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~ The Issue Of Love ~
Published: February 15, 2009

This editorial was made with love, high-fructose corn syrup and red dye #40. May contain traces of peanuts.

Do abilities such as Night Vision and Water Breathing do anything? ~ purplekirby999
Yes, although some of them aren't as great as their names suggest.

The In-Depth Battlepedia has a list of all the faerie abilities and what they do.

In one of the previous editorials, you said you got the Snowbeast as a Battledome challenger from the Advent Calendar, but I got him from Cliff Hanger. Does this mean that you can get him anywhere in Terror Mountain/Happy Valley/The Ice Caves? ~ lucybrucey
Yes, you can potentially get him anywhere at those 3 locations. Most people find going to the Advent Calendar easier, because sometimes there is a greater chance of getting a winter random event there. But it's different for everyone...you might be refreshing for hours at the Calendar and someone else might get the challenger after only a couple of refreshes. You might have more luck at the Cliff Hanger location or you might not.

Well my question is either going to be really simple or really easy. You know how in Terror Mountain there is an Ice Cream Cart where you need to have an Ice Cream Coupon to buy anything? Well, is it worth it? Perhaps you could show some screenshots of all the items there. ~ paandtr
Check out JN's Ice Cream Cart guide. :)

I've always wondered where Evil Coconuts came from. Are they given out in random events or what? ~ sephyangel184
Evil Coconuts come from Coconut Shy. The Evil Coconut Mask is an NC Mall item.

I've heard and read about how to get a Draik but there's one thing that really bothers me... Say I have a Draik Egg and I want to "hatch" it or whatever the term is. So I need a name for the Draik, right? How am I suppose to name it? Thanks! ~ haruhixhikaru
When you go to hatch your egg, there'll be a space to input the name you want for your Draik. It's the same thing with Krawk petpets and the Fungus Caves.

Remember that you need to have less than 4 pets in order to successfully hatch an egg and create a Draik.

And for those who are curious, we have articles on how to get a Draik and how to get a Krawk.

If you have a Neopet with a really high Battledome score and you put it up for adoption, does its score stay with it or does it go *poof*? ~ p00kums
The pet's Battledome score will not be changed, but its Fishing Skill will be reset to 0.

Why is the Hidden Tower only open for accounts 4 months or older? I'm not saying it's unfair, though. ~ aceofbase
Like most restrictions on Neopets, this one stems from people who abused the system or scammed/cheated others.

You have to remember that Neopets has millions of users and not all of those people are willing to follow the rules. So you have people creating fake accounts, scamming others (or illegally generating NP), and then using that ill-gotten money to buy expensive Battledome weapons to be transferred to main accounts.

The current restrictions discourage some of this behaviour and they give TNT more time to catch wrongdoers.

Where do you get a Sandwich Tree other than from other players? ~ Sandwich Tree
The Sandwich Tree (along with the Chocolate Ice Cream Tree, Broccoli Tree, and Cookie Tree) was given out as a prize for signing up with sponsors back in 2002. Since they are r101, I don't think they ever restocked in the Garden Centre, so I'm afraid your only option might be the Trading Post/Auctions.

When you are in a user's shop, why can't you right-click? ~ AlbinoBob282
Similar reason to the Hidden Tower question above. There used to be a scam where people said if you right-clicked on an item and then did some other things, you would be given millions of NP. Obviously that didn't happen; users just ended up buying overpriced items.

I saw someone that had a Sugar Rush petpet, but why can't I find any information on it in your ItemDB? ~ camelopardais
The Sugar Rush was an old petpet that got replaced by the Pwerko. The item ID remained the same, but everything else changed. You can see that the item page has a special note about this.

If you already had a Sugar Rush attached to your pet when the change was made, it wouldn't have been affected. That's why you'll sometimes see discontinued petpets on pet lookups. However, if you were to detach the petpet, it would change to the new form.

Here are some of the other petpets from the olden days (hover over their image to see what item they turned into!):

Do the items you receive from NC Mall Mystery Capsules expire? ~ thunderroven
Nope! Also, if you buy a Capsule and then it gets retired, you will still be able to use it.

