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Eighth Issue
Published: September 18, 2007

8 squared is 64. Half of 64 is 32. 32 plus 10 is 42. Creepy, eh?

Can you please add links to the prize shops for plots as i cant remember how to get to the lost isle. ~ amf78
You can find the links to plot prize shops in the plot guides themselves. (Or for you, click here to claim them!)

My Guild occasionally has "plots" I write a story line, then the members take sides... Some plots we have guild battles.... It's been bothering me lately that we're breaking a sacred neopets rule. So, what do you think JN? ~ Crazy meepit Girl
As long as you do not offer any type of prize or require any sort of "entry" fee, you aren't breaking any rules! A basic rule of thumb is if the event requires Neopoints being transferred from a member to a guild leader, or vice versa, it's not allowed!

why did you put "Jelly World Exists!!!!11!1!!1" at the end of the answer of question 5 in the first ever editorial ~ macoronikevin
Because it does!

Jelly World exists, really!

when will you give out prizes for 25 million hits contest. you sure are taking a long time. ~ macoronikevin
We gave those out like a loooong time ago. (About 7.5 millions hits ago to be more precise.) We never posted the winners because a good amount of them requested that their usernames remain private.

Is TNT making any new Plots or Mini-Plots?? ~ Luvz2tlk101
Yes, our sources have revealed that they have begun the "meeting phase" of creating a new plot. That means that someone has a cool idea, but there's no way to tell when the plot will make its debut. (So don't go starting any rumors!)

Which is better: CHEESE or PIE? ~ casty321
Neither is better. The best is a nice cheese pie.

Are you guys going to make a page that has the answers to the daily questions on neopets main page? ~ marca26
We have one already! You can click here to find it. For future reference, it is linked from the front page under the "News and Updates" header. (Right next to Site Updates.)

Is it hard to complete Illusens Quest? Did you ever finished it? ~ one
Once you get up to quest 33/34, it seems near impossible, as that greedy Illusen starts asking for rarity 99 items. (Which makes quest 35, the Honey Potion level, so elusive.)

why is the answer to the world and everything 42,how did you figure that? ~ pokemonmonmonmon
We programmed a computer to compute the answer to life, the universe, and everything. We then let the program run. It only took a couple million years, but the final answer was 42.

Anyone of you know where the hecks the Skarl's Scramble games has gone? TNT won't answer it.. ~ Phatomanise
They took it off the site a long time ago. If I recall correctly, it was pretty buggy and not worth fixing. (It was quite a strange game, too!)

What do you do when you seen inappropriate ads on Neopets? ~ bored_person789
We adblock them. *nod* You can click here to view our AdBlock guide to block them too! (We block all the ads from appearing (so we don't see them in the first place), to answer your question more thoroughly. :P)

Hi.Pwnsome site ya guys.Hey I was wondering,the usakicon yr9 badge/neclace thingee,is it wearable by all pets,or i it wearable,but not at the moment?Cause I wanna know if i can get one to put on my uni... ~ paint13
It is wearable on all pets except for the Fruit/Vegetable coloured pets (This is why you should eat your vegetables. You learn to like them and treat them equally! :P), Baby pets, Maraquan pets, and Mutant pets. *nod*

I can't wear this :(

Who does the most work of you three? Terry, Dave, or Stephen? :D ~ tundra_wolves
Obviously TerryDaveStephen does the most work. *nod*

For a few items in the IDB a few weeks ago, I sent in prices for them, but they weren't showing up. I waited a week, then resent in the prices, and still nothing. It'd be fun (don't ask ;P) to go through and help price the items, but if prices don't show up, it's a bit discouraging ;( Glitch? ~ wwe_fan_2005
Our staff is hard at work going through all your price submissions! (They go through them by hand.) With school starting up, it may take a little longer but it'll get done. I'll be sure of it.

*shows Super Fork of DOOOOOOM*

Hiya TJNT! I'm a frequent visitor of the forums, an Active Member in fact. I was just wondering if the spoiler tags are ever going work again. They are VERY convenient. Thanks! ~ chinesedude357 (Wayne)
We've totally forgotten about them. They must be on one of our ten to-do lists... *adds to all*

If Alton Brown were a Neopet, what kind do you think he'd be? (And wouldn't he make some awesome Chia-based dishes?) ~ suchanevilboygenius
Well, if he's making Chia-based dishes, then he must be a Lupe in disguise!


