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Dia Dhuit Eireann!! (Hello from Ireland)
Published: February 20, 2009

Clover!Clover! Greetings fellow earthlings. Allow me to introduce myself -- My name is Labhaoise and I am a member of the wonderful Item DB staff here on JN. This is my first editorial so I'm a little nervous about it. Hmmm, what else to tell you about myself... Well I'm a very shy person as I'm sure the rest of the staff will tell you ;). For those of you who are interested Labhaoise is pronounced Lee Shaw and is Gaelic for Louise. It also means Warrior Maiden. Well, the show must go on -- I hope you enjoy the editorial!

ok, so since the min. score for Advert Attack was dropped for the avatar, I still havent been able to get the avatar! Any hints? ~ dancerfromgod
I would suggest checking out the wonderful guide here on JN which can be found here. However that game requires a lot of patience, far more than I can manage to have as I have yet to get the avatar :(

How come some items from Fountain Faerie Quests aren't in the Shop Wizard? ~ Sapphireofhope
It is because the Fountain Faerie Quests have such an amazing reward. As she gives you the generous prize of painting your pet any colour, sometimes she feels like she deserves an unbuyable as a prize. I was lucky enough to get two quests from her. One cost about 500k and the other one 50k so as you can see it varies in price. :)

Is it true that the flask of rainbow fountain water can change your pet into any color??!! ~ ichigomomomioya1518
Yes it can change your pet into any colour, but that includes all the basic colours eg blue, green etc, so you might not get a limited edition colour.

Terry Edit: Just to state the obvious, the Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water can only change your pet into a colour that is available to your pet. (So you can't have a Lemon Kacheek :( )

Hi Jellyneo! Wassup? You guys are so awesome! Anyway, I was on the trading post, and someone wrote on their wishlist: "no resellers". What exactly is that? Thanks! :-) ~ yayuan
When someone puts no resellers on their wishlist that means that they would prefer if the item was going to be either used by the new owner, or put into the new owners gallery. They don't want to see it up for trade again at a higher price.

If I were to paint a petpet that I got from the lab ray, would she become an petpet of that colour, or would she change back to the original petpet, but of the colour of the paintbrush? And would she still be considered zapped by the lab ray? ~ x3spencerx3
Unfortunately zapped petpets can't be painted. The only way to paint one is to unattach it which makes it revert to the original petpet.

I have the lab on my main account, but I don't have it on my sides (it's expensive!). I was wondering if I could zap pets on my main, then, if they turn into a cool color, put them on my side accounts. Is this okay? ~ grape_slushie
Yes this is perfectly legal to do. That's what most people (including myself) do with their side accounts. :)

I heard about the neopoints rule for side accounts. If you are on a side account and you find some amount of neopoints on the floor (I got 750, gulp), will you get banned? ~ tamagotchi_trixy
No you cannot get banned for getting np or items on your side through Random Events. If you were playing games or selling items in your shop that is another story however.

Hi there TJNT! *approached you in stealth so the Pant Devil cannot hear us* Uhmm.. I just wanna know if could the Pant Devil steal an item i put on the Trading Post..? I searched the web and an equal share of sites are saying it can and it cannot..! On one site, I heard that you need to put *reserve* in your wishlist so it would be safe.. So what is it? ~ auron11googie
Once an item is up in trades or for auction it cannot be touched by the pant devil. So the only thing you need to worry about is when the auction/trade expires, then it could be stolen. This is why when I have auctions/trades up I keep several Pant Devil Attractors in my inventory. I learned this the hard way.


Terry Edit: As TNT stated in Issue 347, Question 5, NC Mall items will also not be stolen by the Pant Devil.

How do you get jelly neopets? I have never heard of a "jelly paint brush", It is probbably like getting garlic neopets (Jubjub and Kiko), But still, tell me. ~ Hic_BOO_guy
Jelly is a lab and Fountain Faerie Quest-only color I'm afraid. So in order to get it, you will either have to be very lucky or very patient.

