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SciFi's Final Frontier Issue
Published: February 27, 2009

There is nothing wrong with your computer. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. For the next 35 Questions, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and read. We repeat, there is nothing wrong with your computer. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to... SciFi's Editorial.

Hey Jellyneo, my favourite Neopets games/avatar help site, I was wondering..Why is it against Neo rules to play games on side accounts? I mean..What if you main is suspended but your totally booorreedd.. ~ ededdandeddy123456
Inflation is bad enough without 5 times the NP entering the economy. :P By the way, TNT covered this in NT Editorial 234.

Oh great one! My pet won't accept his petpet so I can paint it. Will buying the painted version and then attaching it work? ~ Ennabellara
Yes, or you could just change the site language. Pets refuse food, books and petpets because the length of the item's name is the same as that of the pet's.

No Meepits here
Il ne s'agit pas d'un tel ouvrage ennuyeux aprs tout.!

Hiya SciFi!!! Ok... so my friend wanted to transfer her haunted techo to my account, and she wanted to transfer the wearables with it too. Is that possible? ~ mango_1997_amy
I think you mean Halloween. Yes, the deluxe items it is wearing will transfer too, so long as it is still the colour they are from.

Hi there SciFi! ^^ *throws cookie* Anyways, I was wondering, when you get krawk from the petpet, is the color (the basics blue, green, yellow, and red) of the krawk random, or is it always green? ^^ ~ erassion
Yay, my first cookie *hides it from Suz*. As TNT said in NT Editorial 339 it will be the same colour as the petpet was. This can be a good way to save NP since petpet paint brushes are usually cheaper than the pet equivalent, though if you have the NP for a Krawk petpet that probably isn't an issue.

HI JELLYNEO!*Throws a million cookies* I really loved your special greeting card! It was awesome. Anyway, this question is about Petpet Park, what is Weltrude's Toy Chest ? ~ sofita103
Weltrude's Toy Chest is a new daily that can be found in the Petpet Park. The link to it can be found here. You can visit it once a day and pick up a random object or some neopoints if you are lucky.

Since TNT never released the items for The Last Blast, what are the items that "help" you in Shenkuu River Rush? And, great site! I love it! ~ Bmwsu
It was the Shenkuu River Rush Winged Talisman but TNT removed it from the NC Mall after gauging the reactions of such an item existing. No one got the trophy because of it though, as TNT said in NT Editorial 303. As this was before TNT changed the majority of the items to not expire no one has it any more.

No Meepits here either
I am no more :(

Hiya TJNT!. I just noticed the my birthday was set as 1992, rather than 1993, And It didn't have a link or anything to change it with, Am I just missing something? :o, Thanks for all the hard work! ~ Annaaettully
Nope. Only TNT can change it, this keeps the little kids changing it to unlock the editable content, neomail and NeoBoards. If you contact Neopets Support they will change it for you.

Hi SciFi! On the trading post I found an item I so dearly wanted and made an offer. After a LONG while, I wondered why my offer had been neither accepted nor rejected and I then discovered that the user hasn't been on for at least two weeks! Will the trade be cancelled T^T ~ _bonning_
Trades are automatically cancelled 2 weeks after they are made if the user doesn't accept an offer or cancel it. When it cancels you will get back what you offered.

In the Turmy Avatar, what petpet is he eating? ~ neocoladude
It is a Boween.

Where could they be
Tastes like chicken.

Hi JNT! *passes cookie to every one of the staff* I saw someone on the boards asking if Gnorbus could be sheared. Someone replied and said that yes they could but only for Gnorbu Day. Does that mean that the Gnorbus' fur slowly grow back as the days go by or do they just go fluffy the next day? That would be pretty fast-growing hair if it did xD ~ 1lalabears1
*cookies disappear in a blur* What was that O.o Gnorbus can't be sheared, they used to be magically sheared on Gnorbu Day, and the fur would return the next day, but since customize was introduced the magic hasn't worked. :(

When you paint an UC (unconverted) pet, will it stay UC? ~ ripror
Should anything cause an UC pet to change colour or species it will automatically be converted. So you better not let them sad, or have them as your active pet.

