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Published: November 15, 2008

Today's jnEditorial is brought to you by the number '5' - issue 55 and on the 15th! Also, happy birthday to Neopet's who is turning the big 5+4 today!

Hi JN! *waves* When you color your petpet a different color does its age get reset? Like if my Selket is 1000 days and I color it blue, will it become 0 days old again? ~ alanshabatay
Nono, your petpet will remain the age it was before you painted it. Think of it like dyeing your hair, your age won't reset if you do it! =P

Is it against the rules to have two secret labs like one on your main and one on your side? ~ fire4real
You are allowed to have and use the Lab Ray on both your main and side accounts so long as the funding for the pieces comes from your main account.

Is there any way to create a chomby without using a morphing potion? ~ shayn_xd
Just your luck, there is indeed! On Chomby Day, March 22nd every year, TNT will release a limited number of Chomby's at random intervals throughout the day. Once a batch is released, the option to create one is made available on the Create a Pet page!

Rather than creating a Chomby, there is also the Magical Plushie, Lab Ray and Pound options instead of a morphing potion.

Hi Jen, have you ever noticed how TJNT is alot like TMNT, So are you guys really Teenage Jelly Ninja Turtles? ~ nerdyboy69
Busted~! Our secret is out; we are secretly Jelly Ninja Turtles (although, some of us aren't teenagers. We have our little youngen' Nexy on staff and our ghost-like Illy. ;D *nodnod*) Be afraid, be very afraid! But just keep this little secret between you and me, ok? ;D

Because I'm such a loyal Jellyneo-pian (and regular Neopian =P) I'm assuming that you'll in no doubt answer this question! How often does TNT clear pet/usernames? I know that when they are really old, eventually TNT clears them so they can be reused. I also know that some people "name stalk," but do you know the age that that happens at? Thanks! ~ patmosgirl
TNT do not free up old usernames that often, especially frozen accounts. In fact, to quote the NT Editorial: "There are very, very rare occasions where we free up very old usernames, but this does not happen very often". =)

Hey, Jen :) Which of the available Kiwi items on Neopets is your favorite? ~ Zadorvp
I don't like to discriminate but I'd have to say it would be the Kiwi Surprise Mooncake because I got one as a present from Ruby many moons ago!

Kiwis... a fruity bunch?!

Hey! I've heard in some places that you need to be 4 months old on neopets to access the hidden tower. Is this true? ~ Ennabellara
Alas, that is true. Items in the Hidden Tower are magical and powerful and the Tower is seen as a little reward for accounts which have been around for a little while.

Hey Jen! Do peeps in New Zealand talk with an Australian accent too? ~ The 3est one
Blasphemous! We don't, we speak with a New Zealand accent of course! The Kiwi accent is very distinctive to people from this wee corner of the world... apparently not so to those in the northern hemisphere!

Mmm, fush and chups!

Jen! Hi, I was wondering what is the game going on in Jellyneo if you look at something you lose or something? Can you explain more? *Throws Meepit Shaped Cookies* ~ Conger208
I just lost the game! =O Lose the Game is a worldwide phenomenon which has made its way to JN. The rules of the game are threefold.
RULE 1: You are playing The Game.
RULE 2: Whenever you think about The Game, you lose.
RULE 3: Loss must be announced.

Personally, I prefer the Rickrolling meme ;D

Hey, Jen! My question is about game avvies. Okay, I'm just gonna use an example. Let's say that I wanted the Ice Cream Machine game avvie, and I got about a score of 10,000 the first three times I played and I sent the score. What if later I played and I got past the required amount to get the avvie, but I already sent my score three times already. Do I still get the avvie or not? ~ jenlin_25
Unfortunately, once you've sent your 3 scores in for the day that is it. If you then get a score which would qualify for an avatar the Neopets system will not register it when you try to send it as you've maxed out game scores in that game for the day, so no avatar.

Hey JN! What does MIA mean on your item database? Thanks! ~ superboy7_2
It means Missing in Action of course! This means the item has been announced in the news, but it has not been added to the item system by TNT as of yet. As of this second riiiight now - there are 2482 MIA items! =O

If you feed your pets a lot of chocolate, can they turn into chocolate pets? (like, if I got a kacheek and fet it LOTS of chocolate, would its color change to chocolate?) ~ buck1950
If only! All that would do is make your poor wee pet bloated! The only way to get a chocolate pet is through the Lab Ray and, if you're uber lucky, through a Fountain Faerie Quest!

