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Rylon's Issue
Published: April 11, 2009

Welcome to Rylon's Teatime Edition of the Editorial. Make sure to grab yourself a hot, steaming mug of tea before you start. Alrighty, sitting comfortably? Then let's begin!

Hey JN, I know you guys don't make userlookups but I was hoping someone here would know the answer. Are we allowed to make it so the usercollection images (avatar, battledome, keyquest...and so on) are not displayed because right they would be stretching my lookup... Thanks a bunch, and great job with the AC coverage. ~ midnighter6
No, this is not allowed. Within the UserCollection module you can only access the Stamp Album of a user via the image, so getting rid of that is a big no-no. You can of course change the size of the image or do some fancy CSS work to use your own image, provided the link is still clickable.

Hey I was reading through some older posts and I saw what looked like a floating keyquest faerie doll on one of your first posts about Key Quest... what I want to know is: is that item released yet? or do you know if it is going to be released any time soon?... and i can only assume that when it is released... it will only be obtainable through the faerie doll capsule in the NC mall... right? ~ Alex
The Floating Bree Faerie Doll was released into the NC Mall at the end of October last year. It can be found in the 'Trinkets' section of the NC Mall, and is available for 150 Neocash.

Go on, buy me! I only cost 150NC, I'm a bargain!

Hey TJNT, you rock! *throws soft soft plushie* Can the Pant Devil steal NC Mall items? What if you just won the Qasalan Expellibox, bought a NC item, and then the Pant Devil stuck?! :/ ~ Piggoe
Nope, Neocash items cannot be stolen by the Pant Devil or through any other stealing-based random event.

Hello! My shop is in the Haunted Woods, but when i go into the haunted marketplace none of the linked tombstones work! Would you happen to know why? ~ x20ayame05x
In order to obtain a place in any of the marketplaces, your shop needs to be big enough. At the time of writing, the smallest shop listed within the first 410 Haunted Woods shops (and therefore those that make an appearance in the marketplace) is at size 269. Beat that and you'll get your shop listed!

Has Neopian Inflation ever NOT been at 2.31%? Except for the Altador Plot :P ~ iamblahp
Why yes! Most recently, for April Fools Day 2009, TNT increased the rate of inflation to 23.10%, causing prices of items in the Neopian Shops to rise a tad. It was all part of their 'let's destroy the economy even more!' gag. ^^

Hi.. I'm sort of a beginner in restocking. And i was wondering if you guys could give some pointers.. Like which shops are good for beginners to start restocking in. and how will we know which items in a shop are worth lots and which are not. Thanks a lot TJNT! :) ~ wapandmap
We have a restocking guide which should get you started. If you scroll down to the recommendations section you'll find that it's suggested you should start out in the Bookshop or the Pharmacy. Unfortunately there is no way to tell you which items are good and which are bad, as restocking is a constant learning process with figuring out which items to go for. I've been restocking for 2 years and will still grab junk without realising.

I love tonus, I have a Mutant Tonu, BUT I have a hard time trying to customize him. Can he wear anything other than backgrounds NC items or trinkets off to the corner? ~ Alexyb
Nope, backgrounds and trinkets and garlands (oh my!) are just about all Mutant pets can wear. This is the same for Maraquan and baby pets, as well as all fruit or vegetable Chias.

For the pet directory can you make it to be able to search for pets by the owners username? ~ yoshi_sonic_90
As we do not hold any information on the pet owner, such as a username, this isn't something we can implement. Each entry in the Pet Directory, however, does link to the pet's lookup, where you can access the Owner's userlookup and therefore see their pets.

My question is when you zap your petpet and it turns rainbow and you give your neopet a new petpet and remove the rainbow one does it go back to the orginal color and species? ~ lub_pony
Yes, any zapped petpets will revert to their original state once removed.

hello JN! Ok, I was wondering, lets say I have 1 main account, and 4 side accounts, on my one email address, for all my pets and stuff. Now, lets say I wanted another account, for more room for my pets, could I make another account on another email, and link it as my side? Or would this be having to many accounts? Do you understand what I'm asking? Thanks in advance! ~ Imstumped
This would be considered having too many accounts, and it's something you could get frozen for. 4 side accounts and a main give you space for 20 pets, more than enough for one person. Any more and you simply cannot spread the love between them all!

Hi JN I was Wondering if r99 items can be viewed on a 4 month old neopets account ~ ikianu711
They can indeed! Once you hit 3 months you can view any items that stock in the Neopian Shops. Since it's not yet listed in our Restocking Guide (I'll poke Weepit until it is, though), the account age-item rarity breakdown is as follows: Newbie - ≤ r79; 10 days - ≤ r84; 16 days - ≤ r89; 1 month - ≤ r94; 3 months - ≤ r100.

where do you vote fo the next wearalbe item? It used to in the wearable area of the Item DB? ~ emilybat12
I had a look through the IDB and couldn't find the voting page linked anywhere! But it is still available if you click on this link!

