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#68: Pop Goes The Weepit
Published: February 7, 2009

You guys have been sending in your burning questions all week (the ones that weren't burning I may or may not have set on fire when nobody was looking, then claimed they arrived that way ^^), now it's time for me to sort through and try to answer some of them. I also included a few pop culture references for my own amusement. There isn't a prize for spotting them all, but if there was, it would probably be the best prize in the world. Subtle or what? ;) Anyway, on with the questions!

Does the coin shop ever restock? Because whenever I go in, there's always NOTHING! ~ Kaide8888
I have it on good authority that it does indeed stock; however it only stocks one or two coins at a time and they are quickly snapped us as most of them sell for a pretty penny. And a few ugly ones too I'd imagine. Just keep refreshing and I'm sure you'll spot something eventually. Whether you're fast enough to nab one or not is another matter though. ;)

Rainbow Pool Coin
Round, but not around for long!

Am I insane, or did you used to be able to get Vira by taking a mirror to her Gallery of Evil page? Now she's a random event. ~ jou22
*Invites you to lie down on the couch and then begins writing in a notepad in a very involved manner*
Don't worry, I'm kidding, you're not insane. :P It appears you have gotten a little confused though. Getting Vira as a battledome challenger has always been achieved by her appearing in a random event and challenging you to a fight. Visiting her page in the Gallery of Evil whilst having a mirror in your inventory is the method to earning the avatar with her pretty face on it.

*Turns notepad around to show you scribbles in pink crayon* If you were insane though, you'd be in good company here. ^_^

Hey Weepit! A couple of questions: 1. I know that Jelly World "doesn't exist", but are there any other worlds that "don't exist"? 2. How do you guys stay alive after you've had all that stuff thrown at you? Do you have invisible force-fields or something? 3. Will the man behind the slorgs return????? 4. Has Rosie done a caricature of you as Taelia? Thanks Weepit! ^_^ *throws Taelia Usuki* ~ JohnPaul
Ello ^_^ Four whole, entire questions? I'm not made of answers man! Just this once I guess, in order then:
1) There was an elaborate hoax many moons ago where a user created a graphic on one of their petpages and claimed it was a lost land called Marshmallow World. It was, however, just a very good practical joke. Not that much different from Jelly world then, when you think about it. ;)
2) I personally don't need any protection, I'm small enough whereby I just have to weave a bit and things fly right past me. :D
3) This guy hasn't been seen since you guys thwarted his plan to dominate Jellyneo. He's probably holed up in a cave somewhere doing the same thing he does every night, plotting to take over the world. ;)
4) No she hasn't. SciFi has though, it made me giggle :D

Hey, can you tell me what happens with pets in abandoned accounts? There's some much cool pets in frozen/lost/abandoned account and they will be there for ever? ~ __aleyeah__
Afraid so. :( Well, until TNT go on another mass purge and delete all the old accounts that have been frozen or inactive for years, but nobody knows when that will be. At that point the pets will just be deleted to free up the names for other people to use, they won't ever be put in the pound.

Hi the EOTE (Editor of the Editorial) It's me again and I'm back with more questions. First of all I saw a 404 at neopets saying "No Dave, We can't let you see this" I was wondering If this was referring to JN's Dave or A Dave from TNT or maybe some other dave? And My sister Is stuck in the altador plot at the water plant, she did your suggestion and all of the combinations given by another help site. Oh and Hope Herdy Got my wheel of Monotony pen even if he didn't answer my question (But Mandipi answered them,Thanks by the way) *Gives the EOTE a/an INSERT FAVORITE ITEM HERE* Oh by the way you ROCK. *Keeps on bowing since the Real Dr. Sloth has arrived* ~ ardi_echevarra
As cool as it would be if it was aimed at JN's Dave, I think it is actually a reference to the line in 2001: A Space Odyssey when the computer, HAL 9000, says "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that".

For the Water Distribution Plant in the Altador plot, the positioning of the levers and wheels appears to be random, or at least nobody has found a solid method yet. :( Somebody suggested that you should mess around until you find out which combination makes the water flow along the bottom pipe in each room, then shift the water through one container at a time. It's been a while since I completed the Altador plot so I'm not sure how useful this tip is or if it will even work I'm afraid. If you try this and get results, please leave a note of what happened in the comments on the news post releasing this editorial.

