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The Editorial Is A Lie
Published: November 8, 2008

Hi there, 1337 here (or Fyora if you prefer to call me that). This is editorial 54, which is 9*6 or the square root of 2916. Okay, in this issue I will answer many of your odd questions. Isn't this a triumph?

Hai 1337/Betty/GLaDOS I has a question for you... it's been bothering me for quite awhile. Which faerie is better? Queen Fyora or the Tooth Faerie? ~ Emineu
Queen Fyora. :P Illusen and Tooth Faerie are 2nd and 3rd.

I pwn you. :P

What if I was under 13 when I started an account and Neopets didn't save my e-mail address? I forgot my password and Neopets couldn't e-mail me because my e-mail was not saved on their database. PLEASE HELP!!!! THANKS! ~ dizz11
Sorry, then you'd either have to contact TNT or start a new account. Be sure to have proof that it is your account! Remember that TNT can take ages to reply, but when/if they do, you can make a note that it was a HUGE SUCCESS.

Seriously, how many times can we submit an Editorial Question? I have tons of question to ask!!! Just kidding because I like my questions to be answered! Thanks anyway :P ~ Suicider
You may submit as many editorial questions as you like, as long as they are reasonable and not something silly like "Do you like meercas?". :P

*throws INSERT FAVORITE ITEM* You said in the history that you had a different Rainbow Pool before this one. Is there any way to access this? I want to see the old poses. ~ odessy104
The old pet poses can be accessed here. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction for that page.

Doesn't this picture bring up any nostalgia moments?

Hey, 1337! What is 1337up made of :)? *gives a free (not life-threatening) bucket* ~ Zadorvp
It is made up of win, love for Jen, a game loss inducing substance, and a cherry flavor.

Why is the question a multiplication question? ~ dontbetagainstalice
Because math is the best subject ever ;)

48, 69, 20, 31, 33, 33, 37, 21, 2E, 20, 44, 6F, 20, 79, 6F, 75, 20, 6B, 6E, 6F, 77, 20, 77, 68, 61, 74, 20, 74, 68, 69, 73, 20, 73, 61, 79, 73, 3F 54, 48, 45, 20, 7, 41, 4D, 45, 21 ~ Marvin
4f 66 20 63 6f 75 72 73 65 20 49 20 63 6f 75 6c 64 20 64 65 63 6f 64 65 20 79 6f 75 72 20 68 65 78 1f 20 73 69 6c 6c 79 21

Mmk. Here's the deal. Say I have an unconverted Lupe. If I go and paint that Lupe Halloween, will it convert? ~ Pendragon703
Yes, painting an unconverted pet will convert the pet.

What?! Don't like me? Well fine!

How often do you lose the game when playing Neopets? ;o ~ cybunniesrule999
From Neopets itself? Rarely. Maybe no more than 1 Neopets induced game loss weekly. The games room doesn't cause any form of loss. Kass, you just lost the game by reading this. :)

Hi TJNT! *throws a few orange birthday goodie bags at you* Okay, so. I probably should know this, but I can't seem to figure it out. I share Neopets birthday ( :3 Nov. 15 ). I know that you unlock the birthday sidebar on your special day and Neopets as well, but what happens to all of us who do share the same birthday? Is that all we get? Nothing else in return?? It almost makes me want to cry. Okay, so it does make me cry. So what, want to fight about it? :D ~ bcrichgurl
Unfortunately, November 15ers do not get anything additional besides no ads (on Neopets' birthday, normal users still get ads on the site).

*Throws Confetti* My first question ever. *squeal* Alright, well, like everyone else, i absolutely love this site! It is one of the first websites that i go to every morning, the minute i launch my browser. Alright, the question. Neopets has items, obviously. When we go to use the item the pop up appears, and it shows the approximate cost of the item. Is TNT going to update these? Because obviously a Sniddberry is not worth 10,000 dollars. *or could it be?* ~ ehlorofmeldon
The approximate value has never been an accurate measure of an item's worth. This is because the Neopian economy, just like in real life, works by supply and demand. If there's a bunch of Sniddberries in existence, but nobody wants them, the price would be very low. We price what we must, because we can. For the good of all of us, except the ones who are frozen, Lab Maps are not priced at the 300np estimate.

What? You mean TNT thinks I'm worth 10k?

Hey JNT, or otherwise the JNT (TJNT). I was wondering if Neopets knew about this website. Do you know if they know that you know about them and have a reference source for them? ~ tamagotchi_trixy
Of course, the Neopets staff is very aware of Jellyneo. In fact, snarkie (a TNT member) has posted on various JN forum topics and JN news posts about Key Quest when it was first opened to the public.

Hello JN. :) I'm using the browser Google Chrome, because it's spiffy like that, is it known if the toolbar works in it? Thanks. ^^ ~ Kai
Unfortunately, no. The Neopets toolbar only works in IE and Firefox. Chrome support is not technically possible at the time as add-ons (other than plugins like Flash) cannot be added to Chrome yet. Google shouldn't cry over every Chrome mistake, however.

