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Herdy's Issue of Gunpowder, Treason & Plot
Published: November 5, 2008

Tonight, we celebrate Bonfire Night, with the traditional answering of Neopets-related questions O_o
So gather round the fire, stop spelling your name in the air with a sparkler, and ignore the pretty fireworks exploding overhead.
Herdy's back with another editorial, so pay attention.

Hello there! So you are the person behind The Book of Ages, right? If so, could you explain what it's exactly for? Is it a book with information on notable characters of Neopia or...? I've visited it but not really sure what it's for. Oh yeah, have a chocolate covered hazel nut *hands chocolate covered hazel nut* ~ Curious
I'm not the person, I'm one of the people (Go team!). Joey's there too, and before she got whisked off to the heady heights of adminship, we had Suzuka too :)
The Book of Ages is, as you guessed, a guide to the characters on Neopets. A lot of characters on Neopets appear in obscure places, and some are only featured on one page on the entire site. The Book of Ages brings all these characters together for easy reference. It's particularly helpful if you are researching for a Neopian Times entry, or you want to enter the Storytelling competition, and things like that. It's also helpful if you want to get your daily geek-fix :)

In a home posting by Herdy it said: Herdy (For those of you that don't know, I'm a Content Writer for the Book of Ages section) and I have super-soft hair :o So, the door is open...*cackle* Does Herdy have super soft hair? How do we actually know this? What does Herdy use to have such super soft hair? In quiring minds would like to know. :D Is there a JN Infomercial on this? *lol* ~ Annie_Witchypoo
At dawn every morning I rise and face East. Then, I smear the slime of a freshly picked Toad upon my hair, and wash it in a nearby magical babbling brook. At this point, I run to the highest point of a nearby hill and beat a drum thrice while shouting (not singing) the first line from the song 'Country House' by Blur. At which point, I then return to the house and drink a blended cocktail of Rice Pudding and Marmite. As is the key to all good haircare routines, I then rinse and repeat.

Hallo Jellyneo! *gives all staff members chocolate milkshakes* What is an uber-faerie? I heard about it somewhere, but I don't know what it is! Are they really on Neopets, or did someone make them up? ~ trash_is_telekinetic
Uber-Faeries are the old names for the elemental Faeries that hand out random quests around the site. The Uber was removed from the name, and they became regular Faeries just handing out quests.

So Editorial #50 stated that Adam and Donna left Neopets a while back to work on Twin Skies etc. Yet the Neopian Times page still says the questions are "answered by one of the creators of Neopets," which, if I remember correctly, used to be Donna. If she no longer answers them, who does? *throws bottle of marmalade at useless Neopian Times* Thanks! ~ little_dipper10
All of TNT play a part in creating Neopets ;) Several staff members help out with the editorial as there's no one staffer who knows absolutely everything there is to know about every single department and every possible rule breaking issue. Droplet's the editor of the Neopian Times though, so I'd imagine she's the one who types it all up in the end.

I want to send in my story for the NT but it keeps saying "Your story cannot be uploaded. Try again later." What does this mean ? ~ iriiishx3
This is a suprisingly common problem, believe it or not. This is often caused by faulty html tags in the text. Check that you have correctly written all the bold, underlined, italic, etc tags, and that you don't have overly complex html in there (such as stuff that'd change the background to a picture of Cher). Failing that, delete all the html tags in your writing, and then re-type them manually into the submission form. Microsoft Word (*ahem* other word processors are available) often corrupts html so it doesn't work properly when you copy and paste it into the submission form. This also applies for any abnormal characters that you may have in the text.

Can you actually get your fortune told by the wocky gypsy? There are about ten comics in the NT about her telling fortunes. ~ hawk_maniac
XD You've just made my day!
This September, quite a few of the regular Neopian Times authors and artists banded together in a big collaberation-type thing. The task was to work Megan, the Usul Gypsy, or the Wocky Gypsy into their work. All in all, at least 26 comics/short stores/series featuring the three gypsies were published throughout September.
In answer to your question though, no you can't get your fortune told :( Megan was a character in the Wand of Wishing PSP game, and the other two gypsies have not appeared outside of TCGs and their eternal dancing at the Gypsy Camp in the Haunted Woods.

