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#74: What Weepit Did Next
Published: March 21, 2009

Struggling AcaraHey there, sports fans! I have some bad news for you all, I'm afraid the guy who usually writes my jokes called in sick earlier. :( He said it was something to do with a Box Jellyfish incident at an aquarium; either that or an X-box 360 and Drew Carey's mum, I don't know I wasn't really paying attention. But yes, it means you'll have to fill in your own jokes this week. And some of the answers as well. And maybe a few of the questions too. Sorry.

Is it possible to be suspended from the giant omelette/jelly? ~ angel123456789812
Security on both the Giant Jelly and the Giant Omelette is quite relaxed so there isn't anybody to enforce a ban of any sort; this means that you can't be suspended from either location. Try and get a second helping though and they can get a bit nasty, so best to only go once a day. At certain times throughout the day you will be informed that the jelly or the omelette has all been eaten, this is normal and happens for everybody. If you find yourself being turned away a lot it might just be that you've had a run of being unlucky with your timing and have always arrived just at the wrong moment. Good luck for future visits though. :D

where can I find the concert calendar? I used to know but, now I have lost it. ~ profrbarb
I have lost it also ^^ Oh wait, you didn't mean the plot. Never mind then... We have a complete concert listing here for your perusal. Sadly though, Madonna refuses to play such a small venue. As such Neopia will remain deprived of sequin-leotarded O.A.P. goodness. :(

Old Boot
I'm saying nothing ;)

Hey TJNT (Teenage Jellyneo Ninja Turtles), if a certain user wants to ask a certain question, and that certain user types his/her name in the 'Your neopets name', and says that he/she wanted his/her name to be not displayed, will the TJNT display his/her name? (Please remain not to be not confused) ~ bedon97
So what you're asking is... No wait that's not right... Hypothetically speaking... No that isn't right either... *scratches head* I wish you people would stop trying to confuse me! :P I know what you're asking though and the answer is no. We ask you to supply a name just so we have somebody to credit it to; if you would rather remain anonymous then just add a note at the end of your question and whoever answers will remove your name. Or your feet, if you ask questions with double and triple negatives in them. :D

Hi Weepit *throws Omelette* I'm aiming for that annoying Pack Rat avatar. Does a Plain Omelette and a 1/3 Plain Omelette count as different items? :D ~ pinkkea
*Gets omelette splatted on head* Don't you just hate when you get your hair all nice and funky-looking and somebody goes and throws egg-based food items at you? :( But yes, a Plain Omelette, 1/3 Plain Omelette and 2/3 Plain Omelette count as separate items. Just like a Lime Jelly and a Half Lime Jelly count as separate items. Items like these can come in very handy to bump the number of items in your SDB. Good luck with the avatar! :)

I did the 15 Daily Dare challenges and looked for my AAA avatar in my preferences and couldn't find it. Do you have to do 15 AAA challenges or 15 Abigail Challenges, or what? ~ appletwinsgraphics
Sadly the Gamesmaster AAA avatar appears to have been retired. It was available to people who completed 15 game challenges during the March 2007 Daily Dare but hasn't been available since then. Sorry. :(

AAA Avatar
He reminds me of CATS from Zero Wing for some reason...
Well done if you know who I mean :P

Is it true that if you have a lot of neopoints and you buy say a royal paintbrush and then you send it to a friend you and your friend can get frozen? My cousin says you can. ~ Fairygirl__101
0_o So long as the Neopoints you buy your items with are gained through legitimate means, you can buy what you like and send it to who you like. The only time TNT will take action against your account is if you scam Neopoints or items from somebody else's account and then send them to other accounts to try and avoid detection.

I saw this person named jibbles691 that had a altador plot guide exactly like yours! They said that they wrote the JellyNeo one too! ~ derahoters
Ahhhh yes. Jibbles691 did indeed contribute heavily to our Altador plot guide and so they have permission to use it anywhere they see fit. Or any place they see unfit really, like a convention of couch potatoes.

Hey Weepit, what's your opinion on diet terry, how does the companies stay in business if it tastes terrible, and what is the secret ingredient? ~ unit4545
Having 'enjoyed' a number of cans of Diet Terry I can safely say that it is somewhat of an acquired taste. And by 'acquired taste' I mean that I would rather suck the moisture from a handful of muddy soil than drink another one. The company relies on a complicated campaign of fear to maintain sales; rather than a slogan or witty jingle, they resort to threatening people with severe whippings if they don't buy the product. As for the secret ingredient, I have it on good authority that it's -invalid word-, but you didn't hear that from me.