Can you transfer a pet to an account that has four pets already? As in, switch pets? ~ tweety_1691
Yes, you can do a 1 for 1 pet exchange. When you go to the transfer page, select a pet to transfer, and type in the recipient's username, there will be an option to do an exchange.

Adopting, transferring, and abandoning are all explained in our Neopian Pound 2.0 guide. Check it out! :D

In the editorial of Neopian Times Issue 344, TNT states as follows:
My friends told me that, at the end of the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot, Sloth came and mutated Hannah! But when I checked the comic that wasn't there. So, were they telling the truth or just messing with my head? ~neojedi13

Hehe, they were telling the truth. For a very short time that's how the HATIC plot ended, before we put the proper ending you see now up. It was a little joke from us to you guys for having to delay the Sloth plot.

Is there a screenshot of the joke ending? I would love to see it. Thanks! ~ esthers123
You guys are in for a treat! The alternate ending can be seen here. Everyone thank Dave for providing the screenshot! :D *hugs and kisses*

Does the Medicinal Plant really cure any Neopets disease? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
I wish! It only costs a couple hundred NP on the shop wizard. But no, it does not cure any disease. I smell false advertising!

The account retrieval form is very hard to fill out (if you've ever looked). Almost no pack rat knows the items in their SDB and rarely do people care who they sell their trade to. Does TNT really think we know this stuff? ~ alexandra_49
It does seem a bit excessive, but TNT is plagued with emails about lost accounts every day. If you just say, "I am the real owner of this account," it's difficult to tell over the Internet if you are telling the truth. The retrieval form does not require that you list every item in your inventory or SDB. If you can state some things about your account that nobody else would know, you have a better chance of getting your stuff back.

Every user should have a way to keep track of their account information (passwords, birth dates, PINS, etc.) just in case something bad happens. Writing it down is not advisable, since other people can potentially steal it. If you prepare and have a good plan now, it will save you a lot of frustration later.

How come you guys don't have any pictures of Edna or the Island Mystic from before they were turned into Neopets? I know Jellyneo hasn't been around that long, but surely someone must have a picture, or screenshot, or something! ~ annasunnydue
Well, since you asked...

*Secretly slips you pictures* As a bonus, I've also included the old Maraquan Chef (I called him Pinchy because he reminded me of the lobster from The Simpsons).

Random idea: Why don't you guys start translating Jellyneo into other languages? So everyone in the world could use your guides, news and everything. ~ meercatristonhopets3
That would be cool, but we don't have the same resources as Neopets. I don't think we could maintain the translation service for very long. The JN staff are basically volunteers--we don't get paid in real money and we have other commitments. If you want to translate JN into another language, there are plenty of web sites that will allow you to do that (for example, Google translation). It might not be a perfect translation, but I think you'd get the gist of it.

What's the difference between JN and the JN portal? For me, it's the same, except for the layout. ~ leosponge
The JN portal is supposed to be a bridge between JN and Neopets. It is a one-stop shop where you can get your daily dose of Neopets news and have all the links you need to do your dailies. We are currently working on improving it so that its purpose is more clearly defined and so that JN users will be able to do more with it. This would most likely involve a layout revamp as well. :) (Expect it complete sometime this summer.)

Editor's Edit: A long time after this editorial was published, Dave decided to close down the portal. All the information that used to be available on it will now be transferred to other pages/sections on JN.

On the Trading Post, some people have little hearts in their wishlists. How do you make them? ~ serrihya
To make a heart, press the Alt key on your keyboard and then the number 3. Or you can just copy and paste this: ♥

If you want to learn how to make more symbols using alt codes, here is a useful web site.

Is the Wheel Of Excitement disease stuck on Chickaroo or something? ~ Gsmith_7427
Yes. XD I hope they change it soon. I want Hoochie Coochies!