I'm not surprised Herdy didn't answer your questions, he's lazy like that. :P And yes, Mandipi answered them because she rocks. ^^ *Casually checks over shoulder to make sure Sloth isn't actually there*.

Hello Jellyneo! Did you know you're my favorite neopets fan site thingy :D? Anyway, out of all the random names, why "jellyneo" :O? Thanks! ~ Kaltera
Because, quite frankly, calling the site thereisnospoon.com would have been misleading and scientifically inacurrate. There clearly is a spoon. See below for evidence.

Iced Spoon
Oh look. It's a spoon. Isn't that magical?

Terry Edit: You can read about the history of JN on our History page! :)

OMG......does JN staff REALLY have a ball pit?They said so in the last....whatever its spelled like XD... ~ Johnstags
Yus we does! Since Terry works us so hard with his liberal cracking of the whip, he thought it only fair to build us a ball pit to play about in as a reward for getting all our work done. I would be sat in it right now, only somebody found a pile of dung in there earlier and I haven't had my cootie jab booster recently. It doesn't seem to bother Rosie though, she is currently doing the backstroke through it...

Yo, wassup. I was just wondering if there is anywhere where you can practice key quest mini games. I am getting better at the game, but i can never win the mini-games! Thanks. *tosses you a bag for you to put all the stuff you are tossed into* ~ kkkkte
*Accepts bag gladly and starts scooping up the tasty edibles flung her way* As far as I know there isn't any way of playing the mini games outside of a game of Key Quest. It's a shame really as I quite like the one where you have to clean the Meowclops. :) I find that strategic use of the power ups tends to give you a bigger advantage than winning the mini games, though. Check out our Key Quest guide to get a few pointers. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. ;)

Where does Pirate Jelly come from? Does it come from the Giant Jelly? ~ 12_ilovesoftball_12
Yes and no. How helpful am I? :P Originally Pirate Jelly was only available from the Smuggler's Cove, then on May 16th 2008 a glitch occurred which caused some very lucky people to receive them from the Giant Jelly. This glitch has since been fixed though, so if you desperately want a jelly sporting a bandana (and who wouldn't) then you will have to stump up several million to buy one I'm afraid.

Pirate Jelly
More of me to go around!

Hey Weepit and JN, I have a question about the Mysterious Valentines Card. Does the person you send it to has to be your Neofriend? Because I really want to send it to my cousin and I don't have my Parental Consent form filled out yet. ~ jessie_332
Nope, you do not have to be Neofriends with the person in order to get the site theme. :) For those who may not have heard of it, there is a Valentine's Day site theme which you can receive by sending a Mysterious Valentines Card to another user on the 14th of February. The card must be sent by a person who does NOT already have the site theme; once it is sent both the sender and the recipient will receive the site theme and the card will vanish. If the person sending the card already has the theme, however, the person it is sent to will just receive the card itself like in a regular item transfer. Which is still nice, and all, but not really the desired effect. :P

Weepit fears nothing. Not even death. Death, however, can not say the same about Weepit. ;)

Hello TJNT! I forgot my pin on Neopets *cry*! How do you get it back? Please, answer this. ~ nehalvpatel
*Hands you a tissue* If you forget your PIN then you can request to have it sent to the email associated with your account by visiting this page. It tells you down at the bottom which email it has listed for you, or you can choose a different email for it to be sent to. Simples *squeak*.

Hai Weepit! My question is: How did you get featured in so many games? @_@ Because I've heard that in some, if you're lucky, you can see "Weepit was here!" scribbled on something. Are you trying to become the next Chet Flash? Do you know him? Can you get me his autograph? (PS: Please tell Terry I am crushed that he does not see the awesomeness that is Parlax. D: ) ~ The Queen of Parlax Fangirls
Greetings and salutations! My namesake does indeed get about a bit. Be sure to recycle any paper you see floating about; not to be environmentally friendly or anything, just because a sheet of paper is deadly in the hands of a ninja and you never know when you'll run into one with an attitude problem. The life you save might be your own *nods solemnly*.

