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Terry's Late As Usual Issue
Published: March 15, 2009

Hey folks! Here's your late-as-usual edition of the editorial. :) Dave says I'm banned from ever doing one again since I'm always so late... so enjoy this one while you can. :P

I try to send my score but it says DOH im in some non web mode.What is this and how do I fix it?(yes im loged in) Its the meep-*is whisked away* ~ ghostred99
Heya! Just ignore that message -- it's a small bug that TNT hasn't ironed out yet. If you do get that message, make sure to check the Daily Dare page to see if your score went into the system successfully. If it didn't, unfortunately, you're going to have to play again. :(

Is Cousin Lulu also an Avinroo? ~ solsticesprite
Sadly, we do not know the answer to that -- simply because TNT has not said anything else about Lulu other than she's AAA and Abigail's cousin and that she owns a NC Mall shop. :P

I would like to know if free neocash has an expire date? Such as the free 150 NC from the mall, from expellibox and advent calendars, NC birthdays...... ~ Ray
Why yes, yes it does! (We were going to put something up on the news about it, but you kind of beat us to the punch with your question. :P)

Your 250 Free NC (from the sidebar) will expire a year after you have obtained it. For most people, that date will be April 10, 2009. The other NC that you get (e.g. from Qasalan Expellibox, the Advent Calendar, NC "Events") will remain, as far as I know, in your account permanently. (Either that, or TNT needs to add a date log for that NC too. :P)

Hey Terry!*hands you a bag of chocolate* Is there any way to get points for the HATIC plot now? If so how? ~ artgallery99917
Sadly, there is no way to get HATIC plot points any more. :( All plots, aside from the Altador Plot, are closed for plot point earnage.

hey i looked in editorial 11 and i saw that you said TNT would continue the lost isle plot i have yet to hear about a part two or what not and that was 2 years ago any word? ~ horizongreen
According to the end of the comic and the Coming Soon page, we assumed that TNT was going to continue the Journey to the Lost Isle plot. (Obviously, we were wrong. :P) As of right now, there seems to be no word on if and when the plot will continue. My best bet will be that the plot's done. Over. Finished. (If you prefer, dead.)

how come you cant send neocash items to friends? ~ niko_1234
There's only one answer to this question: To protect you from losing your NC items if you somehow get hacked or scammed. By not allowing NC items to be sent from a user's account, they make sure that they remain in the account. (This also reduces the number of support emails they get asking for NC items back that you purchased with NC/"real money".)

Dear Terry you are the best. But what exactly is dietterry ~ khenchen
Diet Terry is a cola that only staffies can drink. Why? Just because.

P-A-R-T-Y? 'Cause we got to.

On items there are weights. What do weights (like 1 lb) have to do with anything?! ~ pinkkea
Absolutely nothing! It's just something that has always been a part of the Neopets item system since the early days. :P It has no effect on things today.

Hi TJNT! You ROCK! Anyway, I have a problem with your Daily Dare Stats image, it shows really small on my user lookup do you know how to fix this? ~ sofita103
Ah, good question! This actually has a simple answer. All you need to do is change your code a bit to include width and height attributes in the <IMG> tag. First, right click on the DD Stats image, select Properties, and view the dimensions of the image. The first is the width and the second is the height. Then, stick these two numbers into the code below, and copy and paste the line into your current code. That should fix the problem.

width="XXX" height="YYY"
v Copy into here v
<img src="http://counters.jellyneo.net/dd/yourusername.png">
v End Result v
<img src="http://counters.jellyneo.net/dd/yourusername.png" width="XXX" height="YYY">

Will anything special happen if you beat AAA in all for Double Dares??? ~ Kittykat30916896
Not as far as we know! You'll just get a feeling of self-satisfaction and the four extra Abigail prizes in your inventory. :P

Hey there Terry! I was wondering (quite randomly, actually) whether or not your name (being Terry) is short for something else (such as Terrance)? Just wondering. :) ~ Ponderous
Just look into the crystal ball and you shall find your answer...

What is it with editorials and throwing food at the JN staff? Time for a change. X3 *turns all the JN staff into talking pigs* ~ Cherry
To be honest, we don't know. :P I think it all started in TNT's editorial... but instead of throwing rocks at us, everyone decided to throw food at us... which we are much more grateful for. :P Either way, your question being answered has nothing to do with how yummy the food is that you throw at us. So feel free to throw nothing. ;)

Hi there! -offers plump herring- I was just wondering; my dad plays neo as well (you can laugh xD) and we have a lot of pet trading and such going on, but not a lot of neomail interaction (because he's right there.) Will TNT start to find this suspicious? I am SUPER protective of my account. Thanks so much for your time! Enjoy the...herring. o_O ~ origamigiraffe
Ha... haha... HAHAHAHA!

Nah, just kidding. :P As long as you have different email address on the accounts, then TNT does recognize that families do play. However, just to be safe, I would limit what you do and try not to go too crazy.

Hiya! *gives everyone a brownie to switch it up a bit* Anyway, in The Book Of Ages I read about the tnt members and more than half of them participated in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery. What is that? ~ artistchick97
The Ski Lodge Murder Mystery was an old, old, old plot that TNT put on back in the day. Basically, TNT was locked away in a mansion up on Terror Mountain, and slowly but surely, they were all getting killed off one by one. Your goal was to decide who the murderer was, and the earlier you picked the right person, the better your prize at the end. You can check out the details here!

First let me say, I think you all are spifftastic! You are definitely my fave Neo help site! I saw when I went to make a comment, In your rules you ask that people not put 'first to comment/post' or any variation of that, yet i see people do it constantly. Does this annoy you guys as much as it does me? And what is so special about being 'ftp' anyways? ~ angel_camper
Yes! Yes! Yes! It is very annoying, and we see no point in it. Yet people still insist on doing it. I'm eventually going to get Nynex to just delete the comments by the "FTPer" (all of them, not just the "first to post" comment), and perhaps even start banning accounts.

So yea, please stop doing that. :P

How soon will you release Altador Cup 4 predictions, if ever? ~ alby9494
Well, we don't anticipate the Altador Cup beginning until June... so we'll probably get everything revved up by the end of May. :)

And trust me, it'll be very, very interesting this time around. ;)

OMG! Please WDTE (whoever's doing the editorial) answer this! *tosses cute Sloth plushie* So my friend gave me this link to the site -link removed-. It said 'Hidden Giveaway Page' and listed a number of rare items that were supposed to be free, including the FQD, and made you login. Its exactly like the neopets site except for the web address. Is it a scam? ~ hermione_luna_2008
Yes, that site is a scam. Any site promising you free NP or items that require you to log in with your Neopets account or for you to give them your Neopets account information is a scam. Remember, only login if the address bar says http://www.neopets.com/loginpage.phtml or if it's a subdomain, meaning that it's a something.neopets.com site. (There is one exception though, which is http://www.petpetpark.com) If it doesn't say any of those things, then you're probably on a scam site.

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