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The Stephen Edition
Published: August 27, 2007

Hi. I will be hosting this weeks editorial. I will answer your questions, as well as attempt to make you smarter as well. I like to be smart. I like to show off what I know, so enjoy.

What's the history of usukis? when did they start? What were the first ones? ~ hunnybunnypony
Usuki's are a vile entity forged in the fiery pits of Sloth (Hence their rank odor). However, the good faeries sought to combat their base nature, and introduced the nicer, noble, nifty Quiguki.

Usukicon goes back to August of 2001 (Y3). Usuki's first appeared June 7 of the same year.

We are hideous freaks of nature.

What would happen if the Meepits lost control of all our brains? Would we still survive? ~ S_DK
We believe that such a glitch in their chips would not be possible, if they use mechanics to manipulate us. However, they may be using forgotten magic, passed on through their generations, manipulating the very forces of the universe, tinkering with the very waves which surround us, compelling us to do the base things we do. If this is how they control us, oh be wary, little one. Even great magicians like Kauvara or that person by the alley who plays the cup game and vanishes the shell from underneath the shell you thought you saw could help us. Our only hope, should Meepit dominance be lost, is that they did not tap our mortal soul for control but our frontal lobes. We might survive, possibly conscious.

How many pets are in the Pet Directory? ~ Steve
Ten thousand, five hundred and fifty-five. Wait, was that right? Hold on, let me recount.

Okay, back, I just counted again and got ten thousand, five hundred and fifty-six. Wait, more are walking in the door. WHAAT! Argh, I lost count of how many just joined us. Thanks, Steve. You are supposed to know this.

Why is the Sloth layout used on December 9th? ~ moongoddessincarnate
Its the birthday of...
A very special friend of mine, my very favorite little old friend...

Silly Davey, you're the one.
You make Jelly time lots of fun,
Silly Davey, I'm awfully fond of you!
Silly Davey, joy of joys,
When I code for you, you make noise
Silly Davey, you're my very best friend, it's true!

What exactly is the point of the portal? And, JN yall rock! This is like the best idea ever! ~ colbylover_101
As I am the one who codeth the portal, I shall elaborate.

Sometimes, when people get on the internet, the first thing they see is Google. For other, it is Wikipedia. Others still might find The Restock Machine Comic a suitable place to open up to everyday, in hopes of a new issue. However, dreams my be dashed, so people go to the portal and can make it their home page, and get the Neopets news, plenty of links to dailies, even learn who is rocking out Tyrannia. A portal is a jumping point for your time in Neopia, a collection of links and info to aid you. Not your homepage? Fine. Some bookmark it, some just type in the URL. It is for whatever use you need it.

I am pretty sure that the Blue Grundo plushie of... something (on faerieland) was used in a plot but just to be sure, where was he used. ~ Mario721_2
None. He appeared but never showed up anywhere. No plots, just speculations.

Dear jellyneo, Why did you pick the jelly kacheek as your little mascot thing? ~jub_jub_2184 ~ jub_jub_2184
Well, there was no such thing as a Jelly Meepit when Jellyneo began, so it seemed like a good idea at the time.

You are so cool! I love the site. Do you think you are ever going to do a Petpet Directory? And also, you do site themes, so why don't you do Neopets graphics? Thanks! ~ Katt =^w^=
Petpets are not as important on Neopets, and harder to track. Think of all the petpets species, which number over 400. Then you have to take into consideration all the colors it could painted. That could mean a few thousand combinations eventually, if not already.

Funny thing about graphics, my first responsibility as an admin was to begin developing the graphics department. However, we realized that many other sites offer quality departments and we would not like to lose focus on our guides and other departments.

How do you decide which questions you answer? : o ~ sweetesapex3
I look for the ones which I know the answer to. I tend to stick to Jellyneo Questions, because Neopets ones usually are ones an actual staffer can explain.

How many Jellyneo staff members have seen The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? (Because the references in the previous editorials have not gone unnoticed.) ~ samluvsya
Three out of the seven staffers who bothered to vote in my poll are diehard fans of the series. I personally have read all 5 books of the Trilogy, seen the movie, tried the game, listened to the new radio broadcast, and know the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Seven staffers only know that 42 is important.

And to all those who asked the importance of the number 42, read the series.

Why is the banner at the top of the Jellyneo no longer a link to the homepage? I used to love being able to click it to refresh the news, but now it no longer works... ~ mats77
Thanks for pointing this out. Because this was submitted via Editorial instead of Bug Report, I will give you an explaination of what I do!

