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The 'Weepit Was Here' Edition
Published: November 29, 2008

Today's editorial was a valuable lesson in editing for the Weepit *nods*. I have to admit that I got a little excited at the prospect of getting to do my own editorial; but when the Jellyneo computer saw me entering the staff room with my original 42,000 word epic, it hid behind the sofa and refused to come out until I shortened it. So I managed to condense it down a bit and present you with the abbreviated version! (I also offer my sincerest apologies to Matt Damon, I ran out of room before I got to his question ^_^)

JELLY WORLD DOES EXIST! How come everyone says it doesn't? Here is the link!'treallyexistsillyrabbit/ ~ Misguided Person
I've heard a lot about this supposed land of jelly so I decided to do a bit of research into it, and something rather odd happened. One minute I was sat on the lovely, comfy jelly sofas in the staff room and the next I was sinking through it. Before I knew it I found myself in this odd place where everything was orange and translucent, the buildings were kinda wobbling to and fro and the floor was all bouncy and stuff. I ran back to Jellyneo HQ as fast as I could but when I told Suzuka about what I'd seen she got this weird look on her face. Then she took this funny flashy thingy under my nose and then... hmm, I don't remember actually. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, Taelia. She's awesome. ^_^

Jelly pets interacting... sort of xD
I swear when I stop wobbling I'm going to make you regret messing with me!

Hello! Are you related to the meepits? *Throws meepit* Now to my question; why do people write things sometimes like /can/ or /is/? What do the // mean? Danke! ~ papaknuckler
Me? Related to the meepits? You must be kidding! For a start my personal hygiene levels are much higher and I don't do that creepy thing they do when they. Just. Stare. At. You. *shudders* I wasn't really related to anybody, but then Katje and Aeternus adopted me. :D But enough of my life story, back to the question in hand. Putting the '/' symbol on either side of a word is used by people on the internet as a way of emphasising the word inbetween them. So saying 'I /really/ hate meepits' is the same as saying 'I really hate meepits'. It's useful for when you're talking on an instant messenger and can't use HTML in your text, or just for whenever you can't be bothered using bold or italic tags.

I asked the editorial about this but they never answer, so maybe you can. I've heard people on the boards talking about 'double trading' and that it's against the rules, but no one will tell me what it is. From what I can gather it's something like lending through the trades and then when they're done with it giving it back through trades and giving the collateral back. What I don't understand is why this is against the rules, so could you explain please? Thanks in advance! ~ berrykit
I think what you are referring to is when people ask to sell or borrow over a series of trades. The trading post limits you to offering a maximum of 800,000 NP on each lot and so this can be a problem if the item is worth more than that. The most common time you will encounter this is when borrowing items for avatars; for example the Faerie Queen Doll which is worth approximately 1.6 million, so double the maximum bid. In these cases people may ask if they can do a 'double trade' or a 'split trade' whereby the owner of the doll will put a junk item on the trading post in one lot and the doll on in another lot, the idea being that the person wanting to be lent the doll will offer 800,000 NP on both lots to add up to the full amount of collateral.

The reason these types of trade are against the rules is because it is very easy for people to use this as a way of scamming people. They will put up the junk item and the doll but will only accept the offer on the junk item and reject the other one, leaving them to run off with 800,000 NP of your money and the doll as well. I would advise you to stay well away from anybody who wants to buy, sell or lend you anything through split trades; the Auction House is a much safer way of trading in items of greater value and anybody who is trustworthy will respect your decision. :)

I have a blue Meowclops, adorable lil critter. If I wanted to change it back to its original color (black) is it possible? ~ northern_paradise
It is indeed possible to return most Petpets back to their original colour. The way to do it is to repaint it with a Petpet Paint Brush of the colour most resembling its natural look. For example, to turn your blue Meowclops back into a 'regular' Meowclops you would need to paint it with a Black Petpet Paint Brush. For more information on 'unpainting' your Petpets have a look at this page (you'll need to scroll about half way down).

