same account. =)

Hi there! I was wondering, are the same codes used for both Key Quest tokens and the Grundo Warehouse? I'm guessing not, because I tried putting my code in at the Grundo Warehouse, and it took me to the Key Quest page. If not, how can you tell which kind of code you are getting? ~ egyptmysteries
Make sure you input the URL represented on the code ticket. If the item is a plushie with a "Key Quest Virtual Prize' tag, then you will need to redeem in the Key Quest section. Likewise, there are also other code redemption pages for Neopets TCG codes, and for codes found on other merchandise which can be redeemed at the Grundo Warehouse.

It has a tiny peanut on it!
I can't find the link... or the code, for that matter.

Hey! *throws bag of everlasting cookies at you* I have 2 questions 1: If I paint my pet, I dunno, Pirate, can I remove the clothes it wears? and 2: What is the point of levels in Neopets? I've been trying to work it out for ages. Much appreciated. ~ sophiafirata
How sneaky! Two questions in one!

Yes, if you paint your Neopet a colour which comes with clothing, then you can remove these to suit your taste. You could then dress up another pet of the same species with those wearables, provided it's on the same account. Deluxe paint brush wearables cannot be transferred, unless they are being worn by the original pet.

Neopet levels enable you to continue training your Neopet at the Swashbuckling Academy, or Mystery Island Training School. Once a Neopet's stat reaches a certain level, you will be required to increase it's level, thus raising the threshhold.
Unfortunately, this also means a higher cost.

Where In Particular Can I Get Random Events? ~ Dragunov12
Random events can happen on almost any Neopets page, one notable exception being The Neopian Times. Keep in mind they are quite rare, so don't expect to get one soon. ;)

Jellyneo takes no responsibility from teleportation-resultant bleeding noses.
Take a chance on me!

:D Hey, JN! This is hopefully going to be my third question published. I was wondering, when does the AC IV start? Sometime in May, or June? I'd like to know as exactly as possible because I need to finish my guild before it starts. Thanks in advance! ~ evilham
Judging by previous year's starting dates, the Altador Cup will most likely begin about mid-June. Remember, this is only an approximate date. We do our best to predict the future, but our Jelly Crystal Ball likes to throw a tanty whenever we actually need something.

Does anyone at Jellyneo believe in the paranormal? ~ arialofengland
Some of us believe in a mysterious land made of jelly, others tell us they're well acquainted with the Shadow Usul.
The only thing paranormal which we all agree on, is Weepit.

Why does it seem like the same people get into (and also win) the caption contest? Not that I'm bitter or anything *shifty eyes* but seeing the same names time and time again is disheartening. ~ vyddendarkblade
Because there are so many users submitting captions, it's likely TNT won't have enough time to look over every one of them. In fact, probably only a small potion.
Although selection isn't guaranteed by a witty caption, it certainly helps. Luck is probably the biggest factor.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!
Make sure you're wearing your lucky underwear!

Who actually drew the jellypets? They are really cool looking! ~ _Dancing_Plants__
Most of the images from Jellypets, our April Fools joke this year, were drawn by Rosie, including the pets themselves. She, SciFi, and Rylon also worked on the item images, and Illy created the layout. Weepit, Zador, and many other staffers helped to write the backstory.

people say that the tooth faerie give quests too, and claim that a lot of people got quest from her. is that true? ~ owo
Nope! The Tooth Faerie doesn't actually dish out quests unfortunately, but she may pay you a special visit through her random events. If she's feeling kind, you could get an avatar, or a handful of neopoints.

Hiya! =3 I was just wondering if to get an MSP Poogle your Poogle has to first be painted plushie and then play with the MSPP Plushie, or can your Poogle be any color and you play with the plushie? Also, where in Neopia can you get that stupid thing? It isn't in the auctions, stores, trades... anywhere! Anyway, thanks for answering my question. =p ~ neogirl67890682
Hmm... it appears you've got yourself a bit confused.
In order to acquire the MSP colour for your Poogle, you will need to have a very lucky zap from the Lab Ray, or an equally lucky quest from the Rainbow Fountain Faerie.
The MSPP Plushie won't actually change your pet's colour. The reason why it's so expensive, is because it's a very high rarity, not because of any magical capabilities.