A few days ago, my account turned 48 months old, or four years old. I thought I would be able to see the Elite Boutique in the NC Mall but alas, I cannot find it anywhere. Is it actually 50 months before you can see it or am I just blind? ~ velvet_bubbles
You will be able to access the Elite Boutique when your user lookup shield changes to 49 months. Then you can head to the Mall and click on the gold star icon () to access the Boutique. If you just turned 49 months and still don't see it, you might have to wait an extra day. After that, if you still have problems, you should send in a bug report to TNT.

Do you guys enjoy answering questions that have no real point, value, or usefulness? Also, do you like having things thrown at you, such as lemons, cookies, and Meepits? ~ D10stefy777
Well, a fun question every now and then doesn't hurt. It would be boring reading a whole page of serious stuff week after week, right?

Personally, I don't mind having stuff thrown at me, but that's because I have a human meat shield (see: SciFi). :D

Hiya! Okay, Key Quest is the bomb! But I have a question. In the chat box, it used to let me type whatever I wanted, but now it only lets me use the things they give you. Is this a glitch? Do you have to be over 13 or something to actually type stuff? (I happen to be the ripe age of 17 thank you very much!) ~ Draikmastergirl
I think TNT realized that letting users type their own messages in chats wasn't a good idea. There's too much of a liability, because people play Key Quest at all times during the day and during the night, and since it's an instant message type of chat, you can't have a monitor there approving phrases sent between users.

I don't think they will get rid of the scripted chat system, but they might add more phrases in the future. It takes so long to find the message you want to send, though!

Are you AAA in disguise?

How come items such as the Bone Legged Table and the Turdle Paddling Pool have the icon for Neohomes 2.0 but they can't be put into your storage shed? ~ Michaeltoot600
Sometimes TNT jumps the shark a bit and they don't actually activate an item that's meant for Neohomes 2.0. The Rainbow Arm Chair was like that. It took them a couple of months to fix it so that you could actually put it into your shed.

I have two accounts on Neopets and I was wondering if I could fight in the Battledome on my side account? ~ kaoru_kenshin
Of course you can, as long as it's not to gain points in a plot and as long as your pet's weapons are coming from your main account.

Whenever you're not sure about doing something on your side account, you should ask yourself: Will doing the activity result in me getting NP or items that I can resell? Will doing the activity give me an advantage (in terms of playing Neopets) over someone who only has 1 account?

In most cases, if the answer to those questions is no, then it's okay to do.

Of course, it's okay to create pets on your side account and to use the Lab Ray as long as the map pieces are coming from your main account. It's also okay to keep items or NP that you get from random events, because every user gets those and it's not like you could stop yourself from going to a page and getting an event. If Neopets offers free NC to all users, you are allowed to collect it on your side (see NC Mall FAQ). Codes such as the ones for the Burger King Canada promotion, which give you no-trade items, are also okay to claim on your side account. However, if you're actively seeking to get extra items from dailies or games, or if you're actively refreshing a lot to help you gain an advantage in restocking, then you are definitely breaking the rules.

Wow, that was a long tangent!

I was just wondering if there is a limit to the amount of Neocash you can have? If so, what is it? ~ darklord640
If you use Paypal, the limit is $75 (7,500NC) for the first month you buy NC, and then $150 (15,000NC) for every month after that. However, I don't think there is a limit on how many Neocash cards you can redeem at the moment.

It says on the editorial submission page not to ask "What's your favourite jelly?" How come I recall seeing someone ask that in a past editorial? ~ elizafe42
We put up the list of banned questions because we were flooded with so many of them in the past! The JN editorial is not a place where you can chat with a staff member and really get to know them on a personal level. If you want to ask a ton of personal questions, you can do so in the "Ask a Staff Member" topics on the forums. The point of the editorial is to clear up any issues that users may have with Neopets and Jellyneo in general.

I also want to reiterate that, try as we might, we are not all-knowing. If you ask us "What are the chances that I will receive a Fountain Faerie Quest (as a percent)?" we will not be able to answer it accurately. The only people who know the exact answer are TNT programmers. We try to tell you guys about any unreleased news that we find, but we cannot predict everything and we currently do not know when the next plot will be or if there will be a new species of Neopet.