Hi! I was just wondering, what is the point of the council chamber link under freebies? I clicked it and I pushed that button with the sun on it by the janitor but nothing happened. I would have thought that since he got so mad about it not doing anything it would do something... what gives? ~ silky_smooth_hair
Well if you will go about pushing random buttons somebody was bound to get upset sooner or later! :P The link in our dailies service will only take you to the Council Chamber if you have completed the Altador Mini-Plot. Once you have restored order to Altador the king will reward you with your prizes and then allow you to return once each day after that to pick up another little token of his gratitude. If you haven't completed the plot then the staircase to the Council Chamber will not yet have been revealed, but don't worry because you can still take part! Visit the Hall of Heroes to get started and if you get stuck with any of it then you can check out our guide to get you through the tricky bits. ;)

I heard that defeating the Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome might change your pet's gender. I was wondering if defeating other challengers could give you anything other than trophies and avatars? ~ jamaica_29
Fighting the Lab Ray Scientist is indeed capable of changing your pet's gender, although this can happen randomly at any point during the battle. You don't have to defeat him, or even finish the fight; once the battle is over the change is "permanent" (unless it gets changed back by the Lab Ray, a Strange Potion or you battle the Scientist again).

The only other "surprises" in store for your pet in the Battledome are if they come up against an opponent equipped with either Chia Flour or Kacheek Flour in a 2-player battle. If your pet is hit with either of these items then they will be transformed into a Yellow Chia or a Blue Kacheek respectively. Also, getting into a scrap with Boochi to try and get him to zap your pet is futile as his gun can NOT turn your pet Baby inside the Battledome.

Why do Chias always look like they want to punch someone? And what are they made of? ~ dannes
I think you would want to punch somebody too if some idiot artist spent long portions of their day thinking up new ways to humiliate you, wouldn't you? The poor little Chia was begging for a paint colour with a bit of sophistication, with a bit of class. Something cool that seemed to say "Check me out". And what did they get? They got dressed up as some random fruit nobody has ever heard of, with leafy bits sticking out of their head and weird lumpy bits all over their faces. As such most Chias are made up of bitterness, resentfulness and a deep envy of all the pretty pets.

I look like a right pillock! AND my wee smells funny ;_;

So... of all people, I feel you can answer this question the best. How in the world did you carve "Weepit was here" into a flying volcano rock? ~ Meh
It involved an Ettaphant, 2 tons of peanut butter, a make-shift catapult device and one very boring Sunday afternoon. That is all I am prepared to reveal. Next question!

In the last editorial, Mandi said you had to be 13 to work for JN, but Nexy is only one! Soon newborns will be lawers, 3-year-olds will be the next Farley Mowats, 5-year-olds will be doctors, 8-year-olds will be game programmers and teenagers will be retired! So what's up? (I'm not gullible about the whole thing but I want to know). ~ unit4545
Following last week's revelation that Nexy is still too young to be left in charge of her own nappies, lots of you wrote in to express your concern that we were blatantly flaunting child labour laws. So allow me to explain a little. Nynex is not your average 1 year-old, oh no. Whilst other babies are redecorating their nurseries with crayons, rice pudding and watercolours; Nexy spends her time playing Minesweeper blindfolded, using only her mind to move the mouse. So you see she isn't your average toddler and therefore the usual laws don't apply in her case. ;)

On a more serious note, the reason you need to be 13 to work at JN is because you will need to have access to all areas of the Neopets site and certain areas are restricted if your age is listed as being under 13. That's the only reason, we're not ageist or anything . :P

Terry Edit: We also can't hire anyone under 13 because of both COPPA and apparently also because of child labor laws. Oh, and also because you have to be above 13 to access most of Neopets. :P

Why does Neopets celebrate Easter every April 8? The last Easter Sunday celebration was on March 23! ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Back in 2004 an avatar was released on the 8th of April as part of the Easter celebrations. To be awarded the avatar you had to send this Neogreeting at some point between the 8th and the 10th of April (Easter fell on Sunday the 11th that year). This avatar is now available each year; but since Easter has a habit of leaping about all over the show and lands on a different date each year, TNT decided that to make things more predictable they would just release the avatar every 8th of April until the 10th. That's why they celebrate Easter on that day and release all their new themed items then too, regardless of when Easter comes along.

