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Suzuka's Super-Special MidWeek Editorial!
Published: January 21, 2009

Suzuka's issue may not be as jam-packed as usual, but it does have a special sponsor - please welcome Aethia, also known as The Battle Faerie!

*gasps* Suzuka is an admin now! She's the first female JN admin! It said so on the Staff Listing page! Is it true? ~ code_6
Haha, it has been a while since I last did an editorial... sorry for the delay in replying! Yes, I've been an administrator for several months now, and I'm the first female in the job ;)

In the last editorial, there was a questing asking where Dung came from. Where does RAINBOW Dung come from? ~ sweeneywantsrevenge
You can get Rainbow Dung by going to the Lunar Temple and... well, getting the question wrong.

I'm only a consolation prize? ;.;

Are you allowed to trade NPs for NC or codes? ~ necoladude
Nope, that is absolutely not allowed! While people are allowed to give codes away, they are not allowed to request payment or even suggest "tips". And meanwhile, you can't give away NC - and you can't trade NP items for NC items, either!

Hey there! Recently, while creating a pet, I saw that the Tonu was available to create in the LE section, even though it wasn't Tonu day! Also, every time I visit the pound I see a bunch of Tonu. What is up with them? Are they still limited edition, or are they just not very rare? ~ pollpoll0
Tonu are technically LE, but they aren't RARE, per se ;) Tonu are available to create every time the Giant Omelette runs out, as well as on Tonu Day, so they're by far the easiest LE pet to obtain. They also don't have the large fanbase some of the other LE pets have (such as the Poogle), and therefore aren't snapped up as fast when in the pound.

can i play a 5 keys game if i only have 3 tokens? ~ nikki_fella
You can play any game of Key Quest as long as you have at least one token. (Meaning that you can play a game with any number of keys.)

As long as you have me or any of my buddies, you can go play Key Quest!

Hey TJNT *Throws a pie filled with jellybeans at Dandy's in hopes of starting a pie fight!* Say, if I had an Acara and an Darigan Acara morphing potion, and used it on him/her, will he/she become Darigan, or will I waste good, hard earned neopoints. Thanks! *Throws another cream-jellybean pie.* ~ rockhopper_and_yarr
Aww, poor Dandy D: Yup, your pet will become a Darigan Acara; you can use morphing potions on pets even if they are already that species ;) There are several cases where it's cheaper than the paint brush itself - but not always! Plushie morphing potions, for example, are collected by both potion collectors and plushie collectors, so most of the time they are MORE expensive than the paint brush.

I was wondering about the lending collat thingy. When you give collat, will you get your money back once you're done with the item.? :X I'm confused. Does the person keep the collat, or do you get it back. I mean the MSPP avvie is soooooo expensive! D: Thanks! *gives out caramel apples* ~ CaramelDucky
Collateral means that while you are borrowing an item, the owner of the item holds onto items of yours of equal value, just in case you try to run off with the item, or a random event gets it while in your possession. Once you're done, they have to offer back everything that you put up as collateral - they aren't allowed to keep anything as a "tip". If they try to say that they don't need to return anything, they're breaking the rules!

Hi!! *tosses super attack peas* If you became a staff member at jn, does that mean that you have to do the editorial, have a little cartoon picture of you with a GIANT head, etc.? ~ Pokepet927
Nope, there is absolutely no requirements for those sorts of things, but it is a bonus :) Staff members who wish to do an editorial sign up, and everyone so far has requested a caricature from Rosie, who kindly does them for us!

And isn't she so cute... ♥

hi there! let says i sent a thank you message to a certain somebody, and she replies that "i dont know you, i 'm going to report you!" after a long explanation of why i thanked her, and why cant she report me, she replied with stuff like this:" haha, you dumbo, i totally tricked you, i know how to do cool things! you're so easily cheated!" is this reportable, this certainly spoils your day.... thanks for taking time to read it!:) ~ pizzapancake923
While I'm thoroughly confused by what happened in this situation, you can absolutely report her! Anytime something happens where someone claims to have cheated, reported you for no reason, or insults/harasses, you are absolutely allowed to report them - use the button available in Neomail. TNT has the ability to view the original message, and can verify that what happened.

Hi JN! *tosses assorted cheeses* I love your site. I just wanted to know. Do I have horrible luck? I've been playing Neopets for more than 3 years, and have played the Fruit Machine every day. I've only won a paint brush once, and when I did, it was a retired Stone paint brush... Also, does anyone else find the writing Kiko hypnotic? ~ ^^
Don't worry, my luck is worse than yours! Not only have I not won a Paint Brush from the Fruit Machine in the past 7 and a half years, I haven't been visited by Jacko the Phantom Painter OR had a single Fountain Faerie Question! And I'm not allowed to look at fun images anymore... they make me say funny things...