OHMGEE I AM TALKING TO THE JELLYNEO STAFF!!!! *hands pet lab map* (p.s sorry I will not use names I just signed up and haven't memorized all the names of the staff) Well, anyways, I just went on my side account for the first time in a long time, and I noticed that my xweetok (girl) is pretty much bald, you can go to my account and see what I mean. I tried feeding it, grooming it, taking it on the merry go round and tiki tour, and NOTHING happened! I can't get the blue event because she is already blue, and she has full health, happiness, and she is bloated! please help me!!!!!!!!!!! ~ sparrow44124
Some time ago the Meepits got hold of several pairs of Turbo Scissors and proceeded to remove the hair from many pets to sell as wigs.

They have since been caught and the hair returned.

Well of course they are here, it is a Meepit!

Hi there, This may be hard to answer, but with limited items (Like plot prizes, TCG prizes, basically anything that is never gonna be released any more), and people getting frozen, has there been a case where an item has gone extinct? Like, has an item ever been trapped in the inventory of a so many frozen accounts that there are no longer any available units of it that any of you can remember? ~ xxxVillainyxxx
Yes, though as TNT said in NT Editorial 311 they don't have the time to check which have. And while the IDb is very thorough now, it is a little patchy at items from before it existed, especially if they aren't still common. In most cases of an item disappearing though its just a case of the item has been replaced, it still exists, just under a different name, image and/or description.

What makes the Ice Bori so special? I mean, how do you think all those other ice pets feel that the Bori is getting all the attention? And what about the Snow pets? *sigh* celebrities these days ... *throws random muffin* ~ dbzgirl_
Bleh, dung muffin, I'll give that to Rosie later. The Ice Bori is special because other than the Lab Ray the only way to obtain one was to have downloaded the very first Neopets Toolbar. If you pounded them they would turn blue to keep it exclusive.

They still turn blue if you pound them, but not if you use transfer/exchange. And you no longer get them by downloading the toolbar. You can find out more here.

Six years ago, my account, Cliketh, was HACKED. Yes, HACKED. You heard me. I fell for no scam, I just tried to log in, but it wouldn't let me, and my pets were pounded. Then snatched up. Then frozen. I reported to account the moment I realized it, but TNT refused to freeze it, even though I had sufficient proof. They also would not let me get the account back! When I told them I was hacked, the said that "it was impossible." I am very upset at this. What should I do? ~ plotterorquest
All you can at times like that is start over. If you are absolutely sure you fell for no scam then you either forgot to log out or were "cracked", your secret word was too simple and they were able to guess it, not "hacked". Neopets allows you to use lower and UPPER case, numbers and punctuation in your word. It might be harder to remember, but it is far harder for them to crack.

Incidentally, there is absolutely no way to get it back now, after two years inactive or iced the system automatically seals the account. Even Neopets Support can't return it. It has been this way since the NC Mall made them amend the Terms and Conditions.

Hi Jellyneo! *shakes hand* In a previous editorial it said that The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity had no use. However, I have heard that it you go there with a sick pet and click on the plushie, a message comes up saying o_0. Then if you go to the healing springs afterwards (providing you haven't already been there that day), it gives you a better chance of your pets sickness being healed. Is this true? ~ Dragonair23
Someone who felt sorry for TDMBGPOP made that up. I often get a sick pet cured at the healing springs relatively quickly without going to the plushie. And you can visit the Healing Springs every 30 minutes, not once a day.

Hehhe, They'll never think to look here
Please visit me. It is so depressing being stuck here all the time with no one to talk to.

'Ello SciFi!! You rock! I was wondering, is it a freezable offence on Neo to talk about other websites like Webkinz, without posting links? Not to be pushy or anything, but please, please, PLEASE answer my question! Once again, you rock!!! ~ Kittykat300916896
They probably won't ice you first time, but they certainly will warn or suspend you. If you continue though they will ice you. The NeoBoards are for talking about Neopets, if you want to talk about other sites there are other sites you can use.

