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Editorial 63: Dandy Returns
Published: January 11, 2009

- insert Phantom of The Opera theme tune ♪ -

BOO! Just when you all thought you'd seen the last of me, I have returned, once again, to strike terror into the hearts of both young and old.
Listed below is a series of editorial questions and answers so brutal, so honest, so phantomy, that you will never be able to glance away from your screen again...

You approach a dark, shadowy room.
The glow of a dimly lit candle flickers on the floorboards through the gap underneath the door.

A. Run away and never return. - Turn to page 26.
B. Open the door and see what awaits inside. - Turn to page 193.

Hi Dandy and TJNT! I was just wondering...what's the deal with the account pound_release? I've heard rumors that every day, a pet from that account is pounded....but I don't know if that's true! Can you please explain this for me a little please? Thanks so much, and you guys rock!!! :) ~ dalmation_puppy_123
That account is currently where all the abandoned pets who remained adopted before last year's pound redesign are being held. Until a month ago, they were all listed as frozen.
In The Neopian Times editorial issue 341, TNT stated they did have plans to free the millions of pets slowly back into Neopia, so I think it's safe to assume that is precisely what the new change is for.

Hey Dandy! Okay this is what I'm confused about. Sirius said that he was named after the Lockheed Sirius aircraft from the 1920's then said he was named after a racehorse in 1944. Can you go politely ask him what his name is really from? Or if you want to, you don't have to be polite? ~ tamagotchi_trixy
I politely mailed him the question described written with golden ink, and sealed within a pink envelope. After receiving no reply, I decided to resort to the rather impolite method of jabbing him in the back with a wooden spoon. You'll be pleased to know he responded promptly.
As far as I could tell, the man meant nothing more than a light joke. He's a bit of a comic, you see. After sifting and sorting through the hoard of rubbish answers he babbled at me, such as how his name was taken from a new yogurt culture, to the sound your fingers make when scratching an enamel bowl, he finally confessed the truth.
He is in fact named after the Harry Potter character of the same name.

Hi Dandy!!!!!!!!!! *Throws millions of Jelly beans in a bag for you* Why should we bring Jelly beans? Do you love them because I love them too! ~ {o_o}
Oh, thank you nice stranger! I shall be sure to ration them out over the course of the next hour.
I really do love jelly beans, and consider myself a true jelly bean-monger. One look at all the colours, and it's hard not to find yourself lost in their slightly glossed sugary texture.

Where are all the pink ones?
Jelly beans are by far my favourite fruit.

Hey Dandy! *throws you a cow* hehe... anyways, what are those items that have names with underscores in their names called, and why are they named like that? like for example, "sno_twinpop_snowberry"? and how come so many of them are MIAs in the Jellyneo item database? thanks :] ~ amanderssie286
In fact, all of those items should be MIA.
Items with odd names like that, are ones that have yet to be spotted floating about in Neopia. They are usually ones which have been announced in New Features, with little else to go by other than the image and perhaps where the item might eventually be sold.
The funky names are simply part of the image's URL, which usually provides a fairly accurate description.
Here's the image URL for the example you provided:


Notice the underlined piece matches the item's temporary name in the Item Database.

OMG what is that thing on the 39 months user lookup shield? I was wondering if this a Neopets item or just a image for lookup shield. ~ despereaux338
That would be the Sillie Daisy. All artwork featured on user lookup shields are reused pieces from around the site.

Hey there, Dandy! *gives you 20 trucks full of jelly beans* Anyways, earlier my brother told me to play Sutek's Tomb because The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy was in there if you clicked somehow in Instructions and I was wondering who is he? ~ sweeneywantsrevenge
-dives through jelly beans like a mermaid named Ariel-
The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy is one of Neopets' old game developers, now working at Twin Skies, wearing an olive shirt.
He makes secret appearances in most of the games at Neopets he worked on. You may have seen him either by clicking the right place, waiting a length of time, or by pure luck. A list of his secret cameos can be found here for your viewing convenience.

