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Terry's Issue (Late Again, As Usual)
Published: December 29, 2008

Hey there! Remember me? I'm Terry, the super lovable admin who sings in greetings, talks in podcasts, cracks content whips and is constantly late with editorials. I also used to write the editorial until we decided to have staffers do them. :P Nowadays, I do a bunch of things around JN and Twin Skies Help, JN's sister site dedicated to everything Twin Skies.

In case you were wondering (since I know you were), I decided to take a look at the last editorial that I did. The last one I participated in was Editorial 50, the Podcast Editorial. The last one that I actually, really did was Editorial 30, issue OMG TERRY GO TO BED. I miss this job. Kind of. :P Anyways, enjoy the editorial. :)

What TCG was that that Rosie posted on the last editorial? I don't recognise it and its too small to read. ~ texasflame76
The TCG that Rosie posted on the last jnEditorial was the Locked In The Dungeon (TCG).

I bet you can't identify /me/! *gigglesnort*

Hi!! *waves* Does anyone in JN take Latin? Dimidium facti qui coepit habet! at least you got the editorial on time! Yay! *gives free coupons* Bye! ~ stcara1
Terry takes Latin and is too lazy to translate what you just said. (Half of a deed which he begins he holds!) ... That's probably totally wrong. :(

Can you convert Neopoints to Neocash? And where? ~ nehalvpatel
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to convert Neopoints to Neocash. However, you may purchase Neocash either in the NCMall itself by using Paypal or through buying a NC Card in many fine establishments, such as CVS, Duane Reade, Toys R Us, Target, etc.

Hiiiiiiiii! I have two browsers, Firefox which I normally use and IE with a side account for quests and whatnot. Would it be considered cheating if I claimed prizes on both accounts when the Tarla's Toolbar is flashing? ~ [username removed]
Yes, it would be considered cheating to collect prizes on both your main account and your side account. (You are only allowed to make NP/collect dailies on one account.)

Why when i search for the keyword 'jelly',there is this big jelly quiggle saying 'jell-what??' ~ sunshinestone__aa
What is Jelly? o____o

I do not exist!

Hi TJNT! Happy New Year! Ok, so I've been wondering, hoiw to do you get Quiggles to be painted Quiguki? Do you need to paint them with an Usuki PB and poof a Quiguki pet or do they need to be zapped? ~ flymaster_11
You can get Quiguki Quiggles only by painting them with a Usuki Paint Brush. (You cannot get the Quiguki colour by using the Secret Lab Ray or the Fountain Faerie.)

Hey Terry, could you tell me where i could check out your personalities, likes, dislikes... stuff like that *throws popcorn* ~ shoyru_lovuh
Right here. ;)

Personality: I am a likable human being.

Likes: I like picnics and long walks on the beach. (Oh, and cracking my Whip of Content DOOM! ... They need to make that a Neopets item.) Really, I like doing math problems, playing around with PHP and eating. (And doing homework, playing Key Quest, everything a normal human being does.) Ooooh, I also like Coldplay. <3

Dislikes: The heat. You know, summer temps, that whole deal. Really, I dislike both sour and overly salty foods. BLEHHHH.

About how long until your secret project is done? :D ~ robertloveskristen
It's basically done. I have to make a few small changes though. ;)

happy holiday's jellyneo team! my question is, how do i get a M.S.P. poogle? i cant seem to find a paintbrush for it. ~ jamarb02
The only way you can get a MSP Poogle is through the Secret Laboratory Ray. (*psst, contenters* I think we need a "How To Get Rare Colours Guide. :P)

On the 22nd day of Celebrating I went to the Advent Calendar I saw the daily animation and thought "what petpet/pet is that?" So what I would like to know Almighty Terry is, "what petpet/pet is that?" ~ beauty_godess
That is a Biyako in the opening scene. :)

Haha, in your face, Pandaphant!

I want to know this before i buy it. Can I collect the treasure for the original treasure map daily? or is it a one use item? ~ roy_of_sarawak
You can only collect Treasure Map Prizes once per map set redeemed. (Meaning that once you redeem one set of Treasure Map Pieces, you can collect pieces for another set and redeem those!) However, please note that you can only redeem a Secret Laboratory Map and the Petpet Laboratory Map only once. You can check out our Treasure Maps Guide for more information and to see what prizes you can get! :)

Whats the...THING on the 38 month shield? He/it creeps me out! *quivers* ~ necoladude
The "thing" on the 38 Month shield is actually Senator Palpus, who was formerly a general in the Sakhmet Defence Force and was also one of the few main characters in the Usurper Plot (Lost Desert Plot, Take One).

Hey there Terry, who of which claims to be fake Dave! *snicker* You know about the big Advent Calendar glitch of December 14th, right? Well, I checked in my inventory on the 18th to make sure I got the prize from that day, likie I do every day when the Advent Calendar is activated. When I checked, the first thing I saw was the prizes from the 14th! My questions are: Did this happen to everyone, and How/why? ~ spongeyboy730
Background Info: There was an Advent Calendar glitch on December 14 which did not allow people to actually get their prizes after they claimed them. The people that were affected were those who collected their prizes before approximately 6:22PM NST.

Real Answer: I would assume that TNT is going to give everyone who collected their Advent Calendar prizes during the glitch their prizes. They've been pretty good about this, actually. (I got my prizes like five days ago.)