Hey there, WDTE (whoever's doing the editorial!)! I was just wondering why the links in the site never open up a new page? It really bugs me if I'm off on a week long vacation, and you have boatloads of posts on the main page , and I click on link, and it isn't in a new page. Especially for plot guides! ~ spongeyboy730
Because if we had to add target="_blank" to every link we would invariably forget it sometimes, creating inconsistencies. If you wish to open a link in a new tab or window you can right click it and select "Open in New Tab/Window".

Hey JN! - throws cookies - I was wondering, can we earn neocash on our sides? Either by buying a card or earning through neopets. Since my side is over 49 months, I would love to get some of the exclusive items. (: thank youuss. ~ Ibby
Yes, but it would still be subject to the expire after one year from when you redeem the card. And you can't get the free NC TNT gives when it involves getting NP and/or NP items too.

I recently saw a gallery with all four starter cardboard petpets and I was wandering how could I get all four for my gallery? Since I'm an older player I didn't get any of them so I would really like to know. Thanks, JT PS: jellyneo rocks, I use it for all my neopets info!:) Ya me!!! lol ~ jctcill
For some reason the cardboard petpets aren't barred from being sent through transfer, at least they aren't if they've been zapped into another petpet, not sure if anyone has tried it with an unzapped one. This is how Aeternus has all four in his gallery.

Weepit was here :D

So we...talk again jellyneo. So lets say that we want the Soup Faerie avatar but have to way to many neopoints. What should we do? *hands over jelly cookies* yum :) ~ hanayoko
Transfer the additional NP to a side account via the trading post so you can get it. *pokes cookie* :o It wobbles.

Yo SciFi! So the other day you mentioned that we have ip_stronghold on JNF. What is ip_stronghold and what does it do? ~ 3est
Hi 3est! My bad, that should be ipb_stronghold. I could go though all the tech talk, but then most of the readers would go O.o Basically, it links your login to your location as well as the computer, there by rendering cookie grabbers virtually useless. Why TNT haven't considered a similar approach to CGers I do not know.

Hello there, SciFi! So, is the answer to life really forty-two? ~ smart_and_sassy
The Ultimate Answer is indeed 42. But what was the Ultimate Question in the first place? Had someone not input garbage data to the system we might have known it, at least for a moment before the knowledge of what the Universe is for and why it is here causes it to instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

As this has already happened it may explain the supposed existence of a place made solely of Jelly.

Hi SciFi! do you think sloth has finally given up or do you think he is working on a Zap Neopia and watch it mutate muaahahahahha LOLZ Ray 2000 (that would be awesome!) ~ 1338up
Sloth is like the Borg, he just doesn't know when to admit defeat.

You will bow to your Master!
Resistance is futile!

Hi SciFi! What's the point of having a side account when you can't earn money there? ~ mango_1997_amy
Extra galleries, additional Neohome, more pets, backup, or the one I find most useful, more petpages.

Cookie grabbers wouldn't steal your pin would they? So wouldn't all your stuff bolted under pin be safe? ~ I_Suffer_From_Paranoia
The PIN isn't retained in any way by your browser or the cookies so it can't be stolen, unless you don't protect email changes or they get into it too. You can set a PIN and change what it protects from PIN Preferences on the Account Control Panel.

-throws a cookie at you- Hey, TJNT! I saw your past editorial about the Super Attack Pea, and how it inflated due to its rarity. Could the Carved Walking Stick, the exclusive item given out, possibly inflate like that to? I am investing in the one I received, and I want to know if it is worth it. After all, in just a few weeks, it went from 15k to 80k Thanks! ~ gorillu
Not to the same extent, especially since there are far more of them. I've seen said item on pets, its just a fad, demand will fall again in a couple months. It is also a bit too realistic looking compared to the pets.

Have you seen a Meepit go past?
I'm not so sure this suits me, but I'll have that cookie.

Sci - Who is better, Weepit or Labhaoise? :P Just to hear your opinion on the ongoing dispute. ~ yaksrcewl
Better at what? I can't compare them unless you clearly state how they are to be compared.