Merman father, merman!

*Hands you root beer jellybeans* Hey Dandy! I wanted to know the cheapest price I could find a draik egg at. I know they cost a lot, but I was wondering how much of a steal I could get ;]. Thanks! *Hands you a scrambled egg jellybean* ~ bd_oc_hp
-gobbles up jelly beans- What a marvelous combination those two were!
Draik Eggs are very rare items. Unless you are extremely lucky and manage to snag one from the Meridell Foods shop, the only other option is to buy one from a Neopets user using the Trading Post or Auction Genie.
You could also possibly receive one from a random event, though you might have better luck at winning the lottery.
Because they are so rare and highly sought after, they usually run in excess of seven million. Better start saving!

Why can't you feed carrots to a Floud? ~ labhaoise
If you feed carrots to a Floud, their eyes will glow in the dark, and make them easier prey for the Meepits.

HI JELLYNEO, I LOVE YOU!! However, what does MSP mean? ~ sofita103
In the world of Neopets, MSP is an acronym for Malevolent Sentient Plushie. MSP is a colour only available to Poogles, differing from the regular plushie colour in that it is also malevolent, and incredibly sentient. =)

I have won Tombola 4 times this week but all I've won is sand and gross food! Why is this? ~ Ennabellara
Ever since Weepit joined our staff, bad luck has plagued most of the Jellyneo community.
I tried once using the awesome power of my jelly sceptre to fend off her unlucky charm, but I tripped and fell on it as I was about to grab it, giving my head a nasty injury, and erasing my memory of what I was meant to be cooking for dinner that night.

Coincidence? I think not...

Hi, Sirius! Dandy! In the description of the Medicinal Plant, it says that the plant has special healing powers for when your pet gets sick. If you feed your sick pet a Medicinal Plant, will it actually cure the disease? Or is the description simply misleading? ~ jenlin_25
Hi there! The Medicinal Plant doesn't stock in any of the Neopian shops which sell remedies, and thus can't be used to cure any pet disease. It is instead a food item sold in the Health Food Shop. The description is a little misleading.
So while your pet may regain a spring in their step from eating the item, it won't magically cure a broken leg.

Umm...oh noes. It seems that I missed the advent calender one day last month. Just how would I be able to see the animation to it? Is there like, someone somewhere that mass hoards Advent animations? I heard there were. ~ Kanabi
There is indeed! Click here to see the Advent Calendar animations for 2008.

I love the Advent calendar animations, bu do you guys have the Blizzard in July animation? ~ nuttywrong2005
I deeply regret to inform you of this, but we don't in fact have that animation. May I suggest another Neopets fan site, such as...

Oh, hold on a minute. Dave has just informed me we now have it below for your viewing pleasure!!

I know this is more of a suggestion, but could you add a feature where a user's wishlists are organised by price? For the people feeling generous--with a budget! By the way, you guys ROCK! ~ Piggoe
*gasp* What an excellent idea! I'm sure your friends will be pleased you've decided to limit your spending this year.
I'll pester Dave to get straight on it! =)

What am I supposed to do if my Neopet is unhappy even though I fed him/her? ~ duday02
To increase the happiness of your pet, simply give them a toy item to play with, or take a visit to the Roo Island Merry Go Round.
There are also several miscellaneous items which can restore happiness, but they're usually more expensive.

Someone told me your allowed to a play a game on your side account if you dont play it on your main. Is that true? ~ necoladude
Nope. Unfortunately you must play all neopoint or item awarding activities only on your main account.
Although you may not intend to collect more neopoints than you should, your activity could potentially look suspicious to a monitor.

Hi! *Throws one million meepits with funny hats into the air* I've heard of a place called the giant jelly, but I searched for it and all that came up was a background. Can you PLEASE help me find it? ~ Moro4255
The Giant Jelly is a ginormous jelly treat said to exist in a land called Jellyworld. Visiting once per day rewards you with one random jelly.
Of course, everyone knows there is no such thing.