I code. I consider myself extremely skilled in CSS, with enough knowledge of PHP to do what I want usually. So, last week, I decided to fulfill my quest to ...

hey Stephen, whats your favorite flavor of jelly!!!? ~ meerca11114

"AHH! The Stephen approaches!" screamed the Jelly, and slowly, the Thornberry Jelly was devoured.

who do you think speaks in 3rd person better? Stephen, Dave, or Terry? ~ meerca11114
The Stephen talks in third person best. Don't insult the Stephen like that, he will not stand for it. In fact, the Stephen laughs at lowly Terry for his lack of the proper article in addressing himself.

Dave Edit: Notice how he neglected to insult the Dave. :D

Hey Stephen (and all the other JN staff!)! So I was just wondering... What kind of Neopet do you think represents Jellyneo? I know it'd probably be jelly or something, but which species? Any petpet perhaps? lol ~ hitachawak

The Jelly Meepit, of course. What could be more malevolent and devise such machinations as a Sloth Transmogrification Test List... er... Pet Directory.

So, what exactly is your "job" on (Editor, person in charge, graphics designer person, etc) ~ sonictheonlyhedgehog
I started out as a graphics designer. Then I worked on the Avatar Database, made it easier to update for staffers. Then I started working on other projects. I do PHP stuff Dave doesn't want to do, and CSS and design stuff he can't. I recoded the Portal many times, and help add every new site Theme that Matt makes.

Why can some pets not be painted invisible? And your opinion on squirrels? ~ emilymanis
Current theory on invisibility put out by the Virtupets Cool Things Research Division claims that mechanical invisibility requires light move faster than the speed of light. The Stephen does not think it is possible for light to speed up faster than itself to pass around a Elephante's big belly.

Would you rather eat a PHP flavored muffin or a mySQL flavored muffin? ~ Spike
MySQL Muffin.

It is a SQLious delight!

why is the answer to the world and everything42? ~ pokemonmonmonmon
Because it is the answer to some question.

HIYA STEPHEN!!! Erm.. sorry about the cap locks... Anyway, just wondered, which of these kau colors do you like best? Camouflage, brown, or purple? ~ Lombre
Purple. It looks like a purple kau.

Hiya Stephen, who would win in a war? Ninjas or Meepits? ~ strongsad41
Meepits. They have Pirate Meepits on their side.


Stephen. Is that pronounced Steven or Stephen? My friends say it's Steven. ~ tela1171
You pronounce Stephen like Stephen. The accent is on the first syllable. Otherwise, it would be pronounced Stephan. But I guess for your answer, because it is the new thing to pronounce Stephen like Stephan, I will say you pronounce it Steven.

Elmo is 1337!! Praise Elmo's footsteps:o Stephen are you an Elmo fan too:o His red fur is so soft and luxurious! How could you ever hate something like that? I bet he uses Herbal Essences what do you think? ~ tycooncorb
Yes. Elmo is cool. But I like Ernie. He sings better songs.

What do you think of the (in)famous Feepits? Should they finally overule the Meepits? They have skill afterall...*pokes meepit vs. feepit game*. Hope you answer this *pokes*. ~ grishiu
Never. Feepits are the vile under miners of society.

Hi Jellyneo (mainly Stephen)! You guys are awesome! Just wondering... When is that Kiko going to stop writing, and how many pages has he written already? lol He must be really into it to not sleep day or night! ~ hitachawak
May 21, 2753. That will be went he gets a hand cramp. As for pages written, might be 4, or 7. I never count that.

If you could drink one kind on Neocola, what would it be? ~ iamblahp
Shaken Up. Then you hand it to Terry.

Do YOU say it po-tay-toes or po-tah-toes? ~ 101monica101
Potatoes. Or as you spelled it, "Po-Tay-Toes".

what is your favorite daily? which one is luckiest for you? ~ mzblondebaby
The only one I bother to do is the lab ray. I should do others, but I am busy often and don't need an extra 5000 NPs. I rarely buy things anymore, so only the lab because it is interesting.

You can see my bones because of the gamma rays!

Ok... O_o I feel really wierd asking this buuuut...ok. Question: What are meepit's original colors? O_o Cause I see them pink and they can be painted pink soo.... ~ royalcd


Pink Meepit. Painting it pink sets it back to its original color. Almost all petpets have a basic color you can paint them to return them to their original shades.

Hey JN! You guys are awesome! Anyway, Stephen doesn't post news a lot, so what does Stephen do around the site? =] ~ curly_brace
Code. Code. Code.
And whine about Terry beating him to unreleased news, though the Stephen doesn't put the effort into searching.


What neopet do you like more Stephen a mutant krawk or a spotted koi? ~ lunaandbela
Spotted Koi for sure. I mean, who would choose a decomposing lizard over a Nice Meal pretty pet?