Brr... Weepit would love to wear this!

*throws scrambled rainbow negg* Hey. So I was going one of Illusen's quests on Illusen Day to try and get her avvie. This task became a little more difficult than I had planned when she asked me to find her Basic White Floor Tiles. After doing some extensive research on these silly tiles... I found out that I couldn't find them anywhere in the shop wizard or trading post because they are SO basic, they are in noobie packs. How is this fair? Does Illusen just pick random items for you to retrieve, even though it's impossible to get them? There should be more balance to that quest! ~ Asseenontv13
Ah, Illusen really has tricked a great number of questers by asking for Neohome items that don't seem to exist. Thing is, they do exist, and are available to anyone at anytime over at the Neohome Superstore! When Neohome 2.0 was released, TNT created a NH-only shop, accessible through the normal Neohome splash page. The items cannot be bought anywhere else, and have caught many people out in quests, or in random events where pets ask for the items.

Hiya! *Rides up to you on a cow* How do you earn Joodles?*If you answer this question, heres some yogurt filled with calcium for strong bones :3* ~ fox_lover_virgo
Thanks for that! Joodles are earnt through the JN Forums, by posting and starting your own topics. Many users also have giveaways and contests running where Joodles are the prize - some even give out millions at a time! Once you have some Joodles, stick them into a bank account (via the Joodle Mart) so they can earn interest and grow! For more information on Joodles, please check out this post on the forum.

In Caption #996, there was a wooden Wocky that appeared to be alive. New Paint Brush color? ~ cofusm
Wouldn't a new paintbrush colour be nice? Alas, I actually think it was a subtle hint from TNT at the Neoplants April Fools joke. A wooden or earth-based colour would be rather spiffy, though!

I was wondering, would R100 item be stock in shop? For example the Bat Thing Usuki, I really want to buy it but no one sells in the trade! ~ Suicider
Yes, r100 items do stock in the Neopian shops. They are, however, very, very, very rare, so you're likely to never see a r100 stock. If one does restock, they are generally sold on with a multi-million price tag so you'd best get saving!

Don't think you'll ever restock me!

Hi! I consider Jellyneo to be vital to enjoying my Neopets experience!!! How do I tell others about Jellyneo without getting into trouble with Neopets? I can't put the link in neomail can I? Or can I? Thanks! ~ lambtwist
The easiest way to spread the word is by using our many services, such as Goal Counters, or entering your pets into the Pet Directory. That way you can show off your love for JN with images in your lookup or petpage that contain our name, but won't get you into trouble.

Hello Rylon! I want to start feeding my Blumaroo gourmet food, but I don't know what's cheap and what's not. Could you guys consider putting Gourmet Foods as a category in your Item Database so we can find every gourmet food item our hearts desire? Please and Thanks!!! ~ kittykat30916896
I hope you've got some cash coming in, as Gourmet feeding isn't cheap! We are, however, one step ahead of you and already have a Gourmet search in place. Heading on over to the Special Searches link at the IDB you'll stumble on this search that'll bring up all the gourmet items.

What paint brush would you like to see on Neopets in the future? I'm thinking of a Gnome or an Altadorian paint brush :D ~ kuradoberiaishishoo
Personally I'd like to see a Neovian Paint Brush, just because it would look so classy and stylish. I'd also like some sort of Meridell Paint Brush, but I believe the Regulation Meridellian Knight Superpack in the NC Mall will have done away with that idea. I don't think they'd make an Altador Paint Brush as some of the royal colours (Korbat especially) already look Altadorian anyhow.

Hi Rylon! Couple of questions: 1. After Jellypets was taken down, did you guys get hate mail? 2. Your opinion on Sockos? 3. What graphics did you do for Jellypets? 4. I know it says "Please don't ask about that Kiko, but where can I get one of those pencils? IT NEVER RUNS OUT! 5. Why do you dislike tea? ~ johnpaul
Howdy! 5 questions in one, eh? You're a sneaky one, you are!

  1. Yes and no. A lot of people did want it to be real, so there was a bit of annoyance at it being a joke. However the majority just said how good a prank it was :)
  2. Socko's are adorable, I just want to give them a hug.
  3. Uh, not too much, actually. All I did was turn the items into little Jelly Cubes, since I thought that would be neat :D
  4. Honestly I have no idea, but I could use one for University, I go through a pen in a week!
  5. Who's been feeding you such slanderous filth? I adore tea! I'm sipping on a cup right now, it keeps me going throughout the day.