Hi JN! *Pelts with jelly pets* What exactly is the point of picking the personality of neopets when you create them? I mean, I guess if you were planning on creating a background story that would be good, but does it have any effect site-wise? ~ andcip
Nope! Unfortunately your Neopet's likes, their favourite place, and how they'd greet others are just for fun. They don't actually have any effect on your Neopet, or how you play the site.

Hey neopets you're so awesome!!!! I was wondering, if a game is featured and double NP awarded... What does that actually do???? ~ Cocacola_34_1
Hi Jellyneo! If a game is featured for a day, and awards you double neopoints, it means that you will be awarded double neopoints for playing.

Sometimes Neopets can be incredibly cryptic.

I love paintbrushes so I was wondering was there a cheat that would not require your password? ~ zirkona_911

hey dandy *hands jelly beans * do you know the mini calender on pet central. i was wondering why the calender this month doesn't have a little picture above it but last month it did ??? ~ darklord640
-shovels jelly beans into gob-
It's because the last set of image URLs ended in 08. When the new year began, the ending changed to 09. Since they haven't uploaded a new set of calendar images for this year, the images won't work. =(

Every time I try to construct a beautiful web page, I always use the DIV tag to position things. But, the Neopets filter always blocks out the "position: absolute;" tag in the CSS which is imperative to make the layout work right. Is there a way around this? ~ sparkles11192
If you receive an error message blocking either of the CSS properties display, margin, or position, make sure to precede the end bracket of your style closing tag with a space.

</style> becomes </style >

This should pass the coding filters fine. =)

Hi Dandy! My question is: Who runs the Book Of Ages now? Can you tell them they're doing a great job? ~ Nordwegian
The Book of Ages is run by none other than the fabulous Joey and Herdy. Big kudos to them.

I wonder if anyone reads these comments.
Attention Joey and Herdy: Your work is satisfactory. Keep it up.

Hey, I love your site, thanks for all of your help . My question is, what happened to the referral program? Does TNT not do it anymore? ~ 1252006
The Neopets referral program is still up and running. To get there, just click the 'Link to Us' button on the Neopets footer.
For those of you not familiar with the referral program, Neopets likes to award each new user you help sign up by rewarding you with item or cash prizes. The more players you sign up, the better your prize. =)

Hey, JN. A question that I've had in my for weeks... Is it ever possible to find the 'treasure' in the Deserted Tomb at Geraptiku (Mystery Island)?? I've been trying since I joined Neopets (5 months ago) without success! :( ~ Forests_Star
Yes, it is indeed possible. It's a rare event, but common enough that you should uncover it sooner or later.
I wouldn't hold your breath though. The 'treasure' you find consists of a random Geraptiku tomb prize, a codestone/bottle faerie/tropical food, and a neopoint prize (usually a few thousand neopoints). Nothing to complain about, but don't think you're missing out on anything. =P
Click here for the full guide.

I enjoy going to jellyneo and I'm wondering if I could make it my homepage? ~ PokemonMaster_25
If you wish to set Jellyneo.net as your browser's homepage (or another page, such as Your Dailies), follow these instructions:

If using Firefox, make sure you are currently viewing the page you wish to set, then click 'Tools', followed by 'Options...', press the 'Use Current Page' button, and finish by clicking 'OK'.

If using Internet Explorer, view the page you wish to set, click 'Tools', then 'Internet Options', followed by 'Use Current', and then finalise the changes by clicking 'Apply'.

Hey Dan! ^_^ I was just wondering if you wanted to come on a picnic with me? We can invite some of the other staffers too if you like. =D ~ Weepit
A picnic? I love picnics! There's nothing the JN Staff love more than a group picnic, held in the sunny meadows of Meridell, for everyone to enjoy.

To soak up soup with.Lots of protection needed.Food for the kings.
Annual Jellyneo picnic here on Monday at 2:30. Bring a plate.