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Luke's (Helpful) Issue
Published: October 29, 2008

Hello everyone, welcome to my editorial. This is my second (first can be found here) and I hope that you will get all the answers you need into this editorial. I have a few less questions than the other one but these are much more helpful :P

Hiiii! I love your site. *huge goofy smile* Anyway, I was wondering if the Tax Beast and other evil NP takers (ooh, scary) could take NP from a shop till. Thanks! =] ~ carazay_
No they can't. The only neopoints that perpetrators can take from you is the one you have on-hands, so the Neopoints in your Bank Account or Shop Till won't ever be taken away. =D

Is the Number Six avatar still obtainable? I keep gaining Neopoints but it still says that Adam has 11,068,786 Neopoints more than me. ~ Shortone0726
Yes, it's still available ;) The page says "Adam currently has 11,068,786 Neopoints, more than you - haha!" Which means he has that amount of Neopoints. To beat him, get more than that amount :P

That's way more than you ;)

Est-que tu aimes le français? J'aime le français. ~ Madame
Oui oui, j'aime le français. Je suis, moi-même, un Canadien français de naissance. :)

HI LUKE! Okay, so you're like awesome. ANYWAYS, I have a question about JELLYNEO! Alright, so we all know that DAVE started JN. Now, just a quick question. WHY DID HE NOT CHOOSE JELLYNEO.COM! I mean seriously, .com is the ruler of all things. And .org is for losers. SO WHY .net? THANKS FOR ANSWERING! ~ LOL-a! (or harrypotter7812 if we are formal:))
Like dear Illy taught me a few days ago, .com is for corporations, .net is for personal sites or miscellaneous sites and .org is for organizations. See, there's no better gTLD (generic top-level domain), they all have a different purpose. And since we're the best, we chose to stand out :D

Dave Edit: To make a long story short, JN did start out with the .com, but when I took over as owner, the .com was snapped up by a domain squatter, and I got stuck with .net. :P "Net" stands for network, so I think it's much more fitting since we're a somewhat large network of Neopets help! :D

*Gives you massive slice of pizza* You'll have to pardon the terrible French but... Comment fait-tu à être si cool et si chaud en même temps? xD ~ Weepit
Hahahahahaha. Wow Weepit :D Good job, that is probably not how you would say it if you were French though xD Je suis cool parce que je ne suis pas gêné de dire ce que je pense, contrairement à la plupart des personnes :) Certaines personnes n'aiment pas ça, par-contre.

Hey, so what happens to old editorial questions? Do they get left by the wayside or saved and answered...eventually? ~ il_est_tres_silly
They are saved and some are nominated for answering. But it's always up to the answerer to choose his questions :)

What are the prizes for the Halloween Costume contest, if any? ~ hyper_once_again
Well, I'm not sure for this year's. (It's still undecided.) But last year they consisted of Neopoints.

Can pets go to the battledome in neolodge? ~ golden145
I just tried it and I'm glad to tell you that yes they can :)

Hello! *Waves and throws out cookies by the dozen*. I have 2 questions, 1) What is Luke's tatoo of? 2) How does everyone know who will be answering the editorials, or do they just guess? ~ angel23456789812
Hi there. Thanks for the cookies *throws up all over you for so many cookies* :)
1) The tattoo is on my left forearm and it's the Gemini sign with "παιρνει διο" written somewhere next to it :) I know, amazing!
2) Each and everyone of us, staffers, can participate into an Editorial. We have a sign up topic in the staff chat on our forums. As for how you would know, usually the current editorialist will write who is up for next week. (In this case, Zador will be having his editorial this Saturday!)

Is it OK to post a non-Neopets page (no chat kinds, but fan site) link through the boards? I was playing around with the NeoHTML, and I wrote a full link in it, then posted a message and it appeared as a clickable link! Was it alright to do so?? ~ naaoki
No it's not. You should not link to anything other than Neopets. Hopefully you won't be frozen, but don't do that again D:

Ha ha, Terry couldn't pronounce my username last Editorial! xD Anyway, I just wanted to know, who comes up with all these amazing plots 'n' stuff on JN? ~ yaksrcewl
All the staffers actually. We often debate on stuff we should do and should not do during Staff Chats or on the forums. ;) Then it goes through Dave for coding.