Easter Bunny Avatar
Easter 'leaps' around, was that a rabbit joke? I suppose you think that's funny...

*Hands you Chocolate Chip cookies that Aeternus has baked* I know I've seen it over and over but for some odd reason I can't remember and I can't seem to find it. What colors can the lab ray turn your pet and can the lab ray actually give you a krawk, draik or lutari? As I said I've seen it but I think old age has set in and I can't remember. ~ Katje
*Goes to work on cookies* Yay! *Finishes licking melted chocolatey bits off fingers* Your question? Oh, yeah ...

It's much easier to list the colours that the lab ray can't do; I know this because I originally tried to be clever and list the ones it could do, then realised just how many were possible >_< . Basically the colours the lab ray can not give you are Pirate, Baby, Plushie, Usuki, Quiguki and Royal. Everything else is possible; including fruit colours like Apple and Pea for Chias, Alien for Aishas and MSN MSP for Poogles. The lab can also do other fun things too. ;)

As far as species changes go I know for certain that the lab can give you a Lutari as it has happened to a good friend of mine (FOUR TIMES! The lucky so-and-so). As for Krawks or Draiks... the honest answer is I'm not sure, some people claim to have gotten one that way but none can prove it. TNT were asked about it in a past editorial (#269 for those keeping score at home) but they didn't give an answer either way. Personally I don't think it's possible. When you consider how many people use the lab you would think at least one person would have gotten one by now and had the gumption to take a screenie of it. I mean if that isn't screenie-worthy then what is?

Hi! JN boulders! (That's bigger than rocks!) Anyway, is it true that if you feed your pet a lot of Glowing Jelly, it will turn the color glowing? ~ mollybetter
It is indeed true, though we are talking about a serious amount of jelly here and even then it is extremely rare. If you really want your pet to change colour to glowing, though, then it is probably a better idea to just buy the paint brush.

Hi, Weepit! :) There's a question that's been bugging me: What IS a weepit? ~ star8509
A Weepit is 50% Meepit, 35% Warf and 15% Feepit; which makes me 100% awesome! (Just kidding. :P) Dr. Sloth created me to keep him company between his various attempts at dominating Neopia, but after his most recent failure he said he needed some 'alone time' and whisked himself off somewhere. Then one day Dave found me wandering around the Money Tree and said I could come work here at Jellyneo. It's quite cushy actually, I have all the soda I could ever want and get to eat all the surplus cookies you guys throw at us during editorials. :D

This is my first ever Editorial Question!! Celebrate!!! *throws confetti everywhere* Anyway, what I really wanted to ask is why does Aristotle A. Avinroo (aka: AAA) have such a huge head with such a tiny body? Also, how many Games Master Challenges did you complete? Just wondering! Thanks so much Weepit!!! ~ fluffy_cloud7
Well since he is such a big game buff I'd imagine his head is so huge from the overwhelming task of trying to remember the command list for Mortal Kombat (seriously, was there any need for that to be so complex?!). He would probably tell you it was because of his massive intellect or something though.

I missed the first Games Master Challenge back in 2006 because I was on a hiatus from Neopets at the time, but I kicked his booty last year and intend to do the same again this year. ;)

Up, back, left, right, left, down, up, right, left, high punch, low punch. Right, that's the BASIC fireball mastered...

Hi everyone at TJNT! My question is: Can the Pant Devil steal Neocash items when they are in your inventory? And can you put Neocash items in your shop? If so, can the prices for them be over 100,000 NP since you paid real money for them? ~ coolguy8566
The Pant Devil is not able to steal Neocash items from your inventory, they must have some sort of forcefield that negates his pant plucking abilities or something. Items bought with Neocash don't have the option to be put into your shop, for any price; nor can they be traded through the Trading Post or auctioned off from the Auction House. In fact the only way Neocash items can leave your account is if you package them up in one of the spiffy NC Mall gift boxes and send them to another user, or if the item expires (this only applies to a few NC Mall items though, most are permanant but it's always worth checking before you buy).