HEY YOU ROCK JN, anyways i was wondering who are the staff members of jellyneo i always wanted to know, and when there is a JN plot or something am i allowed to do it or is it just 4 members ?? ~ Hollybear2
You can find a listing of the people behind JN on the Staff Listing page. It's really quite boring, though.

What is the current status between Sloth and the Meepits? As an evil genius myself, I have formed a kind of 'live and let live' relationship with the Meepits; I provide them with all the lemons and clear plastic forks they require (and use of my garden shed), and they leave my labs alone. But would this damage possible relations with Sloth? I cannot afford to make an enemy of Sloth, but the Meepits could be a serious threat to my experiments. ~ eleanor111
Offer a spork to Sloth. And a Super Attack Pea to the Meepits. Then leave immediately.


Can you use the Original Treasure Map everyday? And do you think it is worth it? =.- ~ neohaze
Yes, you can. In fact, you can use as many of them as you want a day. From experience, it's not really worth it unless you feel like you're very lucky that day.

If I banned myself from withdrawing nps from the bank(aka taking out nps till it bans me)what will happen?Will I get a warning?(For reasons I don't know.)I need to know because I have a spending problem and wanna save up for a desert pb! ~ pigletpink13
You will not get a warning. You will just be blocked from withdrawing NP from the bank for the rest of the day. :P

You better save up to buy me!

Alton brown- Feasting on Asphalt or Good Eats? ~ meerca11114
I (Terry) like both. So does Dave, if I recall. If I remember correctly, Stephen doesn't watch the Food Network.

Do instruments on Neo have a special use? Like, do they increase intelligence or something? Or are they just to play with, like toys? ~ sonictheonlyhedgehog
Nope, they're just toys. :P (I'd expect them to become wearable soon. Soon as in either next week or in the next few years.)

You can't play me, I'm the Dusty Old Tambourine!

Does a Blobikins only exist in Jellyneo, or does it exist in Neopets too? I tried searching for it but all I got was a user and a pet. ~ angelspark119
Since the Blobikins is R99 (Rarity 99), you are not able to search for it in the search bar on Neopets. You are, however, able to search for it in the Shop Wizard. You can take a look at our Rarities Guide on our Item DB for a look at all the rarities and what you can do with them!

Is that duck on the Dar-BLAT! game a new, unreleased neopet? =O ~ shmexay
Nope, it's a Darblat! :P (But we'll see a new paint brush colour soon... Thanks to TNT :D)

How DARE you confuse me with a Neopet! *hmmph*

What web hosting site does TNT use for neopets? ~ wildamigo
They own their own servers and TNTers are paid to watch over them and fix things if they go awry. In other words, instead of purchasing space on the servers of a hosting company, the middleman is cut out and they own their own servers. They still have the pay the data center in which they reside in, and the bandwidth costs as well. But I think that's all the geek speak that can be handled at the moment. :P

Do Utility Fish do anything in particular?I've wanted to buy one and check it out,but I'm saving and they're expensive. ~ krawky398
Nope, they're useless and expensive relics from the days of Old Maraqua.

I do absolutely nothing other than switch from turtle to futon and back again.

Okay, so I battling Bob's puny ounchbag butt the other day and saw this message after whacking him with a scarab ring and astromony club: Punchbag Bob shades themself against your light attack with the Dark Shield! My question is, I thought Bob didn't have any weapons. Is this new? ~ bananafaerie99
Despite his lack of weapons, he does have some "abilities" that he occasionally will use to defend himself. He doesn't use them all the time, but they do sometimes pop up just as you've used your most powerful snowball during that round!

In your Item Database, do you have a special category for all the plot prizes? ~ meerca11114
Yes, we do! Look at the Special Categories dropdown. It's under (you guessed it) Plot Prizes! Alternatively, you can click here to view them.

Do you have a page where yo show all the available clothing items for the Neopets Customization? IF you do, please tell! Thanks :D ~ top_girl12345
You can find a complete listing of what each of your pets can wear by visiting the Wearables section of our items database.

Wouldn't your pet look quite fashionable with these clothes?

If you accidentally disabled the voting/rating on your pet's page, is there any way to bring it back? ~ canary2
Yep. Revisit your pet's lookup and the old rating spot will have an "Enable Rating" link in its spot.