Dearest darlingest JellyNeo, I come forth bearing gifts of ice cream sandwiches (for all!!), AND a question. How is a "disco petpet food" classified as medieval food? They had disco back in the middle ages? ~ iccnh919
Well, you know Meridell, they do have Knight Fever XD

Ha! Do you see what I did there?

Ello JellyNeo! *passes out raw potatoes* I have a random Meridellian question for you! We all know Jeran the Lupe, right? Well, I've been wondering, is he Blue or Royal? The basic Blue color is more of a grey for lupes, and the Royal Boy Lupe color matches his color more. However, Royal Boy Lupes have a beard, which Jeran does not. Thanks for helping me out! ^_^ ~ FunkPal
Jeran is a blue Lupe. He's not royalty, you see. I know where you are coming from though, but personally I'd say Jeran's fur colour is closer to that of an Electric Lupe.
Anyhow, the important thing to say here is that Neopian characters are often painted colours that are not available to the general public, or are somehow different. For example, King Kelpbeard has the skin colour of a Blue/Royal Boy Koi, but is slightly different from your standard Blue/Royal Boy Koi. Equally, there is no centaur paint brush, but characters like the Ixi Raider are still present.

I was using your challenger locator thing, yet some of them I haven't gotten. For example, I can't get Kastraliss at the lookup of Kastraliss, and I haven't gotten Mr.Chuckles at the Coconut Shy. (Frowns at you for not having a correct challenger locator, and for not joining Roo Island./ __) (It's an angry face) ~Angry Challenger ~ sergeantpepper
Alas, TNT are tricky devils at times, and don't like to give people things for free. Many of the Battledome challengers appear randomly on their pages. You'll just have to refresh and hope for the best :)

Hey jellyneo! *throws a cookie* I just realized, there are two COM plots! The original and lesser known Champions of Meridell and the famous Curse of Maraqua. Since Champions was around first, shouldn't it be called COM, and Maraqua be something else? This has been bugging me for weeks now! ~ 2_christmasites
Actually, there are three plots that could be called CoM! :o
Aside from Champions of Meridell and Curse of Maraqua, there was also Curse on Maraqua, the first Maraqua plot of sorts. It featured a few flash movies of pesky old Captain Dread destroying Old Maraqua.
As for why Curse of Maraqua got CoM and the others didn't... There are many possible reasons. Shortening the names of plots didn't really set in until the Battle for Meridell, most people don't remember Curse on Maraqua, and Champions of Meridell was widely known as just the Meridell plot while it was happening, and Meridell vs Darigan afterward.

hi jn*gives large warm cookie* i love the site, now to my question i was wondering if it is against the rules to store items and neopoints on a side account? ~ amck8
It's perfectly fine to store items on side accounts, and provided you keep the neopoints on hand, you can do that as well. You can't create a bank account though (as it would gain interest and get you more neopoints).

Hey TJNT!Just wondering,but what is the thing that orbits Neopia?Does it have something to do with Sloth?Thanks a Ton!*gives cookie* ~ catgirlfromperu111
There's oodles of things orbiting Neopia. The Virtupets Space Station, Kreludor... and the green/white thing that speeds across sometimes. I think that's probably what you are refering to, and it's the Space Station. No more information than that, I'm afraid, but it's a guild neighbourhood. I think it's fairly safe to say that Sloth built it though :)

In space, no one can hear you scream, but thankfully guild mail still gets through.

