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Katje's Issue
Published: December 14, 2008

Welcome to the 59th issue of the JN Editorial! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy reading! :)

Hop to it!

Hi! *tosses gummy bear* I was just wondering, what in Jellyneo are Joodles for? (: ~ boxohrox
*Catches the bear* Gotta watch out for those gummy bears, they are evil!

Joodles are what members of the JN forums can buy things with. If you have a forum account and go to the Joodle Mart, you can see the different shops. :)

I read your article on the Lab Ray but it didn't specify if the lab could zap your pet into any species. Some people told me draik zaps were a "glitch" so it is possible to get a Draik, Lutari or Krawk from the Lab Ray? ~ wookydooka
The Lutari is a definite. Aeternus has zapped and gotten 4 of them. (The rest of the staff are very jealous. :P) It's still up in the air about the Draik and the Krawk. Technically it should be possible, but I haven't known anyone to get them from the Lab Ray.

Hey Katje, please answer this because I've asked the Neopets Editorial and they never answer. ): I've seen a user that has pets I really really want but they never reply to my neomails when I ask them if they want to trade pets. What can I do? ~ rorosa
It's best to leave them alone. Unless a person has their pet up for adoption or trade, don't message them asking them if you can have their pet or if you can trade one of your pets for theirs. If you really want a certain pet then you need to wait until one comes up for adoption or trade, or zap the pet, or buy the brush. If you keep bothering someone they can report you and I don't think you want to lose your account over something like that.

I've been trying to get the packrat avi for about 3 months now and ive gotten about 700 items but it is taking forever is there anyway to find lots of cheap and unique items really fast? ~ Pippin is so AWSOME
Hi. I'm still trying for that avvie too. *Grumbles* We have a special packrat avvie list in the Item DB. Our affiliate Avatarlog also has a packrat list as well.

Hey, what happens to your pets if you feed them poisonous jellies? Do they get sick? Thanks! ~ littleboyblue912
Yes they do. The same happens if you feed them the poisonous lollies.

Ooh, someone's having stomach cramps right about now!

Would it be considered cheating if you borrowed the Adam neopoints and put them in your bank to raise your interest level? Even with the lenders consent? ~ puppypaws_221
I don't think it is since people do it all the time and even ask in the Neopets forum to find a lender.

have you won anything from the wishing well? ~ ironman5001
Sadly no. As often as I visit it I should have won something. *cries*

Is there any color you CAN'T get with a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water? ~ grey_faerie_3
As far as we know, you can get any color from using a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water (all available for colors for your pet's species, that is), including all the non-Paint Brush ones.

But I might just turn your pet Green..

Hey Katje! Is it alright if my question is not burning? Because I want it warm. :P Anyway, My question is ... Do you think Invisible pets are helpful or just .. you know.. junky? D: ~ wizardlupe
I think warm questions are better than burning ones. I don't want to be burned. I personally don't see the usefulness of Invisible pets. I suppose that it would be useful if they were bank robbers or mob hit men. But I don't see many of those in Neopets. :P

If I paint my pet then take the clothes that come with it off, can I display them in my gallery? ~ katpow89
Sadly the clothes cannot leave your closet. I've tried to take mine out and I can't.

Do you guys have like a base? Also do you know everyone on the JN staff in real life? ~ piatecomb
Hi. We actually do not have a base. We all work from our homes, dorms,henge's, etc. The only JN staff person I know in real life is Aeternus.

Can we get the Christmas Pile of Soot via the Petpet Lab Ray? ~ pikapika_2_2_2
I haven't seen it happen yet. I have asked around and the answer is pretty much the same: no one seems to think you can either. If you do please message me and let me know.

I'm telling you, I'm Santa! Just clean your chimney for Rudolph's sake!

Hey Katje, I was wondering. Are you part cat or have any relationship with a cat??? I really wanna know. ~ shoyru_lovuh
Meow! ;)

Hi Katje! How do you pronounce your name? ~ sugarstar222
Hi. Katje is the Dutch word for 'small cat'. It's really hard to write a good way to pronounce it. This is the best way I can explain it: the a as in bark, j as y in you, and the e as in driver. I hope that makes sense.

can we mix and match items from diferent paintbrush sets? like if i paint my shoyru christmas then later royal will i still be able to use the christmas clothes? ~ lombre_gabriel
Yes you will. As long as there are clothes with the PB they are yours. So if you decide to paint your pet a different color that has clothes, you can combine them all you want. :)

It seems the blue pets have a glitch and they have no hair. It seems to only be effecting the blue ones though. A friend of mine has a blue chia and it looks so funny. That chia is going to need some serious therapy after this.

I'm so traumatized right now *emosob*

Hiya, Katje! :P So. Your opinion on Dave as a boss? xD ~ pirate_life_
*Looks around to if Dave is close by* If you only knew... Oh, Dave! I didnt see you there.... Seriously though, Dave is a good boss to have. He's easy to get along with and pretty laid back.

I have been zapping my pet for a hissi! *cheer* but i am getting tired of it and i have enough neopoints to get a hissi Transmogrification Potion will it work? Because i don't want to get it and not let it work. ~ bleach3oo
The lab ray doesn't like me either, whereas it loves Aeternus. The Hissi Transmogrification Potion will turn your pet into a Mutant Hissi, no matter what species it is now.

Hi!! I was wondering if you can speak a bit of spanish, do you play neopets in english or in spanish??? ~ salome20
I speak hardly any Spanish. I can speak it a little, but not enough to do any good. I took Spanish in school but I didn't do so well. I actually play Neopets in Dutch.

Hi mum! *hands you huge banana split with a dollop of ice cream on top* ^^" I have 2 questions, really. 1) Do you ever get annoyed that dad (Aeternus) seems to get the bulk of the credit for running the modeling department here on JN when you both share the job? 2) Cake or death? ;) ~ Weepit
Thank you Weepit. *gives you something blue for your henge* I don't really get annoyed with that. Aeternus does a lot for the modeling department, which I am very thankful for. Someone asked me if he had taken over for me but no I still do work in that area. :) For question 2. "Eh, cake please." :P

We're gonna run out of cake at this rate.

Hi, Katje! My question is: is it possible for a Neopet to have two sicknesses at once? For example, if your active pet got sick from Quasalan Expellibox, then you went to the Wheel of Excitement and your pet got sick from the wheel again, then could they have two sicknesses at once? ~ jenlin_25
Hi! No your pet can't be sick with two sicknesses. If you get sick with one thing and say you spin the Wheel of Misfortune and land on something that makes your pet sick, it will cancel out the first sickness.

If you pound a pet with a lab zapped petpet will it change back into it's original form? ~ foofan2
Nope. It stays the zapped form.

Hey Jellyneo! So I have a question that can't seem to be answered. I've seen screenies of people converting their pets to the new neopets style and getting items like mutant petpet paint brushes or other such nice items. Is this true that you get items from converting your pet? Thanks so much =D ~ airyvine
Hi there. No you cannot get anything from converting your pets to the new style. People who claim to have screenies of this are pulling your leg. And personally I don't think a Petpet Paint Brush would be worth converting a pet for the old style to the new one. :P