Dearest Jen, I have a questions BURNING up my mind i must ask!! 1. Is Jen short for Jennie or Jennifer or so on, I'm just curious. 2. How long ago did Ruby retire. Or did she? It says on the JNF's that she retired. 3. We've already met before online. One early morning over at the JNF's me and you had a small chat at th SB. Will you be like 1337 and find out my I.D. over there? ~ mybestfriendiscarley
*Chucks water on you to put out the fire in your mind* Now then, these questions. Technically Jen is short for both Jennie (/Jenny/Jenni... I prefer the latter n_n) and Jennifer but yes, my name is Jennifer. =P Secondly, Ruby retired on the 8th of November =( (A few other staffers retired around this time also - Daniel a.k.a. V_C, iTawm and Stephen. Real life can be overwhelming sometimes.) Lastly... my psychic abilities seem to be somewhat lacking or rather non-existent, so no. =P

Hey I was wondering if you guys would consider making a Kad guide? I have been trying to kad feed and I need some guidance!! ~ Jen
No need to consider, we already have one! The wondrous Terry wrote a Kad guide quite some time ago. You can find it right here! (Great name you have there, by the way!)

What?! Not my fault I have expensive taste ;D

Hi Jen and TJNT! I was just wondering... about games such as Bagatelle, Coconut Shy, and Test Your Strengh. Is there any way at all to win those? Or is it all just totally pure luck? Like are there certain times each day when a grand prize is given out? Well, thanks so much, and you guys rock! ~ dalmation_puppy_123
It seems to be completely and utterly dependent on luck! Just keep playing! And maybe pick up a unishoe, cybunny foot and four-leaf clover just to cover your bases!

Don't ask where these came from; you don't want to know o:

Hi Jen! OK this has been bothering me for quite a while now: I was clicking the volcano in Mystery Island and I accidentally clicked a little bit under it. I came across a "secret" ninja training school. The only thing you will have a choice to do is go away. The link is: http://www.neopets.com/island/fight_training.phtml 1 more thing, the door has signs of codestones (special red ones) THANKS ~ dizz11
Yes yes, you've stumbled upon the mysterious Secret Ninja Training School! The reason you have no other choice but to turn around and go in the other direction is because your pet needs to be level 250+ to train there. There are six courses your pet can study there, similar to the regular Mystery Island Training School. They are Strength, Defence, Agility, Endurance, and Level. Also, like the regular Training School, a statistic of your pet cannot go higher than twice that pet's level.

Also, good spotting there dizz11! That is in fact the signs of the red codestones on the door! The significance of this is that you pay with the red codestones at the Secret Ninja Training School (rather than the ordinary ones like the Mystery Island Training School)!

Yes, I'm a ninja. No, I won't show you my moves.

Hi Jellyneo! (please put this in I've never been put in) my question is, can i make a new neohome on my side if i transfer items from my main on there? ~ Slimy brucicle
According to various NT Editorials, yes that is perfectly fine. Just to clarify - you can create Neohomes on side accounts so long as all the funding for it comes from your main account. If enter the Neohome Spotlight with that Neohome, TNT asks that you put your main account name in the entry so that the main account can be awarded a trophy if applicable.

What are the pros and cons about having the Secret Lab Map? ~ lutriiii
There are a lot of pros and cons, but here are a few!

Pros: If you want colour changes and aren't too fussed as to which one you want, in the long run it will be cheaper to purchase the Lab Map pieces than buying numerous Paint Brushes, especially if you get a good zap! There are also Lab exclusive colours (as in no Paint Brush for certain colours) such as Jelly and Chocolate. Also, you can get an avatar if your pet changes species. The Lab Ray can also boost your pet's stats and even change your pet's gender (which may be a con as well! XD).

Cons:There are some colours you cannot obtain from the Lab Ray (like Baby and Royal among others). If it's one of these colours you are wanting, it may be worth buying a Paint Brush instead. Furthermore, the Lab Ray can reduce your pet's stats and can even set your pet's level back to 1!

See the Lab Ray guide for full details on the Lab Ray!

Lab Ray: Leaves a lot to ponder...

Why is it that an Orange Koi MP costs less than the basic color Koi MP? Shouldn't a PB color cost more that a basic color? XD ~ JiggsMaster
One would think so, yes XD There are a few factors to take into account, however. Most importantly, Orange Koi Morphing Potions are r94 whereas the basic colour Koi Morphing Potions are r99. This means that Orange Koi MPs are stocking in the Magic Shop more often than the basic colour MPs. So in turn, because there are more of the Orange MPs in supply, the price they fetch is cheaper! (Phew!)