****Hi, throws a bag of home baked cookies**** i was referring to the question about people giving their accounts to others. Well, what if somebody emailed u their password and stuff and u take everything and then delete that account ~ yang986
Then TNT would ice you. You can't give OR accept accounts. This is mostly for your safety, a common scam is to let you get into an account and wait for you to change the secret word but not the email. The scam is in that many will use the same word as their main account, which the scammer can now get emailed to them. While you poke around an account with far less than advertised they are in yours cleaning it out.

Hello! Ok, I have a tough question. I was on the Neoboards advertising my shop when a user came by and told me I was breaking neo rules for "bumping" my board. Plenty of people do it on neo, is there a rule stopping "bumping up Topics?" I know there is a Spam rule but does that apply? Thanks ~ Peachesrocks2
I've seen TNT lock a topic saying it is, though none of the 3 posts on it were bumps, but I haven't found it written anywhere. Just try to avoid bumping more than once a minute or is needed when the boards are slow. And just typing "bump" is boring, see what interesting bump posts you can come up with ;)

Where be the off switch?
Why 'BUMP' when you can boing?

If you feed your grarrl/skeith an item between 90-100 rarity, would that count as a gourmet item? *doesn't not unthrow a mutant jelly meepit* (P.S. Did I throw it?) ~ snitchy1998
No. I've tried it. The item has to belong to one of the food categories. There is a list of the gourmet foods here. And that is a triple negative so you didn't.

Hey Scifi!!! I was wondering: A: what's it like to work in the IDB? B: Do you shout in joy when TNT add more items? Do you scream when they do not? C: What's your favourite item? D: Do you speak with a Scottish Accent? E: What was it like to be a human shield in the Christmas animation? F: How long, on average, does it take TNT to release items? *throws unreleased items* Hope that makes you happy. :) ~ JohnPaul
Not suitable for everyone, but if you can handle it, not as bad as being loomed over with a whip (plenty of places to hide). Depends how busy I am, but I'm always glad when they do, as are collectors. When they don't release them I go haunt TNT until they do. Don't have one. Yes, but certainly not a Glaswegian one. That was a perspective illusion, Terry got no where near me :P

And as for item release, currently they are doing most new items a few days later, but they still have over 2500 items dating back as far as August 2007 to do. If they maintain the pace of recent weeks they could have them done by mid 2010.

Noooooooo! Don't use that printer! T_T Too late
Oh Attack Leaf, Where art thou?

Should you log out of your account whenever you are done doing Neopets for that day? Is it safer? ~ Cheese
Yes if anyone else uses that computer. In my case I am the only one that can log into the computer so there is no need to log out. I don't even have to log out to use side accounts because I have a neat little addon that allows me to switch account in 2 clicks.

I was at the garage sale (Not the game the place in terror mountain) when I saw a half-eaten candy floss for sale.(No I did not get it) I went to your item database to check the price but the half-eaten candy floss is MIA! How do Mika and Carassa sell MIA items at the gaage sale! Its just so mysterious........ ~ imadudett
TNT added it a week or so ago, you probably saw it a bit before I got the report of released items from that day. Incidentally, if you have any of these Searchable items please send us the ID, and anything else we don't have ;)

And you can see what items have been updated to Searchable from MIA recently on this page.

Hey JNT! So on Feb 26, I got an FFQ for the first time ever, but when I gave her the item, it was basically "you have no pets, so I cannot bless you." (which, btw, I do laugh about now XD). How come you have to have a pet just to get access to the rainbow pool - why not just let you have access to the pool then you can make a pet to change colors. Or better yet, putting up a warning that you need a pet to get access to the rainbow pool? ~ scout93
Most of us already know, I was on the HC at the time you posted and we were rather bored waiting on the host to fix JN, cured the boredom for a bit. It would seem TNT never actually considered someone would get that excited they would forget they had no pet, probably a legacy from when it was accessed by signing up to sponsors. You can suggest TNT add something better here.

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