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Steve's Edible Issue
Published: March 7, 2009

Hello! Steve here, I've finally been allowed out of the Key Quest department, if only for a little while!

Please keep all hands, feet and tentacles inside the Editorial at all times!

I love to play dice-a-roo and I always see the "passing blumaroos" saying something about a secret 6th dice..but they also say take the money when you really don't need to I was wondering, is there really a sixth die or is this just mumbo jumbo they say for no reason? ~ jess.scanlan
Yes there is a sixth dice, but you cannot actually roll it yourself. Sometimes when you get the jackpot, you can get a '10x Multiplier'. This multiplies the amount of neopoints you recieve from the jackpot by ten, and is the 'sixth dice'.

How do you get cactopus cream? It is never in the neopian pharmacy, Do you get it somewhere else, Probbably in Shenkuu or Lost desert ~ Hic_BOO_guy
No, it does restock at the neopian pharmacy, but is a rare restock, hence its high price. If you only want it to cure your pet, simply visit the healing springs every half an hour until the Healing Springs Faerie cures your pet instead.

Hey guys! Can you give NC Mall itens for a friend? And can you give freebies like a Halloween Goodie Bag? ~ __aleyeah__
Yes you can send freebies and you can send NC Mall items. But you have to redeem a NC Cash Card to get a Gift Box in order to send them to your friend. The gift wrap you see being sold in the mall is just an option thing to add to your gift.

I caught a Doomfish in the Underwater Lake the other day and noticed it said that eating it would bring on unpleasant side effects. Any ideas if that is true and if so what they are? ~ texasflame76
Well, I decided to risk my life for you, and fed one of my pets a Doomfish. Nothing happened, so presumably it's just to scare off the less adventurous users out there!

Go on, eat me! I dare you!

Quick question: If a user is on your blocked users list, is it still possible to play Key Quest with that user? ~ lutari_lover_555
After a thorough test, involving a certain Weepit, I can safely say that you can play someone who you have blocked in Key Quest. Not sure what that feature actually does...

How much item do we need to put in the Safety Deposit Box to get the 'Packrat' avatar?? ~ bedon97
You need one thousand unique items in your SDB to get the Pack Rat avatar.

Our Item Database has a list of items from cheapest to most expensive, so simply buy the first 1000 to get the avatar!

Hey guys!! Quick Question Do the paint brush clothes remain in your closet if you re-paint your pets? ~ hojuelita
Yep. This means you can make rather strange splices of pets...

Dancing for Christmas...every day!

Dear TJNT what exactly is Jelly World's green jelly for? another plot maybe? ~ khenchen
Jelly World's green jelly was used in a small plot in 2003. We have a guide here! Of course, this couldn't have happened as Jelly World doesn't exist...

I have painted my pet with a Christmas paintbrush. Is there anyway to make him normal again? ~ Minty McGee
Yes, but you have to paint it again with the paint brush that is the colour your pet originally was.

Hey JNT, you already know how much you guys mean to me, so I won't bother. So I've been seeing people write "afk" a lot lately, and I am pulling my hair out (which I know is very bad considering I barely have any left) trying to figure out what it means!! Please help me from loosing any more hair! ~ anime_princess21
Howdy! :D AFK is one of many acroynms that either you just know or don't :P It means Away From Keyboard, so basically means that if you talk to that person, they wonn't talk back. Hope that helps :) In the mean time, have a wig.

Stylish AND comfortable!

Hi jellyneo team :), this question has been burning a hole in my mind a long time now so i need it answering before my brain fizzles away. Is it true there is a random event you can get MSPP TCG card from? thanks Rob ~ ajandtrebpr
Yes there is a random event that can get you the MSPP TCG card, but it isn't specifically just to get the MSPP. The random event means you can randomly recieve one random TCG, so you'd have to be very lucky to get the MSPP from it!

Hey there! *throws the most delicious cookie at you* I was wondering what neopian item has the longest name? (Not including TDMBGPOP) ...Thanks! ~ _don_pianta_
Hey! Oooh a cooki...hey give that back Suzuka! Ah well. Anyway, back to your question! The item with the longest name is Behind the Rusted Door: The True Story of the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium.

