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Tom's Cram Packed, Curiously Compelling Issue
Published: January 18, 2009

Hello! My name is Tom, and I'm one of the five IDBers. This week I'll be answering questions about Jellyneo's Item Database, scams and where in the world Zador is. So, as always, sit back, relax and enjoy the 64th installment of the Jellyneo Editorial!

I saw a neopet with a Korbat Tattoo. I thought it was really cool looking, but when I checked the NC Mall I couldn't find it, and I never saw it on the Neopets news page. How do you get one? ~ 1leopard8
The Korbat Tattoo is a special NC Mall item that is only available to veteran players. Once your account is about 50 months old, a new shop called the Elite Boutique will show up in the mall. The Elite Botique contains several items including the Korbat Tattoo.

Item that nobody wants. Seriously.

Hey, I was wondering, can you change your Neopets illness by giving them the cure to a different illness? ~ kirsten_gecko
Nope. The only way to change your pet's disease is to give it another disease. You can do this by feeding your pet a poisonous food item, spinning the Wheel of Misfortune or landing on the skull on the Qasalan Expellibox.

Hi TJNT =D Is there some way to find out what number the items have? I've heard that Bitten Green Apple has number 1, is ths correct? ~ aurora_u
Actually, the Bitten Green Apple's ID number is 3477. You can find out what an item's ID number is by reading our All About Item IDs article in the Item Database. :)

ID numbers, by the way, are used to identify items in the Neopets database. The numbers generally tell when an item was released, with 1 being the oldest.

So, I've seen all the different gift wraps options for the new NC Gift Boxes in the NC Mall's Gift Wrap store. What I can't figure out, however, is what the NC Gift Boxes look like if they are undecorated. Do you know what the boxes look like? If so, can you show them to me? ~ mats77

Hey JN, you guys rock, anyway how do you choose which staffer does the editorial do you have a wheel with names on it or does sloth beam down his next victim, i mean staffer on a television screen ~ keyblademaster22
We just ask an admin if we can do an editorial. After that we are put on a waiting list, which is currently up to April. Not as exciting as you thought, huh? :P

On the neoboards one day, I was made fun of for my age, (I am 26). I know there are Neopians of all ages, but my question is: What is the main age demographic on Neopets? Are there more younger Neopians or are there more that are older? ~ angel_camper
According to Neopets, most Neopian users are in their 'tweens' (around 9 to 14). Don't worry though, Neopets was made to be enjoyed by all sorts of people. I even know of some users who are grandparents. :)

Hi. Are the Neocash gift boxes one use items? Also, can you send more than one item (like a superpack) with one box at the same time? Thanks! ~ furubafan74
Yep, Neocash gift boxes are one use items. The only exceptions to this is if

  1. The person who receives the gift rejects it via the Item Log before opening it or
  2. The person has neither accepted nor rejected the gift after 72 hours.
To answer your second question, only one item can be sent in a gift box at a time, regardless of what type they are. You also can't send superpacks because as soon as you buy them from the mall they show up in your inventory as each of the items contained in the pack.

HELP!!! Okay, so someone tries to scam me by talking about some fake Neo giveaway, right? So, I go onto the boards and Neomail my friends telling them NOT to go to (insert bad site here). Next thing I know, my account is frozen! I sent an unfreezing form to TNT about this. Would this be counted as breaking the rules? PLEASE!!! MY ACCOUNT WAS SO GREAT (sob) ~ (Previously) sergeantpepper
I'm assuming you typed out the URL for the site in the neomail? If so, TNT still considers this as an attempt to scam other users. Even if your intentions are good by trying to warn people of a possible scam site, it is still against the rules to post the link.

For anyone wondering, this also applies to chain letters. If you quote someone who posted a chain letter and write "That's against the rules." or something of the like below it, you can still get warned. If you suspect that a scam is taking place, immediately report it to TNT. If you would like to tell your neofriends, simply tell them not to go to any offsite links that seem suspicious.

To: Scammer
From: The Neopets Team

When you put your arrow on Arnold from test your strength it says something about a clown going off to coconut shy. I was just wondering what that was about. ~ dolphin_lover00
Looks like Arnold has spotted Mr. Chuckles wandering around the fairgrounds. Mr. Chuckles is one of the villians for a Defenders of Neopia 2 mission. If you want to find out how to complete this mission click here.

I've been wondering...Is in against the terms and conditions to give away Space Faerie codes since I already have her as a challenger. Would it be considered a giveaway? I just want to help users less fortunate than I to be able to get her avatar! ~ Isaac13579
Nope, it's perfectly fine to give out Space Faerie codes, even if you don't have her as a challenger. TNT only frowns on giveaways if you ask for items, neopoints or services in return.

Hi JN I really like your site, but something has been bothering me, on the Pet Centeral page there is there is the Lenny Library, but I think since over a year is says Comming Soon. When is it going to comme out? Thanks erde_111 ~ erde_111
Unfortunately TNT has removed the Lenny Library image and text from the Pet Central page. :( Looks like they scrapped whatever idea they had planned.

