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Mokotai's Awesome Possum Editorial!
Published: January 25, 2009

Well hello there :) I'm Mokotai and I am part of the IDB Crew. This week I will be discussing your questions about being an under 13 Neopets player, things about the IDB, and... meepits O_o So get a snack, sit back, and enjoy!

in your las editorial about item numbers you said that 1 was the oldest item in neopia. What i'm wondering is, what item has the number one? has it been deleted or converted into another item? ~ luigifan66
The item with the ID #1 is the Green Apple. Back during the Advent Calendar in 2007 there was a glitch and lots of people got Green Apples instead of the normal prizes when they collected them. The glitch reverted back to item number 1, which happens to be the Green Apple :)

I'm also great for baking!

I have asked this of ALL of TnT emails and the editorials for months. Maybe you already know the answer. Back in April the editoral at Neopets said that even your minors accounts count toward your 5 allotted. In order to keep accounts safe you should change the minors email to their own. Now being that minors can not view the page: http://www.neopets.com/userinfo.phtml how in the name of Mystery Island can you change it? Anyone? Help please~ ~ taffysm
For anyone under 13 years of age, there is a Parental Consent form that their parents can fill out. It gives the minor access to changing their profile. It also makes it so that they can enjoy Neopets as everyone over 13 does. They can go on the message boards, have Neofriends, etc. The form can be faxed or mailed :) Hope that helps!

Terry Edit: You can go here to change your password. (User Preferences is only for Password Changes, User Lookup changes, etc.)

What would happen if I named my Meepit "Feepit"? ~ iFicS
Well, you would then have a Meepit named Feepit :P

I am really confused when I go to the Neoboards. Everyone is saying things like "ETS" at "HTS" and "OTB" and all of those weird abbreviated things. What do they all mean? ~ Shoppink456
Ahhh, the world of Neopian abbreviations. While there are many many many different abbreviations out there, the ones you are referring to are as follows: ETS: Easy To Sell, HTS: Hard To Sell, OTB: Offer To Beat. Depending on the board you are on there are many different abbreviations used. Kadoatie feeders have their own set of abbreviations and the same for restockers. It just makes it easier than typing everything out :)

What is jelly? Where can you find jelly? What is the purpose of jelly? Am I jelly? Is jelly edible? What color is jelly? Are you jelly? Why is there jelly? Are band-aids made of jelly? Jelly? Jelly? JELLY?! *throws grapes* P.S. Jelly ~ JELLAY!!!
*Stops the grapes in mid-air with her spatula of awesomeness*

Do I exist?

Have Screals ever won the PPL? Cause mine is 1101 days and I really wanted her to have a prize. Oh, and have petpets that can't be painted ever won the PPL? Cause Screals can't be painted but I like them a lot, and I have mine for a very long time... :) ~ kavalheiru26
Yup, Screals won the PPL award on October 18, 2008! So it is safe to say that whether or not they are able to be painted bears no difference on their ability to win :)

If you would like to see all of the past PPL winners, you can do so here! You can click on each pet and find out what day they won as well :) There are also some other special searches that you can do in the item database :)

hello everyone! *hands a huge plate of choclate cookies* i was just wondering about the prices in the database. Are them an average price for the item or are the cheapest price you can found? ~ sardnyx
*Passes plate of cookies around* The prices in the database are roughly the common low price of the item. For example, if an item is priced as 990np, 997np, 997np, and then a whole bunch priced at 1000np, we would use the price of 1000np :) Some of them are harder to decide on a price though, so I take a rough average.

Hey there, Mokotai :D So, tell us what you mainly work on in the IDB and what's the best thing about doing that? *gives you a bucket* ~ Zadorvp
Awesome possum, a bucket! Anywho, I mainly do prices and those pesky item release dates -.- The best part about it would have to be making the IDB more complete and the cheap items you sometimes find while checking prices :)

Is it against the rules for me to transfer one of my pets to another user in exchange for another pet? I'm not asking for neopoints or items because I know that is against the rules, but I zapped a Lutari and the other user REALLY wants it, and I REALLY want one of their neopets. Is this all right? ~ interpolarity
Sadly, Lutari's cannot be transferred to other users, and if you try to pound it the pet will run away :( But to continue the question, you can trade one pet for another if you wish, but remember that it is your fault if the person on the other end is not so honorable. Just make sure both of you have enough space for the pets and enough NP to do the trade :) Also, if the Neopet is level 2 or higher, a limited edition pet, or painted a very rare and expensive color paintbrush, you cannot trade to someone who's account has not been activated for less than 4 months.

Hey! I was just wondering if you new any way that you could advertise your shop in neopets... or do you just have to wait until people find something you have in the shop wizard.. thanks!! -- chickenruleshi01 ~ chickenruleshi01
There are actually a couple ways you can advertise your shop. Firstly, you can go to the Neoboards and there is a board called Shop Ads! Wooo! There, you can advertise your shop and anyone on the boards can see your ad :) The second way to advertise your shop is to go to the notice board (there is a link for it on the main shop page). This requires you to pay though. To appear on the first page be prepared to pay about 4,000,000NP (oh my!) and about 1,000NP to appear on the last page. It is mostly used by people who are in malls.

Terry Edit: You can also put a link to your shop in your NeoBoard signature so it posts every time you write a post. (But don't post on the NeoBoards just to spam and advertise!) In my opinion, the quickest way to get people to your shop is to make sure your items are priced the lowest on the Wiz, as people who are looking for an item will most likely buy it, but people who just visit your shop from the NeoBoards are just there randomly. :P Hope that helps!