*stares blankly*
*pushes button on desk*
Bzzzt... erm, Dave we appear to have a problem... Yeah, a spambot... Uh-huh... Yeah... Release the flying meepits? You sure? Yes... Okay, will do. But I'm not sweeping up the mess this time, I'm all out of Weepit Bang. Right, bye... Bzzt.
Moving swiftly on then. :)

O Great and Powerful JNT, please help this sniveling child of the internet! In three of the last four Keyquest games I played, the other player walked out when I was within three squares of winning. What does your wisdom say to do? Is there a public list of people who quit before they lose? *I* always finish a game. (The 2nd place prizes are not bad.) I bow to your blistering intelligence. ~ odetojoylalalala
I can sympathise with you as I have been in a similar situation myself many times, a recent Neopian Times entry has stirred a lot of controversy over this issue as well. Unfortunately there isn't anything you can do about it as it isn't considered to be a reportable offense by TNT, I assume since they can never be sure if the other person quit on purpose to avoid losing or if they got kicked out because of some technical hiccup. Personally I think it's a pretty stinky thing to do, especially if the game is all but over, and so congratulate you on always making a point of finishing. There isn't a list of people who are prone to quitting early I'm afraid, as grouping them together in such a negative way would likely be considered harrassment and would earn you a warning.

To any guilty parties reading this, I appreciate that you are just trying to make as big a profit as you can in as short a time period, after all we all have goals to save for. But if everybody quit when they found out they were going to lose then nobody would ever win either, would they? So is it so terrible to take one for the team every now and then and accept a silver key once in a while? You don't even have to trade it in, just stick it in your collectors case as a reserve for a rainy day maybe. That is Weepit's thought for the day. *Gets down off soapbox*

When playing games such as Faerie Racers, Imperial Exam, Volcano Run, and Jolly Jugglers, I have seen signs saying "Weepit was here". Do you have any idea what this is? ~ Fire_Omen_2
*looks around shiftily* You didn't see anything, you hear me? Not a thing...

If your name is Weepit, are you sad a lot? ~ plotterquest
Not really no. There are, however, three things that are guaranteed to make me feel sad:

1) Running out of Cookie Neggs (I need a steady diet of them to help me grow up big and strong!)
2) Being reminded that I can't do various accents, particularly Welsh
3) The fact that Taelia still hasn't replied to my letters, even after I baked her that cake and knitted all those jumpers for her with her face on them ;_;

Taelia ^_^
HaseeOMG it's her! Isn't she perty? ^^

Who does all the cool pictures of the staff members, or all you are just extremely talented and cool? And why have some staff members written more than one editorial, and others have written none? ~ reader8
All the staff caricatures were drawn by the amazing Rosie, the brains behind the Restock Machine comics (be patient, it takes a moment to load because the page is quite image-intensive but I promise you it is worth it). Since a lot of you asked, they can still be viewed on this page, for now at least. As for the editorials, all the staffers who are interested in doing them put their name forward and take turns at the job; since some staffers have been here longer than others they have already had a turn and so are on their second whilst some of us don't really fancy doing one so are happy to leave them to it.

Um... O.K.... I'm a little nervous if I get into the Editorial... stinkin' TNT won't put my question in to the NT so I'm a little woried. O.K. I have a Xweetok named Feather, but I don't have a clue how to pronounce Xweetok! I checked the pronunciation section and guess what! NO Xweetok! Help me! ~ Rainpool10
Since Xweetoks are a relatively new species in Neopia they haven't been added to the pronunciation page as yet. But, nevertheless, we can help! *insert magic sounds or something* Xweetok is pronounced 'Zwee-tok', it just looks like it should be harder to say because you never normally see a 'X' and a 'W' next to each other in English words.

