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Seventh Issue
Published: September 2, 2007

Another weekend, another editorial.

Do you have a section on your item database to where you can search retired items? ~ chocolate_shapez
Yes. All retired items are rarity 180, so inputing "180" into the rarity field will return all of the retired items. ;)

Do you know why in kiko day didn't appeared kikos? I really wanted one... ~ Inti Asenjo
It doesn't seem as if TNT released limited edition pets on their days anymore. :( Either that, or they never mentioned it in the news...

Is Dave evil? :O ~ meio5
Depends on when you ask. He is a rather varied individual.

Hey Jellyneo,a few questions. In your 'affies' spot,at the bottom of the page,do you know what font face everyone keeps using? It's in the Neo-nutters link,Petpet Central Link,Suta-Raito,The Time Tower,and others. -spazz- I need it.. And can I link back to you? If so,where can I get a link? ~ hyperkittenz
We aren't exactly sure what font they use, but we always use the font 04b03 to get that same effect. You can download it here.

JN editorial answerers: I was just wondering if you could tell us (or write a guide about) how you get the "Snowager's Asleep" notice to pop up at the right times in the JN Portal? ~ jordans_sa
We use PHP's date() function to make the alert show up at the proper times. Perhaps one day we'll write a tutorial of sorts so everyone can make their own. ;)

Do you lip-synch too? ~ Britney Spears
Oh, we do it all the time. Why risk messing up the song? It's much better to be lipping a few words off rather than speaking the wrong words to the entire concert hall. Besides, no one can see you up on stage anyways. :P

Will we get a warning for putting the "My pet is in the directory" badge because it has a link on it? ~ rkr7
Nope, you shouldn't get any warnings for having them on your pet's lookup. :D

Hi! I was wondering if, on Coltzan's Shrine, the level of your pet will effect what he "blesses" you with? When my aisha was on level 1-10, almost every time I went Coltzan would have her gain a level on a stat. Now, ever since she went up to level 25, he has been raising her stats once every week (on average -- other times it would say "aww... nothing happened."). Coincidence? Or did Neopets just make it that way so the training schools are used more often? Thanks a lot, jellyneo!! :) ~ alangel
We don't know if there's a specific cut off or anything, but we can definitely attest so the fact that once our pets became higher levels, they got less from the old king. :(

I visited King Coltzan and all I got was this lousy lunch box!

Lyk3, 0mG, u guyz 4r3 d4 pwn4g3 b0mb3r$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 W1ll u pwn m3???///// Pw34$3? C4n u m4k3 s0me SKITTLES?!?!?!?! YUM! (Actually, I was wondering, about how many mails like the one I just sent get sent to you for this? Thanks!) ~ soilpete9321
We don't get that many, actually. :P

HINT: If you want your questions answered, don't send in questions like that. We only publish ones with decent grammar. :P

What was so wrong with the pound that TNT had to close it down? ~ Caseyh99
When customization was released, there was a glitch where people were simply adopting pets with clothes on, taking the clothes, and then abandoning them. Basically, the pirate pets were missing their eye patches and the royal pets were missing their crowns! I suppose TNT wanted to fine-tune the way that clothes were handled. Plus, it'd be nice if they're going to totally redo it and make it look nicer.

Are you so sure Galem is dead? I think that a big tough Grarrl would be able to survive a knife stab. After all, he had to deal with that on a regular basis. ~ mecha_fang
Well, if Kanrik was able to take over the Thieves Guild, I'd assume Galem really was dead. I can't really think of how Kanrik would be able to do that without Galem being dead!

On the Purple-themed day this week, TNT said that Lord Darigan was in fact a Purple neopet. O___O; Which is really weird, in my opinion, because I always thought he was a Darigan neopet. Why did TNT announce that he was Purple, then, if they based the Darigan PB/pets after his style? ~ ryudaaku
I think you're just confused by the wording they used. They meant to say that most Darigan pets are purple... so they fit into the purple colored theme. :P

Heh! Calling me "purple" is an insult!

Now Movie Mountain is closed, how do I get the items from the shop? ~ jay54635
I guess they've been unofficially retired. Perhaps everyone should stock up?

But... that means no more Flying Wagons, Turdle Helmets, or Metal Rubbish Bins!!

I want to have some real neopets plushie, but I am a boy, I am too embarrassed to enter the girly-stuff-selling limited too store! Can you help me to solve this? ~ ohaha
Solution: Use eBay.

Not old enough? Plan B: Make use of a sister or female companion. (Moms work well.)

What happens to the pets that can't be painted mutant on Mutant Day? I've forgotten...maybe if they all turned into mutant jubjubs...it'd be great. ~ DragonBeak
They stay their normal colors, I suppose. I actually don't remember the pets turning Mutant on Mutant Day last year. Or maybe my memory is shot. :P Who knows? We might also not even see them all turn mutants due to the new customization system.