Hi! When battling Boochi, is there a possibility that he could zap your pet to become baby? (sorry about the grammar) ~ Shoyrcloud
No, Boochi's ray gun is actually remarkably weak in the battledome O_o

Do you know if Neopets will ever release another video game? The Darkest Faerie one rocked but playing it over and over again gets kind of boring. :P ~ uppy18
As far as we know, there are no plans for another Darkest Faerie-type game. However, new Neopets computer games are being released! The latest one due later in November on the Wii, DS, and PC is Neopets Puzzle Adventure. As the name suggests, it's more of a puzzle-based game.
Or, if that doesn't take your fancy, you could snatch up an old copy of the Wand of Wishing for the PSP.

Herdy! Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy Herdy!! ~ Colin_keith
Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. Malkovich?

Don't worry folks, in 15 minutes you'll be spat out onto the side of the New Jersey Turnpike.

*throws GIR plushies to all* Okay soooo, I've asked this a MILLION times to the editorial at Neo and never gotten any response! So I'll ask here! Me, my brother, and my sister want to have uber-awesome pets! So we've been saving for a lab map. We will make a side account to acquire the map, and proceed to sending our hopeful lab pets to it. It would only run by me (the oldest)to only change these lab rats once a day. Is this against the rules???? Thank you for answering! ~ Dr.Pepper
No, it isn't allowed. The lab ray must be earned individually. Grouping together to get it (even amongst family) is not allowed, especially if you were then going to redeem the map on a side account that all three of you share. However, if you were to save up for the lab ray yourself, and then start labbing pets on your own account, you could then send unwanted lab rats to your siblings if you wanted.

Hi Herdy! Great work with the Book of Ages! I recently saw a pet (Fotl is the pet name, if you are allowed to show it) with the petpet Scary Jack attatched. I am sure that this is one of the petpets that got changed into a different one (like how the Cyclopian is now the Meowclops). My question is, what petpet is it NOW? I couldn't find it. ~ ensignrockabilly
The Scary Jack became the Snomorg :)

it's me again! so anyway, can you plz create a page that shows ALL things that are retired on neopets? 2nd question. why isn't there any pages for wars on neo? plz answer. (srry for spamming the editorial!) ~ unit4444
This should be a fairly good list of retired items. I'm not sure I understand your second question. The Ninja runs the most up-to-date plot archive, with links to past wars and plots, if that's any help.

Where does the pygui come from? How does anyone get one? Someone told me the lunar temple, but that's not true according to the jellyneo item database (my bible) so what's the deal? ~ Kittykapow925
The Pygui is a Petpet that can be won by playing the Lunar Temple.

I don't even know you're there, but if I did I'd ignore you.

Hey Herdy! *throws a Meepit* I was wondering, I know that each one of you guys have a theme item in your news post, right now the theme is Usukis, but why is that Zador's item is a Mynci Gnome?? ~ druncadpet
You catch on quick! We changed our theme mere minutes before Zador posted his editorial. Our theme is now... Gnomes! The old theme was Usukis for Halloween... but now we're in November.


Which is, as I'm sure you know, historically the month of the Gnome. *nods*

Hi JN!I gota question that randomly popped into my mind.... Does Dave or Terry believe in prophets or ghosts? ~ ghostred99
No, JN is a strictly non-prophet organization. XD

Oh ho! The jokes are coming thick and fast tonight!

So I was wondering if it was worth the neopoints to complete the Lutari Talisman? If it is, then what happens once its completed? ~ Trmptgurl13
If you play a lot of games/are a keen RSer, and expect to be playing Neopets religiously for the next 30 years or so, then you may just make back the Neopoints you spent on the beads for the Talisman.
Nothing special happens when it is completed, other than you slap your forehead and say "Oh noes! Why did I do that!?" ;)

You guys are awesome!!! *hands you jelly* I want to get the evil coconut avatar, when I checked another guide on coconut shy, it said the avatar was semi-random, which was NOT what JN put. So which is correct? Thanks! ~ my_name_pwns_yours!
O_o Eh?
Our Coconut Shy guide clearly says the game is random, and the listing on our avatar page doesn't say anything about the nature of the game, random or otherwise. So I'm not entirely sure where you are coming from, our guide seems to agree with the other one you checked.

