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Another of Herdy's Issues
Published: April 4, 2009

Welcome to another editorial, bet you weren't expecting one, eh?

Oh... you were?



Spinning Harris!!

Yeah, bet you weren't expecting that.
Anyway, onwards, to Questionsville!

Hey JN! Here's a gift for you! Go ahead, unwrap it! *watches as staff member unwraps gift and pulls out...bag of infinate cookies* Picked it out extra special for you! Now, I have two questions. One is how do you enter the NT editorial? I have looked everywhere and cannot find it :(. Also, if you are entered (by some crazy crazyness) in the NT editorial ten times, do you get the NT writer avvie? Thank you! Hop you enjoy your cookies! ~ megcat131
You can find the editorial submission form for the Neopian Times here. You can find the link at the bottom of any editorial. As for your second question, no. You can only get the avatar for being published 10 times in the article, comic, short story, or series sections. The reward for getting into the editorial is that your question is answered. :)

When was the last time the "Coming Soon!" section of the News was updated on Neopets? I can't remember the last time they did domething on the list and removed it or added something new. ~ Postup3490
That'd be the start of the Journey to the Lost Isle Plot... which was 2007. In fairness, 'Flash Game Makeovers' and 'Plenty of Things to Wear' happen quite frequently though.

Herdy, Herdy, Herdy... what am I going to do with you? ~ zadorvp
The latest edition of Herdy is a multi-purpose tool. You can use him to prop open doors, perform menial tasks, or wear him as a particularly fetching hat. Herdy now comes with a selection of 30 unique phrases such as "I say" "These are not my shoes" and the ever popular "Why am I holding a dessert?"
Accessories sold separately, batteries not included.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

Hello Herdy(or who ever answers this) I have a good questioin. I want to start a KQ tournament where people face each other and who ever wins gets a prize. Is this allowed,I don't see why not really; but someone on the boards said that my account may get into trouble. Please help. I'll give you a shiny key to a vault of cookies if you do :3.Thanks. ~ superbaseball9
I'm afraid this wouldn't be allowed, because it would be falling under the heading of contests. I'm sure you have good intentions, but there are people out there who don't, so TNT decided to ban contests of this type.
However, if you were to remove the prize you're planning on awarding, you'll be just fine.

What is the shortest item name in neopets? Also... for your avatar page, I scored points in the Meridell war for Darigan (see lookup) and I did not receive an avatar. I think there was a limit on points :) just FYI. and I did send an error report to TNT and got the old; Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We are doing our best to fix it and we hope to have the matter resolved shortly. We can not compensate for losses that may have been caused by this issue, but we appreciate you letting us know about the problem! anyways... you guys rock :) ~ daniesmiley
After bugging Weepit, we decided we were both far too lazy to search through the entire item database :P
Though, we did decide that we couldn't think of any items with only two characters in the name, so items like Dua or Pea are probably the shortest.
As for your second question, as far as I can see from your userlookup and battledome history, you did not score any points in the Meridell/Darigan war (the Champions of Meridell plot). You need to have a trophy from that war on your lookup to qualify for the Meridell Knight or Darigan Darkling avatars.
You do seem to have a trophy for the Battle For Meridell plot though, but you could not score points for Darigan during that plot.

I have sent these questions to TnT but just in case they don't answer... ** I know that some of you have tested out this game.** I have a few questions about the Neopets Puzzle Adventure prizes. I checked and they aren't covered in the game's FAQ/Help section. 1) Can you unlock and claim codes and prizes MORE then 10 times? Like say you had the PC version and installed the game on another computer. You play the story again and unlock 10 new codes. 2)Can the SAME prize code be used more then once? If I **gave** my codes to a friend could she or he use them too? Can the same codes used on our main accounts be also used on sides? I just want to double check, so I don't break any rules and get frozen. ~ Fairyixifan
That's a lot of questions...
You can install the game on other computers to generate a fresh set of codes, but only 10 of the PC codes can be redeemed per account (you can redeem another set of 10 for the DS version, and another 10 for the Wii version).
Using this method, it is possible to lend your game to a friend so that they can unlock the prizes. Obviously, your friend must play through the game, you cannot do it for them.
Each code, once used, becomes useless. You cannot simply pass on your codes to your friends.
You cannot redeem codes on your side account. That should be fairly obvious, as the codes give out items.