You will read that book...

if i have a UC grey say, and i paint it plushie, will it become a UC plushie pet? ~ Knowbley
Nope. Any changes to an UC pet will change it into a converted one. Best to leave your uncoverted pet if you have one!

Hey JN! Do you guys have on record the day JN hit One Million Views? If so, what day/year/month was it? Thanks! ~ Peachesrocks2
Unfortunately I don't know when we reached one million, but we reached our 10 millionth hit in April 06 (something I was actually around to see :D) If you're interested in JN's past, maybe this page will help!

Is it against the Neorules to play Key Quest on a better computer than your friend's? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Nope. Unfortunately for your friend, that's just the way the dice roll...(see what I did there? With Key Quest and the dice? Aah forget it...)

Hahaha! I don't get it...

Has the giant jelly been "loosened"? For a while I was only getting about 5 different kinds of jelly (strawberry, glowing, poisonous, lime, dung), but now I'm getting things like pear or cheese. Did they release new ones? ~ eilonwy42
Nope. There's a whole range of jellies you can get! Just down to chance.

hey steve whats with twinskies i heard about it on here signed up on it and yall told us every update my cconputer broke and a month later i came back and twinskies wasnt updated inmore then 3 months! whats wrong did they quit? ~ dillon_123_
All of the Twin Skies information was moved to our sister site, TwinSkiesHelp. As of right now, Twin Skies 3D version has been canceled, but Adam and Donna are still working on some other games as well!

Dear JN, I saw on the Neopets calendar (and on your calender as well) that whatever was on March 3rd was "canceled." Well, I've never really paid much attention to the Neopets calendar until this year, and I was wondering what holiday (if one at all) was on March 3rd? ~ _rauxlen_
March 3rd only ever shared Uni day before it was cancelled. Probably explains why it was cancelled, just taking up space sitting there between Uni Day and Gadgadsbogen...

Hey guys! *throws jelly-shaped staff heads*I keep hearing about joodles and the joodle mart, but I need to know what the items do!!! Thank you! ~ Murphy529
Hello! *eats Zador's head* Joodles and the Joodle Mart are part of our forums! To see what each item does, simply read the description underneath them.

These staff heads sure are filling...

Hey Steve! You work on the Key Quest pages, right? Exactly how good are you at Key Quest itself? Have you ever won a paint brush from it? ~ drazu
Yes I do indeed work on the Key Quest Guide. I wouldn't say I was amazing at it, simply because if I lost afterwards it'd be more embarrasing...though I've definitely won more games than lost. And unfortunately no I haven't, though it is simply down to chance if you get one from a gold key.

I usually avoid PvP games like Key Quest partially because I'm cloudy on etiquette issues, but the lure of a virtual item pulled me out of my dark corner. The first time around I got locked out essentially, but the second time I made it in, though in the first game got disconnected. Having lurked at a message board, I knew that certain individuals intentionally leave to avoid losing so I sent an (admittedly hastily worded) apology to the person (via n-mail). When he sent a single-word reply back, ("yeah") I realized what I sent could've sounded like an butt-covering, though I'm still not sure how I could've phrased it better. So (finally) my question, do you think an apology in such a situation is a good idea, or does it just have too much potential to simply exacerbate things? ~ Ron Nohn

In general if you disconnect, I think most people will understand as it's bound to happen to them at some point, but if someone suddenly disconnects right when their opponent is about to win, it is going to look suspicious. Personally, I'd only apologise if I disconnected when someone was just about to win, but if you do apologise and they don't seem to care, I'd probably just leave it. Up to you in the end though!

Hey JellyNeo!!Gives everyone a cookie.You guys better share those:) Anyways so I know there are some items that relate to staff members such as the sodas, but I was wondering if there are any other items like that and if so what are they and what do they look like? ~ gattalovemich
*adds to pile of cookies to be eaten* We also have items in the forums which were available to buy during special events, such as floating staff heads, and Limited Edition staff action figures!

Now with karate chop action!

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