Hi! You guys are awesome! Your game guides save my life, and I was wondering if you could make a Qasalan Expellibox guide (just so I know what the symbols all mean, seeing as how there is no strategy whatsoever). Or, if not, then could you just tell me what all the symbols mean, such as the skull and the thing that looks like popcorn? ~ neoneon3836
"X" symbol: You receive nothing. Try your luck again tomorrow!
Skull symbol: Your pet gets a disease!
NP bag symbol: You receive either 100, 250, 500, 1000, or 2000NP.
Popcorn/box symbol: You receive a random item depending on which world your scarab ends up in (for example, you can receive a Mummified Banana if it lands in Sakhmet or a Honey Filled Olive if it lands in Altador).
Sparkling cash symbol: You receive either 5000NP or 150NC.

Hey, I'm a little confused. In Editorial 41, there was a question asking about the oldest Neopet and the first Neopet and there were two different answers! Wouldn't the first Neopet have to be the oldest? How can another Neopet be older than the first Neopet? ~ 7countrydude7
Thyassa was created a day before Neopets opened to the public, so technically he was the first Neopet created, even though nobody knew yet what a Neopet was. ;P When the site opened, HollyNoel was the first Neopet to be born, hence she is the oldest. A day later, Thyassa appeared on Neopets. Hope that makes sense!

Hey JN! Okay, I really like the new Neohomes...so much so that I bought a ton of stuff. Now the question is where to put it all! There's no room left! Can we make expansions on the new Neohomes like in the classic version? ~ ilovestamping
Not at the moment, no. However, a Neohomes 2.0 survey was recently put up (go here and look under Neohomes News), and it asked users questions about what they would like to see added to the system. Among the list of features was expansions, the ability to create more rooms, and the ability to have parties in your home! So don't fret, a lot more is in the works for Neohomes 2.0!

Level floors are going to cost you extra!

Is this image (http://www.jellyneo.net/images/newsup/jn_bday_08.png) a reference to Futurama by any chance? Being the TV freak I am, I couldn't help but notice. :3 ~ nickbryant
Yes it is. :D Everybody do the Bender! Woo!

I was reading some really old news (July 2000) and I have some questions.
1. Did TNT ever allow weddings and engagements?
2. What are NeoCoins (or what were they)?
3. The old news said that there was something called Theme Parks. What was it and why were they taken down?
4. Why aren't there many famous Eyries? Just Lord Kass, Branston, and Jahbal. ~ omarchi_10

1. No, TNT never consented to Neopets weddings and engagements.

2. NeoCoins looked like tombola coins or neocola coins. You received them when you signed up with certain sponsor sites (a lot of stuff in the early days of Neopets involved sponsor offers--I got so much spam email back then). If you had NeoCoins, you could exchange them for discounts on real life Neopets merchandise (for example, $3.00 off the purchase of a Neopets plushie in Neopets' old online store).

3. Users used to be able to create theme parks (including rides, concession stands, etc.) as a way to make NP. It wasn't as fantastic as it sounds...the graphics back then were very primitive. So basically, people would invest NP into building everything and then they would charge an entrance fee and fees for the rides to visitors. If your pet visited a theme park, it would become happier. The problem was that if you charged too much, nobody would visit your park, and if you charged too little, you wouldn't actually make any NP. It ended up being too much work for the theme park owners for little in return, and plus it wasn't all that enjoyable anyway, so TNT got rid of it.

4. Well, it's true that some species have more of a presence on Neopets *cough* Aishas *cough*, but Eyries are pretty well off! According to the Book of Ages, there are 30 Eyrie characters, and that's pretty decent compared to some of the other species (Flotsam, Koi, Xweetok, etc.)!

Hmm...Just curious...Are people really willing to spend money on an Invisible Paint Brush even though their pet will not be visible? ~ ~Sui~
Sure! I think Invisible pets are cool. You can customize them with backgrounds and trinkets and create a really neat effect.

