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Katje's Editorial
Published: March 29, 2009

Welcome to my latest editorial! I have no clue what to write here, so just sit back and enjoy the read :)

How do some people still have the old-style pets? How come my pets were given the new look without my (conscious) choice? ~ jordans_sa
Because at the time of their conversion, certain species & color combinations were given the choice to stay like they were or convert to the new look. Your pets probably didn't have any of those combinations so you weren't given that option.

I love, love, love your site and would be glad to fork over some cash to keep it up and running, but I do NOT use Paypal. Any other way I can help out? ~ jtd522
I went to Dave with your question and this is what he said. "Thanks, we really appreciate the thought, but we only want to accept donations through the donation link since the mail is yucky. You can always help by mentioning JN to your friends and spreading the word about how great you think we are. " We would also feel bad if our young members sent in their allowance to help.

Hiya whoever is answering this editorial! I mailed my parental consent form on Neopets like three weeks ago and still no neoboards, no neofriends and no neomail... Do I have to wait a little bit more or do I have to send in a bug report form? ~ 1lalabears1
From what I understand it takes a long time for those to be processed. I'd wait for another week and if they still haven't done anything then fill out a report form. It can't hurt anything.

How do you retrieve your Birth date for neopets if you forgot it? ~ Tiffany_Ray
Forgetting your birthday isn't really common. I would think explaining to TNT how you forgot your birthday would be even more awkward. Just teasing :P If you are logged in to your account, you can see your birthday under My Account -> Edit Profile. If you can't get into your account the only thing you could try is to send TNT a message explaining the problem and give as much information as you can remember about the account and see if they will reset it for you or give it to you.

JN, pleeeeeease answer this question: Is it against the rules to send a pet to someone so they can battle the Lab Scientist with it, to change its gender? Please answer, I've asked, and nobody knows. Thanks. =D ~ yaksrcewl
I don't see why it would be against the rules. You aren't getting anything out of it except a gender change. If you can lend people a pet to battle the Space Faerie, I don't see why you couldn't lend someone a pet to battle the Lab Scientist.

Hah, I'd like to see you try!

Terry Edit: There is nothing wrong with it rule-wise, but be careful for scammers and such!

Hiyas! AWESOME WEBSITE! (Yes, kissin up to the staff so you'll pick this question) If you paint a Neopets one color with a paint brush, and then repaint it, do you lose the previous color forever? ~ Kelsey_Quinn
Yes you do. Though you do keep the clothes if there were clothes with it.

Why, hello! *stuffs calculator down throat* Last editorial, SciFi said he had an add on that could let him switch accounts in two clicks; Is there a way you can ask him what add on that is? And for what browser? 0:-) ~ joshrocks7890
I took a trip to visit the great SciFi. He gave me the link to what you were looking for: It's a Firefox add-on called CookieSwap.

Can you tell Suzuka her guide for Shenkuu Tangram is awesome? Thank you !! ~ kaee
I will be glad to tell Suzuka for you :)

How do you get a background for your pet? ~ Crystal_5512
You can buy them at Mystical Surroundings, from user shops, and of course the Trading Post and Auctions. The NC Mall also has a large collection of backgrounds.

Hey TJNT! How are you? My friend tried to paint her Mynci Desert, and it said her desert paint brush is unavailable when they released Desert Mynci's over a month ago! Why is this? Thanks ~ Peachesrocks2
That is probably because they haven't activated it yet. Sometimes it takes TNT a while to get around to that. *grumbles* You can try sending in a bug report to let them know about this.

To be or not to be..

What's the FQD? ~ cofusm
It is the Faerie Queen Doll. When one of your pets plays with it, you get a shiny avatar.

What pets/petpets/petpetpets do you have? ~ Pottingmix
I have quite a few pets from an unconverted Grey Poogle to a Faerie Grundo. I have the same spread of petpets: from Piles of Soot to a couple of zapped Candychans.