OMG Luke you're awesome etc. Anyway, what are you dressing up as for Halloween? ~ yaksrcewl
I actually haven't been costume shopping yet D: I'm going for my graduation pictures tomorrow (yes I'm graduating High School this year =D) and I might go to the costume place after.

Carrot Chia Costume
Aww, I want to be a carrot for Halloween =D

Hi TJNT! I like your goal counters alot, and I want to put one on my lookup. However, on the bottom it says "jellyneo.net/goals" or something like that. It's against the rules to post offsite links, so I want to know if it is safe or not to put one on my lookup. Thanks! ~ drazu
It's okay to put an image with a URL that links to an acceptable site (no profanity sites). If you use the Goal Counter code for Neopets, there actually won't be any clickable link to Jellyneo. The only link you can find, if using the Neopets code, is the one on the image, which is not clickable.

Hiya Jellyneo! *gives super, duper yummy pizza* I don't know if you guys do anything for petpark yet, but I can't seem to get in with my neopets account. =( Any suggestions? ~ suzycue101
Only a few people got into the Beta for Petpet Park. I didn't even get in it :( Good thing Nynex got in so she'll report all the news about it to us :D Yayz.

Hello! (throws candy) I have a aquestion about the Item Database. Why don't you have the Pet Paintbrushes in there?? (Faerie, Fire, etc) I really want to see how much a Fire Paintbrush would cost. ^^ Thanks! ~ jet1379
Actually we do have them in there. You see, Paint Brush isn't written as Paintbrush. :P

Darigan Paint Brush
Call me a paintbrush again and I'll paint you SO bad

Jellyneo peoples! *Throws rock furniture from Tyrannia* You've been updating the news less and less. Have you been playing Twinskies more or something? *Glares at Dave* Oh, and one more thing. Neopia will probably hate me for this, but....I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT PWN MEANS!!!!!!!! *Sob* ~ beautiful_sim
Yes, we are playing Twin Skies a bit (there's really not much to do there right now anyway!), but two reasons why the news wasn't being updated as much was because our super Nynex was away on vacation. She's back, now, and the world may keep on turning :D The other reason is that TNT simply isn't releasing as many goodies as before

how can i get avatars fast without spending a lot of money ? ~ thor202
Get the Clickable avatars, most of them are free and are just a click away :)

How come you don't have any petpets for the goal counters? Like a Meowclops or a Snowickle? ~ conkat96
There are way too many petpets to list and we can't make images for things that are too general. That's why there is the Generic Goal Counter, for all your general needs.

I've been wanting to work on the Altador plot but I have been unable to find out what kind of prizes you get from the statue daily. Can you tell me which ones you can get so I can figure out if its worth all the work? Thanks! ~ texasflame76
You can check out all of the prizes in our Altador Mini-Plot guide. They're nothing special, but the Altador Plot is very fun to do :D

Hi TJNT! I wanted to know if you could make a MIA page for all of the MIA item you have. I think it would be helpful for user to be able to go to the MIA page and look for something they know about. It would be faster then randomly looking for MIA items. Oh, and because your site is so spiffy, the muffin god has deemed JN worthy of having a magic muffin, once in the staffs hands, it will turn into there favorite flavor! Enjoy. ^_^ ~ Beccymom69
Actually, you can search for MIA items by only choosing MIA as the Status in your item search. Don't write anything else anywhere and click "Search!" and you will get all the MIA items. Or you can just click here.

Plushie Spardel
Too cute to be MIA...

Do you guys really look like the pictures of yourselves that they had up for the ACIII Staff Tourney? ~ D10stefy777
Yes we do. We gave a matching description of ourselves to Rosie so she could draw us as accurately as possible.

First off, JN rocks! It's a great site, ans I always use it for help. Now, for my question: Why does neopets spell everything in such a funky way (such as faerie)? Are they using British english?? Secondly, why is TNT so uber secret about jelly world? Ah, it drives me nuts! ~ ilikelaptops
Yes, Neopets uses British English (which is the proper way of writing English *cough*) Adam and Donna (old owners of Neopets) were from the UK.

How come, that whenever I change the layout from Halloween to Muffin Mana on JN, that it always reverts back to Halloween when I get off and back on the computer? ~ spongeyboy730
Our site themes work on cookies that your browser handles, so you may need to make sure that Jellyneo.net isn't on any blocked lists. Also, if you're using Safari... we know there was an issue with that, and it has since been fixed! :) It reverts to Halloween, by the way, because that is the default in October. ;)