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Sirius's Issue
Published: January 3, 2009

So, it's a new year. Which means new adventures, new experiences and, most of all a brand new editorial with a brand new editorialist. I feel obligated to return to my Neopian Times roots for a moment when I say...

This week's issue is brought to you by: the Year 10 Blumaroo Toy!

Just because I'm irrelevant doesn't mean I'm not cute!!

Hey staffers of Jellyneo, love ya! Anyways, what is all this I've been hearing about Neopets closing the Italian and closed Korean sections? Even though I'm not affected, it's still not fair. What's going on in Viacom's enormous head?! Please give Terry a hug from me and thanks for answering Sirius! *hugs you :]* ~ kitty521994
I would assume that the two different language versions of the site didn't get much traffic, which is why they were shut down. Each different site needs a translator (or perhaps team of translators) to translate the news, games, item descriptions, etc. Viacom was probably trying to make some cuts and decided these were the easiest things to get rid of. Unfortunately, that's a hard fact of business and while the users who used these languages of the site may be lost, I guess that was a loss Viacom was willing to allow. Just business, y'know. :/

I was looking at the 407th caption Contest, and it was the worst drawing I had ever seen! Why does it look so awful? ~ queen_of_the_zafaras
Excuse me!? That's ridiculously beautiful art! All joking aside, the caption was released on April 28, 2004 and was presumably drawn by Adam. That's all there is to it, really. I also learned on my search for the exact date that the official name for the faerie who magically makes all the shops restock and the auctions run on time (thus making millions of Neopians happy) has been dubbed Cronjobbia the Air Faerie. The more you know. ;)

*throws Candy Vampire* If a Gross Food item is between rarity 90 and rarity 100 (for example, Stick Of Butter), will I get a Gourmet Club point for feeding it to my Neopet? ~ fire_star_child
Yes, any food item regardless of item type with a rarity of 90-100 is a Gourmet Club item so you will get points. :)

Hi Sirius! *hugs his name* Heh! How are you doing? I wanted to ask this question which I think I've asked before but have not been answered to :( Do you guys have any clue on when the Lenny Library opens? I've seen a notice on it ever since Neopets got beta-fied XD Thanks a lot and I think you guys rock! ~ seigeblack
I'm good. =D Well, the Lenny Library... There are two mentions of it. One in Pet Central and (possibly) one on the Coming Soon page. It's been that way forever and I assume it's one of those things on TNT's long to-do list that could have been forgotten or pushed back. As to what it is... *chilling wind* Who knows?

Who exactly is the Angry Tax Beast and how do people get the trophies? ~ Ennabellara
The Tax Beast is a very angry tax beast (of course) and people get trophies on the high score board through a random event. He comes and takes either 10% or 25% of your Neopoints. The people on the high score board have a large amount of NP when he hits, which puts them there. It's a terribly scary event and could traumatize you for life. Really.

Angry Tax Beast

Is your name/nickname after Sirius Black in Harry Potter? 0:-) ~ yachtdepon
Preposterous! I was named after the Lockheed Sirius, an aircraft that Charles Lindbergh flew in the 1920s.

Mainly, I always read what you cannot do on your sides. Well what CAN you do on them? SO really why were they invented since we can't play games, etc. Thanks you! *waves* ~ likeshshnia
Side accounts have a lot of practical uses. You can adopt or create pets and paint them with money transferred over from your main account, which lets you have more than the usual four pets! You can also open a gallery on your side account with items transferred over from your main. The only real restriction (though this has a lot of nuances, which is why this topic can get confusing) is that you can't actually earn Neopoints on your side account so everything there has to come from your main.

Hi, Sirius! *throws cake at you* If I transfer my pet with clothing and petpet, will the clothing and petpet disappear? ~ gabriellemaerina128
Your Petpet will be transferred over no matter what. With clothing, there's one of two possibilities: if all of the clothes on your pet are bought from Neopian shops, they will all go over with them. (Except for NC Mall items.)

However, if you have a painted pet with multiple different paintbrush clothes on, it gets a little confusing. To use an example from our adoption page: if you have a Pirate Techo with a grass skirt from back when he used to be an Island Techo, everything but the grass skirt will transfer. Basically, you can only have one set of paintbrush clothes on a pet to transfer it. So your pet has to have all Royal or all Island, etc. No mismatching when transferring, unfortunately.

Hey! I'm not sure you guys can help me with this, but I want some NT pictures for my pet's page, and it's a hassle to search one word and have to go through each and every story to find a picture. Is there any easier way of doing this? ~ mandrunited
Unfortunately, there's no way to do this other than searching aimlessly through the Neopian Times. I know I used to wonder if there was an easier way but sadly, there is not. ):

First of all, YOU GUYS (and gals) ARE AWESOME! I'm thinking about collecting the pieces for the Lab Ray. Since all the pieces have the same name, is there an easier way to find the piece you want???o_O ~ snitchy1998
The easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the image URLs. Each piece has a different number at the end of it, ranging from 1-9. To look up the URL of an image in Firefox or Internet Explorer (and other browsers), right click the image and click Properties. The number tagged onto the end of that image link is the best way to keep track of the ones you have.