As for Chet, we've arranged to hang out a few times but we always manage to miss each other somehow. He always leaves me a polite note to apologise and set up another date, though. If I ever do get to meet him I will be sure to ask him for an autograph for you. :) And I'm afraid I can't tell Terry anything on the account of the fact he has gone missing. He disappeared shortly after last week's editorial, can't imagine what could have happened to him...

I Love Sloth Shirt
Please don't vaporise me :)

In the past I have blessed my neopets with the bottled faeries, for the battle dome. Now it's telling me that my neopet isn't strong enough and it goes poof and disappears. What levels do you have to be to continue adding blessings? ~ sherri_lee
There are only so many abilities of each type your pet can learn, and your pets needs to be of a certain level in order to learn them. This page details all the abilities your pet can learn and the level necessary. Once you have learned all the attacks of a certain alignment then trying to continue blessing your pet with a faerie of that type won't do anything; it will just say your pet is too inexperienced to learn any more abilities and the faerie will fly away.

So, about how many JN Editorial questions are asked each week? ~ yaksrcewl
Well it depends on the staffer answering, really. Some of us are more popular than others *cough* Rosie *cough*. Sorry about that, got a bit of a tickly thing, I should probably see a doctor about it. But yes, I'd estimate we average about 70 - 80 questions each week. Any that don't get answered stay in the database to potentially be used in future editorials. :) Or to be folded up into little planes and thrown each other, whichever comes first.

I was listening to the 50th editorial and heard Nynex say "avatar" like "AY-va-tar". Why does she do that? Before I listened to the editorial podcast I thought Nynex was female o.o ~ shoyrutrainer135
What is with all the gender confusion going on this week?! 0_o For the record (since I know you're making notes at home) Nynex is a female... which is why she sounds like a girl on the podcast. ^^ *hugs Nexy* For further information please see exhibit A.

As for her pronunciation, she says it that way because that's just the way she says it. :D That was something which came up during the podcast, actually; because words like 'Maraquan' and 'Zafara' generally don't pop up in daily conversation you just say the word in your head and so never know if you're pronouncing it wrong.

You say potato, and I say potato... See what I mean? ;)

Is there a rule about the number of paint brushes a person can have in relation to the time the account has been opened? I have had my account for seven months and have had some luck resulting in receiving a few Paint brushes and when I posted them someone reported me to the neopets team is ths normal ~ gold_star69
First off, well done on being so lucky. :) Secondly no, there is no rule to limit the number of paint brushes (or other rare items) you can have on an account based on its age. It sounds to me like the person who reported you was probably just jealous and a bit suspicious of how you acquired so many in a relatively short period of time. I wouldn't worry about it, if you amassed your collection in a way that didn't break the rules then TNT will just disregard the report.

Hey people, recently I saw in the boards someone saying that he found a new place named "Frozen Lake", that included a http adress. I copy the adress and put it on my browser, I noticed after "neopets.com" there was another "/name.net" which was strange, the page showed the same log in neopet frame. Obviouslly, this was a scam to get another users passwords, do any of you know about this? Someone should put an regarding this. ~ themurci
It's a sad fact that for every honest player you will meet on the boards there is another one lurking whose intentions aren't so respectable. It's also a sad fact that I'm shorter than most preteens and that Oliver still hasn't replied to the 382 letters I've sent him. I did them in my best handwriting and everything. :( But that is besides the point...

Whenever you see the "Log in to Neopets" screen always always ALWAYS check the address in the bar at the top to make sure it is the genuine site. It should say http://www.neopets.com/loginpage.phtml, if it doesn't then do NOT enter your username or password as it is more than likely a scam to get your account information. Be sure to report anybody referring you to such sites and never post anything like "so-and-so said to go to www.thisrandomscamsite.com, but don't do it it's a scam!" because that is reportable too; your intentions may have been good but you have effectively just passed on the scam site yourself and as far as TNT is concerned that is breaking the rules.

