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Dave's Issue
Published: December 6, 2008

Hi there. My name is Dave, and I run the show here. I thought it had been forever since I last did an editorial... but then I remembered that Issue 42 was mine. :P

Anywho, sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's editorial. Most of the questions are JN oriented, with a few Neopets ones peppered in! :)

I was looking through your Item Database and I saw a book called Bird Watching. I was wondering if the bird on the cover of it was a petpet or not. Do you know? ~ lombre
I don't think it's any petpet that still exists today. That book is quite an old item, and in the olden days, not all items were Neopets related or necessarily had a Neopet on them to represent a real world thing. (Neocorona anyone?)

I'm not a real petpet. :(

Dear Jellyneo, I really enjoyed Editorial #50. Will you do something like that again (maybe #100?) ~ mnwranger
Well... we don't want to make any promises, but you might be able to expect something audible by the end of the year. ;) (Just don't get too excited if it doesn't happen! :P)

I was browsing through the Pet Poser section of Jellyneo when I noticed that there was a Faerie Hissi included in it. I checked the New Rainbow Pool but, as it turned out, there was no Faerie Hissi. My question: Why? ~ haruhixhikaru
The Faerie Hissi was never released when those old pictures were being used. Since it wasn't released, TNT obviously didn't make a new version in the new customisation system. ;) Perhaps one day the Faerie Hissi will make its debut...

*sniff sniff* I never passed the art quality control... :(

Hey Jellyneo! Your website is so useful, since it has like, everything. (Take that as a "YOU ROCK!") Moving on... Would you consider creating an Avatar Checklist service? Being an avatar hunter myself, I sometimes lose track of which avatars I have and which I still need. ~ stargazer28
Glad you're enjoying the site! :D Unfortunately, we're not interested in making any sort of avatar checklists... since you can get the same great functionality over at our affiliate site, Avatarlog!

Hi TJNT will you ever have an option in your item database to sort wearables by rarity? I know that we can do that already, but also paint brush clothes and nc mall items will be sorted. I was thinking about only neopoints items. ~ czarnyolek13
You can actually do something like this already, without us programming in anything special. ;)

Firstly, go to the Advanced Search page, and in the Special Categories drop down menu, select "Wearable". This will of course bring up all of the wearables in the DB. Next, select "Active" from the Status drop down menu. This will filter out the No Trade paint brush items. Third, check off the "No NC Mall items" checkbox. Lastly, in the Sort drop down menu, select "Rarity", then of course, hit Go!

Your final search should show up like this!

I know y'all're very psychic, knowing Neo news real early and all, but has there ever been an occasion where you *didn't* know something was about to happen/be released/etc.? ~ jack_skelling10
Hmm, a time when we didn't know something was going to happen... Neohomes 2.0 weren't a surprise due to the leaked FAQ. Petpet Park was assumed ever since those stories surfaced that Neopets was planning on creating "virtual worlds".

Ah ha! I have it. The Sloth plot back in January. I still remember my reaction... It was a total surprise for us. :P

If Dave was suddenly trapped in a gelatinous non-cube, who would take over the site (temporarily)? ~ yaksrcewl
Hmm, I think both Terry and Suzuka would take over the site until I was able to eat my way out of the situation. (Assuming it's yummy cherry jelly or something... other circumstances may complicate things.) In fact, if you count family vacations and college move-in week as being trapped in a gelatinous non-cube... they've already completed this duty! :D

Hi, I was looking through the past events on JN, and was looking at the conclusion of The Hunt for the Golden Jelly (I believe that's what the name of it was) and saw at the end the mysterious cloaked culprit. Will he ever make a return, and possibly be unmasked? ~ big_brother_deluxe
Ah, we haven't seen the likes of him for years now. I personally would never want to see him back! You never know though... evil villains tend to reappear at later times.