Hey! *hugs meepit* My question is the following: If I have a Christmas painted pet, and I paint it another color that gives wearables, will I be able to keep the Christmas color wearables? ~ fishiesboymaster
Aye you get to keep them. They stay in your closet and cannot be removed.

hi jellyneo! why doesn't the rainbow fountain ever work?? ~ blindkenny3345
The Rainbow Fountain does work, but only for those lucky so and sos who manage to get Fountain Faerie Quests, which enable you to be able to paint your pet nearly any colour you want. :) So until you do manage to get a FFQ I'm afraid you won't be able to use it.

I've looked up at least 10 pets that are owned by this user named pound_release, and when I look at the user, they dont own any Neopets, and they haven't been on in over a month! It doesn't say they are part of the Neopets Team, so I'm really confused! ~ Queen_of_the_zafaras
That account is indeed owned by the TNT. When the pound was reopened last year, there were a lot of pets that were temporarily frozen so as not to overload the pound. These pets are now being released sporadically though the pound_release account. I hope this clears up your confusion.

Hello! I have an old account that is now my side account since its against the rules to use it like a main account. I use that account for my gallery but since I have run out of space in my gallery I need more nps to make it bigger so I can add more items. How would I do this without breaking a rule? ~ firerose88
On your side account put an item up for either trade or auction. Then from your main account you can bid on it for as much as you wish to transfer. You can transfer and use np on your side so long as it comes from your Main.

Hey! I noticed Neopets changed a lot of games payout ratios. It's now impossible to get 1,000 NP from Volcano Run II, even with a perfect score! Also Meerca Chase pays you a lot more now. It used to pay 1.5 now it pays 1.86 I think. What's going on, and is there a list of all the games they changed? ~ duhimalyse
Every month on the 25th I do believe, TNT change the ratio on a lot of games. Some of them they make harder to achieve 1000 np, others easier. I know it can be frustrating at times when your favourite games are suddenly much harder to achieve perfect scores in.

Hey JN! I have a question about neo rules. Can someone buy all of one item and inflate it? I heard someone say that is a good idea to get ritch! ~ Peachesrocks2
Errrr no, that is a freezable offence and against the rules on neo. The best way to get rich on neo is to play the games and sell stuff legally rather than trying to inflate prices.

Hello, hello! Before i start: JN, i think your awesome! So Labhaoise, do you mind telling me what a Kauvaras Potion Cumulative && Neoknight is. I saw them as trophies on someone's profile. Her account was old, so it must be some old game, right? ~ _bonning_
Yes, both of these are long gone games. Any accounts I found with trophies for either of them were over 6 and a half years old!

Hey, Hey JN! I have a real quick question, If i get the lab ray and then use it until i dont need it anymore can i take it off and re-sell it? Thanks ~ Traplyn
I'm afraid the answer is no, once you use the lab ray map it can't be taken off. Remember a lab ray isn't just for a day its for life ;)

Is it okay to play keyquest on a side account? ~ Traplyn
No Keyquest like all games can only be played on your main, as it is a way to earn Neopoints :)

Hi Labhoaise! I've seen some retired aquatic food in the item database and I was just wondering, how did people get them? ~ 1338up
Aquatic food was availible in the Aquatic Foods shop. Sadly this shop was destroyed along with the rest of Maraqua and was replaced with the Kelp restuarant in New Maraqua, thus retiring the food items.

YOU ROCK! Anyway, where can I get the 'One-Use Robotification Zappermajig' besides the Sloth plot? ~ bedon97
Sadly the One-Use Robotification Zappermajig is a no trade item. The only way to have gotten one was to have gained enough points in the Sloth Plot to get one.

Hey :D What was it like to meet Richard Hammond in person? ~ Zadorvp
It was absolutely awesome. The guy is such a sweet heart. He thought I was making up my name because it was spelt so funny but he wrote squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on the book. How cool is that!!!! Squeeeeeeeeee for those of you that don't know is a fan girl squeal! He gives the best hugs ever! Btw Weepit, I forgot to tell you about how he looks so much more hotter irl and how lovely he smelt :D

how do you get the rare neopets? ~ scary_boo_ghost
Hi there. You can get the rare neopets by buying their morphing potion or waiting till their neopets day and seeing if any are released. Also, they can be achieved with a lucky lab zap.