This Poogle has an ALTerior motive.
But Mummy! I want that one!

What is the Tyrannian Trophy for? ~ Sapphireofhope
The trophies you are referring to, were awarded for participation in one of Neopets' first battledome plots, The Tyrannian Invasion, in 2001. Participants were awarded 10,000 NP, and a trophy showing their rank and total battle wins.

Where are you guys from? I'm from New Zealand, hailing from Auckland! How many more worlds does Neopets need before ALL worlds are included in the Altador Cup? 20? Why won't they get Neovia & Geraptiku then? ~ Minako Aino
Us JNers reside all over the world, in countries such as the Unites States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland and even me and Jen from your own country.

Since the Altador Cup only need an even number of teams to allow the round robin to work, simply adding in Neovia (or perhaps Neopia Central?) and allowing Kreludor back into the competition would suffice. But who knows? 16 teams is an awful lot as it is right now. =)

TJNT, in the pet poser, it has the color "juppieswirl", but no pictures show up for any of the pets. What does this color look like, and why aren't there any pets? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~ artistchick97
Juppieswirl was a fruit colour intended for the Chia, many years ago. Due to reasons unknown, the new colour was never released. The poor colour's fate was sealed, when customisation came along, banishing all the old artwork to the deep, dark depths of Neopets image servers.

The image files have since been deleted. But never fear! Jellyneo is here - with a saved version!

Whoo! It's a Chia Pop! I sure hope Lupes are allergic to cream... And one on the right, too!

Chias - Now in Blue Juppie flavour, with added whipped cream!!!

Hi, I was just wondering about the Number Six avvie. Now, it used to be, that if you had more NPs than Adam in your account and went the About Us page, you got the avvie. But now it says 'carrying' more. Do the NPs have to be in your account, or out? ~ redwitch12
Same deal. The neopoints must be sitting on hand for you to acquire the elusive avatar.
I must also point out that the amount must be the same as the daily asparagus price for it to be yours. Tuck any extra away in the bank.

Hi! I was wondering... why do the cheese and the rotten omelettes look the same? And why are the urls also the same? Please help! ~ belinda_xian
Hmm... That is a little bit puzzling. I always assumed that it was a strange new form of bacteria, which Dr Sloth had brought to Tyrannia from outer space.
But you are right, the URL would have us assume it's nothing more than a tame splodge of cheese... perhaps blue cheese?

I tweaked the image URL to the logical option for the rotten variety, and EUREKA! It appears there's been a bit of a mix-up. TNT must have entered the wrong URL for the poor omelette, all that time ago.
Let's hope this discovery will help warn others of the omelette's nasty Ugga Ugga-inducing effects.

Spoil your Neopet rotten, with this tasty omelette! Cheese? What a load of old rot! I wonder if my pet ROTtweiler would eat this... heh, puns are getting trickier.

And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling kids.

Ok, I know why my pet won't eat certain foods, but can you tell me why she won't read certain books? I am trying to get her intelligence up but it's frustrating when she won't read something. Thanks so much ~ his_patience
Pets will refuse to read any book with the same amount of characters as their name has.
To overcome this, simply change the site language to another (e.g. Korean), read the book again to the stubborn pet in question, and they'll likely be delighted with your new offering. =)

*waves overenthusiastically* I have a side account I want to freeze, how can I? P.S.- Say hi to Rylon for me! ~ ERROR! NAME LOST!
*waves back*
To freeze your account, all you need to do is recklessly break the Neopets terms and conditions. That's a sure fire way to get your account locked up for good.
If you want a far quicker way, and are slightly more intelligent than that, you can always use this handy link.

Another megaphone?
Rylon on aisle three. Rylon on aisle three. "Hi"

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