When will Terry be writing another editorial? I miss him so!*sniff* ~ _chocojustin_
Aww, Terry kind of misses doing the editorials, too. :P Don't fret, though! He's scheduled to write an editorial on December 27th and March 14th. :) (Yes, we do plan these things quite far in advance. :P)

Hello! Just wondering, what time zones are most of the staff in? Also, how many jn accounts exist? Thank you. ~ cubbybud
We're all over the world, really! I myself float between PST and EST, and one other staffer is stationed here in PST. We also have one staffer in EST, and a couple in CST. Plus, there are plenty of international staffers all over the world (England, New Zealand, Canada, Antarctica, etc.).

Okay, so we don't really have anyone stationed in Antarctica. :( On the bright side, we've had over 34,000 people sign up for a jnAccount!

Why not register for a jnAccount today? :D

Hey Dave! Have you ever thought that Sloth shall rule the world? :3 ~ wizardlupe
Oh, he will. Someday. Just wait a bit. ;)

Hi Dave!!! *gives you pie* Why do they always say you cheated in Jellyneo activities? ~ fluffy_1__2___3
Because I generally make the activities... so I know where everything already is. :P

Hands off my Golden Jelly!! :O

Did you remove link to Dailies Do-er? I don't know if I spelled it right. This link was always on dailies page and now it disappeared. I was using it every day. ~ czarnyolek13
Yep, we did remove it about a week ago... however we got so many complaints that we added it back in a few days ago! :D The reason we removed it was because some people were having problems using it. They kept being asked to login to each daily they visited, and we did not want it to look like JN was a scam site, so we decided to take it down. So many people asked what happened to it, though, that we decided it would be best to put it back, and slap a warning on it about the login issues.

I love the "Your Dailies Do-Er" :D, but I just wonder as to why I have to login in for each daily I visit? I trust the site and all but it just kind of turns me off from it. ~ shiningstar92
In response to the question above, this is why we took it away... unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to fix this. :( You will just have to use the normal list, located on the main dailies page.

Why is it "your" jnAccount, "Your" Dailies, but "My" Wishlists? Whose wishlists are they? ~ blairelevensevens
It was just the names we chose for those certain features. :P All of those things belong to you, the account owner. If you'll notice, newer jnAccount services (such as Daily Dare Stats, Altador Cup Records, and Goal Counters) lack any sort of possessive adjectives!

I have had this question burning in me FOREVER. I read on the history page the following quote, "Jellyneo was restarted by Dave, former Admin of the old JN, on August 22, 2004." What was the old JN like? The one before it was restarted? If anyone can answer this question, it's you. ~ PianoWizzy
It was an icky place, to be honest. :P The site was disorganized, no one knew how to code (so we relied on this one person to do our coding... and he was not always available or nice). The layout was an attrocity, too, but I guess you could consider it fashionable at the time.

Fortunately (well, I only saw it as fortunate later on :P), the old JN collapsed one day while I was away on vacation. I spent the next year mulling over what to do. So, I learned some basic coding, worked on a layout, and finally got things ready for our official release on August 22, 2004. :)

Yay for today's JN being better!

Who edits or critiques articles, news posts, and the editorials on JN? I've noticed some DEADLY grammatical and spelling errors here and there that threaten the very foundation upon which protects us from Meepit invasion. =3 ~ jack_skelling10
:O What do u mean we has no good grammer!?

Actually, we agree. So, if you ever notice some grammatical error or misspelling that is about to jump up and choke JN's server power cord (you said they were deadly!), you can let us know in our newest We Need You topic. (And get rewarded for your trouble while you're at it!)

When I check the database on petpets, it doesn't say where the petpet came from. Some of the petpets show up as "item either doesn't exist or is too rare to view" in the Neopets search. For instance the "Babith", where is it from? Oh there are many others as well. Would it be possible to list that in the descriptions of the petpet? Also I notice you are missing a lot of petpets! ~ syffat
All items in the Item Database already show where they come from. ;) For anything that restocks in a shop, just click on the yellowish shop icon (see below) to be taken to the shop it comes from. If the item does not restock, then the special categories it is in will generally tell you where it came from! :)

I take you shopping! :D

Hey great site! I was wondering how would I go about getting a job with TJNT if I wanted to? Thanks! ~ tsunamichick89
If you're interesting in working for JN, check out our spiffy new Now Hiring page for details. We're really looking for Petpet Park writers to work on our Petpet Park section, so please send in an application if you're interested! :) (As for content writers, we do not actively need anyone new right now... so your application needs to be exceptionally good if you're going to try for that position. ;D)

Is the only time new staff are hired when old ones retire or when you just feel like you need more staff? ~ Blizara
Nope, we take new people whenever! It mostly depends on if we actually need more staffers to help out.