Hiya *shakes hand* Ok I got a Faerie Krawk from the Petpet Lab Ray and I went to the Fungus Cave but no Krawk *pouts* What gives I want my Krawk! ~ Juliadoglover11405
Sorry to burst your bubble but any Petpet that is zapped into a Krawk by the Petpet Lab Ray is unable to 'grow up'. ): The only Krawk Petpets that can eat fungus from the Fungus Caves and grow into Krawk Neopets are 'real' ones that you can buy from the Tyrannian Petpet store or from other users. You can tell if a Krawk has been zapped by whether or not there is a little lightning bolt in the bottom corner of its picture.

Petpet Lab Ray Scientist
Is it only me who thinks he looks cute? Yes? Oh, okay then ^^

Weepit's job at JN. Discuss. ~ Herdy
I have maaaaany many jobs to do; you should know since you're the one who finds most of them for me! Oh yes, dear reader, many a day has Herdy come bounding in fresh from working on the Book of Ages and announced, with unrestrained glee I might add, that I have to go back and update some article somewhere by adding a link. :( Other than that my main duties involve wandering the site spraying the pages with Meep-Be-Gone to keep those pesky Meepits at bay. If I ever catch any I flambé them and serve them up to the other staffers.

But seriously now, I'm a content writer here at Jellyneo and as such it is my job (along with the other content guys and girls) to write the articles, game guides and other text-based goodness you see around the site. I also help maintain it, keeping it up-to-date and relevant, by responding to the bug reports that you guys send in about errors you spot on the site. And I also stalk the Suggestions & Ideas thread on our forums to see what you guys want adding to the site. If you don't have an account on our forums (you need a separate one for them, as well as one on the main site) then head on over and check them out, they're awesome. :D

Hello Weepit! I have 2 questions for you! 1) What is your favorite Neopet? :D 2) If you worked for Neopets and you could make one avatar of your dreams, what would it be? ~ zomgitsemma
Ello! *waves* My favourite Neopet species would have to be the Ruki, I think I owned a total of about five at one point. Though they are closely followed by the Grundo, because they just look good in every colour. If I worked for Neopets I would make a POSG avatar! But then again I would also make every day Taelia Appreciation Day and her quests would be mandatory. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

Hi Weepit! *Throws meepit* Mind your face on the meepit. Anyway, the question. Do you have anything to do with the weird text on Crisis Courier when you click the little window in the corner? Thanks! :D ~ Name Omitted, Clearly Due to Overwhelming Fear of the Meepits
*Raises eyebrow* Weird text? What weird text? That is clearly just an odd cloud formation, that is all. Really, you people see conspiracies everywhere...

Hi, TJNT! My question is do you have to submit your score for it to qualify as a high score? ~ jenlin_25
Yup I'm afraid so. If you're trying for an avatar always keep track of how many times you have sent your score because once you've done your three submissions for the day that's your lot. Playing on afterwards for 'practice' is probably a bad idea, imagine how sick you'd feel if you managed a high enough score but couldn't do anything about it because you had reached the maximum for the day. I would imagine you would feel sick to the very pit of your stomach, that you would begin screaming at inanimate objects about the unfairness of the universe and then throw your laptop out of the nearest window. But then I wouldn't know, I'm only imagining of course...

Hello, wise and crispy one. Would you mind telling the people of Jellyneo whether or not you are married? And if so, to whom? ~ Daniel
Dandy! *running tackleglomp* Yes, good people of Jellyneo, I am married. Me and Dandy tied the knot only a few days ago; it is most convenient because he lives just across the street from me. We communicate by sending a trained squirrel along a cable between our houses with little messages in his mouth. Or when it gets tired we fold them up into little paper planes and throw them instead.

