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Terry's Issue
Published: February 2, 2009

Hey there, I'm Terry, and I've run out of things to introduce myself with. :D

Oh, lookee there, there are 22 Questions in this Editorial, and 23 plus 1 makes 24, and there are 24 Hours in a day. Interesting. Very interesting indeed.

Hey there! I know that Suzuka is the first female admin (yay!), but I joined JN when we were under the rule of Dave/Stephen/Terry, and was wondering if there were different admins before that. Were there? ~ 101savannah101
Well, before Stephen and Terry, there was Matt and Keen. (Matt's recently come back and joined us as a graphic designer. In case you didn't notice, he's also the designer of the new Cyodrake's Gaze site theme. His previous work includes many site and jnPortal themes, among many other graphics.)

Hello, minions. I have noticed that staff members often ask questions of other staff members in the JN Editorial. First, are questions submitted by JN Staff members submitted in the way that normal users submit their questions? If so, isn't it possible that someone could pretend to be a staff member and ask a question to the editorial, as you are allowed to enter questions using any name :P? ~ Dave
Hey there, Fake Dave! ;D

Staff members get to submit their questions in through the same form that you guys use also. So... yes, I guess it's possible that someone could pretend to be a staff member and ask an editorial question. Likely? No -- because we know if it's staff that asked the question. :P

I just found two errors in Suzuka's recent editorial. This wouldn't have mattered much in the past, since the mistakes would normally be buried by time and further answers on the subject. Now that the JN editorial is searchable, answers from long ago are now more immediate. Will you-all go back and fix errors? ~ solsticesprite
Actually, we've been doing that as it's been needed. (We just didn't tell you all! :P) Usually if there's a edit tag with no name (e.g. "Terry Edit"), it's an edit made after the issue was published.

Love the site theme. But why can't I see Linae on it D=. That is saddening. ~ Kanabilicious
Why, Linae's there D:

Do you see me now? Good. *hug*

Hello TJNT! How do you get all this information? (Like the Altador Plot.) Are you super-smart, or are you just stubborn? ~ pinkkea
A little of both. :P We work real hard to try and bust through as many of TNT's puzzles as we can, and we keep trying until we get through. Then we write. And yell. And write some more. Then play in our ball pit. Repeat until plot step is done. :D

Oh my; ish Terry! :D Anyway, I was reading the question about screals last editorial and, being the curious person I am, I was about to go and click on the Item Database link at the top of the page and search for them, thus taking endless seconds away from my life when I remembered that I had installed the Item Database search as one of my search engines! I have searched many other things there, but I do get annoyed that it only shows 30 items per page. Can you pull out your whip... I mean kindly ask the staffers over there to let us select how many items per page when using the search engine? Pwnsome job with your special project btw. ~ wildxpup609
We'll see what we can do. :P As for right now, you can do the following -- When you search for something using the search tool, you get this little snippet in the URL: "&numitems=30" -- change 30 to 50 (or whatever number you desire) and then hit "Go" or the Enter key on your keyboard. That should temporarily fix the problem. :)

EDIT: You can also use the sidebar search to change the items you wish to view, as your search term gets spit back in there anyways. :P

Hello, Terry! If I recall correctly, back when the RoS plot was running, you used the pwnful Parlax Plushie as your avatar. Was there a particular reason you did? =3 Or just because you were thwacked on the head and were told to? Just curious. ^^ And here, have a Milky Way candy bar. *hands one to you* PS: Why is Dave using the Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll as his avatar instead of a Happiness Faerie Plushie or Floating Happiness Faerie Doll? O_o ~ The Queen of Parlax Fangirls
Unfortunately, I used Gorix and Gormos during the Return of Sloth Plot, not Parlax. :P I did so because... well, I was pro-Resistance :O (DOWN WITH SLO... err, GO SLOTH GO! RAH RAH RAH)

Hehehe, the Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll...

I'm full of mysteries...

Hi, TJNT! Thanks for answering my question last Editorial! :) But the Trading Post/petpages/shops/user lookup/galleries have nothing to do with the Neoboards! So why can't we edit THOSE if we're under 13?!? Thanks again for answering my other question! Bye! ~ meow_kitty100
You can't edit the Trading Post, Petpages, Shops, User Lookups or Galleries because they contain custom content. Under COPPA, they are legally obligated to protect individuals under the age of 13 from giving out their personal information unless given permission from a parent/guardian. (This also explains why you can't retrieve your password if you're under the age of 13.)

How do you change your Kacheek to a Jelly Kacheek? ~ gfx_is_healthy
You can only get a Jelly Kacheek through the Secret Lab Ray. :O

Hello, Terry! I was wondering, when was the sponsor games page updated? And the book of ages? I think they need updating.... especially the games... half your games on there have disappeared from neopets.... BYE!!!! o_O ~ meow_kitty100
Well, the Sponsor Games Page was last updated on January 24th, and the Book of Ages is an ongoing project that is worked on daily. You may not see the updates in a newspost, but trust me, they're happening. :P

If we bottled up the speed at which we work,
this would be what you'd get.

Why dont you add the Weltrudes Toy Chest to the freebies list? It would make life a lot easier! ~ ne0red
Weltrudes Toy Chest was added to Your Dailies ages ago! :P Anyways, to add it to your dailies, you can click here to head on over to the Add Preset Dailies page. :) For those of you who don't know, you need a jnAccount to use Your Dailies, so if you don't already have a jnAccount, why don't you get one today?