Has there EVER been a pteri in a plot before? ~ Nordwegian
Not in an actual plot, no. However, Clutch Billiban is a Pteri member of Team Roo Island during the Altador Cup.

What is your take on this... "Neopian Renaissance" going on at the boards? If you don't know, it's basically the creation of a new breed of Neopians, those who are smart, buy NC, and yet appose TNT and all it stands for. How do you react to this? ~ Toasty
I'd say that it seems a bit foolish to buy NC or play the site at all if you are completely opposed to it in every way. That's like saying you absolutely hate the colour red, but then painting your bedroom red. O_o

Argh! Not red!

Hello TJNT! My pets have been starving for quite a while now since I don't invest in food, but I was wondering if having unhealthy pets affects your chance of getting random events??? Thanks for answering :) ~ silver_star156
No, but having sad pets does increase the chances of you getting the blue random event (which turns your active pet blue). Unlike Boochi who can miss, if you get this random event, it will change your pet's colour.

Hi everyone who might be reading this!! This is my first question ever!! Anyway, I was wondering. You know the place called Lord Darigan's Chambers in the Darigan Citadel? And the place where it says Current status with Meridell: Truce? I wanted to know has it ever said something beside Truce? Thanks! :) ~ fluffy_cloud7
I don't believe it has, actually, as that page was created at the end of the Battle For Meridell plot, and there's hasn't been a war there since.

I have question, let's say a person got their Neopets account frozen. Would they be able to reuse a Key Quest code, that they had used on the account that they had lost? ~ Raven_Huntress_1
No, codes from Keyquest plushies, the Fun Packs, NC Mall Capsules, TCGS, games, books, and the other older merchandise can only be used once, on any account.
Some codes like the Canadian Burger King ones can be used more than once, but these are the exceptions rather than the rule.

which is better poogle morphing potion or labray ? ~ whitecreek
Well you see I like the Poogle Morphing Potion... but I also like the Lab Ray... this is hard. There's clearly only one way to decide... FIGHT!

HI! *gives a chocolate cake to everyone* Is there such an item that temperarily turns you neopet into a random neopet/limited edition neopet and changes the color too? Becuase a long time ago a so called friend said that such thing existed was he lying? ~ poogie1110
Kind of. The Mysterious Swirly Potion will turn your pet into a random Limited Edition pet, but this change is permanant, not temporary.
Also, it will only change the colour of your pet if that colour is not available for the LE pet it is changing into. If this is the case, it will turn one of the four basic colours.
NOTE: There is currently an issue with pirate pets. If the Swirly Potion turns your pirate pet into an LE species for which pirate was released after customisation, it will turn into a basic coloured pet. There is mixed evidence as to whether this is a glitch, or something TNT has deliberately coded.

In the Book of Ages, you guys showed every single staff member there was. However, in the guide for TNT Staff Smasher, you guys also stated a another staff member, Voodoodidi. But she's not in the Book of Ages! Is there something wrong??? Thanks, JN. I love your site! ~ spencer66360
Hmm... I'm trying to remember the reason why I didn't do that a few months ago. I'm pretty sure there was one, but it's escaped me for the time being :(
So yes *adds to the to do list*

I look suspiciously like Terri Hatcher. This is all my BoA entry will say as I have yet to appear anywhere else :(

I brought a flotsam sweater and I can't put it in my closet! HELP!!!!!! ~ bandicute-
Only items that are wearable can be put in your closet, and not all clothes are wearable. If an item is wearable, it will be surrounded with a blue box when you view your inventory, and '(wearable)' will appear underneath it. Unfortunately, unlike Neohomes v2 items, there's no way to know when buying from a shop - unless of course, you use our item database! If an item is wearable, there will be a note on the Special Categorization section saying so, for example on the Vintage Haunted Woods Altador Cup Jersey.