Hello! I took a long hiatus from Neopets, and while I was gone, the neohomes changed! How do I access my old neohome and neogardens and all of the items in them? Thanks! ~ vesparagdoll
You can access them by going to your userlookup, and clicking "Visit my Classic Neohome"! You can still edit them, and add items :)

I was reading your issue...Oh Dear. (Issue 29) and I came upon the "Green Uni Program" thing where people take painted pets from the Pound and transform them into Green Unis. Now, I only had 280,000 NP in my bank and I took 30,000 of that to buy a Christmas Paint Brush. I painted a Zafara and THEN after that I saw your Oh Dear editorial! There's always a chance that my Christmas Zafara will be turned into a green Uni (goodbye NP). This Zafara was my fourth Neopet. I have two unpainted and a Uni painted Christmas and that Zafara. What am I supposed to do? ~ Pinkkea
Oh dear, there seems to be a misunderstanding! The Green Uni project only applies to pets that are in the pound. While I personally disapprove of it (obviously someone wanted a random member to get the pet if they dumped it in the pound), the main idea is that the members troll for rare pets and adopt them, morph them into Green Unis (or Split Lennys, now-a-days), and abandon them again. As far as I'm aware, there isn't a specific organization, and TNT has stated it is not against the rules. While your pets are in your account, however, you have no need to worry about them randomly turning into a Green Uni :)


Well, I guess most of us know that we have to earn NP on our mains. But how do we actually get NP to our sides? What if you want to use the NeoLodge to feed your pet or something? ~ Nightingale
You can get Neopoints to your side by using the Trading Post. I generally toss over a junk item to my side account (If there aren't already some there), and creating a trade with it. Then, you can bid both items and Neopoints on the trade to your other account - it's pretty simple and safe :) It's fastest if you have multiple browsers; I generally have my side logged in on Firefox, and my main on Safari.

Hi TJNT!*throws meepit* i was wondering, what are the chances that you can get a draik by using a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water? ~ luckystar8261997
Absolutely non-existant :) The Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water only changes your pet's colour, not the species.

Would it be safe to say that ALL clothes will be wearable someday? That maybe I should buy them while they're cheap? Or will they maybe not become wearable? ~ kerryann24
I wouldn't bet on all items becoming wearable if you're aiming within the next decade ;) A good portion of wearables have been new items, not old ones becoming wearable - those are rarest, in fact, and have changed very little in price. As an investment, I would say it wouldn't be likely to bring in that much return, especially since you don't know which items WILL become wearable, when, and what else you could do with your Neopoints in the meantime :)

Hello there! Hopefully you can help me with this, but I been noticing that some users have their neopets picture larger than usual in their neopet lookup. I wanted to know hopefully, how do you make your neopets picture larger? Can it be smaller even? ~ icydiamonds
What those users have done is gone in and put some coding in their userlookup that specifies the size that their neopets will appear by pixel width and height :) If your userlookup uses CSS (which starts and ends with Style tages), you can enter #userneopets img {height:128px; width:128px;} within those tags - and set the height and width to the numbers you wish :)

* Throws 42 rabid meepits* Hey I love your site as I bet you already know. I just wanted to know if for say you got a gold trophy in something like geos and next month you qualified for a bronze trophy which would go on your profile? ~ Aniqa
Once you receive a trophy in a game, it cannot be overwritten by another trophy unless the trophy is of a higher value :) You'll still get the other prizes, but your Gold Trophy is safe!

If only I were gold...

Hey, awhile back i got suspended for having a neo bus topic, why? And also lets say someone reported a swear word that wasn't very offensive and wasn't at someone, then a person reported it, but then learned that it was okay and then they started getting yelled at and people were being mean about it and threatening to report an account for false reporting, could they be reported for harassment? And also if someone said an idea on the boards and then people started yelling and being mean about the idea, could they be reported? Thanks for answering! ~ beccymom69
A Neo Bus topic? That, I don't know. It's up to the moderators on the forums at the time to decide what they do, and would be a better question for the Neo editorial - they can look it up and give you a definite answer! As for the other questions - that IS harassment, and should be reported. However, it's not a good idea at ANY time to post that you've reported someone. Report-happy people may be subject to suspension themselves, if they are considered to be abusing the system. Neo does have mods, and they're going to try to get to the real reports ASAP; they can also take action on things that weren't reported, but that they find to be against the rules.

