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Mandipi's Issue of Randomosicty
Published: November 23, 2008

Helllooooo everyone! Mandipi here. It's time for you to start reading my very first editorial (so be nice, please :P).

Mandi, how much pi do you know? ~ 1337
Hai 1337. It's sad. I only know 60 decimals of pi. How many are you up to nowadays?

Mmmm. Math /and/ dessert wrapped into one. <3

Hey! Is there a reason why Neopets stopped releasing avatars? And do you guys think that since no one on Neo has gotten the Chef Bonju avatar, (that we are aware of) that maybe would give out a hint at some point? Maybe there is no solution... ~ Firerose88
I'm sure there is a reason for it... but alas, TNT works in strange ways. And maybe they like to torture us as well, with the mysterious Chef Bonju av. D=

Hi Mandi This is the Fourth time I asked a question hopefully it gets answered.First of all in the staff listing it said That Nynex is 1 year old is this true or maybe a typo or maybe a joke. Next why can't we sell things for .50 or something like that. Then If you're under 13 how can you see your avatar (other than the user look up). Oh and has there been a staff member that hasn't answered in the ediroial *Gives Mandi a INSERT FAVORITE ITEM HERE* Oh by the way you ROCK ~ ardi_echevarria
So.Many.Questions. :P
1) Nexy is really 1 year old. ;o Such a smart little kid.
2) Half of a neopoint? That's madness!
3) As far as I know, you can't. :(
4) Yeah, there are a few staff members who haven't answered an Editorial (this is my first!). But we have a nice lineup of staffers who get to answer soon. ^_^

D'awww. Isn't she cute? :P

Hey, Mandi :D You switched from the IDB Crew to Content some time ago. Is there anything you miss about the IDB :P? ~ Zadorvp
Hey Zador. :D
I guess what I miss most would be... you bothering me. Haha. Just kidding. I liked adding items and stuff from news dates. :( Now I never have time to do anything else besides prices. So sad. :P

Hi Mandi! Can you win paintbrushes from KeyQuest? Two of my guild members did the paint brushes were camoflauge and glowing. Do I have a chance at winning a pb? Do I have to have a gold key? Thanks ~ juna_42
TNT has said that you /can/. I've never personally heard of anyone winning, but I'm sure it's possible. I would bet on them being the cheaper ones such as camoflauge and glowing. Your guild members are probably right - but again, I don't really know.

Hi Mandi and the rest of TJNT! I love your site and everything you do! *tosses ninja stars* I just wanted to know why *most* people at JN seem to enjoy hurting/eating meepits, mainly in the form of meepit juice. They're just so.... 'cute'! Thanks! ~ deimos656
They appear cute... but they're really not! They'll get you when you least expect it... o:

How can you trust that? o.O

Please, please, please answer my question, I've been asking it for weeks: Is it against the Rules if you send a pet over to someone else so they could battle the Lab Scientist with it and change its gender, the send it back to you? ~ yaksrcewl
Not at all. ^_^

Terry Edit: It appears to not be against the rules as long as you don't pay the person for their services. (You should also be careful about people scamming you, as once you transfer the pet to them, they are entitled to keep it.)

It it OK to visit the Healing Fountian, even if your neopets are not sick? ~ Solsticesprite
Yeah. :P The healing fountain doesn't just heal, it also gives you healing potions for later usage or the battledome and it can also satiate your pet's hunger.

I have a question. Lets say my Kiko has 0/38 health. If I feed him something, his health will go up to 3/38 and if I feed him again it will be 6/38 and so on. Why? ~ angel_30382
Feeding your pets gives them HP. ^_^ Not as much as a real healing potion, but I'm sure your Kiko appreciates it.

I may be being really dumb, but I have no clue what ROFL stands for. Help! ~ mubu89
It stands for "Roll on (the) floor laughing".

okay, so why is zador so obsessed with buckets? did he have a terrible childhood experience? *ANSWER OR I THROW THE SAME CYBUNNY THAT JELLYNAPPED YOU* thanks! ~ unit4545
Because buckets are the best things ever! Just think about all the fun things that could fit inside one bucket! The wonders!