I always feel like somebody's watching me...and I have no privacy.

Note: I did this using an Invisible Kau. Not all Invisible pets can wear clothes right now, but they can wear backgrounds and trinkets.

A long time ago, during the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery, did everyone vote on who died next, or was it random? Who did you think was the murderer? (Were you around back then?) (You might want to explain the Mystery, for those who haven't heard of it.) ~ yaksrcewl
The Ski Lodge Murder Mystery was a very old Neopets event. The premise was that the members of TNT were vacationing at a lodge, and then tragedy struck as one by one, they were killed off by an unknown assailant. Ooh, the suspense! Dun dun dun.

People got to vote for who they wanted to see as the next murder victim. I thought Mr. Insane was the killer (I didn't know much about TNT back then, and I thought someone with "Insane" in their name sounded like a murderer...maybe). The ending really surprised me, though (I won't spoil it). It was like...an M. Night Shyamalan ending.

I was looking through Jellyneo's Battledome poser, and noticed that there was a weird looking opponent that looked like a human! Who is he? ~ The_jelly_master
Are you talking about Dr. Petrov? He used to be the Spooky Petpet shopkeeper. He was never available for fighting, but his BD description was: "Having lived in the Haunted Woods all his life, this reclusive genius is a very social person. He sells freaky pets for a living. Watch out however for he knows a few cunning moves!"

Fists of fury!

In Editorial 45, there was a pie in the shape of pi with the words 'omnom nom' underneath. I have seen those words just recently on another online game site. So did you throw those words in on purpose or is this some weird coincidence? Thanks. ~ tr3b
The phrase om nom nom is widely used to describe the sound of eating/chewing. It's not a reference to another game site or anything--it's just an example of onomatopoeia.

Mmmm, delicious onomatopoeia.

Hi! I was wondering if we can have NP on our side accounts? ~ _ahomaailma_
Yes, you can have NP on your side accounts, but it must come from your main account. You can do this by going to your side account and putting an item in your shop or up for trade. Price it at whatever amount you need. Then go back to your main and offer on or buy the item.

What kinds of questions do you choose for the editorial? ~ bur_sama
It depends on who is doing the editorial that week. I choose ones that I know the answer to, and ones that I think other people will find interesting. But every staff member answers a couple of fun questions in their editorial.

Hi, JN! :D I was randomly sifting through the "April Fools's Pranks" pages on JN, when I noticed there wasn't a page for 2002. What happened there? ~ cylara10
...Oops. XD I guess we all forgot about 2002.

The prank for that year was that all the items in your inventory were "stolen" by the Pant Devil. Everything went back to normal later that day, though, because I'm pretty sure TNT got tons of complaints from irate users (nevertheless, this was one of their better/more successful pranks).

Can you get random events on pet pages? ~ neoplanthour

I've seen a lot of questions about shared accounts. Why is sharing accounts not allowed? It's not like TNT can tell if two different people are using the same account on the same computer, or can they? ~ vegeto2012
There's just too much drama when it comes to shared accounts. In the past, friends have shared accounts and then one person would change the password and lock the other person out, or they would secretly siphon off items/NP to another account. It also put others at a disadvantage because you could have 2 or more people working on improving one account.

And yes, TNT have ways of telling if you are sharing an account with someone else.

When I spun the Wheel of Mediocrity, I landed on the fireballs and it said, "Fireballs rain down from above and singe your NeoPets :( [Pet name] is not affected!" Is this because I painted my pet fire or just a lucky coincidence? ~ Bassplayer073706
It's because your pet is painted fire.

You are the night of fire!

How do I get my advertisement on the notice board? Oh, and by the way, you rock! ~ wackawicka
Simply go to the Notice Board and click "Add your notice!" The more NP you pay, the higher up your ad will be on the page (the maximum you can pay is 4 million NP).