I remember seeing that you said in a previous editoral if I remember correctly that you knew what the Altador Cup prizes were, but since TNT had yet to release them that you wouldn't show them again till then. Just curious, but how long has it been since you discovered the prizes were done? Since neo has yet to release them, I just wanted to know how long neo has had them done but haven't made them available yet. Thanks. ~ Lucky13309
They were found towards the end of July. However, you need to remember that it's not as easy as just having an artist draw some item images. Other staffers then need to add them to the item system, code a prize redemption shop, and finally, make sure the points have been calculated perfectly. (Remember ToW?) Just think... if they don't have enough programmers to get the pound done, the prizes aren't going to be whipped up like that.

I LOVE YOU JN. oh yea back to the question can you use magical plushies more then once? ~ sparkingcherries
Nope. Magical Plushies are transformed into non-Magical plushies once you use them.

Nooo! My magic is gone! :(

Is there any type of rule, against giving out the user names of official TNT staff members(such as snarkie for example), while on the neopets site? I figure they would like to keep their privacy. ~ DaDude3320
There isn't a rule about it, but in our opinion, it's just rude to do so. If you give it out, just think how many people are going to neomail them and bug them with other things. What would you rather have them do? Clear neomails from their inbox, or work on coding the Altador Cup prizes? :D

Umm...Last issue Terry answered (or tried) to answer the first question about Darigan Yooyus and Snow Kookiths. What IS so special about Snow Kookiths? I am really confused :/ ~ dancerfromgod
Snow Kookiths were Advent Calendar-ed. :P

You keep reffering to TNT... call me stupid, but what IS TNT?! ~ welsh_corgi_lover
TNT is trinitrotoluene, "best known as a useful explosive material with convenient handling properties." TNT is also The Neopets Team. ;P

How do you get an MSP poople? ~ browniegirl14
The MSP Faerie has to come and bless your pet with its magical MSP powers. (I'm kidding. :P) You have to zap a Poogle with the Lab Ray. MSP is NOT AVAILABLE through a Paint Brush or the Rainbow Pool.

Do you have a place I can look at all the boarders (valentines day, holloween, plot ones, ect...)? If not do you know where I can find one? ~ ihaveadorkydaddy
Why, yes we do! You can click here to view it! :D

Does Terry like to eat terry berries :D? ~ lightingfox
Unfortunately in the real world, Terry Berries don't exist. Terry doesn't know if he likes Terry Berries but assumes anything with 'Terry' in it should be very good. *nod*

What is a Joodle? ~ desert_thief
A Joodle is a combination of Jellyneo and a Noodle. It's shaped like a Jelly Kacheek and when cooked, changes to a Blobikins. But really, it's currency on the jnForums that one can get from participating in the forums.

GRR! ..Oh, I'm not mad at Jellyneo. I love it. :) But, what I AM mad about is there's something goofed up with the trading post. Like, 5 offers have been accepted for me, but I don't get the items. The worst part, ONE IS A PAINTBRUSH! *Sob* ... Now that I have vented my anger, I was wondering if this has been happening to the jelly-o's of Jellyneo, and do you know how to fix it? *CoughTNTneverAnswersMyQuestionsCough* ~ the_artist_megan
Send in a Bug Report. You can click here to find yours. Others can find bug reports by clicking on 'Contact Us' down there in the footer and finding the best category that fits your Bug Report.

Don't submit a report about ME!

Pirates or ninjas? 0_______o ~ kep5112
Ninja Pirates. *nod*

I was wondering if after your fifteen day free trial of neopets premium runs out,does neopets send you a bill?it says on the premium page "you will continue to pay after the subscription runs out"(not exact quote)does this mean an unwanted premium subscription follows the trial or do i just go back to normal neopets? ~ pandaamanda236
You will be subscribed to Premium and charged on your Credit/Debit until you call to cancel. (Personally, I'd call the 14th day just in case to ensure that I don't need to pay for one month if something doesn't work.)

Why do I get free stuff, without doinng anything? Like everyday I online there was a new stuff in my items. I get some plushie, candys or sometimes a bottle of faerie. I don't give my passwords to anyone. If someone really played my account, my NP doesn't incrase or discrase and I still can play Tombola or other free give outs! Why? ~ chaiyun
Perhaps those are from your dailies (from the day before) and you forgot to check your inventory? If you feel like some has been in your account, change your password (for both your Neopets account and your email, if you use the same password).

How do the different rooms in the Neolodge affect my pet? For example, if I left my pet in Cockroach Towers, how would that differ from leaving it in AstroVilla? ~ galaceuriel
There really are no differences between the rooms. I throw my pet into the cheapest room and check off nothing. He /still/ comes out happy. Nothing to worry about. ;)

Ok if you take any number and add 10, multiply the answer by 4, add the answer by 200, divide that answer by 4, and subtract the origional number from that answer, you will always end up with 60. Why? ~ _fuel_injected
10*4 = 40
200+40 = 240
240/4 = 60
X-X = 0

/semi-flawed math.

Dear JN, If you use the petpet lab ray, what will happen if you try and paint a zapped petpet? Anyway, YOU ROCK! And jelly does too. ~ Pyr0mag3
Sadly, you can't. :( It will run away from your paint brush and go hide behind your newly zapped pet, which has a Mutant Quiggle's head, a Royal Acara's body and no feet nor tail.