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Special Birthday Edition
Published: August 22, 2007

JN has been on the web for 3 full years, and we're still going strong! :D Thanks to everyone that has made JN what it is today, and hopefully we'll be able to celebrate number 4 next year! :)

Could you make a Neopets Premium guide? I'm hoping to go premium and would like to know more about the benefits of premium. Thanks, your portal pwns all! ~ Melissa
Premium is such a humongous thing (and complicated) that it'd be simply better just to outsource this one to the pro over at Leto's petpage.

How many of JN's "staff members" want the next neopets plot to be a sloth plot? (Because I sure do! Maybe we can get them to make one "due to popular demand" :P) ~ Dodobutt222
I know that there's at least one of them... but that's all that matters, because that one person can use his power to make everyone else want a sloth plot as well. :D

Amongst the staffers, How many different nationalities are there? ~ rugratsrule45
We're a somewhat diverse group of people. Jen (the FC poster) is from New Zealand, Zador (a content writer and Item DB guru) is from Finland, Ruby (another contenter) is from Singapore, and Illusioniste (an amazing graphic artist) is from China. Stephen and Dragonbeak said that they both come from Missouri, and the rest of us are mostly from the USA. :)

Do you like chocolate ice cream + fries? Huh. huh do ya? ~ atraonfire
Yes, I enjoy both. But not together. That would be strange.

+ = ???
We don't want to find out.

Hey JN!!! You guys are so awsome! Anyways I was wondering, you guys made this new theme for the forums. The meepit one. I thought it was pretty great having a new one but I didn't like it too much since it was too dark. Anyways I was wondering, are you guys going to make any more? ~ airborne317
Forum skins are tricky because if we ever add something new to the forum, we need to do it for all of the skins. So for now, we'll see. We don't exactly add much to the forums anyway, so perhaps we will add a couple of nice skins. :)

What art program is used most frequently on JN? ~ Freddy872
A lot of the staffers use either Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Either one of those is a requirement if you want to do graphics for JN, anyway. ;)

First off, I'd like to say you guys are ah-mazing! =D Anywho, I'd like to know what motivated you into creating one of the most well known Neopets fan sites. thanks! ~ polkadotty_0o0
Well, I was pretty bored back in the summer of 2004, so I thought to myself "Why not revive JN?" (see the next question).

How was Jellyneo started? ~ azn12etard916
The original JN was started way back in 2003. However, the owner at the time was a little, err... we'll say "reckless" with how things were run. So it lasted a couple of months and then went under.

The next summer is when I (Dave) bought the domain (but I could never get the old .com) and some hosting and re-started JN. Since then, we've been going strong. :)

Hey Jellyneo! I LOVE your site and am on it all day to help me on Neopets. Anyways... I have a question. How do you make it so that you make it so that sites have different sidebar themes that visitors can change? This may be confusing, but I just saw how you can do that on the site preferences on this site. I want to do that on my site, but I don't know how. If you don't know how to explain it, it's okay, I'll find out some other way. Thanks! ~ shadow250377
We use PHP to control the cookies that JN gives out to all of its users whom decide to set a theme. It's rather easy once you know a little PHP. I personally learned from this book, and I would HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who wants to learn PHP. (And this book is a great book to read afterwards if you want to learn MySQL, the database engine that powers things such as our forums and the Item DB.) Also, the greatest resource there is for PHP is

So how do you guys at JellyNeo feel about this merger with Nickelodeon and the name change that will go with it? I know it's all very vague, but it does carry a bit of a worrying overtone. ~ kahlannightwing
I haven't heard of Neopets merging with Nickelodeon... I only heard about Viacom renaming Neopets, Inc. to Neostudios. Personally, I don't find it very worrying. It's not going to happen for quite awhile, so why worry about something before it happens and before you know anything about it?

is jelly world real ~ brookehope
Of course it is. TNT is just in denial. Why else would we be named Jellyneo?

How can I not be real?