Hey! Let's say I'm in a Battledome 1-player fight, but suddenly my browser window closes due to an error. Would I have to go back to the status page and restart, or is there some other way I can return to the fight? Thanks JTNT! ~ charumati
If you use a browser like Firefox, it might remember the page you were on and re-open that when you restart your browser. You can also go through your browser's history and see if you can find a URL that's like this: http://www.neopets.com/battledome/fight.phtml?fightid=[A NUMBER]&pet1_name=[PET NAME]

If you are unable to do any of those things, you'll have to go back to the status page and then start a new fight.

The random facts page says that Altador was once called Talador. When was this? When did it change? ~ wwedude
When the first edition TCG sets were released, there were two cards that mentioned Talador. One was Siyana of Talador and the other one was the card of Jerdana. In an old editorial, TNT said that Talador was the entire continent on the other side of the world map. They also called it a "legendary land" in the November 1st, 2003 news. On March 1st, 2006, though, the world was released and it was officially called Altador, so somewhere along the line and for some reason, TNT decided to change the name.

Hey JN! Once, I noticed something strange. I saw that a Neopet had a Fyora Faerie Straw for a petpet! I looked at your Item Database and it is classified as a food item. ~ jeb149
There was once a glitch that allowed the Petpet Lab Ray to zap petpets into items. I think there was also another glitch that allowed you to attach certain items as petpets. The glitches were fixed, but if you managed to get a non-conventional petpet, you got to keep it. x)

What job openings are there for Jellyneo currently? ~ catylistic
Job openings are listed on our Now Hiring page! Good luck!

Hey JN. Some Lenny Conundrums get on my nerves. Last night, I was searching through some (okay, all) of them, and I saw question 231, and I was wondering if you could explain it to me. ~ crisis_courier
Sure. The question was:

What is the 20th number in this sequence?

896, 3687, 749, 34448, 836, ...

If you look on a telephone or cell phone, you'll notice that the numbers 2 through 9 correspond to letters in the alphabet. For example, 2 can be A, B, or C, 3 can be D, E, or F, etc.

The numbers 8, 9, and 6 can give you these letters:

From this, we can spell the word "two."

From 3687, we can spell the word "four." You'll notice that the next number spells "six," then "eight," then "ten." If you continue the pattern to the twentieth term, you'll end up with the word "forty." What numbers can spell this on a phone? 36789, of course! :D

867-5309 JENNY

If I use a lot of abilities in Battledome, what will happen when the power bar is depleted? Is there any way to recharge it or increase the maximum amount of power? ~ choochooinc
When your power bar is depleted, it will still let you select an ability to use, but the ability will fail to do anything (because you have no power!). There is currently no way to increase/recharge your power bar.

I just bought a "Blumaroo Jester Bow Hat" and yes, it is wearable. I moved it into my closet but when I go to customize my Neopet, it doesn't show up! Please help me! ~ iiceiicebaby_x
The hat can only be worn by Blumaroos. :(

Hi TJNT! *Throws leftover fruit cake* On the bottom on the page, there is a Warf eating cookies. Where did you get that image? Where did he get those cookies? Why isn't he sharing?! ~ Juliadoglover11405
I got the Warf image from this caption contest. He got (or rather, stole) the cookies from the Gelert and the Kacheek on the left. They were too busy making faces at the window. And he's not sharing because he has never watched a Care Bears movie (sharing is caring!).

Hi! *Throws random plushie* On Day 22 of the 2008 Advent Calendar, the animation began with a cat-like creature with white fur and black stripes (or is it black fur and white stripes?). Is this a petpet? Or a very odd, Elf-like cat invading the real world? Thanks in advance! ~ Tigerstripe172
It's a Biyako petpet. :)

Hello TJNT! *Throw cookies* Well, I think this is a very stupid question, but I got a gift from somebody and I pressed on the gift and it didn't take me to the accept page. Now I don't know where to find it. Help? Thanks. ~ luvduv2000
Go to your inventory and click on the link to your item event log.

Hey JN! You guys rock and roll! Okay, so, I just love the layouts of this site. They rule. But does anyone know what type face was used to type the "Once upon a time in a land far, far away" on the banner of the Faerie Tales layout? I love it and would like to use it in some of the things I make. ~ Imstumped
It's called "Benighted."

