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Dave's Mid-Week Spring Break Edition
Published: March 25, 2009

Huzzah! Spring break is finally here! With final papers and exams out of the way, I decided to sit down and do a short mid-week editorial. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! And you better enjoy it, because it's the last editorial I'm doing... until summer break! :P

:3 Dearest JN, are you guys planning any new site events soon? Just because I love yours dearly. ~ Goosh
Telling you when we have our special site events would spoil the surprise! :P 90% of the fun is the anticipation beforehand. I can say, however, that Easter is right around the corner. Yay chocolate bunnies!

Om nom nom!

Hello JNT ! First off, thanks most awfully for the new Shenkuu Tangram guide. It helped me raise my score from 150 to 2576 (and beat AAA), so thanks ! My question is, how do we know about the cheats in games? Do people randomly type while playing games and discover cheats, or do TNT mention them at some point ? Thanks if you answer this ! ~ charumati
To be honest, we've never been the first to find a game cheat. Usually, the Neoboards are all over it. :P Most of the game cheats are somewhat obvious words to type, so I'm sure those are guessed by bored Neopians. As for the more obscure ones, Ollie, an old TNTer, used to frequent the Neoboards, so he probably let a few slip. ;)

What happens if you answer 6x7 wrong? ~ kiko_the_awesome
You are instantaneously declared as a spam bot, and are refused permission to contact us! If you find yourself in this predicament, simply go back and indicate you are, in fact, a human. :P (If we didn't have this test set up... we'd be getting a lot of spam. :()

You guys like super uber rock!! but what i want to know is since you guys know soo many people, do you like have any influence over things on neopets you know. Kind of like the voice for the people o.0. If so, then you guys are like elite super uber rockers!!!, if not well then, sorry :( ~ dargonking999
Hah, we wish. We talk to TNT as much as you guys do. We used to frequently contact staffers, but over the years the emails just kind of stopped. Nowadays, all we really do is send them cookie grabber alerts with information on how to fix them, and then they send a nice thank you. I don't think they'd listen to us otherwise, anyway, if we demanded them to work on more plots and less sponsor deals. :P

We still talk to our users a lot over at Meteor Games!

What is Neostudios? MEEP! It is a mystery to all Meepits. ~ The Meepit Overlord
"Neostudios" was a word that Viacom said in a press release to describe the new name for The Neopets Team. As far as we know, that never happened, unless Viacom internally refers to TNT as "Neostudios." It was supposed to show how TNT is making new online virtual worlds every couple of years, Petpet Park and World of Neopia being two of them. ;)

There are many collectable card that have "currently under construction" description on it, I would like to know if its a new card which Neopet haven't input the description or it will remain the same forever as I have a card with the same description and not sure if its too rare to sell it to seller. Thanks for reading :) ~ ocean_serpent
Unfortunately, those collectable cards that are labeled as such are probably doomed to a life of being built. I can't even remember when TNT started redoing the Neodeck cards... perhaps in 2001 or 2002? I think it's safe to say that if they have not been updated in about 8 years, they won't be updated anytime soon. :P

Hmmm, is this unusual or what? The erm... 69th editorial was the editorial of love O_o ~ l__ebilness__l
What's weird about that? It's only an issue number...

I've recently noticed that the games adverts on Neopets pages have been replaced by links that can infect your computer with viruses. Are these planted by hackers or sponsored? ~ crystal_147_95
All of the ads you see on Neopets are served up by the ad network that Neopets uses. If you ever see a bad ad, tell TNT immediately because they can usually block the ad from showing up again. Customers of ad networks cannot choose what ads to specifically show... but they can usually block the bad ones!

Banner ads make me angry... ARRRR!

Is there a place where every image of Neopets is stored? I want one of the pant devil for my friend. Thank you! =hugs= ~ Amyj663
Why yes there is! Check out our affiliate site, NeoNuttersofNeopia for the Nuttery, which is a searchable database of Neopets images. I don't think it's complete yet (there's hundreds of thousands of images to catalogue!), but they have a pretty good amount of items tagged and indexed! :)

Hey, hey JN! I have a super fast question :) ~ Traplyn
Hey Traplyn! Here's a super fast answer!