Why! WHY!! Why did Donna and Adam leave Neopets? Oh, why could they do such a terrible thing! Here, TJNT. Have my triple choc chip cookies for being the bestest Neopets help site ever. Before I forget, Hello Rylon. *poofs* ~ 1_twilight_rocks_1
They left Neopets in 2005, after being bought out by Viacom for a cool $160m. By that point they were taking a very backseat role within the site anyway, and felt it was a good time to move on. The pair, now married, can be found at their new company Meteor Games, where they are working on a whole host of exciting projects such as 'Twin Skies', 'Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas', and a super-secret new pet-based site!

What Are The Chances Of Me Getting A Morphing Potion From Kauvara? PS: What Is More Expensive: Lab Ray, Morphing Potion, Paint Brush Or Magical Plushie? Just Curious.... Here Have A Cookie! :D ~ Dragunov12
In order to restock a morphing potion, you have to be pretty quick as they sell out in seconds. According to my 'what I've restocked' list, I have restocked 14 MPs, so it certainly is possible to get them :P As for the expense of those items, it all depends on what colour/species you're looking for: each species varies with what items are available. The Lab Ray is going to be expensive in terms of time, as you may never get your desired combination.

Heya, Rylon! I was recently browsing through the past beauty contest winners. There was a cool looking entry, and I wanted to go to that pet's lookup. The pet had a super long name, so I decided that I would just copy and paste the name in the search bar. However, when I did so, a pop-up window came up and said, "You should NOT be copying someone else's image from the Beauty Contest." Just wondering, will I be reported or frozen for this? Thanks muchly! ~ moonlit_sun
Since the Beauty Contest is art-focused, TNT have implemented a no right-click script, to help combat any art theft. Should you need to copy a pet's name in the Beauty Contest, simply highlight it, and use Control+C on your keyboard, rather than doing it with your mouse.

Hey, Ryan :D Why did you pick the Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg as this month's Staff Listing theme image? *gives you PG Tips tea* Also.... *spoils Lost for you* ~ zadorvp
No, no, don't spoil Lost! D: You big meanie! I chose the Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg because, as a chocoholic, it just sounds so appealing. Plus I like good quality chocolate, so I'd imagine I would actually like to eat it. And thank you for the tea, that'll be most enjoyable :D

No, not /that/ Lost, silly!

Hey Rylon, I know that you can sell your classic neohome back to the bank based on the current value of the NeoDAQ Index. Does that mean that the number of neopoints you can get for selling your classic neohome also fluctuates? Thanks. ~ JFA111115
Yes, it will fluctuate in accordance with whatever the NeoDAQ happens to be at the time of selling. That means that right now you won't get much, as the Stock Market crash from April Fools has severely cut the value of the NeoDAQ index.

Hey JN, on the neopian callander, it says March 3rd is "cancelled due to lack of interest." Can you interpret this in a way i can understand? ~ Galloping Grarrl
This actually goes back a few years to 2004. Rather than try and explain, here's what TNT posted in their news update:

Tomorrow has been cancelled! [link]
Yes, that is correct. March the 3rd will not be happening. Basically, we are now syncing the daily content once per day, and because of all the extra things we have to do (syncing to 120 servers, translating the site), it is happening much later than usual. As a result, by the time the site syncs the actual day that news refers to is over in more than half the world. The fact that we are 8 hours behind GMT does not help that fact either.

Australians, for instance, will first hear about Uni Day (March the 2nd) at 4pm on March the 3rd, and those playing from Nuku'alofa in Tonga have it even worse!

So anyway, we will be doing the content one day in advance from now on, and then sync at midnight on the previous day. We hope you like this idea!! All the stuff that will usually go up on the 3rd will be happening on the 4th, so don't worry about missing Mystery Pic :)

does your site theme effct the number of random events you get, right no I useing the petpet park theme and seemto be geting less random events. ~ emilybat12
As far as we are aware, no site theme alters your chances of getting random events (with the exception of the unobtainable Birthday Theme, which does increase RE's). You're probably just having an unlucky spell, that's all.

Hey Russ! This isn't so much a question as an impromptu tea party. ^^ I brought plenty of your favourite beverage, some Pekassi for me, a few crumpets, and a little pot of honey in case we decide to go b-a-n-a-n-a-s later. Set your phasers to 'fun'! :D ~ Half-Pint
Quarty, my good man! How devillishly kind of you to suggest a Tea Party, let me grab my good china and tea pot and we can be on our way. Oh, and setting my phasers to 'fun' may be a bit of an issue: while I was throwing away a mound of used teabags, a rampant group of meepits ransacked the place and stole them! So after the Tea Party we'll have to do our investigatory thing and track them down. It can be the start of 'The Adventures of Weepit and Ry!' :D

We can even have our own theme tune!

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