Hey guys. I have two questions. 1)How do you get invited to the Annual Chocolate Ball? 2)How is the Chocolate Ball special? ~ three_strangers
You can't be invited to the actual party inside the Chocolate Factory, but you can celebrate the Chocolate Ball on the day the same as everyone else, by reading the chocolate-themed new features :o
The Chocolate Ball is essentially a theme day that occurs once a year on Neopets. On that day, the New Features are all, or mostly, chocolate-related.

Ambassador, with these Neotruffles you are really spoiling us!

Hey JN! I went to this other Neopets helping site and it said to get the Neomail Addict avatar you need to neomail alot or to sign up for Neopets Webmail. What's that? I don't want to take risk. ~ joalou_002
You went to another site? :o
It's alright, we forgive you. Webmail is one of the features of Neopets Premium (the version of Neopets you can pay for), it's basically an email address at Neopets. When you sign up for Neopets Premium, you get the Neomail Addict avatar as a bonus. However, the avatar can still be achieved randomly by Neomailing your Neofriends!

There's something that I'm really not sure about. Is Vonde Cayle a girl? In the book of ages she's a "she", but people often call her a "he". I mean, if she/he is a boy than she wears a lot of jewellery. ~ elizafe42
*cough* That's not an error in the BoA. No, not at all... *shifty eyes*
Vonde seems to me to be quite clearly male, what with having a beard and all. This has now been changed in the BoA :D
(By the way, if you find any mistakes in the BoA, from gender, to grammar, to missing characters, be sure so send us a bug report! Things will get seen to much quicker that way than if you ask a question to the editorial... mostly because Weepit will poke me to fix things if you do it that way XD)

Are there any pets that are available in every color through one method or another? ~ _xx_jenn_xx_
No, to put it simply. Only Chias can become fruits/vegetables, and they in turn cannot become Mallows like Grundos can. If you want to be fussy and exclude all species-specific colours, then the answer is still no :)

Why do some slushies shake? ~ fortytwo
Well this is interesting. All the shaking Slushies we have information on the release dates for seem to have been released on November 22nd 2000. Which was apparently the day the Slushie shop opened. Seems as though the shaking Slushies were part of the original release of Slushies on the site.
As for why later releases of Slushies don't shake... well in general, TNT turned away from animated items (with certain exceptions).

Hi Herdy, just wanted to say your NT articles are really great! :D How many have you written? ~ yaksrcewl
I've only written two articles (but there's a third in the works if I even get enough information for it). I mostly do series, and of them 8 are published, with a 9th currently held, and a whole bunch of others waiting to be submitted/being written.

Hi TJNT I have one question, or 2 i still don't know, in the Lenny conundrum wht does TNT make the questions so hard, my sister sometimes wants the prizes they give, but they are too hard! why can't they make too seperate conundrums too give a chance to the younger kids,because some adults play and so do teens, soe have already learned all that stuff! It's just not fair. :{ ~ anaabril24
Trust me, a lot of adults have just as much difficulty with the Lenny Conundrum :D
If the competition was easy, it wouldn't be much of a competition, would it? Sometimes, TNT put up easier/luck-based Conundrums, so your sister can try for them.
Two seperate competitions is just as unfair, if not more so. Kids would be getting the same reward as adults, for doing much less work.

2 + 2 = ... erm... carrot?

*throws herdy box candy canes* Hello! I was wondering, when my friend was signing up on Neopets, she accidentally used my email instead of hers. Does that then count as my side account??? PS. Its a little pointless to always ask whats 6x7 on your forms because the answer will always be the same defeating the purpose. they can just make the spambots answer 42. isnt there some way to cycle through the questions? ~ username removed
How can you accidentally put in someone else's email? O_o
Yes, it'll count as your side account, as far as TNT is concerned and more importantly your friend will earning Neopoints so it'll be counting as rule breaking, and this may end in both accounts being frozen. Get your friend to change the email on their account to their own, and you should be fine.