Do you wish to have/own any special paint brushes on your pets or in the inventory? ~ Pottingmix
Well I have a Christmas and a Speckled Paint Brush shoved in my SDB. The only thing i'm wishing for at the moment is a Scorchio Transmogrification Potion.

Hello, Katje! You smell very lovely this evening. Now, for my questions: Are there any openings for JN staff? If not, will it be posted on the news when there is? Do you know when there will be? I often fancy myself posting news and being a content writer, even if I am only twelve xD ~ The Amazing Lumi
Why thank you. Must be my new cherry blossom shampoo. I love the stuff. To see what openings we currently have, visit the Now Hiring page. Unfortunately though, we don't hire anyone under the age of 13 :( Better luck next year!

Hi, Katje! How do you pronounce your name? ~ meow_kitty100
Difficult to explain since it's a Dutch word, but it sounds something like kaht-yuh

I love cats!

Hey Katje, About your name... is it meant to be Katie? ~ 1_twilight_rocks_1
No it's meant to be Katje. It's been my nickname for a long time. It's dutch for small cat.

Hey tjnt "throws fyora shaped gold jelly at Katje." I was wondering about the old facts page? i used to love it but now i can't find it any where. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! .p.s.tell dave he rules this sit is so good it is my only neo help site. ~ theflamelord
The page doesn't seem to be linked anywhere in the new layout (yet?), but you can still find it here!

What did you have for breakfast? ~ menaces
Well I hardly ever eat breakfast if I can help it. I am just not into those breakfast foods.

So Katje, what was the weirdest or worse thing you've ever eaten? Paper? Cardboard? Ants? ~ Curious George
The first thing Aeternus will tell you is that I am a very picky eater. I've never consumed things that weren't meant to be eaten. I think the most yucky thing I've eaten is Shoarma.

Does the packrat avatar give you np or different items ~ joanna123_123
It doesn't give you anything. Just the avatar.

I'm all you get

I know TNT gets a flood of people trying to get frozen accounts back, but if you know you're wrongfully frozen and are trying to get your account back are there any strategies to get this process going. I've submitted a few requests over the past 2 weeks and never even got an automated message saying my freeze is being looked into. I was frozen because I posted on the boards that I have a physical disability and require help with Neopets and I think a moderator didn't bother reading that part cause she froze me for getting help from a sighted person help me with Neopets. I know they tell you to fill out the request form and wait patiently, but two weeks and this case isn't even disputable because it states in the Neopets rules that I was entitled from help from another person on my account :( ANy ideas on what I can do to get heard? ~ KiraraHanabi
I'm sorry to hear that you were frozen for that. Sadly the only thing you can do right now is wait. If you don't hear from TNT in a week or two you could try sending the form again, but other than that there's not much you can do.

You and Aet recently had your anniversary :D How was it? ~ zadorvp
Yes we did! It was very nice, we had a good time :D

Hi Katje! *Hands You a Plate of Dumplings* Why did TNT did not update some shopkeepers? Like the one in collectable cards? I don't want the images to be replaced just want to know why:) ~ friendfurever78
It often takes TNT quite a while to update things around the site, apparently because of their To-do list of DOOM. So if you're waiting for certain images to be updated, just sit tight and (hopefully) they'll be updated sooner or later :P

Hi Katje! I was just wondering, sometimes in the news, there's a reminder telling us to view the weather page. Is there something interesting to be found there? ~ akitera
I believe that is just a random message that appears for no apparent reason.

Hello, Katje!*throws neo merchandise*So, I went to my abilities to try and change one, and there wasn't any images to click on. Did neo erase them? ~ bub
This question was answered recently in Editorial 385:

Dear TNT, what happened to the Neopet Abilities pictures? They seem to have disappeared. Are you revamping them to make them look cooler? While that's going on, could you make the names capable of being clicked so that we can still select the ones we want to use in the Battledome? Thanks so much! Have a delightful day! ~vantine_harlow

That's odd! We redid them not too long ago and they were appearing. We'll look into it and find out what the problem is! D:

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