Is it possible to get negative neopoints? I just logged in today, and I had -384np! I know I should be able to get my neopoints back by playing games, but I want to know how and why I got negative neopoints! Is it a glitch? What's going on? D: ~ sweet_chocolate4
Looks like you got a Random Event that takes neopoints from you. :( If you have less neopoints on hand than the event takes from you, then you will have a negative balance. This can be fixed easily by playing games or withdrawing neopoints from the bank.

Would the Tax Beast pay off 10% of your debt if you had negative NP?

*throws nothing because by now I'm sure you're tired of ducking things thrown at you* How many questions can you ask the Super Shop Wiz before he gets too tired? ~ flamgee
*dissolves back into Nothing, from whence he came*

According to several premium members, the amount of times you can use the Super Shop Wizard before he gets too tired is a random number in a random period of time... pretty helpful, huh? :P

Hey everyone in TJNT! I have a question about, *dramatic music* The Missing Mutant Uni. I was looking at all the old poses for a uni when I saw a weird looking mutant one. When I looked at the new poses to see what he looked like now, no mutant uni existed O.o What happened to it? Thanks for answering and please give Terry a hug for me, even if you don't put this in the editorial :] ~ kitty521994
Sadly, the Mutant Uni was never released as a color. Someone had just found the image sitting in the Neopets servers, sinking into the primordial ooze that is the MIA Area. Since it was never released its art was never updated.

*quickly gives Terry a big hug*

Hey Tom! I notice that Zador has left the Jellyneo Staff :( Oh, and if it isn't much of a bother, a caricature of Zador at his new job would be nice. ~ Ray
I think the facts got a little misconstrued, because Zador hasn't left. :P He's just working a side job as the Bucket Faerie. In addition to working as a content writer and overseeing the IDB, Zador flies around Neopia each day handing out buckets to all the good boys and girls. Maybe if you're good this year he'll send you a nice, shiny bucket!

Rakastan ämpäreitä.

Why do you have both the editorial and Ask-a-Staff-Member running at the same time? ~ neolover674426
This question was actually asked among the staff before AASM was restarted. :P The editorial was created to answer questions that users have about Neopets and Jellyneo, while AASM was started up again so you guys can get to know us a bit better. Just to show you that we aren't (all) robots. ;)

Hi Tom! My question is. Can you get frozen for ALL of the things on the rules or only major ones? Thanks and have a great day :) ~ Shoppink456
Your account will usually get frozen immediately for doing things like scamming, posting inappropriate images, etc. More minor offenses like posting chain letters, hosting giveaways and using swear words will get you warned. However, if you get enough warnings, TNT will eventually freeze your account. There is no set number of warnings that warrants a freezing, but it's usually three.

Hi TJNT! I have a question about your item database. I use the wishlist service to see what i need for my gallery, and a lot of the items i need are MIA. I was wondering if when the items DO become available, will i have to re-add them to my wishlist, or will it automatically update with the new name when the become available? Thanks! ~ nutsundae
Yep! Thanks to how the database is set up, all item information will update as soon as we change it. Once all the grooming items you need for your gallery are named and released into Neopia, your wishlist will update to reflect that.

*hears Rosie sobbing in the distance*

Hi JN! *throws lab nap pieces* I've seen a buch of different layouts for jellyneo, I've been here like, everyday. I thought it would be sweet if you can chosse your layout, like Sloth or Christmas. ~ wow67_7
*frolics through map pieces* You actually are able to change the main site's theme. :) Simply click the "Jellyneo Links" button on the sidebar and choose "Site Prefs". Here you can choose one of nineteen beautiful themes (designed by our amazing graphics crew) to use while browsing Jellyneo. As for the Sloth site theme, that is only available on Sloth Day and Dave's birthday. :)

Hi tjnt! do you know of tnt realize that the Vaeolus looks A LOT like a gryphon from world of warcraft? ~ yankeesrule244444456
I'm sure they do since more than a few of them play World of Warcraft, but the Vaeolus isn't based off of the gryphon. Both are actually based off of a legendary creature called a Griffin, which is composed of the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle. :)

Hi Tom! *hands over cookies* I'm hoping you can answer this question, as I researched about and found no answer. =/ I was wondering, in order to get the Snowager - RAWR! avatar, does the Snowager have to "blast you and your pets" or "blast you and PETNAME"? It probably doesn't matter much, but I was just wondering. Thanks for your time and all that you do for the many members of JN! ^^ ~ gymnasts_2012
According to our friends over at avatarlog you can obtain the avatar either way. Also, both me and a friend have received the avatar; I only got one pet blasted while she got all four of hers blasted. Good luck getting the avatar! :)

Note to Pet League of Neopia: Jellyneo does not promote the injury of Neopets in order to obtain avatars, items, neopoints, etc.

Arrr, this be worse than scurvy!