HOWDY! *waves cowboy hat and dances around like a hillbilly* So uhm can your pet be changed if its already a pile of soot? because I keep zapping him and he WONT CHANGE! or am i just unlucky? he's a level 2 and i don't want to detatch him from my pet. ~ neoneon3836
It can change, you just seem to be having a run of bad luck :(

So, i've been reading on the boards about the "lucky" 4 leaf clover. I have read that itcan increase you luck on things like scratchcards and other luck type games. Is it really lucky? Thanks! :) ~ arherrick
Not as far as I'm aware. It's rare, so finding it is the lucky part.

So um... why did TNT make the baby paint brushes 600k? because um, I really want one, and I've been on neopets for um, I think 7 months playing on it for like 5 hours a day and um, I still haven't gotten um thanks for reading um... bye ~ Kaide8888
Because Neopets is a challenge. If TNT gave away everything for free to accounts over a week old, there would be no point in playing. Working towards goals such as a painted pet, a trophy, a certain avatar, or a number of Neopoints, is often what keeps players playing.

Only 7 more months away!

*throws loads of stuff* Jellyneo is awesome! any way, is it true that you can win paint brushes from the tombola game? i never have and ive been playing neopets for 2 years! ~ levi99234
No, but you can win Codestones and Bottled Faeries. The Fruit Machine in the Lost Desert can award Paint Brushes though.

I clicked on the picture of the mystery pic, and it said I had been reported to TNT. I wasn't trying to cheat, I just need to know if you can really be frozen by clicking on that. It just happened too! ~ swedenic
Don't worry, that's just the Mystery Pic's way of stopping you seeing the answers ahead of time. You won't be frozen.

Alright, I'll skip the flattering and go straight to asking the question, seeing as there are enough questions weighed with rocks and pwnings. Why exactly are Christmas paint brushes worth from 30k to 80k when Halloween paint brushes are worth around 1mil neopoints? They're both holidays, and unless I have missed something, Halloween paint brushes have been given out much more than the Xmas variety (in the Tale of Woe plot a while ago, gravedigging). So why exactly would this be? ~ the_moonlit_dragon
Many reasons, really. Here's a few.

  1. The Christmas paint brush is available all year round via Winter Random Events, and was deflated by the Advent Calendar giving it out. Halloween Paint Brushes are only available through standard means (because gravedigging is now a retired event).
  2. Also, there are two spiffy avatars that require you to own a Halloween painted pet, whereas there are none that require you to own a Christmas pet.
  3. Halloween pets tend to come with customisation clothes that can be more readily applied to other colours. For example, the Halloween Tuskaninny's cape could be used in a variety of dastardly outfits, but there's really only one thing you can use a Christmas hat for.
  4. And lastly... Halloween pets generally just look better :P

How do you get those extremely rare petpets worth around 5 million NP, like Snowickle, Hasee, and Kadotie? Do they restock at the petpet shops? I really want to know how to get a Snowickle, so thanks! ~ kelsyjones
Yes, they all restock in Petpet Shops around Neopia. The ones you listed are rarity 99 though, so only stock occasionally. The Snowickle appears at the Winter Petpet Shop on Terror Mountain, you'd best be quick if you want one though!

Hi TJNT! So I've recently began to eat gourmet foods. However I'd like to be able to look them up by price. But the Item DB doesn't have an option to change the gourmet food list order. And there's not an oprion to search a range of rarities so I could change it. Help? ~ tsunamichick89
This search has the gourmet foods sorted by price :)

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