Why don't you ask him? (:

Hello, I have a Broken Soup Faerie Snowglobe and Donny wont fix it.So I looke din your Broken Toy category and it was listed. So I bought another item from that categorie (Ripped Blue Chia Plushie) which also could not be fixed. So then I bought a Broken Blue Fuzzle which could be fixed. Why can't I fix those other two items? ~ cinnamon_girl
Some broken things must be so far broken that they can't be fixed. But they're still broken and still belong in the broken category.

what's the right plural for hissi? hissis or hissies? ~ leosponge
Just 'Hissi'. Like the words 'sheep' or 'moose'.


If you have an unconverted Baby pet (say a Baby Kougra) active, and Boochi zaps the pet, would he just miss because the pet is already Baby? Or would the pet be automatically converted, if it can get zapped? ~ asteriod
A baby pet /can/ be zapped by Boochi (would be so pointless!). So yes, if an unconverted baby pet got zapped, it would be "repainted" and would become converted.

Terry Edit: The Neopets Editorial says this:

I've got an important question! D: If you keep an unconverted baby Neopet as your active, even though it's already a baby, if Boochi zaps him/her will your Neopet be turned into its converted counterpart? ~dyov
Boochi won't zap any Neopets that are already baby, so no worries! :)
Sorry for the confusion, guys!

Ok, so I have the neopets toolbar and the alert button is constanly flashing, but everytime I click it and go to Tarla it says she's at the warehouse. At this point I don't really care about not getting a prize, but the flashing is really distracting. Can I get rid of the Alert button without getting rid of the whole toolbar? Love ya Mandi! ~ Chi
No, sorry. :( You have to keep the alert button if you want the toolbar. It's sad. D= -is loved- :O Love ya too!

Yo yo YO!!! Movin' on.... I heard that you can get a jelly pet by feeding it ONLY jelly. Is this true? ~ Moonlit_Wolve
No, not true at all. People love rumours! The only way to get a jelly pet is from the lab ray. ^_^

Mandi, please answer this question: Is there some requirement to be able to work for Jellyneo? Do you have to have certain programs on you computer, or be so old/young? ~ Anonymous! :o
You have to be at least 13. Certain programs aren't necessary, unless you wanted to be a graphic's person; you would need some sort of fancy graphical program. And skills. You need skills. =D

How do you turn a jubjub into garlic? ~ arialofengland
One TNT editorial said feeding a Jubjub a TON of garlic would eventually turn it into that. But I would guess your best bet is the Lab Ray.

That looks tasty! : D

Hallo Jellyneo! *throws everyone some form of random bribe of their random choice* A have a few questions. Which one is your main account and which one is your side account? If you don't want to play on your main account anymore, can you transfer everything to a side account and just play there? How would you do that if you wanted to? Would you have to delete the main account or anything? Can you get avatars on a side account? ~ trash_is_telekinetic
TNT has said that it /is/ okay to switch your mains. Your main account would be the one that you play games on/earn neopoints on. So you would, in theory, just have to stop doing anything on the old main and start doing everything on the new main. But how to go about doing that without incorrectly alerting TNT. So just be careful about it. :P

Hi Mandi! *throws a cookie over* I've always been very curious about how do you guys decide the topic for each editorial? For example last week Jen's editorial topic is "All The Fives". Do you really go write whatever you love to write? Thanks for answering :D ~ Suicider
Whoever is answering the editorial picks the "theme". :P So it really just depends on how witty/creative the person is. (See, mine doesn't have a theme because I'm boring. :P)

First of all- HI! i was just wandering if for all normal plushies there are magical ones? ~ amit906
Nope! Only some extremely lucky plushies get to come in magical form.

I'm special... can't you tell?

Last editorial you talked about glass paint brushes. So were glass pets turned into Tyrannian pets? Or are there still some glass (or stone) pets around? I see you have those colors in your pet directory but no one has listed pets in those colors. ~ missdood
Yes, all glass pets were turned into something else. So you won't be finding any around. :(