Hi 1337! *throws random box of cupcakes* When I was randomly going around some different neopets helpsites (you're still my number one though!) I discovered a plot. It was called Guild Masters Dinner Puzzle. What was it meant to be? Thanks! ~ commander_white123
The Guildmaster's Dinner was originally going to be a logic puzzle as an event (not necessarily a plot), but it got canceled. :(

1337!! *hands over awesome candyness of choice* Do you think Dr. Sloth will ever abduct Dave? ~ i_love_latin
No, Dave is a very loyal Sloth minion. Dr. Sloth might actually appoint him as his assistant... maybe.

OMG!!!! 1337 I LUV UUUU!!!!!!!1 CAN I LIVE WITH YOU? WERE GONNA GET MARRIED AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! *smooch* *squeezes tightly* You + Me = luv 4 eternity! ~ 1337RoxUrSox
Okay. o.o Of course, I don't know who you are as you didn't leave any actual usernames behind. :P Sorry, but I'm probably not interested unless you are this user. You should keep on trying until you run out of jelly though!

Having a secret crush is like having a meepit watching you at all times, and that's a bit creepy.

Hey guys! *throws pizza* Love the site! I just noticed that the Buried Treasure game costs 150 neopoints, and it used to cost 300. Do you know why? ~ yin_yang105
During the month of November, the cost of Buried Treasure is cut in half to celebrate Neopets' birthday. Also, Buried Treasure will be completely free to play on the 15th. ;)

This question has been bugging me for a while... What do you guys do with all that food thrown at you via editorials? No way can anyone eat that much! Have food fights ever been started? *Throws chocolate fondue since everyone else seems to be throwing food the the fabulous TNJT* ~ WildKittyz
We try our best to avoid food fights over the editorial. Depending on the food, we might end up eating it, dodging it, or running to the nearest bathroom to wash it off.

No! Anything but the tomatoes!

Dear Jellyneo, In Herdy's last editorial, I spotted a grave error in the next-to-the-last question. He wrote that "2 + 2 = carrot". Well, I would like to correct it. Everybody knows that 2 + 2 REALLY equals avocado. So long and thanks for all the fish, ~ Birdy
Sorry, but that is also incorrect. 2+2=5, for extremely large values of 2. 2+2 also equals 10 in base 4.

Hi Jellyneo! -foams at mouth- Okay, so I was wondering, is it okay to earn a game avatar on side accounts? The game avatars are the games I don't usually play on my main, and I want my account to be backed up so if my main gets frozen, I won't lose my hard work. ~ greeneye268
No, you cannot play games on your side, as Neopoints can be earned playing the games. Sorry!

How do you get Job Coupons? ~ recessrulez
You can get a job coupon if you are lucky and win one at the Wheel Of Knowledge. Also, you can buy job coupons from other players through shops or trades.

Hello TJNT! *hands over a huge plate of desserts* My question is about the JN Staff caricatures done by Rosie. I understand that you all like to change the picture beside your information on the Staff Page. That in itself is awesome. However, now we cannot see the great pictures of all the staff, even with the Staff layout! Is there any way to have a separate page of Rosie's staff renditions, so we can see what the staff looks like (or want us to think that's what they look like)? Thank you kindly! ~ sunshinegirl_4511
Hi there Summra. You can find some of the staff caricatures over at the past Staff Hunt for those who participated.

Mandi says hi ;o

On Pet Days, is there a certain time when the pets are released? I am hoping to snag a hissi. :o ~ FallenDarkSeraphim
Pets can be released at random periods during the day. You'll just have to keep on checking throughout the day. :)

Why can't your Staff Directory go In-Depth on your staffers? Like, put their hobbies and stuff? Like how Rosie likes Dung? And Zador likes Buckets? And how Diet Terry is not yummy? ...Wow, why don't I just write the bios for you? xD ~ yaksrcewl
That's actually a pretty good idea. I'll go poke Dave on this.

The link seems to be missing for the "Sign Up" on the PetPetPark main menu, and the game won't allow me to log in as my Neopets user! Help!!!!!! *throws five pound chocolate bar at Terry as a token of gratitude* ~ neodinopet100
Petpet Park is still in beta. This means that only a select group of users will be able to successfully log on, while others can't for now. Sorry! :(

Hey again. I asked Jen a similar question, but I might as well ask you seeing as I wouldn't ever get an answer any other time. ;) Anyways! Favorite flavor and brand of ice cream? Why? That's all. Thanks. :D ~ Michael
Flavor? Chocolate and mint chocolate, it is full of yum. As for brand, I don't have an opinion on that. :P

Hey all, great site you are running! Just a quick question for you: how come you don't give us news about banner ad games? They often end up as decent prize/NP giveaways. I have no problem finding them myself, I was just curious. ~ PrincessS121212
We pay attention to ad games, and create guides for them. We have a guide on how to make 30k a day from sponsor games here. :)

Hey TJNT! I'll get straight to the point... Can we customise invisible pets? And make clothes just float there? That would be pretty awesome ;D -cheese- ~ l__ebilness__l
Unfortunately, invisible pets cannot be customised! If you try putting clothes on them, you'll get an error saying that it's not possible.

I'm not just a floating stem!

Hey 1337, How did you think of pwnt, and how did you start it? ~ Unknown
Meh, I just wanted something to practice PHP on when I was learning it, and just started it with basic (and crappy) scripts. Are you Jen? :O If so, I love you!

..and the editorial gets done, and you answer neat questions, for the JNers who are still alive!