I would assume that since they have "item action logs", "user action logs", and "Advent Calendar logs", they were able to determine who collected their prizes but didn't receive them. *nod*

NOTE: Just to answer another question that was submitted, if you get a second set of December 14th Advent Items, it's perfectly fine to keep them. :)

Hey Terry I was wondering where do I look for openings in the JNT? Cause I think it would be AWESOMEto be partof the jellyneo team! ~ catylistic
You can see all of our staff openings here, on our Now Hiring page. By becoming staff, you get many, many perks, including getting whipped by Terry, access to the soda machine, and much much more! Don't delay, send your application in now! *thumbs up*

Hi Terry, *tosses plushie at you* i love JN, I have gone on it forever now, and i don't see how i could survive without it! I was wondering, if 42 is the answer to life and the universe, what is the answer to death? ~ kkkkte
Why, -42, of course. (And if you take the absolute value of -42, Coldplay's 42 makes total sense.)

Those who are dead, are not dead, they're just living in my head...

In Lenny Conundrum if you answer a question correctly and you are not one of the first 250 correct answers do you still get the 2,000,000 Neopoints? ~ nehalvpatel
As it says on our Lenny Conundrum guide, the 2,000,000 Neopoints are spread evenly among all the users that guess correctly. (So by sharing answers, you decrease the amount of NP you win by... well, NP.) You only have to be in the first 250 in order to win a trophy and the bonus prize.

*rummages through the chaotic mess of her room until she finds something to hand over* So, I have a question. i have asked it before. Like twice. But I was wondering, is it possible to self-freeze an account? or will I spend the rest of my days wishing I could delete it? Oh, here's whatever I just found in my room! ^_^ ~ beccachu342
Yes, it is possible to self-freeze a Neopets account, and you can do so by clicking here. (We really wish that you don't leave though :( )

Please don't leave us! :(

Why is dung wearable but rainbow dung isn't? ~ Azurith25
Well, it's because a Pile of Dung smells worse than Rainbow Dung. Obviously, TNT wants your pet to suffocate through smelling Piles of Dung 24/7. (That layer of paint on Rainbow Dung does WONDERS for the smell, which is why TNT didn't make it wearable.) Hope that helps! ;D

Is there ANY possible way to get ALL of the key quest STARTER tokens? ~ Ennabellara
Unfortunately, there is no way to get all of the Starter Key Quest tokens. (Unless TNT decides to give us all of them for some reason. :P)

Regarding the free Key Quest Starter Token, I've never chosen anything, I've just been given a Red Meerca from the first time I played, but I'd be happier with the Poogle. Is there any way I can change that and choose the Poogle instead? ~ winter_storm_72
As of right now, there is no way for you to change your Key Quest Starter Token. (Hopefully TNT decides to give us a period of time to change tokens or something... :o) Oh, and I really need to stop typing "KeyQuest" instead of "Key Quest".

I'm not pretty enough for you? :(

Hey Terry *dorky grin and awe struck screams*!...... I was wondering if anyone asks some of the questions that you've told us (in the 'Submit an Editorial Question') to refrain from asking. I'm very curious about this! Thanks for answering, and Merry Christmas! ~ ulura
When we first started up the jnEditorial, we got BUTTLOADS of those questions. (Dave and I threw away loads of them. :P) Then as time went on, we started to see gradually fewer "banned questions" in our Question List.

By the way, we've come up with a new banned question: "How did the jnEditorial come about?" Why? Because none of us can agree on an answer. :D (It has been a year and two months...)

Hi TJNT! First off, you rock! Second, I had a faerie portrait and I used it on my pet, but it said "...nothing happens" What's up with that? Does it ever do anything? P.S. To whoever responds to this, give Rosie a big hug for me for being awesome! ~ fanfly
*hugs Rosie* As far as I know, Faerie Portraits do absolutely nothing.

I'm useless! :(

Hi JN! I was just wondering what the Grundo Gym is/was. It is mentioned on the default Lupe petpage, but it led to an "Oops!" page. Where did it go? lovelovelove, Cappuccino. ~ alicecullenlovegood
Grundo's Gym was originally a gym for your pets. (Obvious, right?) After you completed a complete go-round of the gym five times, your pet's statistics would go up. Each go-round consisted of about five "stations", one of which was moving your mouse over a red button X number of times before time ran out. (Maybe all five stations were just that...) If I remember correctly, you'd also get a small amount of Neopoints for completing a station.

Please take into account that I last played Grundos Gym something like twenty million years ago. ;D

Please tell me that Dave and Suzuka confiscated your whip after the whole Christmas thing. I don't think Zador could've taken much more of that. ~ yaksrcewl
Zador has his bucket to protect himself. He can take more whippage. 1337, on the other hand... well, he can take more whippage too. Hmm...

Reinstaff, switch places!
*cracks whip*

HI! *throws randomly colored meepits* If someone quits on neopets and they give you their account, can you take the stuff from it and put it on your main? Remember, it has a DIFFERENT E-mail address! Thanks! ~ [username removed]
Nope. You are not allowed to take accounts from other users, even if they gave them to you. The below editorial question kind of relates to your question.

*Eats the cookies left that I didn't throw at TNT* I was just wondering... this one player left Neopets and has been gone a long time. It was (username removed). I was wondering if I could have her account? Can't you just, like, e-mail her a warning telling her that you're gonna give it away or something? Anyhow... I REALLY REALLY WANT IT!!! I'll give you more cookies D:! To sum my question up: can you give accounts to other Neopian users? (Please remove my username and the username of the account I want.) ~[username removed]

*blinks* We're not even sure where to start with this one. Just because you "REALLY REALLY WANT" an account that isn't yours, you didn't work for, and you don't feel someone else deserves to have anymore, does not make it okay to take it or even ask for it to be handed over to you for no reason aside from your desire for it. We could go on a nice long tirade about life, but we'll spare you this time. Suffice it to say, the answer is "NO."