Hello TJNT! I have a question about an old feature on Neopets. I've been playing (on and off) since April of 2000, so I remember a lot of the old stuff, but recently I saw a reference to the "Crashed Time Machine." I don't remember this feature. Do any of you know what it was? ~ fuzzbump88
The Time Machine was a part of the Tyrannian Invasion plot in 2001. A Wocky scientist with hair like Albert Einstein showed up and he gave out quests to users because he needed to fix his machine. He asked for omelettes and other Tyrannian foods and he gave common items or Tyrannian Army points in return. I remember a couple of hours after this was released, it was almost impossible for me to do the quests because everything had inflated so much. A couple of months later, he just left and we were left with this.

Where did you go, crazy Einstein Wocky? I need closure!

I've heard that pets don't lose any more level stats from the Lab Ray after level 50. Is this true or can I hit the one who told me that? Thank you! ~ Mikute12345
That is absolutely not true. My poor level 124 pet was reduced to level 78 because I kept getting "...and he loses 2 levels!" from the Lab Ray. *sobs*

I see a chocolate-themed Key Quest board, but I can't find any games on that board or create any games on the board. What's up with that? ~ three_strangers
If you haven't figured it out already, the chocolate board is available when you play on a Neopia Central board.

Hi Illy! *Tosses a giant bag of Valentine's hearts even though you've already eaten ten dinners* I was wondering why whenever I search 'tgc' in the Item Database, nothing comes up. And how exactly are you supposed to play Neopets TGC? Thanks! ~ hermione_luna_2008
It's TCG, not TGC. It stands for Trading Card Game. :)

If you want to learn to play the game (you will need real life Neopets TCG cards), here are the rule books for the different sets.

Hiya TJNT! Where can I find a list of items that come in NC Mystery Capsules? Keep up the great work, guys! ~ kittymccourt
Here's a list:

Mystery CapsuleBonus Item
Blue Mystery CapsuleGreen Leafy Wings
Green Mystery CapsuleInconspicuous Foliage
Red Mystery CapsuleOstentatious Masquerade Mask
Autumn Mystery CapsuleAutumn Leaf Necklace
Enchanted Valentines Mystery CapsuleSparkling Heart Wand
Faerie Doll Mystery CapsuleFloating Battle Faerie Doll
Faerie Mystery Capsule Sparkling Faerie Wand
Fiery Mystery CapsuleFlickering Flame String Lights
Gift Mystery CapsuleShining Star Gift Box
Halloween Mystery CapsuleAppetising Caramel Apple
Holiday Mystery CapsuleGingerbread Wings
Holiday Snowglobe Mystery CapsuleShiny Icicle String Lights
Mystery Capsule of EvilSurprisingly Malevolent Messenger Bag
New Year Mystery CapsuleNew Years Hat of Happiness,
New Years Hat of Love,
New Years Hat of Prosperity, and
New Years Hat with Surprise
Rainbow Mystery CapsuleSparkling Rainbow
Sparkling Water Mystery CapsuleGulp... Underwater Reef Background
Spooky Halloween Mystery CapsuleEvil Winged Glasses
Spring Mystery CapsuleFlower Wings
Summer Mystery CapsuleIce Cream Cone String Lights
Winged Mystery CapsuleSkeletal Wings

Hi, Illy! *Hands you a Chocolate Chia Cookie* My question is: Is it true that unused Neocash will expire after about a year? ~ jenlin_25
According to the NC Mall FAQ, yes. If you use Paypal, your Neocash expires 1 year after the purchase date. If you have a Neocash card, your Neocash will expire 1 year from the day it is redeemed.

Editor's Edit: If you don't use your NC and it expires, you will get some random NC items of equal value to the expired NC.