Kiwi + Lime=Heart

If you don't get that, hover over the images ;)

Hi! *Hands kittens* Do you have any stalkers? If so, on a scale of one to ten, how voracious are they? ~ Lunasword
I don't personally, but then that might be because I'm the one stalking all the other staffers. ^_^ The list of random facts I know about some of them is rather creepy, even by my standards. But I figure the more I know about them all the easier it will be to take ov... I mean... to remember which soda they each prefer. Yes, that will do, let's go with that. That and because Scissors has a nice house. *grin*

I've been wondering for a long time, so let's put this in a hypothetical situation. Hypothetically, I adopt a pet with a Petpet from the pound. Let's say it's a Snowbunny, but it isn't aged and I already have the avatar. I decide to detach the Petpet, put it up for sale and re-abandon the pet. Would this be considered breaking the rules? Thanks guys! And really, this site is all I'll ever need for Neopets information! [smothers in kisses] ~ star_fire39
*Is smothered* Easy there! A simple Cookie Negg would have been satisfactory, sheesh *wipes off lipstick* The situation you outlined there is perfectly within the rules, albeit a little bit sneaky. TNT has stated several times that once a pet is in the pound it is fair game for anybody to adopt, for whatever reason. People do lend pets with aged avatar Petpets attached through the pound though, so it is possible that you could find yourself having interupted a transfer. However they knew the risks and should have opted to use the transfer feature if they wanted to be safe; so although they may contact you and ask you nicely to return the pet, you are perfectly within your rights to keep the pet and/or Petpet and do as you wish with both.

Hey there :P Seeing as how you're so very tiny, I'm wondering HOW tiny are you? Petpet, Petpetpet, Escaped Pixel or smaller still? Also, making a caricature of tiny little you might be hard :( ~ Zadorvp
I am just a tad bigger than an Escaped Pixel. In fact I'm so small that I'm having to leap about wildly on the keys just to type, so it's no wonder I have to drink so much Pekkasi to keep my energy levels up! The upside of it is that I don't get wet when it rains though because I can dodge the raindrops. ^_^ And I do in fact have a caricature, I included it below this answer especially for you. ;)

Escaped Pixel
If you look reeeeeeally closely you can just about make out my head

Who wrote the first Jn editorial??? ~ D10stefy777
Some say Dave found it taped to the underside of his desk. Others say that it fell from the sky carved into the surface of a small meteorite. It has even been said that a pile of odd socks arranged themselves into the shape of letters and then somebody took a transcript of it. *Pause for effect* I say that Terry wrote it. Because he did. :D

Terry Edit: Both Dave and I wrote it. :P I answered questions up to Editorial 30, where we started doing Guest Editorials. (Expect more of me really, really soon. :P)

Hey Weepit! *gives you Meepit cookies* Why is your name 'Weepit' and not 'Meepit' or even 'Feepit'? :P ~ wizardlupe
The original Weepit works for Neopets and it was they who inspired my nickname. Not very much is known about them, but from what I can gather he/she is a flash game programmer. After Ollie started the craze of including his caricature in games he created, Weepit appears to have continued this tradition by leaving the 'Weepit was here' signs in games they have worked on as an easter egg.

Still not as cool as the Käsekuchenmeister though ;)

Hey Jellyneo! You guys are my lifeline! So I've been seeing a lot of people who have Neopets with names that were once taken, and then re-released. I have my eye on a very old pet that's been on a frozen account for years, and the name hasent been re-released. Can you explain to me how this process works? Can I phone in to Neopets and ask to have it released? I've been making it a daily activity to check if the name is out and I'm really getting discouraged. Thanks for the help. ~ Falonvel
If an account has been inactive or frozen for a very long time (and I do mean a very very VERY long time) then TNT may decide to delete it to free up old account and pet names. Every so often they seem to go through a phase of purging these accounts from the system, though there doesn't appear to be any way of predicting when it will happen or which accounts they will remove. I would advise against contacting them and asking them to do it, as it's unlikely to have any effect (see question #5) and might even stop them from deleting it. If there's a name you really want then all you can do is keep checking to see if it has been freed up; good luck with it!