On Neopets, I fell for a scam by accident two months ago. My password was changed and my email probably was too. I felt that if I asked for my password, the password and email would be sent to the scammer. If I ask for my PW, would it be sent to the scammer or to me? What would happen if I asked for the account to be deleted? Would TNT think I am someone trying to get rid of someone else's account? ~ ninjakyrii
Oh, goodness, you didn't report it yet? The first thing you should do if someone gets your account is report it to Neopets to have it frozen IMMEDIATELY. Then, later on, you can regain your account by submitting a report to have it unfrozen, detailing the situation, and providing proof that you owned it. Good things to know are which stocks you owned, who your neofriends were, your birthday, and which pets were created, which adopted. At this point, even if it is frozen (you SHOULD report it right now), you may not get it back, because you waited so long. As for the question about emails - that depends on whether or not the scammer changed the email associated with the account, which is, unfortunately, highly likely.

My Blibble just turned into a Christmas Feloreena via the Petpet Lab Ray. If I painted it another color using a petpet paint brush, would it still change back into a Blibble when I remove it? ~ mzsmith2
If a pet is zapped by the Petpet lab ray, you'll find that you CAN'T paint it - in order to paint it, you'd have to de-attach it, and then re-attach it, and paint it while it was a Blibble.

Quick question for you. It's so quick that I can add more words to editorial to fill it up some :P My question is, and I allowed to collect the bank interest on my main AND side account? I keep 2 bank accounts so if 1 is scammed, I don't have to start from stratch. ~ gummbee89_alison89
Absolutely not! You shouldn't even HAVE a bank account on your side account - I can't guarantee whether or not it will warrant a warning/freezing, but TNT has strongly discouraged it in the past. Interest collected counts as a daily - if you want more interest, you should have it all in one account. As long as you're diligent in protecting yourself and your accounts, you shouldn't ever have anything to worry about - especially if you have a hard-to-figure-out Pin Number.

Hallo, WIAE (Whoever Is Answering the Editorial). *throws Kiko wasting paper* Sorry, he looked like a rock. Anyway, in the last editorial (no 64), Tom mentioned Ask-A-Staff-Member. What in Neopia/Jelly world is that? [btw, what would happen if I said to Dave that I am against Sloth??] ~ 1lalabears1
@_@ Kiko hurts... Ask a Staff Member is a section in our Forums, located here. Every week, a different staff member is featured, and members are free to ask all sorts of questions - provided they aren't TOO personal. You can also win Joodles (forum currency) if the staff member featured thinks you asked the most interesting question(s) of the week!
Make sure to keep an eye out, as we plan to feature every staff member at least once!

As for Sloth's opponents... Ylana can deal with them...

Heylo! *throws cookies at all staffers* I was wondering if the ItemDB could use a official price checker because I was browsing through and noticed a lot of items had inaccurate prices. I know that users can change that but wouldn't it be easier if you had a group of staffers to price them? It sounds easy enough! ~ coolcat23306
We actually DO have a group of staffers that are responsible only for the IDB! They work on adding new items, responding to bug reports, editing prices, etc.! Seeing as there are over 30,000 items in Neopia, we often rely on JN members to let us know when the prices get inaccurate, as our staff simply don't have the time to check all of them daily, or even weekly! One of the best ways to help with pricing is when checking your wishlist - I know I'm always working on mine, and I edit prices whenever they're notably different from the average on the Superwiz :)

Hello TJNT! I was really confused when I searched 'petpetpet' in the searchbar for neopets... I found all of these FAQ's about Petpetpet habitats, and how your petpetpet can build structures... O_o Is this really true? ~ l__ebilness__l
Yup, Petpetpet Habitats is a computer application that has been beta-testing with Premium members for quite some time. Due to the programmers having lots of other things to work on (such as Keyquest), it hasn't been completed for public release yet. We have a few staffers in the beta, however, so we'll do our best to keep JN's visitors up-to-date on what's going on with that!

Raise me well!

Hiya TJNT!, I saw a really bad add on Neopets the other day, And I was wondering where I could go to report it?, LOVE the site by the way :D ~ kittymccourt
On the bottom of every main Neopets page (not petpages, however, or some edited Userlookups or Guilds), you should see a button that says "Contact Us" (you can also reach that page here.) There are several sections within there to report things, but for reporting something like this, I'd suggest going to Abuse Report. There, you can click for no username, and select "Profanity, sexual, or offensive content". Make sure to give all the details you can, so the issue will be resolved ASAP!

EDIT:You can report the advertisement to TNT by using this form.