Diet Terry
And neither does this one ;)

Hi Weepit!!! *hands you a cookie* I was wondering, I have a faerie Grundo and I wanted to let JN know that if they wanted to post it as a link for the Faerie Grundo avvie, that would be fine :) Where can I go to let JN know that? ~ Pondering...
*Accepts cookie graciously, then rams it all into mouth at once* We don't currently need any Faerie Grundos to link to, though we appreciate the offer. :) If you would like to submit your pet to our database though, you can do so using this form. That way if the Grundo we are currently linked to gets zapped or Boochified we can keep you as a reserve.

Okay, I've got three questions. First, do staff members have a better chance of getting into the editorial, because they work for Jellyneo? Second, how does the editorial work? And third, do you guys have a list of staff members scheduled to do the editorial, or is it just random? ~ reader8
Every time one of you submits a question it goes into our database, then whoever is doing the editorial that week goes through and picks out the questions they want to use. I can't speak for everybody, but I personally try to select a range of the most commonly asked questions, the not-so-frequently-asked questions that I think would be good for people to know the answer to, as well as a few others that I can try to write a funny response to. I also try to include at least one that I don't already know the answer to, so I have to go and research the answer and learn something in the process. Staff members don't get a priority, in fact a lot of the questions staffers submit each week get deleted (usually because they are just plain silly :P).

Who does the editorial each week is decided amongst ourselves; any staffer who wants to do one puts their name down on a list for what date they want to do it. It's currently booked up until June so don't worry, you won't be seeing me again for a while. xD

Hi Weepit!!! Are you a Meepit or a Feepit or a crossbreed of both of them XD ~ fluffy_1__2___3
OI! How dare you! I'll have you know that I am not a crossbreed, thank you very much. Nor am I a Meepit or a Feepit; I am a Weepit, plain and simple. Now that we have taken care of that once and for all, let us never discuss it again.

Horned Evil Coconut
This is my angry face

Hi Weepit! I just want to know. Recently, on some accounts when I went into see their pets, the size of the pet image has become bigger than normal image! I know this is because of some coding. I wanted to know what is the coding. Could you tell me? Thanks a lot for your help. *Big hug* ~ Suicider
Awwww, I got a hug ^^. To change the size of the images of your pets on your lookup, just copy and paste the following code into the 'About Me' section of your control panel (change the red numbers to the desired dimensions):

<style >
#userneopets img {width:150px; height:150px;}
</style >

I saw a shield that said "way 2 long" with a black Uni and a pink horn. How old do you have to be to have this shield? ~ tamagotchi_trixy
If you want to see the official Neopets shields we have a handy list of them all here, but it sounds to me like you have happened across a custom shield. It is possible to alter the shield on your look up using code to change it to any image you want, provided you don't try to make your account look older than it is. For example you can't put a 33 month shield on a 3-week-old account because that would mislead other users; so long as it is obviously a fake though it is okay. You can check SciFi's petpage for details on how to change yours. :)

Hi there, yesterday I saw an ad at jellyneo, about "modeling for us", I would really like to do this but I cant find the ad anymore !!! did u stop it or what? ~ lucky_cutie_00
Nope we didn't stop it, a fashionista's job is never done, da-har-ling. :) The button on the side just got bumped down the list because of the new Daily Dare one (which you should definitely check out, by the way ;D), but you can still find the page here. If you want to model items on your pets then you will need an account on our forums; accounts are free to create and there are plenty of other activities on there to take part in as well.

News flash: Weepit is now officially a corporate sheep :(

how do u get to he hidden tower ~ LUPE_LADY_5
[Cheshire Cat voice]
"Some go this way..." *mimes walking to the left*
"Some go that way..." *mimes walking to the right*
"But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short cut."
[/Cheshire Cat voice]

hi guys, i was just wondering whether you would know since tnt are ignoring me, can you buy the games tickets for the challenges on your side account to play them games? or would that fall under the nonononono catagory? thanks so much. ~ kerriholmes
That would fall under the nonononono category, along with neon pink jumpsuits and wearing socks with sandals. TNT commented on this in a recent editorial:

Is doing the NC Mall Challenge on side accounts allowed? I know that playing games on sides is against the rules, but since you are paying real money for a ticket is it okay? ~harrypotterfanatic33

While we do appreciate your support, just because you are paying real money does not give you permission to break site rules. Playing games on your side accounts is not allowed.

