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Rosie's Doodled-All-Over Issue
Published: December 20, 2008

Hi there! I'm Rosie, a graphic designer here at Jellyneo. I'm here to present you with our 60th Editorial! While I was busy answering your questions, my art cravings surfaced, so you may catch a doodle of mine here or there. Best watch out for those. Otherwise, sit back, relax and please enjoy Editorial the 60th!

Hey Jellyneo! If I am on my main account and I get a faerie quest and I go to my side and use the shop wiz to find a seller than go back on my main and buy the item is that against the TNT rules? Or are you allowed to that? I have asked many people and I get both yes and no's and I don't want to get frozen. Thanks *take a cookie* ~ Conger208
It is perfectly within the rules to use your main/side accounts to aid in your Faerie Quests on any of your accounts. It is the same premise as using the Quest Chat to ask people to post shop prices. However, this is only for the random event Faerie Quests. Other Faerie Quests like Jhudora/Illusen/Taelia must only be completed on your main account.

How annoyed do you get at TNT for still not adding so many of your beloved Dung items? (As well as over 2000 others) ~ SciFi


Hi Rosie you rock! Well anyways I just wanted to ask if you really did play for roo island in the Altador Cup because I did and I was so excited that they won. ~ goofballmigee12
Yes =D I was an avid supporter of Roo Island this year! Both on Neo and in the JN's Altador Cup III Staff Tourney!

Though this wasn't the case for the some of the other members of the staff. While the staffers represented a certain team in Staff Tourney, some of them were playing for a different team on Neo.

Is it legal to change the page title on your petpage and replace it with one of your own? ~ jordans_sa
Yes, there are no rules against changing the title of your petpage. As long as you don't change or remove the the bar at the top and credits at the bottom of your petpage, you're A-OK. =D

I've noticed the special goodies that are available on a "Pet Day" and I am wondering how do you get those goodies. Do you need the pet of the day? Where do you claim them? Can you claim them? Are the colors free at the rainbow pool? ~ Swingle14
The items announced on a Pet's Day are usually themed with that pet. Depending on what type of item they are, they will appear in a Neopian Shop/NC Mall/etc. (which is usually mentioned with the announcement). But that is, of course, if they are released on the same day they are announced.

New announced pet colours are available if you have the correct pet and paintbrush (if it's a paintbrush color), and again, if it's released. =)

Ok, so I've been wondering...if you give your pet a transmogrification potion so it turns into a mutant--if you paint it (like blue or whatever) will it not be mutant anymore? Like, if you give a blue korbat a potion to turn it into a hissi and it turns into a mutant hissi, can you get a blue hissi by painting it blue? ~ chocolatecandychan
Transmogrification Potions are exactly like Morphing Potions in which they affect the species and the color of your pet. The Mutant color gets it's own spiffy potion name like Transmogrification 'cause Dr. Sloth deemed it so. So yes, a Hissi Transmogrification Potion will turn any pet into a Mutant Hissi.

Alternatively, Paint Brushes will only affect the color of your pet. By using a combination of a Morphing/Transmogrification Potion and a Paintbrush (in that order), this enables you to paint your pet any available color and species no matter what pet you have. =D

HI ROSIE OMIGOSHYNESS!!! O: Anyways... *tosses Kiko* I got a random event that I've gotten many times before the other day, the one with the purple chia giving out hats. But instead of hiving me a hat, he gave me a Kyrii I Hate Apples Sign. 0___o Is this a glitch, or is this actually obtainable? Thanks in advance! ~ spongeyboy730
It seems that Chia is very stubborn and insists on giving items that have the word 'hat' in it's name, even if it isn't a hat. ;)

Locked in the Dungeon (TCG)

Which is also why I'm not going to take this out of my Dung Gallery! >:K

Hello I am sorta new to Jellyneo and I was wondering what Joodles are for? I love this site so thank you so much for making it. ~ miss_disney
Joodle is the currency we use on our Jellyneo Forums! They can be earned by being an active member and are given out as rewards for WNYs and other forum contests! When you get enough Joodles you can make your way over to the Joodle Mart to purchase some very special items!

O.k. I have a bank account where every hour or so I deposit all my Neopoints so I don't spend them. Last time I did this, after I deposited them and had them in the bank, I got the random event saying: A Ghost cackles insanely and steals 40 Neopoints from you... Did I loose 40 np when I had no points at the top of my screen and a pin number guarding my bank? ~ Alora10
Yes, in fact you should now have -40 nps on hand when that happens. ^^ While random events will never attack the neopoints in your bank, pin or none, this particular event (and the Bug Brothers RE) will end up taking your 40 nps from your hand whether you have it or not :P This is not a glitch and has been recognized by TNT. So the next time you take out neopoints from your bank, or earn more from a game, those -40 np will be deducted regardless =P

Hey, hey Rosie! *gives jelly meepit* What happens if you get the golden pteri random event when you DO have a pteri? ~ hscorchio94
Thoroughly pleased with your affinity with the the Pteri species, the Golden Pteri will shower you with a few thousand neopoints! =D How nice!

I said a few thousand....

*squeal* You guys are so cool! Anyway, I have a question. Is it possible to combine or transfer the Neocash from your side account(s) to your main? Thank you!!!*throws random muffin* ~ tahnee_5
No. TNT has made it very clear in several editorials and FAQs that NeoCash is non-transferable, even between your own accounts. They have no plans to change this rule. Once the NeoCash has been purchased for your account it stays. (but it will expire after a year, so spend it soon!)

Hiya! I have a question about the Advent Calendar. On the 14th of December, I went and got nothing from the Calendar. It's not showing in my items either. I know there was the glitch that day, so onto the question. Since I visited the calendar, and even clicked 'Collect my Prize', will I still be able to get the December sidebar? Thanks for your time, ~ hphglover
That glitch was fixed later that day. If you attempted to collect your Advent items during the glitch, the items should have appeared in your inventory the next day.