Is there any way you guys could put how many comments a post on the main page has? I liked that and now I really miss it :( ~ necoladude
Unfortunately with the way our news system is set up, that is not possible. :( However, I went ahead and put in a small comments count near the "Post Your Comment" box on the comments page.

So Dave, I'm curious. What's the difference between JN and jnPortal? ~ Suicider
Well, the main difference is that JN looks nice and spiffy, and jnPortal is old, out of date, and looks clunky. Stephen was going to be in charge of recoding the portal, but he has since left JN. :( So, I'm toying with the idea of just scrapping it altogether since not many people visit it anyway.

Hi Guys (and gals!), I have a rather serious question to ask. Brace yourselves. I would like to know, what the JN team's feelings are towards the future of Neopets? Are you guys happy with the current trend to just keep releasing Mall items and no new site content? (Key Quest is not site content it's a stop gap solution to inflation, and neither is Petpet park in fact that's a whole different site) Or do you think that a new plot/world/avatar/pet could (or should) be on the horizon. Can Neo be saved? Thanks for all of your hard work here. It really helps people out, and we all appreciate it. ~ progr3ss
You ask a rather profound question, there. :P I'll try to answer it as best I can.

As you know, we have nearly 30 staffers at JN, so we all have many different opinions. Some think that Neopets is the pits, but others think that it isn't as bad as some people say. There is one common thread, though: Neopets is different than when Adam and Donna were around. When Neopets was ran by them, the site was much more story oriented, with the constant plots and other backstory being given through the Neopedia, TCG, Darkest Faerie video game, etc. (Notice how the new video game, Puzzle Adventure, is a puzzle and doesn't really have a new storyline?)

With Viacom at the reigns now, they are more interested in monetizing the site. You need to remember that they did purchase the site for $160 million dollars back in 2005. No one, I don't care who you are (yes, even you reading this and disagreeing right now!) would make a $160 million investment and not try to have it pay for itself.

With that in mind, it's reasonable to see why Viacom wants Neopets to become more profitable. You might say, "But look at all of the ads and sponsor games!!" Well, who doesn't block ads nowadays? Who plays sponsor games? If no one blocked ads and religiously played sponsor games, then the NC Mall and other money making schemes might not have even come about.

I, think, though, that Premium was wrongly pushed out of the spotlight. There are some games out there that rely solely on, and survive on, the game subscriptions. If Premium had been advertised more, and maybe given some more features, it would have made a lot more money. By now, most people have come to accept Premium, even the Neo vets.

There's the other side of the fence, too. Some people thoroughly enjoy the NC Mall and its animated goodness. I, myself, do not think that KeyQuest was just some stop gap content that Neopets threw together so people would buy the plushies. It's actually a pretty awesome game, and it's by far one of the best of the newest games ever since Ollie left TNT. It has been developed by a team led by Snarkie, a TNT staffer, and she was there way before Adam and Donna left, so I think that's why it still has a lot of that old Neopets charm to it. (Snarkie is also working on World of Neopia, so I'm having some high expectations for that as well.)

So, overall, you want to know if "Neopets can be saved" and our feelings towards the future of Neopets. Well, I certainly do not think that Neopets will return to its roots unless Viacom sells the site. If you don't like the direction that the site is going in now, I don't think there's much hope for you getting enthusiastic about it again. (And let's face it... you're probably a bit older than you were when you started playing. ;D) But overall, it's not like the site is in some horrible pit of death. There's still a lot of fun aspects on Neopets, you just need to find something that's fun for you and play it! If you don't think anything on Neopets is fun anymore... then why are you still "playing"?