Hey! Watch out! *millions of cookies fall on you* Anyways, how many staff do you have? You guys work so hard! And who do you think is the best staff?(Not including you, of course!) LOLZ ~ firestar_159753
*Resorts to her usual method of dodging large, falling debris and launches into the MC Hammer 'Can't Touch This' dance* We currently have 29 members of staff, you can find more info about who we are and what we do here. As for who the best staffer is, I think I'll keep my mouth shut on that one, since I don't fancy getting beaten up by the other 27. They're bigger than me. ;_;

Hi! I was wondering if it is against the rules to Pound Surf on a side account? ~ sweeneywantsrevenge
Nope, you can adopt pets from the pound on any account, in fact that's one of the reasons people make a side account in the first place. The funds for adopting any pets must all come from your main account though. Good luck finding your dream pet! :)

I've noticed that a lot of people have randomly been getting items for Snowroller. Maybe you should add a section with those items to the Special Category in the Item Database called "Snowroller Prizes." ~ cofusm
Whilst I have very little input into the Item Database, I have been informed that although you can get some unique prizes from Snowroller there just aren't enough of them to warrant their own category. If you're interested though, these are the items you can get from playing the game:

Broken Icicle

It will be my 5 year of playing neopets this march and I still haven't EVER gotten a faerie fountain quest. Will I ever get one? :[[ ~ girlsnew5
You're not alone there! I have a 6-year-old account and Herdy has a 7-year-old one and neither of us have ever gotten a Fountain Faerie Quest, yet my sister has had three quests and only has a 33-month-old account. :(

Me - "So, Herdy, what do you think of the Rainbow Fountain Faerie?"
Him - *Unprintable rant*
Me - "... I need something I can /actually/ put in the editorial."
Him - "Fiiiiine! I don't like her. She smells like old socks. And should go die. In a hole."

Hiiii Weepit *throws neocola jellypop* Was Terry kidding when he said that he'll never write another editorial? ~ Pinkkea
*noms jellypop* You raise a very interesting question. On the one hand, if Terry were to never write another editorial then that means he would have nothing to distract him from terrorising us content writers. I'm sure I don't need to explain why that would make me unhappy. :( But then if he were to write another one, that would go against a direct order from Dave. Which would make Dave very unhappy. Basically I'm not sure who I'm more scared of, but I know that just thinking about it makes me want to eat a lot of cake. ;_;

Hi guys (throws CUPCAKE!!!). Just one dumb question: I've looked and looked and looked, but I can't seem to find the link to the NC Mall anywhere on Neopets. Could you tell me where to find one? Or is it just because I haven't looked hard enough? Thanks (gives another CUPCAKE!!!). ~ anonymous:)
CUPCAKE!!! It's a Taelia cupcake, right? *puppy dog eyes* I mean, you wouldn't try to poison me with anything else, would you? My delicate constitution can only handle that specific shade of sugar-laden goodness. ^^ But yes, the link to the NC Mall can be found on the drop-down menu listing on the right near the little clock. Since you gave me a cupcake though, I'll make it easy for you.

Taelia Cupcake
Release. Now. Please. ;_;

Hi, I know masses of questions are asked about side accounts, so I didn't want to torment TNT with this, but my question is: If I want the Kiosk Wocky avatar on my side account, can I buy a scratchcard on my main, send it to my side, scratch it there and send any profit back again? After all, I'm not earning any more NP than I would if I scratched it on my main... ~ Swisscat
*Puts TNT hat on* This is one of those shady grey areas, but I'm going to say that no you wouldn't be allowed to do it. Since there is a five-a-day limit on scratchards I doubt TNT would want you to scratch any on side accounts, for whatever reason. Much in the same way they don't like you playing games on side accounts for avatars even if you don't play on your main that day, I'd imagine they would be against such an activity. Although you might be honest and not scratch any on your main that day, there are less scrupulous types who, if TNT said this was okay to do, would likely take it out of context and then go playing the maximum on all of their accounts to get an unfair advantage.

So I wouldn't do it if I were you. But then if I were you, you'd be me and you would be answering this week's editorial. In which case I would have asked you a question I already knew the answer to... Okay now my head hurts >_<

hey weepit! *throws a mysterious wrapped box at you* I can't seem to find Ever Stocked General Store ( that new store) in the bazaar ,plaza...or any where in the neopets why can't I find it? how can you even get into a store that doesn't even have a door...*sigh* or is it like what the TNT said about the mystical surroundings place where they haven't gotten it a "physical" location yet... ~ happytime266
It seems that the act of you submitting this question set TNT's we-have-stuff-to-do senses tingling as they have since added the store to the main market place map. It has a door and everything! :D It does look a little like it should have an aged Neopet sat outside on the porch though, in a creaky rocking chair 'playing' a half-empty jug. Wait, did I say that out loud? I need to stop doing that...