Hello! I was wondering...what happened to the Book of Evil? I'm working on a petpage and really need to see it, but I can't find it anywhere. It just sorta...disappeared. Do you guys know the link? Thank you. ~ marbookworm22
I went into this question expecting it to be relatively easy and...it was not. xD; I didn't expect to be hard at all and I was absolutely baffled when I couldn't find it. I finally had to turn to Labhaoise and she found it like that.

Anyway, the gallery is here. There's a gallery of heroes as well. :)

The trading card Terry used in the last editorial was Hide-and-Seek (TCG) was it not? (Thanks Item Database) ~ jou22
Indeed it was.

Okay, a hint: MtT.  That's it.
What? You were asking for a challenge...

So I was wondering. If Jellyworld doesn't exist, does Jellyneo even exist at all? Because if you do, that makes no sense :( ~ Ayno
That's sure a depressing thought, isn't it?

How do we get more than one Keyquest token? ~ curiouswildstars
The only way to get more tokens as of now is to buy Neopets merchandise in stores. You can get codes for Key Quest tokens on the Neopets plushies that are available in a variety of retailers both in the United States and abroad. Other than that, the only other way to get them are from events on Neopets and for that you'll have to keep an eye on Jellyneo's front page. ;) So far, only two have been given out through the site: one for this years Games Masters Challenge and the Advent Calendar.

If I finish NQ 2 on Normal mode without finishing NQ 2 on Easy mode. Will I get a bronze or silver trophy? *throws you some fresh dung* D: ~ Enzo (wizardlupe)
There is no Neoquest II Easy mode. The difficulty levels start with Normal and go up to Evil! and finally InSaNe. For finishing Normal, you'd get a bronze trophy. The same goes for Neoquest I.

Hi Sirius! I'd like you know that the Editorial is the best part of all Jellyneo! It's very cool! Well, my question is about Neoquest 1, in this game when you is in Techo Cave 4 there is a island in a lake where is a door which no one has been able to pass. Is there any answer for that? Thank you :) ~ rubenswilliam2
Ah, the mysterious island in a lake. TNT has been mysterious about it and the last we've heard of it was in Editorial 332, where someone asked the same question as you. The response wasn't much:

"Well, it's been nearly 7 years since Neoquest was released, and nobody has figured it out yet, so we'll just tell you--

OOOH!! Mr. Insane has just bought pizza for the whole office! Um, Editorial over. *scurries away*"

So, unfortunately, we may never know whether there is a key to open it. :( Sad, sad, sad.

Hello, Sirius! *tosses dog-shaped origami* So, are you a really smart dog working for JN, or are you a godfather to Harry Potter? I'm really confused & curious. Perhaps you are the mascot for a radio system...The world of Jellyneopians may never know...unless you answer! ;) Thanks for your time~! ~ hphglover
I am none of those things! I'm named after the racehorse who won the 1944 Melbourne Cup, of course. =D


Hi guys! I've heard a lot about premium Neopets. But what do you think? Is it worth to pay for it? Your site is awesome! ~ vanilla_sophie
Deciding whether Premium is worth it is mostly based on your own personal preferences. I have it and I enjoy the extra perks but you may not. Check out Leto's Premium Petpage, which can help break all of the features for you and then see if you want to shell out the money for premium.

Can somebody enter the same art in the Art Gallery AND Beauty Contest (or maybe Neopian Times if it applies as a comic)? Or can they only enter one piece of art in one contest and not submit it to win in another too? ~ evilham
No, each piece you enter in a contest has to be unique to the contest. So no scoring two or three trophies for one piece of art. ;)

So, I was wondering if you could ever change the name of one of your pets? Say, if you adopted a Grundo whose name was nearly fifty numbers. I can't find any way to do this, but I thought I would ask the experts. Thanks! ~ redwitch12
There's no way to change the name of a Neopet, which is why (sadly) a lot of Neopets get left in the pound for so long. :(

OK... Well I was editing one of the pages of my Neopian Adventure Game.When I tried do modify it it said I used one or more inappropriate words.I read over it at least five times and thought my page was perfectly innocent.How do you know what words are inappropriate? ~ pandavivian
Unfortunately, this is a side effect of Neo's overly-anxious filters. There's no real way to find out what's wrong unless you look closely. Take a peek between individual words. The filters don't acknowledge spaces so if the ending and beginning of words form a curse, it will be blocked. Kind of a bad system, but that's the way it works.

Hey Sirius! I've been thinking about sending in application for the content writer position, and so I wanted to know a bit more about it. Can you tell me (and everyone else) some more information? Thanks! ~ A Writer
Well, it's not a bad gig. We write content and if we don't we get whipped. If we do a really good job we get to eat. It's better than retail.