I've never done this before.....*is somewhat unsure* Well my question is about neopets.This question isn't THAT important but it's been really bugging me. Why does it say (right above your neofriends online) Neofriends (Beta!)? Also (if this isn't too much), can it only show up to 5 neofriends of yours that are online? Thanks for answering and Happy New Year!!!! ~ kitty0900
Before the site was revamped to the new look there wasn't a module showing which of your friends were online. Since TNT had never done anything like this before they marked it as a beta feature since it more than likely had a few bugs in it. They haven't gotten around to removing this notice, though. *pokes them with a stick*
As you said, the module will only show five neofriends at a time. The list is organized alphabetically, though, so you will only be able to see the first five neofriends on your neofriends list.

Hi! *gives you your favorite item* I was wondering (and this has been bugging me for like, forever), if you are playing a one player fight in the battledome, and if your computer does something wierd so you have to restart or close the browser, how do you go back to your fight? This has happened to me so many times! HELP! ~ sheets_of_ice
Ugh, don't you hate it when that happens? When this occurs you won't be able to reenter your fight. :/ Instead, you will have to go to the status page to withdraw and then reenter the fight.

What's the best thing about working on the Jellyneo Item Database :P? (There better be at least one good thing or no buckets for Tom :/) ~ Zadorvp
I really like getting to help out all the Neopians that use the IDB by adding items and correcting error reports. :) Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Hey look, it's part of me!

Is (for example) half strawberry jelly considered different than whole strawberry jelly in the SDB? I'm collecting stuff for the packrat avatar you see. Thank you! Your so awesome! ~ tahnee_5
Yep, the two jellies are considered different items. :) The same goes for 1/3s of omelets and other 'partial' items. Good luck getting the avatar!

Shameless Plug: For anyone else currently attempting to get the Packrat avatar, click this link. This page will give you a list of all the items in Neopia sorted from cheapest to most expensive. :)

I have a question about one of the answers in the last editorial. The lovely Sirius said that you can transfer a pet with clothing so long as it's not mismatching. Does this mean that you can transfer a pirate lupe wearing island clothes, so long as he isn't wearing any of his pirate clothes? Or can he only be transferred with his pirate clothes on? Thanks bunches! ~ Beautifullysublime
Oops, looks like Sirius ended up confusing a few people. D: Transferring paint brush clothing actually works differently than what his answer said.

Paint brush clothing can only be transferred on a pet of the same color. For instance, if you wanted to transfer Pirate Korbat clothing, you would only be able to do so by putting the items on a Pirate Korbat. If you were to put them on a Blue Korbat, the items would be removed from the pet and would not be transferred in the pound. This applies to all species and colors.

EDIT: TNT has recently changed the way paint brush clothing is transferred. Now, if you transfer a painted pet, ALL paint brush clothing which matches its current colour will automatically be transferred along with it, even if it isn't wearing it at the time of transfer. So if you had a Pirate Peophin and had taken its hat off and left it in your closet so it was only wearing its coat, if you then transferred that pet, the hat would be taken out of your closet and transferred too.

The only way to remove a pet from your account without losing the paint brush clothing as well is to abandon the pet in the pound.

Hi Tom! I was just wondering, how many items are currently listed in the item database? And how many where added by you? Thanks! ~ Jman_122
There are currently 31,225 items listed in our item database. :) Of these items 2,702 have been announced in the news, but have not been released in shops.

As for how many items I have personally added to the database... probably a few hundred. Lately I've taken to adding the virtual prize code items to the DB, which come out in batches of 100+ at a time. @_@

Evil, I say! Evil!

Hey Tom! *throws you some jelly beans* Sorry.. Dandy should limit his eating of jelly beans *angelic* My question is if there was really a Advent Calendar Summer 2006. If it is true, Why was there such thing? :o ~ Enzo (wizardlupe)
Thanks for the jelly beans! Unfortunately, Dandy is unable to eat. He got a bit bloated last week by all the force-fed candy.

Anyways, to answer your question, yes, there was an Advent Calendar on July 6, 2006. On that day a blizzard struck the entire world of Neopia. As part of the special theme day, TNT activated the Advent Calendar and gave out two items and some neopoints to anyone who visited it. There was a small glitch with it though, so they extended it until July 7. The items given away were Tropical Swim Trunks and Beach Sandcastle Set.

Hola Jellyneo *hands you a recycling bin for the kiko because you have to teach him how to recycle XD* Well my neofriend has this diabolical plan...One of our neofriends scammed someones fqd and she wants to know if she can find away to scam it from our neofriend and give it back to the rightful owner. Is this aganist the rules or not. I really needs to know :D *YOU GUYS ROCK* ~ pupluck144
This is definitely against the rules. Even though it's terrible that your neofriend scammed someone, you should not resort to scamming them, as it is still against the rules. If you would like to see that your neofriend is punished, just contact TNT and tell them about the situation.

Hi Tom! *hands you MIA item* I just wanted to ask, what's neopia with meepits? I mean, they make them sound very scary and evil. Even the neopedia entry is classified. Is there a reason why Neopets is making us scared of meepits? ~ mango_1997_amy
The reason that most Neopians fear meepits is because they are pure evil. I was sent on a reconnaissance mission not too long ago, and I found out that the meepits are currently planning to

*muffled sounds*

Meepit Overlord: This jnEditorial has come to an end. You will now walk away and forget what you have heard and seen here.

Help meeeeeeeeeeee...