So I browse the editorial somtimes and I see some pretty funny answers! But (wait you can't start a sentence with but) the podcast editorial one ,ade me LAUGH OUT LOUD! I broke my chair because it fell down! Are you guys gonna have another one anytime? Or is it super complicated to do and you can only do it once every other year? ~ wow67_7
At this time, we have preliminary plans for a second Podcast Editorial. (Well, at least, we know we're going to do a second one. :P) We just have to find a common time to do so.

It's not that it's complicated to do, it's just hard to get everyone together since we're all in different time zones and stuff. :D

Hi Terry!! You guys ROCK! Well anyways, I just created a side account and I was wondering if it was against the rules to recieve your newbie pack, I didn't just in case. And is there a page where it tells you all the stuff you can't do on side accounts? ~ Puppy_lover9917
Funnily enough, you ARE allowed to collect the Newbie Pack on your side account.

I think I'm pretty clear about what you can and can't do with your side account. I've also been really good about just feeding my Neopets and zapping them on my side account... and nothing else. However, I was told that it was okay to get your monthly freebies on your side account, and I have done so. But, in reading your various answers to similar questions... I'm beginning to think that I'm putting my side account at risk. If doing this is forbidden, then I will, of course, stop. I know you are tired of side account "do's and don'ts"... but could you please clarify this for me as well? Thanks a bunch! ~emmakelsey1224

As much as we'd like to smash our faces into our keyboards for getting another one of these side account "do's and don'ts" questions, we can understand where you got befuddled on this one. :) We think whomever it was that told you it was okay might have confused the Newbie Pack with the monthly freebie. The Newbie Pack is yours, and you're welcome to take it when you create (up to four) side accounts, but the monthly Freebies page is like a daily, but umm... monthly. It can only be collected on your main account.

Drat. No keyboards in Neopia. Guess this will have to do.
Unfortunately, both us and Neopets don't have a guide on what you can/cannot do on side accounts. However, your best bet is to not do anything on purpose that would get you NP on a side account, such as play games, sell things from a shop, etc. (Random event items/NP are fair game though. You can transfer those back to your main account for use as long as you have five or fewer accounts.)

Have Christmas Arkmite ever won the PPL? ~ dolphin_lover00
Unfortunately, the Christmas Arkmite hasn't won PPL yet. :/ You can always check to see if your species/color of petpet has won PPL by checking out our Item Database. There's a PPL module that shows up if your petpet has won. (See the Harris entry, for example.) Hope that helps! :)

Hi Terry! How are you? Who came up with the slogan "Your Jellylicious Neopets Source?" Thanks ~ peachesrocks2
Well, Dave came up with it way back when, back when Jellyneo was restarted by him. (And it's stuck from then on! :O)

Does Dave have OSD Obsessive Sloth Disorder? ~ tama231999
Unfortunately, we've gone to the world's best doctors, traveled around the world, and tried everything -- but he still has OSD. :/ We were hoping that Bonju would have a cure for him, but it seems like Bonju's just going to stand there and stare. And stare. And stare.


What if someone asks a questian, but puts in the wrong "Type of Question"? Will you still answer it? Or will the asker of the question get stoned...then have rocks thrown at her....D= ~ Kanabi
We'll still answer the question. We'll just throw our ball pit balls at you as we're answering your question. :P

Dearest dear Terry *pass large jelly septure*I have often wondered what paintbrush you would invent if you could.personnaly mine would be a Dr Sloth one.All hail the Sloth! ~ jazleigh
I personally would invent the Cake Paint Brush. Who wouldn't want a pet made of cake? :O (A /Chocolate Cake/ Paint Brush would be more awesome though.)

Imagine me as your Neopet, except hopefully more chocolatey!

Is it true that Diet Terry tastes like old gymsocks? ~ sugarstar222
Why, yes, yet it does!

No, what are you talking about? Diet Terry is made from a mixture of seven different fruits and pizzas, mixed together in a secret formula to produce... half a bottle of Diet Terry. (Hey, that's why you pay 10,000 Joodles for one bottle!)

Hi! *gives really huge bribe* Do you why TNT denies Jelly Worlds existence when it's right there, at neopets.com/jelly? ~ huskydreamstudios
Why, that's preposterous! Everyone knows Jelly World doesn't exist... and that The Hidden Tower is located here... Here's the real link. :P

Is the mysterious valentines day card one use? Our guild was going to send it around, but someone said we couldn't. Does it disappear after you receive it? ~ xcarlyannarchy
Yes, you are correct -- the Mysterious Valentines Card is a one use item. In order to get the site theme, you AND the recipient both must not have the sidebar. (If either of you do, it'll send like a regular item.) The item will disappear after you send/receive it.

When you send it to a person without the sidebar, it'll disappear from your inventory, and the person on the receiving end will get a neomail saying that somebody gave them the site theme, but they won't get the item itself.

I cause lots of confusion!

Hello JN! *force feeds a box of calculators down your throat* Anywho, have any of your staff members ever known a TNT staff member? That'd be cool. *eats a Sweeney Todd pie* ~ joshrocks7890
We talk to them every now and then. ;) But as for "really" knowing them, no. :P (What, did you think that we go out to dinner once a year and chat or something? :P)

Ice Hotel Ho!

Hey JN!! Thatbks for releasing your Guide to Key Quest!!! It's a huge help when it comes to playing the game. I was wondering though, what are the chances of receiving a paintbrush as a prize? And is it only limited to those shown, or could there be more given??? Once Again, You Guys ROCK!! ~ mbrr_11
You're quite welcome. :) We polled the JN Staff in early January, and here are the numbers. Out of 1104 totalkeys, the JN staff obtained 658 Gold Keys. Out of those gold keys, there were five that gave paint brushes, giving you a.... 0.76% chance of getting a paint brush from a gold key.

Come on, keep trying! You can do it!