Hey Illy! I saw in the Item Database that the Chocolate Kacheek has the whipped cream hat but it never showed up when I was customizing my once Chocolate Kacheek. Will TNT ever make it separate? Thanks! ~ _savannah_65
The Chocolate Kacheek does not have a whipped cream hat item--it's actually a part of its body. So if you no longer have a Chocolate Kacheek, you will not see any kind of chocolate wearable item. I don't think TNT will ever make it a separate item, because then it would be like you have a solid chocolate Kacheek with a removable dollop of whipped cream on top.

...And now I'm hungry...for Kacheeks! O:

Vlei Dtaeh no a ictsk!

Hey Illy! So I experienced something I've never experienced before while cleaning out my inventory. I was holding onto a Hopso petpet. While I was removing some other things from my inventory, I saw that one of my items had "disappeared" and in its place was a dotted-line circle. Beneath that it said "Hopso eats Squishy Brain Wrap!" I was so confused! Is this something that often happens when petpets are left in your inventory? Should I be worried about my safety deposit box being eaten?! ~ Asseenontv13
Yes, if you have a petpet in your inventory, there is a chance it could eat a food item that's also in your inventory. That is basically how you get the "Drackonack - Hungry" avatar. This strange phenomenon (although I guess petpets need food too) occurs randomly, so be careful if you have a petpet and rare food items together at the same time. Your SDB items are safe, though!

Help me! Is it possible to complete more than one lab map on an account? If so, does it give you more zaps? Please, please, please answer me! If I bid on an auction and someone outbids me, will I get my money back at the end of the auction? ~ Ennabellara
You can only complete the Secret Laboratory Map once on an account. When you complete it, the 9 map pieces you collected will disappear from your inventory and you will be given access to the Secret Lab Ray.

And yes, if someone outbids you in an auction, you will get your NP back at the end!

Hi, Illy! Happy Valentine's Day; have a bunch of magical cookies! Anyhow, how do you like working at JN? :D ~ smart_and_sassy
It's stressful!!! I have been cleaning up the editorial question database and working on this edition of the editorial for 20+ hours!

But I wouldn't have it any other way. ;D

This is me right now. :D

Why is it so expensive to increase the size of your gallery on Neopets? Also, does it only increase the size of it by five items each time? Thanks for your help! ~ georgiapal
It's not really that expensive. If you have a size 50 gallery (which means enough room for 250 items), it only costs 10,000NP to upgrade to size 51. That's fairly cheap, considering you can make over 30,000NP a day! And yes, each time you upgrade, you get room for 5 additional items.

Hi Illy! *Gives hug*
1. Happy Valentines Day!
2. This may seem like a dumb question, but when you're at the Trading Post, is there a limit to how much you can bid on an item? (Same question with the Auction House.) Thanks for letting me know! ~ Kitty0900

1. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
2. The NP limit for a Trading Post offer is 800,000NP. When you go to the Auction House and click on an item to bid on, you'll see an amount at the bottom of the page. You cannot bid more than 5,000 Neopoints more than that amount. For example, if it says "Amount (in Neopoints): 7000," you will not be able to bid more than 12,000NP. You also cannot bid on an item twice consecutively. Furthermore, you cannot bid more NP than you have, so you are also limited by how rich you are.

Hey JN! I love your Valentine's day graphics on the top of the page! Who designed them? Thanks! ~ peachesrocks2
The image with the hearts, the Mynci, and the Shoyru? (http://www.jellyneo.net/images/newsup/valentines_day_09.png) That would be Dandy.

Hello! I have a question about the Create an Adventure thing (aka. Adventure Spotlight). Can you use multiple accounts to create multiple adventures (let's say for a series or something)? I would think that would be okay as long as you didn't enter them in for the spotlight. ~ Megan6405w
Yes, as long as you don't enter them in the Adventure Spotlight, you can create adventures on side accounts.

Hi Illy. There's a question that's been bugging me, and I hope you can help me with it. In the Joodle Mart, there are a lot of items that aren't in stock and never restock. What's the purpose of putting the items there if they never restock? ~ mango_1997_amy
Those are items that have been retired. So they did stock at one time. They are all put into the Item Archive section of the Joodle Mart so you can see all the items that were ever created.