Who's the most pwnful staff member at JN? :O ~ leaf_eat_bug
Well, considering that Dave can pull rank on anyone... he can pwn anyone, too. :P

But everyone pwns in their own personal way. ;)

what do your staff do when they are not working on ~ bman001001
We all thoroughly enjoy sleeping, eating, playing a plethora of video games, going to school (not sure if everyone *enjoys* that though), watching good TV, playing sports, being artistic, hanging out with friends, working out, cooking, and using our respective magical powers. *phew*

What is your favourite jelly pet? ~ garvey_gi_06
I like the Jelly Kacheek the most, closely follow by the Chomby and then the Kougra. But with the new system, the Jelly pets are a little disappointing...

Hey JN! So, now that the Altador Cup is over, it's probably gonna be a while for a plot to come out. Have any ideas for new plots on JN? If u don't, might I suggest an Altador Cup themed plot to go with all the anticipation for the prizes? ~ grishiu
Well, don't tell anybody, but we have some plans for the month of October. ;)

Do you think that on the site you will ever create a Neoquest and Neoquest II guide? I have looked all over for a good one, but have found none, and I think you could create a wonderful one. Thanks! ~ deimos656
It's something that we'd like to do one day. However, various other projects are tying our hands together at the moment. Once we finish those, the NQ department will begin development. :D

How old are you guys? ~ tigre20238
The JN Staff ranges in ages from 13 all the way up to the 30s. ;)

I know you've answered this on the forum before, but is there any chance Jellyneo could have their very own Neopets toolbar for quick Neopets and Jellyneo browsing sometime soon? I'm sure lots of people would want it, and it's something for the JN team to do. ~ turahk_tamer
We probably aren't going to have any toolbars anytime soon. For one, we have no one on staff who knows how to properly program one. For two, toolbars are sometimes associated with spyware/virues/and other miscellaneous crap. We don't want JN to be involved in anything like that. :(

Dave, if you got a question that makes fun of Dr. Sloth but still was a very good question, would you answer it? Sloth FTL, hee hee hee. ~ Visorak_commander
Any such questions will be promptly deleted. Dave is only answering this one to make an example and let everyone know that anti-Sloth visitors will be vaporized upon being found.


Could we *please* have a year-round Sloth theme for Jellyneo? I'm a top minion of sloth (if you've ever seen me on neo you'd know) and was very sad when the sloth theme disappeared after sloth day. If not a sloth theme, maybe just "Neopian Evil" like Neopet's Premium portal has? ~ Dodobutt222
Hmm, I'll think about it, but don't count on having it as a permanent theme. ;) And we're always considering new themes, so perhaps one day.

If there is 50% more useless text on the forums now how much useless text was on it previously? ~ erikml
50% less.

hey jellyneo(enters no lame fan stuff)I was wondering when do you enter pe-plot Speculation and what do you think the next big plot will be? ~ magic_guard
We only did the pre-plot speculation when the TCG sets that went with the plots were made available. Unfortunately, there are no more TCG sets in production, so there aren't any plots we can speculate on. Everything's a surprise now. :P

Hey, TJNT, do you mind if we start calling you that? The JellyNeo Team? I was wondering how long it usually takes you to go up a few percent on a currently in progress project? ~ chinesedude357
Usually, that page goes out of date rather quickly. :P It's usually updated when a project is first started... and when is project is nearing completion. ;) The time between the two usually depends on how fast the people working on it can work.

To all you people on the staff, is this your job, or is it more of a hobby? It seems like it takes a lot of time. ~ citygirl700
It's a very time consuming hobby. :P It'd be nice if Dave could make some money from ads being put on the site, but darn Google won't let them into the ad program. :( (Good for you guys, bad for Dave's attempt at not having to get a job for the rest of his life.)

This one is for Dave! Do you have any random items that you collect? ~ teardrops4brooke
Yes. He has a thing for Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toys (and anything else Slothy in nature).

My army... it's growing!

How do you earn the mysterious Joodle? ~ irishiris
You can earn the superly mysterious Joodle by doing things on the jnForums such as posting, replying and participating in our WNY topics, just to name a few.