Musical Jug
All together! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo

Hey JN! Lets say you are lending an Avatar Item on the Avvie Boards. Then you get scammed. The user you lent the item self-freezes and sends the Avatar Item to a side accont. Is there anyway TNT can return the scammed item to you or is it lost forever in Neopets? Thanks ~ Peachesrocks2
I'm afraid you won't ever get your item back, sorry. :( TNT are able to track where that item gets sent to though and the receiving account will be frozen, along with the account responsible for scamming you in the first place. It's little consolation I know, but at least you'll know that that the scammer won't profit out of their actions.

If my birthday is on April 16th and Krawk day is also April 16th is there some special way for me to get priority or something in creating a Krawk? (and for all limited edition pet days) ~ nikopeters
Krawks are 'Restricted' rather than 'Limited Edition', so even on their pet day they aren't released for creation; the same applies for Draiks and Lutaris. For more information on how to get restricted and limited edition pets you can take a look at this page.

As for getting priority, I'm afraid it's a case of first-come, first-served. You don't get priority just because it's your birthday, if you did then there would be nothing to stop thousands of users from lying and setting their birthday to the day of their favourite LE pet just to try and snag one.

With the Altador Cup approaching, I have a question about the one prize that interests me. Can you get the Altador Cup avvie (the one with the Screaming Techo fan) every year? ~ Person in Meepit Suit
Indeed you can get the screaming little chappy every year; you usually only have to submit a score or two in order to be rewarded with the avatar. What can I say, he's easily impressed. Not unlike some people I know...

Techo Fan

Hiya, Weepit! (throws Feepit plushies) I have a question. What is the big deal about Daily Dare and Key Quest? I really don't get why people (almost practically) go crazy over them. ~ jet1379
I think it's just because people like things that are novel. When Key Quest first came out people were all eager to play because they found out you could win paint brushes from it, though the novelty has worn off a little now because of the resultant deflation of the prizes it gives out. I think the allure of Daily Dare is that it gives out wearble prizes sometimes and people enjoy having stuff like that in their closets to dress their pets up. Both are also really good for pack ratters; since so many people get the items, they generally can be picked up pretty cheap to help boost your item count.

Hey TJNT! Thanks for answering my last question. *throws random item of choice* I was searching through the pound, and found a pet I wanted. I quickly selected it, and I got a notice that said something along the lines of, "We're sorry, but this pet already has an owner." Does this mean I was too late in adopting it? Or was the pet accidentally put in the pound? ~ _rauxlen_
It sounds like you snoozed and so you... erm... losed? That sounded much better in my head. :P But yes, anyway. If you get that message then it means that the pet you are trying to adopt has already been snapped up by another user who was also browsing the pound and decided they quite liked the look of the pet as well. This is most common with painted pets, if you want to be a successful pound surfer you will need to learn to be quick!

So, Weepit... Do you prefer blue or pink :P *wink* *nudge*? P.S. You're REALLY Rylon, aren't you :o? ~ Bucket Faerie
Another gender question? :( It seems that the majority of you are convinced I'm a guy. Weepit is a lay-dee, she likes lay-dee's things! Okay, maybe that isn't helping... But yes, Weepit is definitely a girl and so prefers pink. As for being Rylon, I'm fairly certain we're different people. :P If we were the same person I'd have to drink tea and be annoying all the time and be really bad at drawing. I wouldn't have to bake him stuff all the time though, so it might not all be bad.

Strawberry Delight Aisha Cake
Nothing says sorry like floor'd cake ^^

Hey JN, I've been wondering this for such a long time. When I'm playing Dice-a-roo, a blumaroo comes by and says, 'This is so much better than being a boingo ball.' What's a boingo ball?!? ~ theziminvader
This is the 'question I didn't know the answer to that I had to go do some research for' of this editorial. :P According to my findings, a boingo ball is a toy that you can buy in the real world for your pet dog. It consists of a small ball encased in another plastic ball, so that it rattles when your dog plays with it. It also has foam strips wrapped around the outside for your dog to bite and chew on. Now I don't know about you, but that sounds like rather a demanding career choice to me. So the Blumaroo in question is most probably right. ;)

Ok, so who is Roberta of Brightvale's FATHER? I know her uncle is King Hagen, but does that make King Skarl her dad? O_o ~ _meepit_fanatic_
It could imply that, yes; but if she was Skarl's daughter then it would seem to make more sense for her to live in Meridell with him. So I personally think it's more likely that Hagan and Skarl have another sibling that they just don't talk about. You know the sort, they turn up to your party wearing one of those novelty, spinning bow ties and then go around insisting that everybody pull their finger. I also like to imagine that Roberta went through a rebellious phase as a teenager and wanted to get her nose pierced, her father said no and they had a fight; the next thing she packs up and goes to move in with her wise uncle Hagan. What?! It could have happened!!! *angry face*

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