Hi, I spotted some users talking about old versions of pets like Bruces and Zafaras. Do you have a page where I can look at these old versions? If not, what did they look like? ~ swisscat
Here at JN we don't have a page with the old pets, but here is a petpage that does have the old versions of all the pets :)

Bet most of you don't know what pet I am now ;)

Hi Mokotai! I don't know if you already answered this question cause I am new to the editorials but why can't you really get ice bori's anymore? How come they turn blue when you get one from the pound? Thanks! ~ Shoppink456
Ice Bori were part of a special promotion years ago so Neopets made it so if they were pounded they would turn to blue. The only way to get one now is to transfer one from another user, or if you are really lucky, you can zap one in the lab ray. That is very rare though. To read more about Ice Bori, you can click here!

hey mokotai *hands you TEN gold keyquest keys* i've been playing keyquest and once with a gold key I unlocked a camaflouge pb! so whats the most expensive item you can obtain from keyquest with a key? *slips you 500,000 neopoints under the table to put this question in your editorial* ~ bd_oc_hp
First off, no form of payment will be accepted for answering this :P Paintbrushes seem to be the most expensive items you can obtain from Keyquest.

How come us under 13ers can't at least change our active avatars? ~ meow_kitty100
Sadly that is part of the Neoboards section and anyone under 13 cannot gain access to the Neoboards without parental consent :(

When you disown a pet (either by transferring or pounding), will the books and abilities you've given them stay with them? For example, if I read 100 books to a pet and decide to transfer it to a different account, will his intelligence remain the same? Will there still be a record of the books that were read to him? ~ hotchic943
Yup, all abilities and books read will be transfered as well :) The only thing that will not be transfered over will be any battledome equipment that may be on your pet. Even the petpet will transfer over :)

Edit: Whilst intelligence and Battledome stats will be retained, a pet's fishing ability will be reset if it leaves your account; although it will regain its level if you get it back. For example, if you have a pet with a level 100 fishing skill and you lend them to your friend for an avatar, when the pet reaches your friend's account the pet's fishing level will be reset to 1. When they give you the pet back, however, its fishing level will return to 100 again as soon as it is back on your account. Hope that clears things up. :)

So, the NC gift box. Is it only available to those 4 years or above? I couldn't find it. Is it possible to send a gift box? And finally, how much does the box cost? ~ seciea
The NC gift box is only obtainable if you redeem a Neocash Card. You can use it to send NC Mall items to your neofriends. You can only put one item in the box though. You can also purchase wrapping paper for the box in the NC Mall.

Oooh, pretty...

Hi, Mokotai! Since you are one of the ID staffer, I thought I would ask you this. Is there anyway to change a Blumaroo to Rainbow besides the PB? I can't find a MP for it. Does it just not exist, or has it not been added to the database yet? ~ redwitch12
There is no other item that will change your Blumaroo to Rainbow. There are items such as Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water, but that will change it to a random color so no guarantees. The only other possibilities are to get a lucky zap in the lab ray. It would seem as of yet that there are no Morphing Potions to do that with, sorry!

Hi, mokotai. This question has been bugging me for quite a while. *Throws chocolate bar* So, the other day, I was looking at the news all the way back in 2004, 2001, (you know what I mean:D)and then I saw the Isfet and Armana being released, but then I checked your database and it says they haven't been announced yet! Why? ~ dragon66309
Oooh, chocolate :) Haha, our bad, it should have been put as MIA. It has been changed :) But still, Neopets has this thing where they just don't release things. Drives SciFi up a wall really. If anyone sees any of the items that are MIA, please help us out by sending in information! The entire list of MIA items can be found here!

Oh, the poor desserts of Neopia :( What ever is a baker to do?

Where /is/ the Staff page, now? I can't actually find it with the new layout... *blush* ~ swisscat
That's okay, don't blush! You will see on the left hand side of the page under the calendar, a button that says "Jellyneo Links". Click on that and it will bring out more options and there is a link for the staff listing ;) Or you can just click here!

*sets meepit army on JN staff* Why are items, like the super attack pea, so expensive? Why can't TNT lower the price by giving them out as random events more? ~ julianimal
Set an army on us? Do you want me to answer this or not? :P The Super Attack Pea is an uncommon item and is something to be worked for. If TNT were to give them out more often it would make that item, and other items too, not as special and it wouldn't be as exciting as when you finally do achieve it :)

Terry Edit: The Super Attack Pea is worth over 250 million NP for multiple reasons. First, it's a Smuggler's Cove item, meaning that there are only 120 Super Attack Peas that could be out there. Second, if you take into account the frozen, deleted or discarded Super Attack Peas, it decreases the number of Peas in circulation, increasing the price. And finally, if you consider the Peas that people are keeping in their SDB (in storage), there are probably only a handful of Peas up for sale, which explains why it's so expensive. There's also a high demand for it (and the avatar), which contributes to the price as well. Hope this helps!

Hi! *tosses everlasting apple* how do you feed your petpet? I know they don't NEED to be fed, but I heard you can feed them anyways. thanks for the help guys, you ROCK! ~ sparrow44124
*Catches apple* You cannot feed your petpet, but you can talk to them and such. You can also rename your pet. Both of these can be done by going to your pet on the side bar and clicking on the pet :)

Hi Mokotai! Is it true inside every sloth clone there is a meepit controlling it? ~ 1338up
Well, if I told you... lol just kidding :) But seriously...