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Zador's Drop in the Bucket
Published: November 1, 2008

Here's my 2nd lame editorial, this time shorter and less funny :P *hands out free buckets*

Hey there Zador! :D Just wondering, but I heard a rumour that the editorial questions went down for a you know why that was? I have no doubt that you didn't have anything to do with it, but I hope Dave's 'coding genius', as he calls it in the JN History didn't fail did it? :P Thankies! ~ Steve
I don't know much about coding or such, but Dave explained the cause to me in a few sentences. I can assure you it was a mistake anyone could have made, but it caused the loss of all questions sent before Thursday, when it was fixed. So, I tried working with what was sent after the fix or before Luke's awesome editorial :)

How many buckets does Zador have? ~ Boo!
Hey, Mr.IA-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named :D

Zador has 42,911,112,255,666 buckets in his army. Or at least I wish I did. The true amount shall be top secret for now :) Instead, I will instruct you to love all buckets and give them a loving home :D

This bucket just wants to be loved :(

^o^ Hai, Pekka! I wasn't going to miss your editorial again :P So... what are you wearing? Is your hair a little longer? Am I ever going to hear your voice? Are you excited for Halloween? I'm so pumped. How are your buckets doing? How's the weather over there? How about school? Do you like all these questions? Stephen isn't the only one with a huge fan ;3 *crosses fingers* Hope this makes it in! ~ grishiu
Hey :D Lots of questions there, but I'll go in order.

My hair is a little longer now and I expect it to regain a moderate amount of length in a few months.

I'm afraid I've personally got no microphone anymore, unless I borrow one from my brothers. Not to mention I'm ashamed of my English speaking skills. I could speak Finnish, but most wouldn't understand what I'm saying.

Sure, I'm excited for Halloween and my buckets are doing fine :D World domination is near. I can already feel it.

The weather is still cold and mostly rainy, which makes travelling to and from school a pain. At the time I wrote this (October 27), I had a terrible school week ahead of me.

These questions were fine, thank you :)

Do you know if the beta testers for petpetpark were chosen in any particular fashion (like, whomever was active online for a certain number of days beforehand, perhaps?) or if it was random? ~ Dodobutt222
As of yet, the requirement to become a beta tester is not known so it may be random or have a certain requirement.

I know this seems weird but, what would you do if someone were to give you a REAL LIVE meepit? ~ ArtixDP
Hmm... I would of courAAAARRGH!

The end of many careless inviduals during winter :(

If you guys feel like it, what are you guy's usernames on Neopets? I know a few, but not all of them. ~ necoladude
Some of the staff relish their privacy, so we don't give out lists of usernames. Your best bet is to check the forums for usernames, but some staff members have not disclosed that information to others :)

How was the fiftieth editorial created? Was it a conference call, because some of the responses were obviously spontaneous and followed another, while there were distinct cutting noises between questions? ~ la_carmabelle
Nynex, Suzuka and Fake DaveTerry met in Skype and recorded their conversation for 2 hours. Then Terry took the recording and edited it to it's current length, which causes the cutting noises :) This is also part of the reason why it took so long for Terry to be done with the editorial.

*thows pumpkin at Terry*

Have you considered creating a page with pictures of all unconverted neopets? ~ redotter
The Pet Poser may be useful to you :)

Is the Floating Battle Faerie doll (NC item) Retired? If so, when was it released? ~ Willow
You can get the Floating Battle Faerie Doll from the Faerie Doll Mystery Capsule, which is still available for purchase :) Both items were released January 4th, 2008.

Hey, I was just wondering: can you ever add a Gourmet section to your Item Database so that I'll be able to find them a bit easier? I'm sure that many other users besides me are also working on the Gourmet Club points too! Also, (another question about the Item DB) how come some of the items have prices and others don't? Thanks TJNT!!! You rock! :D ~ reno_rex_13
We do in fact have a section for the Gourmet Foods in our Item Database. You can find it in 'Special Searches' or by following this link.

As for your second question, our lovely Item Adders add prices based on their own searches or based on user reports. Since there are so many items in the IDB, pricing will take a long time :)

This might be a stupid question but... Why, when I click on "Petpets" in Neohomes 2.0, does nothing sjow up? Are they still working on it? ~ Caitlin847300
As of yet, that option has not been activated, so we can assume they are still working on it :)

If the best I've scored on Feed Florg is 264 points, how come I don't have the avatar? D: ~ yaksrcewl
You might have fallen victim to a bug of some kind, so try asking TNT or try getting the score again.

Hey TJNT! I have a question that kept my busy for a long time. What is the Monocerous? The only thing I know is that it eats Jubjubs and Wocky (how horrible! :O) Do you know the answer? Does TNT know the answer or is it just a TNT-joke(Like Oliver in the games)? ~ Ziggo001
The Monocerous is a creature that appears during random events on Neopets. It is not a character that has been featured in plots and thus very little is known of it, other than what items and the former Gallery of Evil article could tell us.

As for what it is, it resembles a bull and as you said, it eats JubJubs (they are, however, immune to it's paralyzing roar) and Wockies.

Hi Jellyneo staff *pours big glasses of eggnog*, I have a question about a particular villain from Neopia. Whatever happened to the Monoceraptor's page in the Gallery of Evil? Its been gone for about 2 years now, and considering thats my favorite villain, it makes me sad. Did TNT take it down to update it or are they doing a plot with it maybe, or was it jsut really old? Thanks for answering my question. ~ piglet102970
Ooh... Eggnog :D

The reason for the removal of the Monoceraptor's GoE page was never really explained, but it was replaced with that of Commander Garoo's.

Hi Jellyneo! First off, let me say that your site rocks my socks! I loved the 50th edition of the Editorial, it was really cool to hear the staff's voices! Anyways, onto my question; What exactly is a "MMO"? And what is Twin Skies? I think Meteor Games is the new company run by Adam & Donna, so is Twin Skies is the name of the "MMO" coming out? I'm so confused, could you please help me out? xD Thanks so much! By the way, tell Suzuka she is so awesome, she deserves this ice cream sundae! *Throws sundae in Suzuka's direction* ~ Sagee181
MMO stands for massively multiplayer online (game) and Twin Skies is indeed the name of the MMO Meteor Games is working on. You could also call it a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) if you want to.

For JN's Twin Skies site, see Twin Skies Help.

And before I forget... Suzuka, you're awesome :D

*licks sundae from Suzuka's face* Yummy!

Why is it that you can have more than 1 account on neopets but you can't participate in playing games? I can understand having just one extra but being able to have to have even more, what is the purpose? ~ enigma282
Well, you can use extra accounts to have more pets or to use as guild or gallery accounts :)

Aloha JNT *Im Not Hawiian*. I Have 2 Questions. First Of All Why In The Item Database You Have Sometimes Late Items? Also How Come Some New Items Have Unusual Names Like clo_blumaroo_pinkdress? ~ michiah11
Sometimes our Item Adders or site staff (with IDB priviledges) are not able to add items during Neo's newsposts, such as when they have school. This causes us to add them some hours or a day late. Or, in rare cases, much much later if we forget about them.

Names such as clo_blumaroo_pinkdress are taken directly from the item's image address and are used whenever the item has not been released and can not be named correctly because of this (some plushies, morphing potions and other items are exceptions).

Dave or Terry? ~ ben2564

Stephen is NOT hideous!

If i continue to wake up the snowager, will he file a law suit for harassment? I'm not sure if my insurance covers that! ~ meh
I hear Ol' Snowy is waiting to hear from the Lawyerbot any day now.