My question is about the site prefs section here on JN. Basically, I changed my site theme to something other than the default theme. But when I clicked the "Delete My Choice" button, nothing happened... It says that the next page I visit is supposed to display the default theme, but no.... When I go to a different page, the site theme is still the one that I selected myself. I have cookies enabled on my computer, but it still won't work.... ~ smartiey2
Well, without you telling us what theme you were using, it's hard to tell. Our default theme changes from month to month. In fact, the "Jellyneo Orange" default theme is only active about 6 months out of the year! :P If you ever find yourself having trouble like that again, you can try finding the cookies folder on your computer and deleting the cookies from Or... just pick a new theme you like! :D

If you enter a product code off of one of the Neopets plushies, are you guaranteed a Key Quest token? ~ thecityking
You only get KQ tokens by redeeming a code on the Key Quest page, the codes of which ONLY come on the plushies currently being sold. If you are directed to redeem a code at the Grundo Warehouse, then you'll just get a nifty item, and perhaps some Neopoints.


Hallo, JN! *hands you all an infinite bag of cookies* I may be crazy or something, but I remember at one point in time I believe there was a "Birthday Generator" on the Jellyneo site. Could you either 1) link to the page, or 2) tell me I have officially lost my mind? Thank-yous! And enjoy the cookies - they are home-made! =) ~ sunshinegirl_4511
Congratulations! You have officially lost your mind!

To be honest, we have no clue what you're talking about. :P If you mean a Neopet birthday figure-outer thing, we remember seeing something like that on the web somewhere... but perhaps we've lost our mind, too.

Do you ever read through the Neopian Times in a different language (Spanish, etc.) to see if any important questions were answered in the editorial? ~ jack_skelling10
No, we don't actually... perhaps we should try doing that each week. Though if it's anything like the English editorial, it'll just be a bunch of ding dongs asking if they can scam their "friend" to steal back an item the friend stole from their third cousin, twice removed...

So this has been bugging me for a while now. Do TNT ever update the past PPL award high score boards? Or do they just find the info for the petpets for just that week? ~ queenkittyrulz03
Nope, the PPL high score lists are just the oldest pets at the time that that petpet won. It'd be way too much work to keep them all up to date... and the same petpets would always be there, since no one gets any younger! :P

Hey JN! I was wondering if you could tell me what some of the rarities on items mean. I know r180 is retired but I've seen some odd rarities like r160 and I am also curious to know why certain items that aren't rare at all (like omelettes for example) have higher rarities than say faerie dolls. Thanks! ~ madimoo656
This Item Rarities article does a pretty good job at explaining an item's rarity. Basically, anything that does not stock in a Neopian shop needs a rarity above 100... or else it would begin stocking! Hence why omelettes have an obscenely large rarity, yet an obscenely small price. :P

I'm an outstanding rarity 250!

If everyone could get free 150 NC from the NC Mall, why couldn't they use it, when they're using a computer which's IP address says, that they're in a country, where there aren't NC cards? ~ Wolxu
We aren't 100% positive, but most likely, you cannot use the free NC due to your country's laws about online item purchasing. Some countries have rather sticky laws about buying "pixels", and even though your NC was free... it's still under the rules of the law. :(

Is there a Mutant Uni Color? I saw it somewhere in the old rainbow pool but now it's gone. ~ flymaster_11
There is! Except it was never released, so the only picture we have of it is from the old system, before customisation.

They thought I was too ugly, so they never released me. :(

Regarding the portal; why doesn't the link for the wheel of slime bring you to a new tab? It really throws me off. All of you there at JN get at least five gold stars. ^-^ ~ angel23456789812
Oh, well that's slightly annoying. Fixed! And I made sure all of the other quick links on the side opened in a new window/tab as well. :)

Hey JellyNeo, I was wondering.... can I make my OWN Neopets plushie? So long, of course, as I don't sell it and I keep it for my own amusement. I don't really care about the codes, but I've always wanted a plushie that looked pretty much exactly like the plushie items on Neopets. Thanks! ~ Pinkigloopyxie
Sure, you can do that. Just as long as you definitely do not sell it ever. You don't want Lawyerbot coming after you!

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