Hi Weepit! I just want to ask... how do you get the soloutions for the avatars? I just want to know can you find the bonju avatar the same way? ~ mango_1997_amy
Ello! ^^ We don't have any inside information on how to get them, if that's what you mean. If a new one is released we just do the same as people on the boards; have a look at it for any clue as to how it might be achieved then go test out theories until we find one that works. The Bonju avatar is a mystery to us as well. Believe me, if we knew how to get it we would have told you guys by now. :(

Bonju Stamp
All your theories are belong to me

Hi,*throws candy at people randomly* XD Why is half price day on the third of every month? Why not the first ot second? I really wanna know!!!! ~ The Faded Wolf
^ That was me sitting with my mouth open to catch the candy you threw. :D When you think about it, it would have to be on the third of each month. I mean, if they did it on the first then it would just be all clichéd because the whole "Yay it's the first of the month!" vibe is in the air. And then they couldn't do it on the second day because then it looks a bit too much like they thought "Yeah, the first is a tad too obvious... let's make it the second to be all crazy and cool! Hey, Pete, put some more of those hip and happening sounds on. Yeah, that's it, the Beastie Boys!" (at this point, I imagine much 'mad throwing of shapes' ensued, or something). So they made it the third of the month, by which point they were all nursing carpet burns from attempting to break dance. True story.

Hi TJNT! I have a quick question about Transfers. Ok, so, if you offer to exchange a pet with somebody else's pet, and they reject it, will that still count as your "Monthly Transfer"? Thanks, you guys are awesome :D ~ purpleleprechaun
After testing this out I can confirm that yes, if you request to exchange pets with another user and they reject the offer then it will count as you having used your monthly transfer. So it is best to organise the exchange through Neomail or the boards beforehand to make sure they will accept.

HOWEVER! I would advise against just randomly neomailing people to ask if they are interested in trading pets. If they have a note on their lookup or advertise their pets as being up for adoption/trade then fine, but just mailing people without warning is kinda rude and annoying. :D

Why is Dr. Sloth, the most eviiiil villain in Neopia, named after a...a...you know...a... ~ Pinkkea
A famous musician? Well, you see, his mum was an ENORMOUS Frank Sinatra fan so she named her son after him. That is why Sloth does it his way... Okay, that was so cheesy you could grate it onto a pizza. Next question!

ALL ways are my ways

Hi Jellyneo! I was wondering, who has the oldest account on the JN 's team? Thanks you rock. Oh here's a cookie! ~ a_mickey
*Noms cookie rather noisily* The record for the oldest active account amongst the staffers is held by Mokotai with a whopping 100 months, closely followed by Illy at 99 months.

Hey guys! *throws chocolate covered telephones in the air* I was just wondering, my sister and I both have neopets accounts, but we access them on the same computer. We have different e-mails, but we give each other LOTS of gifts for birthdays or whatever. Is there any chance I could get frozen like carbonite? Thanks! ~ Anony-moose
For scenarios like this the best thing to do is to try and put yourself in TNT's position and think, "What would look suspicious to me?" In this case, although it might look a bit odd, you're not breaking any rules. So long as you and your sister both only make Neopoints on one account each and all the gifts you send each other are funded from the Neopoints on those accounts then there shouldn't be any problem. However it may be worth using the trading post to transfer multiple items at once rather than sending them individually, if for no other reason than to save time. (:

Gift Box
Definitely not an angry bobcat in a box ^^

Is it against the rules if somebody has a pet and trades it for an item, like a paint brush? ~ Koolkid89w20
Yes, this is very much against the rules so please report anybody you see doing this. :) TNT have said time and time and time again that no items should be involved in pet trades. This is why I don't like the concept of trading pets, there is just waaaaaaaay too much scope to abuse it and scam people. Pets can only be traded on a 1 for 1 basis; this means that you are not allowed to trade a painted pet for a regular pet with an expensive petpet/petpetpet attached to match the value, nor are you allowed to transfer a pet to somebody and have them send you an item in return.

*politely offers a gift capsule* Is there any way to change the order of the games in your favorites? ~ Flamgee
*Graciously accepts* I'm afraid there isn't any way of moving them, your favourites are ordered alphabetically and there is no way of changing that. Sorry. :(

Hey there, Weepit! You've been a member of the staff for quite a while now. What has been the most fun thing about being staff :)? ~ Zadorvp
I've only been a staffer for *counts* five months, so not that long really. :P The most fun thing about it has definitely been getting to join the bucket army; nothing brings quite so wide a grin to my face as smacking a lolrus upside the head. ^_^

Observe, the meaning of life :D

And that's your lot. I considered trying to Rick Roll you all, but luckily I managed to resist the urge. ;)