As for the Winter Sidebar Theme, the specific requirements for collecting this sidebar during the Advent are still unknown, so this is completely up in the air. Since no one, glitch or none, received the side bar on the 14th, we can neither confirm or deny at this time that the Sidebar is out of the glitched vicitim's reach.

*throws a jelly Meepit at you* If you have an unconverted pet in a paintbrush colour with wearables, if you convert it,would you get the paintbrush clothes. Oh,and JN is brilliant! ~ benjpalmer2
Yes, since the wearables are part of the 'colour', if you were to convert your pet, the wearables would be available to you. =D

Is it difficult finding time for your comic, Jellyneo, Neopets, and everything else in your life? ~ JDB1984
It's more difficult finding time to find the time, really. ~_~

Rosie! Do the staff members of Jellyneo give each other Christmas presents? ~ yaksrcewl
Yes! This year we're doing a Secret Santa type of thing using our Wishlists! =D

I wonder what I got...

There's a limit on every thing you type on neopets, is there a limit to how many characters you can type on your pet page? If so, what is it? ~ funny9688
There will always be a limit on anything you type, whether or not it's defined by TNT. As far as the petpages, TNT has not given us a defined limit. But I went and experimented using my own petpage (which has a whopping 5,435 characters) and was able to copy/paste all of it 3 more times for a grand total of 21,740 characters. (Any more than that and the page wouldn't load for me...)

So while we're still in the dark about the limit, I'm sure you can plenty of things you could do with all of that space and still have room left over. =D

Hi Rosie! How's your R.S.M comics doing? Have you ever thought of making an unofficial manga/comic book of your R.S.M comic? ~ flymaster_11
Not really ^^'... It's available online for free. If I were to make a comic book, I wouldn't be able to publish/sell it since it uses references to Neopets. (that's against the copyright law o.O) So for now, you must enjoy it's virtual goodness. =D

Hey, I have been visiting the site every once and a while. And I saw that we could make our own Wishlist but we had to have a account. If we make a account is it Free? Or do we have to pay money? Thanks for answering and I love the site. ~ Snickers
My Wishlists is one of the many services that offers when you create a jnAccount. And yes, they are completely free! =D Click here to make one!

You direct anyone to a off-neo site by posting the title of the site. Does that mean that using Jellyneo's graphics on is against the rules since they have "jellyneo" stamped onto them? Thanks! :) ~ Poseygirl
This is still an open debate among users and ongoing topic in the Neopets Editorials.

Hello TNT! In your last Editorial you stated, "Anyone attempting to lead another user off site should be reported." Does this mean that, if you want people to visit your [popular art website] account and post a link on your lookup or siggy, you can be reported/frozen? I am curious, because I had no idea and I don't want to be frozen! sad.gif ~ulymatedolphinluver
We'll be honest and say that, when it comes to established fan site links, we tend to be a bit lax on this rule. Established websites and fan sites that have historically not been used to scam or pose a threat to players are ones that we generally leave alone, opting instead to spend more time on the ones we know are trouble, like "free hosting" sites and sites that are offering serious cheats or "NP generator" scams.

Now, that's not to say it's allowed. Posting ANY off-site links, regardless of where they lead, is against the rules. So if you post a fan site link and are warned, don't blame this Editorial. We just want to be truthful and say that we pay more attention to those links we know are harmful, and that's why you may see some of these other links slide.

Also, it should be noted that if you do have a link to the established art site everyone knows we're talking about, it should not have any inappropriate material on it that younger folk could see if they followed the link through your UL. Normally, posting links to sites like this gets you warned. If it links to inappropriate material, you're frozen straight away.

Please note that we are not encouraging or advising you to flirt with rules and boundaries that TNT has laid down. Since this is still an open topic, you should use caution. Rules on Neopets are constantly changing and it's up to you, the user, to decided how you should 'play'.

Hello there TJNT! I was looking around neo today, and I realized that the "About Us" page is now "Under Construction" - Presumably because Adam and Donna are no longer on staff. However, what does this mean for the Number Six avatar? Can you still get it by visiting the "Under Construction" page? Thanks for answering my question. ~ fuzzbump88
No worries! TNT made a statement in a recent editorial that the About Us page will be down temporarily as it is undergoing a revamp. The avatar will be available again when the revamp is finished. =D

Hey JN! The last editorial said that if your pet is sick, but then gets a new illness, the new one replaces the old. It also said that poisonous jellies and lollies make your pet ill. So, if your pet has an illness that is expensive to cure, could you make your pet have another illness by feeding them a poisonous jelly or lolly? Thanks, and Merry Christmas! ~ mysti_lilac614
Exactly. If your patience with the Healing Springs has run out, then this is one of many practical ways to get out of paying for an expensive cure. But I'm not sure your pet would appreciate it too much...

I tried to get a shop visit counter for my neopets shop but the code doesn't work. Can you help me get a counter for my shop that works and let me know what i am doing wrong. thank you! hugs ~ hugs4uto
On Neopets, you can only embed files that end the following file extensions: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, png, midi, wav, mp3, mid

If your shop counter link doesn't end in one of those, TNT won't allow it. If you are using a correct file extension and it still doesn't work, then it's a problem on your counter's side, not TNT's. =)

Where do you think the dung came from?!?!?!? ~ funandgame12345
Well.. when a Mommy Neopet and a Daddy Neopet love each other very much... and decide to go to Kelp for a special dinner, Mommy Neopet will feel a little mischievous and slip some NeoLax into Daddy Neopet's Kelp Gazpacho and.... well...